Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Monday

Good Morning to you!  I hope this finds you energized for this new month of February.   Yesterday, with millions of other Americans, we watched the Superbowl. To be honest we weren't pulling for either team; there are good players on both teams.  We went to our neighbors to watch the game.  It was a good game and I truly believed the Seahawks would win, that is until the last seconds.  We were so unhappy with the fight at the end of the game!
I will say that there were only a couple of commercials that we liked-our #1 was the puppy and the Clydesdale horses.  Love it!  Hope they keep making these commercials, even though they don't use the horses for parades any longer.  We didn't like the Half Time show; seems they just don't have good shows like they used to decades ago(o.k. so I'm showing my age). 
One show, after the game, that we loved was the special Jimmy Fallon show in Phoenix last night.  We watch him during the week and were pleased with the part of the show we watched last night.  If you missed it Fallon, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart had a lip sync sing off; it was hysterical! 
This week is very busy for me~lots of appointments and getting ready for next Monday.  I want to talk to my next door neighbor, who was a labor/delivery nurse(now retired) and worked with one of my Dr.'s.  Because it has been 33 yrs since I had my youngest daughter, I need to brush up on how to move after the surgery.  When my first daughter was born, the nurses never showed me how to move after a csection. By the second surgery, the nurses showed me and it made such a huge difference. I'm also going to ask her if she has any tips for my recovery at home; I do know I need to drink lots of water, get off of pain pills as soon as possible and walk as often as I can.  I am setting realistic goals for myself and will adjust them as I go.  Nothing major-just walking etc.  I know it will be hard not being able to drive for a month and a half; thankfully I have a hubby who is more than willing to drive me, as well as friends who will take me anywhere.  I am thinking it may be summer before I feel back to normal or better. 
I hope you have a great day today; enjoy life. 
Joy to you!


  1. Glad you got someone to give you advice and yes take it slowly and Summer is a good goal as not too soon. We hope it all goes well for you. We don't follow the game over here but it sure sounded exciting. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. The fight at the end was not good...I didn't like that at all, and why did they pass??? Should have handed it off and been safe. Loved the puppy commercial, too. At least it was a boobless half time. What a great asset in a next door neighbor! I am sure she can help you so much in what you need to do. Walking is the number one thing. I had to roll out of bed when I got home, to my knees and then get up. The hospital bed was awesome! Just push a button and it sits you upright, but at home, you are on your own. Might want to wear a pad in case you can't get the bathroom in time for the first week home. Sudden pain has a funny way of making you tinkle.

  3. We hope your surgery goes so well for you Noreen, we have you in our prayers. You will do just fine, you have family close by to help you and a kind and loving husband. You also have blogville friends who think of you as our family. Hugs Stella rose and momma

  4. Well I am 59 and LOVED the half-time show, but then again, I am 22 mentally :)
    I am a Jimmy Fallon FREAK...(didn't you know he is my secret boyfriend? lol). I watch him every night (even the re-runs) adorable, talented and unaffected. Adore him!

  5. I didn't plan to watch any of the Super Bowl, but my husband went bonkers during the last five minutes or so and insisted that I had to see it. Amazing set of bizarre things. While I don't like either team, I'm glad Seattle lost.

  6. Noreen, You are so good to get this information from a nurse....who better to help . I am going to be praying for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Hope and pray your surgery and recovery go well!

  8. Praying that, even now, the Lord is orchestrating your surgery and recovery as only HE can. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. I'm not a big football fan, but I watched parts of it and thought it was a good game. Sounds like you are facing surgery? Saying a prayer for you!

  10. Your friend will give you some good tips on how to move around after surgery.

  11. I watched a great deal of the game, though hubby never moved, lol. Melody's fav team is New England so we were excited for her. What an ending! I still can't quite believe it happened. They had was as simple as that. They practically gave it to them. But it was exciting. Didn't care much for the half time show either, and loved the puppy commercial. We are much alike...shocker, lol. You will do soo well on the surgery I know. You are prepared and ready and have MANY praying. I was off the pain meds quickly as I just dislike them so. But they were very helpful at first. I took short little walks right from the beginning. Even if it was just walking around the house some at first. I was amazed how quickly I felt like my old self, and I think you will be too. Can't wait till this is over for you. Enjoy these next few days as much as you can!

  12. Great idea to get the info from the nurse. After my most major surgery (5 days in hospital), I started very short walks on Day 1 at home. My doc thought that helped me make a faster recovery than most so that's been my habit in every subsequent surgery.

    I am glad you're getting all ready for the surgery. Be sure to ask if you're even allowed to be a passenger in a car. For 6 wks after my fusion, I was only allowed to be a passenger to go to the doctor - nothing else (due to the risk of an impact). The time flew by fast, and I bet that it will for you too!

    I didn't watch the game but you are convincing me that I should watch the last 5 min if I can find a recording of it!

  13. We watched the game and felt the same way about the commercials. We watched Jimmy Fallon too and it was so much fun. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers......


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