Thursday, January 29, 2015


Good Morning Friends, Today I want to share hubby's camera collection. Hope you enjoy!
Hubby calls this camera his 8x10 Ansel Adams camera.  He started collecting antique cameras back in Ca.; when we moved here he added more. This expands out 28"; it is such a beauty.  We've never found a tripod big enough to hold it, but love to display it.
On the left is an old folding camera with bellows, circa 1920's. On the right is an old movie camera-with the case.
The box camera on the left is a 50th Anniversary camera made by Kodak; circa 1930's.
This movie camera on the left is a hand crank projector, the name says Pathe Baby; he doesn't know the age. We also received an old black and white Mikey Mouse movie that you can watch.  This was one of the coolest items in his collection.  The box camera on the right was hubby's grandmother's; when he got it there was still film in it, we had it developed and the photos went in the genealogy books.
We have 16 mm and 8 mm projectors as well; it is so fun to watch movies from our childhood on these. 
Another folding camera with bellows.
This is the first house that we can really display them and I love it.  Of course, most antiques are treasures.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing hubby's collection.
Another note about today is that 40 years ago, my mother passed away.  I miss her and the relationship we could have had as I matured.  If you've got parents still living, cherish every moment.
Joy to you!


  1. Great collection and always nice when people have a collecting hobby which makes it easier to buy things for them. We miss our mother too. We are the lucky ones who can look back and remember happy times. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Enjoyed seeing the collection. Prayers for your surgery to go well with a timely recovery!

  3. Oh my. A Brownie Hawkeye. That was my first camera. Love the collection.

  4. I love vintage cameras! My favorite are the folding ones!
    So sorry about missing your mom, especially with the surgery coming up, you kind of miss them more. I just passed the 20 year mark on mine being gone from here. Its just not the same without them and I often wonder what she would think of things now. So much has changed, so much she didn't see or know. When its my time, the first thousand years will be me and mom under a shade tree.

  5. What a beautiful collection of old cameras. They would make gorgeous accents in still life photography....

  6. Those are such beautiful cameras. Thanks for sharing with us and all of the wonderful photo. My daughter and grandchildren live in Colorado and just love it there.

    LB "Lin" and Abby the Lab

  7. What a gorgeous collection he has. I have a few old ones and they are so unique!

  8. What a beautiful collection. I love the Ansel Adams one! Thanks so much for sharing such an interesting collection.

    I know how the anniversaries still hurt even 40 years later. I agree with you whole-heartedly. Treasure your parents while you still have them.

  9. Your mom must have been very young. We totally understand about missing the relationship that you could have had as we are in the same situation. That is quite a camera collection!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Wow! Very nice. How fun that he can display them now.
    Great collections!
    xo Kris

  11. Beautiful collection! I still miss my mom every Imsure can relate to your comment. I always tell people to cherish each moment!

  12. I love old cameras and have a few that I need to get out to display! You hubby has a great collection! I still have my mom and just got off the phone with her a few minutes ago. Although she drives me nuts at times, I'm so thankful to still have a good relationship with her and even tho my hubby has passed, to still have a good relationship with my dear mil as well!! Blessings to you, Noreen!!! Cindy xoxo

  13. Wow! that is a nice collection of cameras, I also love to display old antiques.
    I am so blessed to have my Mother, she is such a blessing, thoughts and prayers for your loss of so many years,


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