Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where in the World is....

As many of you know, hubby and I are jetting off for a short vacation tomorrow.  Hunter got all cleaned up today, so that he will be nice and clean at Carrie's.  I also got my hair cut today, it feels so much better.  Some of you may wonder where we are going this time, especially since we will only be away 6 days.  Well, the only hint I'll give you is that I'm hoping to spend at least one afternoon with a good friend.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather as well.  I am hoping to post while we are away, but can't promise anything. 
I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy some warm weather, especially for those who live in snow country.
Joys to you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blessed Beyond Measure

Happy Wednesday to you! Yesterday was a wonderful day and a great way to start a new year in my life. I decided to spoil myself in the morning by getting a pedi and mani. I haven't had a manicure in many years, mainly because I didn't feel the need for one and being a hand quilter tends to trash my nails. However, I really needed some attention to my cuticles and it felt so good to have one. I also had been fighting a cold and just wanted a pick me up. That along with some natural immune boosters did the trick. Yeah! Here are all the beautiful cards I got, again I was so blessed by the outpouring of love.
Last night we gathered at Carrie's house to celebrate; only 1/2 were there, the others were dealing with a cold. The girls and their families went in on a "summer" theme and presented me with these wonderful gifts.  One of my favorite sayings, that is heard repeatedly, is Choose Gratitude and I got a shirt with that on it. In fact, I'm wearing it right now-love it; it is so soft and I know I'll be wearing it a lot.  I also got a waterproof bag to put my phone, wallet and keys in when we go to the pool or somewhere that they might get wet. I got candy bars, dried fruit, an HGTV magazine, sunscreen, lip balm, nail polish, beautiful note cards by an artist whose work I love and a soy candle, all items designed for our relaxing summer. 
Barbara sent me a beautiful infinity scarf she made and a gorgeous pair of earrings.  Another friend gave me some foot lotion and a pumice stick-she knows I always want me feel looking nice and one set of granddaughters gave me some lavendar soap that they made.
Carrie fixed my favorite dessert-a flourless chocolate torte. She served it with strawberries and whipped cream. Can you say delicious! 
One of the other fun aspects of an incredible evening was that Hunter is getting adjusted to this beauty; Copper is already taller than Hunter and Lily.  Hunter is enjoying playing tag with Copper in the yard and can actually outrun here; it is amazing how tired they both get after chasing each other. Before you know it, Copper will outrun our little guy. 
I know by the time we get back from our getaway, Hunter should have settled in with his new cousin. I imagine she will be evening taller by the time we get back.
Today, I'm ironing and packing for Friday, also need to figure out just what clothes to take and what to leave home. Usually I pack lightly for this trip, but I've pulled lots out to look at.  I've also got two books to take with me, so that while I'm outside relaxing in the sun I'll have something to read. 
Thank you for all the birthday wishes.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Noreen

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Storm Troy

We just received an alert from The Weather Channel that a new snowstorm is heading our way-it is called Troy.  It appears that it may stay up in higher elevations, which would suit me just fine. Many of our friends in Utah and up in the Rockies are looking at another big dump of snow; I'd love it if it didn't materialize down here on the plains.  Today I am spending the day running errands-getting things for our getaway and also giving myself my annual pedicure.  For those who know me, you may remember I usually treat myself to one right before a trip.  With spring almost upon us, I do like my feet to look nice and since our getaway destination will be warm and have me wearing flip-flops or slippers as they are called where we are going, I best have cute toes.  Today is my birthday and I'm proud to say I'm 64, hubby says the day is all about me.  Hubby took me out for dinner last night and we will be celebrating with family tonight for dessert.  Hubby also made me a large ironing board, for quilting, as well as a storage cabinet and bench to go in our laundry room.  We've got to paint it black-black because the shelf above it and coat rack is black.  I will take pics when it is finished.  This way our shoes/snow boots will go underneath the bench(and stay tidy) with a basket for hats and gloves. 
I hope that the storm doesn't produce as much moisture as they are saying, except for those who live in a drought stricken area.
Joy to you!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Monday to you.  It's hard to believe that we are in the last week of March. The good news is, well maybe not good news for some who live in a wild fire area, that April-Sept. in the northwest is going to be above normal temp-wise. Now for me, who is yearning for the warmth of spring, I was happy to see that.  Remind me of it when it is in the 100's here this summer or when we are having to drive to Bend Oregon in July and it's hotter than the desert. 
I hope you had a great Easter; ours was so nice.  It started out early, so I could go to church; after I got home, I began the lunch preparations.  The entire family came over at noon and we had a great lunch with baked ham, chicken, kale salad(my favorite), fresh veges, deviled eggs, rolls, fruit salad and for dessert had a Sunshine Cake I made-didn't even think to get a photo and most of it is gone and  Rice Krispie treats. We had a mini "egg" hunt for candy inside and our little man found most of them before it was even time to find them. It was such a fun lunch and family time.  The rest of our day was pretty uneventful and I even took a power nap-30 minutes, in the afternoon. 
Today a friend and I are going out for lunch and then I'll probably be sewing.  Hubby and I have a quick getaway at the end of this week, so I'll probably be getting things together for that. One of the things I love about being retired is the ability to pick up and go when you want to. 
I hope your day is filled with accomplishments and joy.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

Thank You for the Cross, Thank You for the Cross
Thank You for the Cross My Lord.

Today is an important day of remembrance in the lives of believers.  When my girls were young, we always took Good Friday off of school and later when I worked, I always took it as a personal day.
I pray you will be blessed this Holy Day and give thanks for all He has done for us, may you experience the Love of  Jesus.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Thankful Thursday and today I am thankful for sunshine.  Colorado, I love you so just wish we didn't get quite so much snow!  Yesterday was a day spent inside for the most part.  A relaxing day, but one that I wished was sunny.  Hubby spent a good part of the day watching t.v. or outside shoveling the sidewalk and neighbors driveway.  I spent a good portion of time downstairs; also took my neighbor her necklace for her birthday.  It was productive, but at this time of year when the bulbs are poking through the ground and we are teased with warm weather I'm longing for those summer days.  This morning hubby and I ran to Costco and to the grocery store and got all the fixings for Easter lunch here.  This afternoon, very shortly, I have sewing with two grands.  There shorts are so cute and I will post some photos next week.  Next week is jam packed with lunches with friends and a special time that will occur next Friday.  So I hope you are having a great week.  Remember to cultivate a attitude of gratitude, give thanks in all things.  I am thankful for so many reasons-The Father's Love being poured out for me in His Son, Grace that saved me, a beloved hubby who I adore, daughters who are incredible gifted women of God, son in laws that I am so proud of and grands that bring joy to my life. Let's not forget the pups in our family-each of them love us unconditionally. 
I'm thankful for you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, just as I thought- old man winter returned last night. I woke to heavy rain pouring outside during the night; we can use the rain, but that quickly turned to snow.  We are on a Blizzard warning today and lost power throughout the morning.  Thankfully, we have a battery back up in one of the fireplaces and also have a gas stove.  This morning we had at least 8"; it has stopped this afternoon and is supposed to be gone by tomorrow.  What's a gal to do but sew.  Hubby and I played some games at lunch time and he is watching a movie right now, so I'm going to make use of the time, while we have power, to work on some blocks.
Hope you aren't snowed in!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures

Good Morning friends! When March began, the weather person predicted that it would come in like a lamb and go out like a lion; that certainly seems to be the case here in Colorado. Last week we got about 7" of snow and tomorrow we are supposed to get some more as well as Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Really?! Today seems like it will be a nice day and I will be at home, so hoping to get Hunter out for a walk. I don't like it when I miss our walks and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like it either. I have two granddaughters coming over this morning so think I'll take them along. This is the last block I finished for the Splendid Sampler sew along; I like it a lot. I've skipped the embroidery blocks; I also am starting another sampler that the club I've joined is doing. It is a traditional quilt, so I'm sure I'll like it.

I mentioned yesterday that I was visiting a friend and getting a necklace for another friend whose birthday is tomorrow. Here is the necklace I bought my neighbor-isn't it gorgeous!

When I got to my friends yesterday she also had a present waiting for me, although my birthday is not for another week. She was so thoughtful, my gift held a soy candle, a pair of small bunny salt&pepper shakers and a book by Philip Yancey. She knew Mr. Yancey's mom quite well and I was touched at the gifts.
My friend sells her items on Poshmark, which I'd never heard of before. I love her stones and am sure my neighbor will love this also.
Well, I want to get downstairs before the girls get here, so I best bid you good day.
Seize the day!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Busy Week

Happy Spring to all of you!  I hope you all had a great weekend and spent some time enjoying life.
The play I saw on Friday evening with my girlfriends is called "Dixie Swim Club" and the story of five girls from a college swim team; the time span is when they are in their early 30's until they reach 77 yrs old.  I can tell you that it was a great play~funny and sad.  I enjoyed spending time with the two gals I went with. Saturday was a day filled with birthday parties and yesterday was  a low key day.
Today I'm off to a friends house for a visit and lunch, but the main reason is that she sells jewelry and I want to get a necklace for my neighbor who turns 60 on Wednesday.  The rest of the week is jam packed too~sewing with the grands and preparation for Easter.  I'm going to start my grocery list now.
I hope whatever you have going on this week gives you a bit of time outside or partaking in an activity you love. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Treasured Concealed by Tracie Peterson review

Once again, Tracie Peterson has shown me why I love her books.  Tracie weaves a story of historical fiction, rich with developed characters and bound with faith.  She has accurately portrayed the struggles of gold miners lives as well as the cost to their families.  This story in the first in Sapphire Brides and set in Montana in the late 1800's. 
Here is the synopsis from the authors website:
"Emily Carver wants a home where she can put down roots instead of following her gold-hungry father from one mining camp to another. She also longs for tenderness and love, both of which are missing in her life. Yet when she realizes she’s losing her heart to the intriguing new man in camp, she fiercely fights her feelings, afraid that love will only result in disappointment and heartache.
Caeden Thibault, a young geologist, comes to Montana to catalog minerals indigenous to the state. He’s a serious and guarded young man trying to escape the pain of his past. He has avoided all romantic entanglements, fearing he might become like his abusive father. But something about Emily Carver has caught his attention, something he never expected. . . .
Will these two broken souls allow God to bring healing and hope to their hurting hearts?"

I would rate this book a diamond rating and I can't wait to her next book in the series.
I was provided this book free of charge, from Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing, for my honest review.  If you enjoy historical fiction, you will definitely want to get a hold of this book.
Thank you once again to Bethany House for their blogger review program.  If you are interested in this, you can find them here: Reviewer& 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Puppy Love

She's here! WE are all so excited and the family named her Copper. What I can tell you is that at this point she is the same size as Lily, but very skinny(though with her beautiful fur you wouldn't know it). While we were over at Carrie's, she was pretty mellow and so sweet. Lily didn't have any problem adjusting to her either, other than being on my lap a good portion of the time. Copper looks very regal and so different from Lily and Hunter when they were pups.

Today I will be pup sitting this afternoon and Hunter will get a chance to meet her.

I just heard that she is settling in so nicely~loves all the kiddos and plays, as well as goes outside to do her duty. She didn't cry all night and slept from 12:00 to 6:00 a.m. this morning. I just can't wait to spend more time with her.  I have a picture of our grandson holding her and will post when it arrives at my inbox from my IPhone, it is taking longer than usual this morning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Turning 15

Happy Tuesday to you! I mentioned last week that our oldest grandson turned 15 and Saturday we had a family party for him. When you have a group as big as ours, no need to have a party with others-we are one big party. Our young man is such an incredible person, he has the gift of service-meaning he loves to help others. From the time he was 5, he always helped his dad when friends were moving. The box might be as big as he was, but he'd carry it. As long as he's been able, he is right there lending a hand. His parents are like that too and his Papa. When we moved into our home two years ago, we had him, his younger brother and Miss F helping us. He continues to be like that; some church friends have a business growing garlic and last summer he worked endlessly helping to pick the garlic. We are so very proud of the person he is and the man he's becoming.
What he didn't know and should have figured out was that there were 15 trick candles that would blow out and then start again.
Lots of smoke.
He is incredibly intelligent and I expect will go into engineering of some sort. 

Today is the day that the puppy arrives for this family; I can't wait to meet her.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Honor Flight Quilts

Happy Monday to you all; I hope you've recovered from the change in time for those who live in an area where the clocks are moved up. I have always had a hard time with this and was pleased to see on the 10:00 news Saturday that women typically have a much harder time adjusting than men. As I mentioned on Friday, our grand daughters had sewing last week and we made Honor Flight quilt squares for a friend who does the sashing and hands them over to be given out to the Veterans. I really wanted the girls to participate and honor the Veterans who risked their lives for our country. So here they are~ Miss O and Miss F.

Miss M and Miss S.

Here are the four blocks I turned in on Friday.

I've got to say I love this project and may just incorporate it into our sewing-possibly every other lesson. I will definitely keep making more, there is a shortage of 90 quilts which will be passed out in the fall.  I also had dinner on Friday night with another friend who is also a quilter. She couldn't believe that our grands were making these and even sewing; she figured they wouldn't be able to reach the pedals. While I didn't grow up sewing until my teens, I had a friend whose daughters were sewing by the time they were six.  These two sisters learned to sew proficiently and started making wedding dresses. It has turned out to be a good career for them. 
I'm off to walk now and then not sure what the afternoon will hold.  Probably sewing and some other things.
If you live in California, could you please keep the storms to yourself, especially the snow; I do not relish the idea of snow this week.
Have a wonderful Monday!
Joy to you!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Friday One and All, I've had a post ready to go since early this morning, but for some reason my photos on my IPhone that I sent to my email haven't arrived-they must have gone on vacation. I've sent them three times; I decided just to do a quick catch-up here and post the photos Monday.  It's been a great week and sewing with the grands went so well. Today I had my monthly quilt group meeting, here at our nest; it is a small group-we had about 8 gals.  We only stay for about two hours and it is always so encouraging and filled with teaching.  Our leader showed us a new square called Tipsy Turby, I think.  Anyway, it is an easy square to do, plus the teacher is on youtube.  While I want to try it, I don't want to make a quilt top that I don't really have to have- so I am pondering it.  Hate to waste money on fabric I need for a quilt I'm not sure I like.  Another benefit of the group is we share tips and tools. Today I saw three tools that I must get for my sewing room; in fact, next Friday morning I'm going out with a friend who is a beginner quilter-guess what I'll be looking for.  This weekend is busy as well-tonight I'm going out for dinner with two girlfriends, tomorrow I'm watching 9 grands so the parents can go to the book fair(school materials) and tomorrow night we have the birthday party for our oldest grandson.  Such fun.
It's a gorgeous day here today and hubby is out back cleaning, so I best go help him.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Orijen Free-Run Duck Dog Treats From Mr. Chewy

It's that time again when we review a product we received from Mr.Chewy. All opinions are our own and we have received these treats, free of charge, for our honest review.  Hunter always loves it when we get a delivery to the front door-he knows it's from Mr. Chewy. 
I'm never know for sure how Hunter will react and I love it when he dances for the treat.
Here is the description of these great treats:
"Product Description
Orijen Free Run Duck Singles Freeze-Dried Dog Treats provide a simple and pure way to reward and nourish your dog with natural tastes he will love. Made from cage-free duck raised on natural grains and well water in Ontario, Canada, these unique treats are loaded with goodness and natural flavor. They're gently freeze-dried to keep your cherished dog healthy, happy and strong, and are made without cooking or preservatives so you can feel good about treating him.
Key Benefits
  • Single-source treats
  • Made from 100% meat and nothing else!
  • Freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutrition
  • Guaranteed analysis to mirror Mother Nature
  • Low calorie and carbohydrate free
  • Approximately 55 treats per 2-oz bag and 95 treats per 3.5-oz bag"
I love the size of the treats and the only negative thing is that they have a strong smell.
These are definitely a Win-Win in our opinion and Hunter rates them 4 Paws.
We want to thank Sydney and the entire staff at Chewy for their excellent customer service.  You can find these treats at

Your #Chewy Influencer,
Noreen and Hunter 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Star Fruit

Happy Tuesday to you! Yesterday morning, after the rain moved in, I took my friend up to our local Sprouts. I was out of a wellness vitamin and I always love shopping there, even though my wallet protests a bit. I happened to see a Star Fruit, which I've seen in the Islands before and decided to splurge. I also got a Papaya, which was more than I usually pay~however, since our trip to the Islands was cancelled, I was in the mood for some tropical fruit. This morning I decided to cut into the Star Fruit-it is so beautiful and have it for breakfast.

In case you've never seen one or know about it, here is so info I retrieved. " The star fruit (Carambola) is actually a member of the Oxalidaceae (Wood Sorrel) family. It originated in Indochina and is considered a tropical fruit. "The fruits are star-shaped when cut across and are crisp, juicy, and aromatic, although usually acid in taste. One form is called the "sweet carambola" because it lacks the acid taste. The fruits have been reported to contain 50 percent of reducing sugars on a dry-weight basis and to be a good source of vitamins A and C. The ripe fruits are used for preserves, jams, and jellies. The star- shaped cross sections make an attractive addition to salads." I have to say the taste is unusual-almost like a cross between a pear and an apple but it reminds me of a quince fruit as well; the smell is definitely different. I know I'll enjoy this treat until my Papaya is ripe-I love Papaya's.
I had a fun day yesterday with my friend and look forward to spending more time with her.
Today I'm headed downstairs to sew.  I hope you get some time in today to do something you enjoy!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Thoughts on Organizing

Happy Monday to you! With spring almost here(in my dreams)and my finishing piecing our queen Log Cabin, my sewing closet and fabric bins was a mess. I'd been wanting to organize it, but initially thought I'd wait until I took my machine in for servicing. This last week though,I decided it was a good time to start; let's just say the mess in my closet was driving me nuts. I am sharing this because some have asked for it. My sewing closet is not like some-you know the ones with with baskets that hold their stash and perfectly folded fabric. I will say that I'm getting better about cutting pieces before I'm done with them-meaning I take off the odd edges etc. so they fold in neat little squares.  So although for now I count this as being good, I still have one area to work on more. I choose to use plastic bins for my fabric because we always seem to have dust everywhere and being allergic to dust would cause me a problem. So I divided up my fabrics into colors-tan, white, green, blue, pink, purple, batik's, seasonal fabrics. I did iron and fold them all neatly; I also had two bins for larger pieces of fabric-from 1/2 yard to 2 yards. I also put all my fabric from the Log Cabin into one bin as I will need to make pillow shams;  my fabric and square for the Honor Flight went in a separate bin, which I need to use this week.

This is the area that I need to do more work on; what you don't see if the pieces of wool batting that will be used for the pillow shams. Yes, I do hope to quilt those too-but we'll see.
This is the other end of the closet-mainly I have hanging bags up there, some misc. quilted runners and my templates. You can see I always have a couple of stuffed treasures and pillows for the grands.
This week is already shaping up to be very busy.  I have a friend coming over today to spend the day with me~she broke her shoulder and can't drive, plus she and her hubby live with their daughter, sil, seven kids and two German Shepherds.  To say she needs time away from the noise and hectic life is an understatement.  We will walk this morning before the rain rolls in and then find something fun to do after lunch. Tomorrow will find me sewing~I've got to prep and cut fabric for the granddaughters sewing-which will be Honor Flight squares and then have commitments with friends on Wednesday and Thursday as well as sewing.  On Friday I have my quilt group here, so need to get goodies for the ladies.
We had a nice weekend and yesterday I spent 6 hours quilting; I've got 10 out of 36 squares done.  Don't know how much time, except in the evenings, I'll have this week. I think the most exciting thing happening this week is our oldest grandson is turning 15!  Wow, is all I can say.  Besides that Carrie's family gets the new puppy on Friday-I for one, can't wait to meet her. 
I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will start out well.
Joy to you!

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Fun Kid's Craft

Happy Friday to you. Can you believe it is already March?! The week has been good but busy, I've been reorganizing my sewing room and it feels good. I am not done yet, but hope to get it finished by this morning. In order to do this, I needed more plastic bins for fabric and had to take all my fabric out, cut some pieces to square them up and iron them before placing them in the bins. Oh boy, what a job; I also weeded out fabric that I have no use for-I will give it to friends or donate it. Last night I was invited to a craft night, free of charge, for adults at our local library. Trust me when I say I don't need any more crafts-love to do them, but been there and don't need to go back. However, two neighbors were going so I went; it was a fun evening out and the crafts are cute. I am giving them to both families and granddaughters today-like I said I just don't need more things. Both of these crafts would be so fun to make with children or grandchildren. The first one was simply a large plastic egg-I think the supplies came from the dollar store. We added in spanish moss, rocks, plastic eggs and silk flowers. Close it up and tie a ribbon around it.

This is the craft I preferred, the supplies were a small wreath and you wrap burlap around it-bad idea for me, because I'm allergic to burlap. Then add some green yarn, silk flowers and a butterfly. Use a ribbon to hang it up.
This afternoon I have a tea with both daughters and their girls-should  be lots of fun.
I hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend!
Joy to you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you! Today's weather is looking pretty stormy, so don't think I'll be spending time outdoors. Here is the latest block I made for the Splendid Sampler; it was easy and I love the look. It is very similar to the disappearing nine patch a friend showed me. Not much on the agenda today; I have to vacuum downstairs this morning, last night I dropped a needle and couldn't find it. Don't want any chances of someone else finding it. I may be working on another Honor Flight block  and also spend time quilting.

Yesterday was a big day here at my blog~I posted my 2,000th post. That seems like it took me a lot of years, considering I've been blogging for almost 8 years-I so remember when I started. There are still days when I feel I've nothing to share, but I'm so thankful to be here. I've made some incredible friends here!
I hope you have a fantastic day and spend some time doing something you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy March

Happy March to you! March always signifies spring weather, new life with plants and animals and celebrating the great outdoors~of course that is what it signified for me living in northern California. I still remember the scent of the Cherry Trees in bloom; the winds that allowed for kite flying and especially daffodils blooming. Here in Colorado, March can be such a different month; one of blizzards, high winds,heavy rains or a bit of all three. I usually stock up on some canned goods for the basement, just in case of a natural disaster.
 This week it is a week of anticipation, a week where my daughter's family will possibly get their new puppy-that brings me great joy. I've shown this before, but here is the Momma dog. She's a beauty and I'm hoping the female puppy they get isn't any taller.

Here is the latest picture the breeder sent. At first, I thought it was a stuffed dog until I looked closer. Our grandson wasn't happy with the nose being shaved, but that will grow out. As you can see from the photo of the Mother dog, the cut is not a traditional show cut. This is the cut that they will have for the puppy.
I love the eyes on this pup-she is beautiful and the breeder says she is so sweet and laid back.  She will be joining a household of 6 kiddos and another dog, so she better be laid back. 
I'm heading down to sew right now, but hope you have a wonderful start to a new month.
Joy to you!