Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Winter Fledgling

Good Morning sweet friends!  I hope your day yesterday was filled with productivity and that you found a few moments(if not a lot)of joy.  I had a good day yesterday~went to the gym and pushed it hard, which I felt last night and then met a dear friend for lunch.  Marlene was the first blogging friend I ever met; in fact, my family thought it was a bit awkward to meet someone that you only knew online.  We don't see each other much, but she always inspires and teaches me.  She is a published author and also very knowledgable in homeopathic/holistic remedies-so most of our conversations are about different products.  I did find out that there are companies that will come to you if your children have head lice.  We all know that the over the counter remedies are very toxic-which is why they work, but there are some simple natural remedies that work just as well without the toxicity.  In fact, there is a company in Fort Collins that you can go to who will take care of your children lice.  This is one thing that really geeks me out!
After lunch I got home and we had a quiet afternoon and had chili(yum) for dinner. I saw this young Hawk in our tree yesterday afternoon;  at first I wondered if it was a Dove, but upon a closer look realized it was a Hawk.  
Today we will be getting my Highlander filled up, washed-before the snow returns and hit Costco.  I've got a granddaughter coming over this afternoon to help me figure out some things to do for our Valentine Day party.  It should be fun and it will be here before you know it.  I love it that our grands love spending time with us.  I hope you have a fantastic day today!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Remembering This Day

Good Morning to you! It's hard to believe we are at the end of January; this new month flew by! Today is a day I always try remember~you see 43 years ago today my mother graduated from this life to her eternal home at the age of 61(I was a young 22 yrs old). I know I've posted my parents wedding photo before, but dug out these photos to share today.  This first photo was taken at my brother's wedding.  When asked what I remember about my mom, this is how I remember her most.  I'm also noticing she didn't have wrinkles, even though we had a pool and were out in the sun a lot.  Must have been the Ponds she lathered on her face each night.  Those blue eyes were so beautiful.
This photo was taken of my parents in the Sierra's.  I think it was when my brother was selling land outside of Mariposa.
When I was 19 or 20,  my parents wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so we rented this van and I drove them there.  This was the first pair of jeans my mom ever owned.  Unfortunately, the trip was cut short when my dad had a heart attack on the first morning we were there-so we turned around and headed for home. I was so disappointed on so many levels and I think my mom was trying to make me laugh.
For my parents 25th wedding anniversary, my brother, sister and I got them a puppy.  She was a white German Shepherd-with some Golden Retriever mixed in.  My poor mom was still working and what a chore to get home from work and take care of a puppy.  I wasn't living at home at the time and my dad worked swing shift at a grocery store.
My parents were both very devout Catholics and my mom stayed close with this Sister, who taught her through high school.  Each summer, Sister Cleophas would come to visit.
Love the smiles on their faces.
I wasn't really close with my mom; I always felt bad that she had a baby late in life for the era, had to work full time and then come home and deal with me-I was such a handful.  I wish she had lived long to see me mature, get married and have babies.  I can't say this is a sad day for me, just one I remember vividly.  She was never in the best of health, but her passing came as such a surprise and a warning for me to take care of my health.
If you are blessed with having your mom still in your life, cherish it and give her some loving today.
I'm thankful I'll see my mom in glory.


Thursday, January 25, 2018


Good Morning Sweet Friends,  I hope your week is going well!  If you are old enough, do you remember the Fondu craze of the early 70's?  Well, last night we had a very fun time going to a restaurant called The Melting Pot, I don't know if it is just in Colorado or not.  Our Realtor had a gift certificate for a party of 8 and he invited Kim and Eric, Dick and Kathy-Eric's parents and hubby and I to join his wife and himself.  Kim and I weren't too sure about it since we are both gluten free and dairy free(I am for the most part, but will occasionally indulge, while Kim is totally).  Our meal started off with a traditional Cheese fondu; one end of the table had a mixture of cheese and then our end of the table had an Alpine Cheese-I did try two pieces and it was so good.  Next for our entree everyone choose what they wanted.  Kim and I choose chicken, salmon and steak and it seemed everyone else had a mixture of seafood, veggies and meat.  The Piece de Resistance was dessert though~of my for any of you chocolate lovers out there....I choose the Dark Chocolate Raspberry and the other end of the table choose White Chocolate.  The waitress brought us fresh strawberries, pineapple, banana, marshmallows, brownies and a sponge cake(all gluten free).   The dark chocolate was heavenly!  I love white chocolate and tried it, but nothing could compare to the dark chocolate.
It was such a fun evening and so generous of our host; I was concerned that he was going to tell us he was moving out of state or something, but he just wanted to catch up with all of us.
Yesterday as I was getting my knee length parka on, the zipper would not work-oh my.  I had washed it and somehow the metal must have moved out of place-it will zip but it won't stay.  So we are off to Costco this morning to look at their jackets/parkas.  I had planned to drive down to one of my favorite quilting stores that is going out of business, but a jacket is more important than more fabric.
Tomorrow is my sew day with my mini quilt group and I'll be sewing all day, so can't make it down and Saturday the family is going to see Paddington at the movies-so once again, I can't make it.  I guess I really don't need the sale fabric after all.  They are only open for three days this week and three next week-oh well.
Hope you have a blessed Thursday.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Budweiser Clydesdales

Happy Monday to you!!! We had a great weekend with our grands~Saturday was a beautiful day and we took them north to a Budweiser Factory and Center to see the Clydesdale Horses; they've been in town for two weeks and we knew the grands would love seeing them. It was so fun! The kiddos knew the horses were big, just not how big they truly are. The kiddos all wanted to stand in front of this stall, because the horses name was Eric-like their dad.  After seeing the Wagon and reading about the horses, we headed outside.  There was a time yesterday that you could take photos of children with the horses, but being the weather conditions were horrid and there were white outs in Fort Collins, we were glad we choose Saturday to go.
They are just so gorgeous.  There were two big fellas in this corral and they knew how to put on a show.
The grands couldn't believe how big their feet are.
Here they seem to be posturing; it's been 20+ years since we were around horses on a regular basis-all I know is that typically when you see their ears back they aren't happy.  They began nipping each other and at one point reared up-which was incredible to see.  Little Man didn't see it,  as he was watching the gals making clicking sounds to get them to come over.  Our Carrie used to do that with our horse.
Then they began to run; let me tell you when they ran past us it was incredible.  It reminded me of when we used to go watch Polo Matches-at Charles Schultz's(yes the cartoonist, who lived in our old city) field.  The ground would always vibrate and you could hear the sound of their hoof beats before they got to you.
We went to the store afterwards to get some things and then headed home.  They brought lots of movies and so some spent the late afternoon watching them while others played outside.
Yesterday we woke up to about 4" of snow on the ground.  We anticipated this and planned to just stay inside.  Hubby did shovel the sidewalk, but it was too slippery for any one else.  We played several games, had lunch and then played more games.  Kim and Eric got back earlier than anticipated, due to weather.  The kiddos were so happy to see them!  Our afternoon was filled with football and relaxing.  This week will hold several activities and probably fly by.  I hope you have a great day!  While the sun is out here and it looks beautiful, the temp is only 29 degrees and the news is saying it is still very slick outside.
Blessings to you!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy Anniversary

Happy Friday to you all. I am so behind on so many different levels, but at least I'm posting right now. Yesterday was the 15th Anniversary of our daughter Kim and her beloved Eric. It seems like such a lifetime ago and looking back on photos, they looked so young. Here is a current photo of them~hubby and I will have all five kiddos this weekend, so they can have a get away. I can't remember when they last got away alone-maybe before they started their family.
Here they are at the altar, after the I Do's were said.  The middle of January in northern California can be cold and she is sleeveless and I think barefoot.   What a beautiful couple they are, then and now.
Here is Kim, Eric, Carrie and Brent.  Over the years many people have thought that the girls were twins-when they had the same hair color.  It was such a joyous occasion and it still brings back so many memories.
I couldn't be more proud of either couple, they have grown in faith, in love, in family and in closeness to each other.  I am so very thankful for each of them; I'm also so very thankful for each grandchild they've blessed us with.
Happy 15th Anniversary Eric and Kim!  
May our Lord richly bless you today and in the coming years.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Thursday!  I went to my new salon today and so glad for the change.  I was pampered and it was so relaxing-here is my new cut(I love it and hope it is easy to keep up, which is a must for me).  Hunter isn't sure why I'm holding him for the photo, but he had just finished giving me kisses.  Love this pup.
Hope you have a great evening.
Noreen and Hunter

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Game Time

Happy Wednesday to you; I hope your week is going well.    I had a video to post of Hunter, Copper and Lily rough housing, but it was too long for blogger.  It is amazing that two little Bichons, both seniors, take on an adult Standard Poodle together.  It's so fun to watch them play, be it rough housing or chasing each other in the yard.  Hunter is very fast and can keep up with Copper, which is so surprising considering what long legs she has.  One of the things our grands love to do with us is play games.  We had two grands over on Monday night and Papa and Miss D played Cribbage, then we played a card game called Golf and another card game called 3-13.  Then at Carrie's I played Imagine If with three of the girls, another new game that I don't know the name of, Golf and finally Jenga.  Miss O and Miss E love pulling out the blocks that make the tower so unstable.  Hunter played outside with Copper as well and needs a bath today...which he will get shortly.  How about you, do you like playing card or board games?  Hubby and I play Cribbage every lunch hour, then Eucher and finally Golf.  He's off to Badminton now and I've got several things-bathing Hunter and continuing to work on my new wall hanging.
I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Tuesday to you all.  We still have snow on the ground and its melting quickly, the temp started at 5 degrees this morning but is up to 25 degrees.  Hubby was off to the golf course to play on the simulator, which keeps him sane through the winter and I had planned to go to the gym first thing but decided to go this afternoon when it's warmer.  I headed downstairs and got one block done for a wall hanging, but in the midst of it my old hair stylist texted me and wanted to know why I'm leaving her.  I politely just told her I needed a change and then she responded that most people don't share why they are leaving and that she would really like to know.  She asked me to be open and honest.  As nicely as I could I told her that I respect each persons right to their beliefs politically and  religion, but as much as I'd try to change the subject she just kept on.  How do you tell your hair stylist to stop talking about things  you don't agree on and not worry about your hair cut.  I had told her before that I don't engage in such discussions etc.  I also told her I didn't want to hurt her feelings but just needed a change.  While we were texting I could feel my blood pressure going up.  I should have addressed the issues with her years ago, but I'm not a confrontational person at all which is why I didn't.  I wish her the best and am hopeful my new gal will be just as good.  I feel a relief that I was honest and open and maybe it will make her business better.  I hope I learn from this.
The sun coming in through the window feels so good.  After lunch, I will head to the gym since I didn't go yesterday.  Tomorrow I will also go and then try to get back on my M,W,F schedule.
I hope you have a great day today and stay warm!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Snowy Day

Happy Winter Monday to you all, at least it's winter here in Colorado. We woke up to a snowy day and it makes me just want to stay inside and sew-which is what I plan to do. Hubby and I had planned on going to the gym, but after seeing the snow continue to fall, I told him our workout would be shoveling later on. We have an ordinance in town that states you don't have to clear the side walk until the snow stops falling, so that is what we'll do. Here are some pics of our back yard and the golf course.

We had a great weekend and so glad our trip to Kauai wasn't this week; after the false imminent missile attack on Saturday, I'll be happy to wait awhile. I'm still waiting to hear what happened. I'm a woman of faith, but let me tell you I would be pretty freaked if I was there and got the message-especially if hubby was off playing golf.  Hubby's sister was there and it was pretty much a panic time for most people.
The rest of our weekend was good~I'm trying to avoid all the flu bugs going around, so other than a couple of errands we pretty much just stayed in.  Kim and her hubby are going away next weekend to celebrate their anniversary and we will have her five, plus Petrol; the last thing I want to happen is for us to be sick. This week is pretty quiet, other than trying a new hair stylist at the salon down the street.  I'm going back to my haircut from a couple of years ago. It will be so nice not to get hammered by politics or religion; mind you I think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but don't try to shove your thoughts down my throat.  I was always so worried that if I said the wrong thing, I'd end up with a bad hair cut or color.  When you pay top dollar for your hair, you don't need attitude upon attitude to go with it.
I'll get off my soapbox now.  I hope you have a fantastic day!
Joy to you.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Legacy

It's Thankful Thursday and I can't say enough how very thankful I am for my brother and his wife, the sister of my heart.  This photo was taken almost 50 years ago; they are coming up on their anniversary on Feb. 3rd.  Their steadfast love has been such a testimony to our family; first to me during the early years of marriage and then to our two daughters and their hubbies as well as to our grands.  WE are so blessed to have them as family!  In looking at the photos recently that Sue has emailed me, I suddenly realized how much my brother and I look alike.  I had heard it from others before, but didn't really see the resemblance-but now I do.  What makes this milestone anniversary such an exciting event and celebration is that they are coming to Colorado to have a family celebration and to renew their vows.  Anytime they come here the whole family is thrilled and we love carving out time for spending with them, but this time will be even more special.  Carrie's husband will be doing the honor of officiating the vow renewal.  We have hired a professional photographer to take photos of the special time.  Many of you know that Susan and I are so very close~she's mentored me in hospitality over the years, spoiled me when she should have slapped me-when I was young and immature and just been the best sister I could ever have.  What can I say about my big brother-words can not contain the emotions and love I feel for him; he's given the family so very much.  I can't begin to imagine life without them; just wish they lived closer, though it does make for fun trips going to see them.
May your day be filled with joy and love,

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dogs Chew Review

Hunter loves us being a #ChewyInfluencer and getting such wonderful things to try. This month Chewy provided us with two items for Hunter, free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. Hunter isn't a big chewer, but if his cousins are around and take some of his bones, he definitely gets another one. With this in mind, I decided to try this product new to me and see if he'd take to it. After all, it is Peanut Flavored.

I made sure I got the mini size and as you can see it is still pretty big.

Description:Benebone's Wishbone Chew isn't your dog's average chew toy. Made with real crushed peanuts and durable nylon, the ergonomic wishbone will keep your dog chewing and each prong has deep flavor grooves to keep him interested. As if that wasn't enough, with your purchase you'll also be supporting animal welfare nationwide as a portion of all Benebone sales are donated to animal support organizations!

Key Benefits

  • Made of super-strong nylon and food-grade crushed peanuts
  • Deep grooves and ergonomically curved allows pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and Flavor
  • No artificial flavor
  • With your purchase you'll also be supporting animal welfare nationwide as a portion of all Benebone sales are donated to animal support organizations!
First of all, I love that it is made in the U.S. and secondly that a portion of all sales are donated to animal welfare organizations.
Hunter loved the smell of the chew toy and was interested, but it his interest didn't last.  I'm thinking as soon as he sees Copper or Lily take it, he'll be more interested.
Once again, Miss Natalie and the entire staff get a diamond rating from us for all their help!
If you pup loves chew toys and you want something that will provide hours on entertainment, go check Chewy out~Chewy.com

Noreen and Hunter

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday Tidbits

Greetings to you this Tuesday afternoon.  I don't know about anyone else, but since the first I've had trouble just getting back into my blogging routine.  Today is beautiful here in northern Colorado, the temp hit 60 and the sun was out.  I walked first thing with my girls on the street and then this afternoon went to Macy's to get some new makeup.  I used to use Clinique years ago-about 15 yrs ago, but lately have just gotten inexpensive makeup at the store.  So today I went and bought some Lancome, because one of my friends on the street recommended it.  It is much more expensive, but if it helps hide the aging, I'll be happy with it.  Speaking of trying something new~I've decided to try a spa/salon near me, for my hair, that I get my facials at.  I have been happy with my cut and color for the last five years, but unfortunately the stylist/owner frequently shares her philosophies on politics and faith with me-getting almost argumentative.  I have explained that I don't discuss those issues with others(especially when they are cutting my hair)and last time I saw her she said that she does this to get rid of clients she doesn't like.  Hmmm, I thought.  So I'm having a consultation with a gal at the salon I've gone to, to see what she can do with my hair.  I've tried to be really patient with my old hairdresser, but it can get very stressful and I've always been very good to her in the way of tips and Christmas presents. I'm really hoping the new gal will be just as good without the drama.  I am not a confrontational person at all and would have been happy to stay where I was, but enough is enough.
This afternoon I took Hunter on a walk too; he loves getting out and it doubled my exercise.  Tonight Kim and her family are coming over so that her hubby can help my hubby with some surround-sound speakers.  Tomorrow I'll hit the gym and who knows what else.
I hope you are having a good Tuesday.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bones

It's that time again, when we, as a #Chewy Influencer, get to share a wonderful dog treat; Hunter eagerly greets the Fed Ex man at the door to see what the package contains. I can't share enough just how wonderful Miss Natalie and the entire staff of Chewy are. These chews look just like a real bone and had Hunter fooled from the start.
He always has to dance for his treats, at least those that arrive from Chewy.

He immediately went running and started to hide this bone.  I wasn't sure if he would try it or not, but within an hour he had decided that it was good enough to eat and had taken some of it.  They are chicken flavor with veggies.
The package say they are a delicious, hearty soup bone.  Made with real U.S. farm-raised chicken with no corn or soy, artificial flavors or meat by-products.  They do contain wheat, which I try to avoid-but for an occasional or rare goodie, I made an exception.
Hunter would give these a 5 star rating if he could and is hoping he'll get another one soon.

Disclaimer:  We were provided these treats free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion, positive or otherwise.
Thank you Miss Natalie and the entire staff.  Please go find something for your fur baby!  You can find them here:  chewy.com
Noreen and Hunter 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

An Interesting Movie

Happy Saturday to you!  On Thursday, my gal pal and I went to see this movie; I had heard wonderful things about it and was wondering what it would be like.  I can say that I did not go into the plot without knowledge of how dark the Circus industry was.  I loved the music and the dance, the acting was so good-especially Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman as well as Zendaya, Michelle Williams and Rebecca Ferguson.  We came out remarking how good the music was and my friend was almost dancing on her way out of the theater.  I'm been told, by our grandsons, that it doesn't follow the real story, because the movie would then have to be rated R.
I remember taking our two daughters to see Barnum & Bailey in San Francisco and how good it was.
If you are looking for a afternoon of entertainment, this movie will fill the bill.  I had hoped to see Wonder, but it has already left our area; guess we'll have to wait until it comes out of video.
I had a busy day yesterday~gym, walking, lunch with friends and watching kiddos; we played the new Clue game, Golf card game and Cheat.  Such a fun time together.
Have yourself a blessed day!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Miscellaneous Thursday

Happy Thursday to you! I know that northern California is getting rain, which makes everyone happy; here in Colorado we are having sunshine and warmer days, with a slight wind that is blowing our snow away. Snow is forecast for the weekend and the mountains need it desperately, but I'd be happy with just a dusting.  It would seem I'm at a loss for anything to share here, so decided to pull some pics of people, places and things I love.  First and most importantly is our family.  Photo from last year, up in Estes.  We always have a ball when we are together; I'm so thankful that the Lord planted us all in the same town!  Can't imagine not living within 10 minutes of each other; I know many of you do and my hat is off to you.  I'd be cranking up the airline miles if we weren't so close.
Above and below-Carmel Valley.  Having grown up living within 2 miles of this area imbedded it in my mind as one of my favorite places to go.  It helps that we've got lifelong friends who live in the mountains above the valley...it is always my get away spot.
Next of course would be Kauai~we love going there and if hubby had his way, we'd live there.  I enjoy spending two weeks every couple of years there.  It has gotten so crowded that it makes me wonder if we'll have to go to another island to get away from the traffic.  WE will be there this spring.
The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs-a must do on our list for the future, maybe this spring to walk around the gardens.  

Oh be still my heart-Maine will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We first ventured there 14 yrs ago for our 25th Anniversary and then last fall went back with our best friends, Jim and Barbara.  Hubby and I are hoping to get back again sometime, maybe even visit Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island.
A wallhanging made by the instructor of a quilt class I took with Barbara is Sisters, Oregon two years ago.  You've seen my red and white one that I hang for Christmas, but I love this color and may make a blue and white one.  You can't see the quilting on it, but it is wonderful.
I am still working on one quilt I made at a class in Sisters; I've decided that I'm putting to much quilting on it, but it's too late to change.  This is a goal I've got for 2018-finish it.  Some of my quilt goals are to complete my Autumn/Pumpkin quilt I made after our trip in the fall.  I just have to back it and then quilt it.  I am also going to participate in a Quilt Challenge with my mini group-we will be exchanging 5" charm squares and then have to make a lap quilt or bigger within the year.  I will get the instructions on the 12th and then we will do the exchange at the February meeting.  I'm excited.  I also want to work on my improving my skills-bindings and machine quilting-which I'm really a beginner at.
Today my girlfriend and I are going to see the movie The Greatest Showman as our Christmas activity.  We've both gotten to where we don't necessarily need to exchange gifts, but would rather spend time together.  She is thinking they will be selling there home in the spring and buying a new home here in our town-so she doesn't want a lot to pack-haha Kam! She's got several businesses going and will have lots of inventory to move.
I hope you have a fantastic day!
Joy to you.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's a quiet Wednesday here today, though hubby and I did hit the gym first thing.  I do more of the machines than he does and then he gets on the treadmill.  After I'm done with the twelve machines-doing 2 reps of 20 on each, I jump on the bike and try to get in 2-3 miles.  Although I've been doing this for about 2.5 mos I still feel like I haven't made that much progress.  Yes, I have dropped a pant size and feel that I'm adding weights, so must be getting stronger-but I want to be stronger still.  I am not sure that I'll ever lose my "muffin top" that occurred after my surgery three years ago; I've had friends tell me I can get rid of it with exercise, but the Personal Trainer told me I wouldn't.
Hubby will be off to Badminton this afternoon and I'll be working on a couple of things.  Not too much new here, except that the sun was shining and the snow is melting.
Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Escape Rooms

Hello friends, hello January 2018. Here at my home, all the decorations are put away and the outdoor lights are down and life is returning to normal. Our daughters are so extremely creative with their gifts; this year both girls decided to give their hubbies, my hubby and two grandsons a afternoon at an Escape Room. If you haven't heard of this latest game it is simply going to a business(similar to Laizer Tag) and you are put in several rooms with clues and tricks and you have to try to escape.  It is big here in Colorado and also in California.
From left to right-our oldest grandson J, my hubby, grandson B, sil Brent and sil Eric.  They had a wonderful time trying to figure out the escape route, but didn't-which was a big surprise to all of us girls, because there were several engineers in the group as well as two teens that we figured would have it figured out within minutes.  You have 1 hour to get out; the guys all loved it so much that they are planing to go back and try another room or two.  Even our two oldest granddaughters want to get in on it.
After they got back we had chili for dinner and then had a game night; we try to play Pictionary with everyone, breaking it into boys vs girls.  I don't draw but help the girls.  It was such fun.  On Saturday we went out to our favorite restaurant and then spend a quiet evening at home.  Yesterday was the same thing; today we got to the gym and now will just try and do some organizing in my quilt room.
Hope you all have a fantastic New Year's and that this year will be filled with blessings galore-hope, joy, laughter, love, patience, health and grace.
Until tomorrow~

Monday, January 1, 2018

From my heart to yours~may the New Year be filled with blessings.