Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My First Full Year In Colorado

As I've looked at several of my favorite blogs today I see many are posting on their lives in '08. With that in mind I decided to review all the blessings we've experienced over the last year.
'08 marked our first full year here and so I am rejoicing in living in beautiful Colorado.

January marked our first full month of living here and adjusting to living and driving in snow country.
The beauty of the Rockies and fresh snow thrills me.

February we hosted a young college gal who needed temporary housing; it was fun to see life through her eyes. My dear prayer pal and friend came out to dog sit at her brother's so we spent a lot of time together over three weeks. In fact, I helped whelp one of his 16 dogs-a first for me.

March was the month we headed out to one of our favorite vacation areas-the Islands to meet dear hubby's golfing buddies. He's a snow bird at heart, actually maybe he's Hawaiian at heart because he'd much rather live there than here. Grandkids and daughters are here(plus son-in-laws)so this is home base. Plenty of trips to the Islands are planned for the future.

April came and went, celebrating two granddaughter's birthdays and hosting my brother and his wife~our favorite family members. Some of our closest friends also came for a visit~one of many.

May found dear hubby driving back to Reno for a golf tournament and then getting his brother in California for a visit here. While he was driving home we experienced our first and hopefully only tornado. We only had damage to our windows, fences and vehicles and thankfully didn't loose our homes; having said that I still prefer these to earthquakes.

June was another month of travel and also of dear friends visiting. We went back to beautiful Yosemite and met friends there. I had forgotten how beautiful the monument can be and also remembered what a long drive back to California it is.

July and August found us camping and exploring new areas of Colorado and also of Utah with our girls.

September welcomed a precious new granddaughter into our lives. Delaney Aliana was born at the end of the month, right before her sweet cousin Faith's birthday. My brother and sister-in-law also came back out for a visit.

October was marked with lots of family birthdays and also beginning preparations for a hand made Christmas.

November and December found us decorating for the holidays and also seriously beginning our search for a home. Our home in California still is leased, due to the housing market but time has come for us to find someplace here to settle into for a few years until California's real estate increases in value.

All in all we've made wonderful friends here and are loving the life we have. Being able to actively help our daughter's and their families and spend time with all the grandkids makes our lives much richer. We are so blessed by love lovingkindness of the Lord and by rich blessings He bestows to us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you as we enter this New Year.
Happy New Year's from our home to yours.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I can't believe New Year's Eve is almost upon us-where did the week go? While many have been taking down their Christmas decorations and trees I have been working on dear hubby's Christmas quilt that I didn't get done in time. It's actually coming together quite easily and I'm hoping that today I will have the top pieced and ready to pin for quilting. That's where the work slows down because even though it is a relatively simple flannel quilt, the hand stitching takes longer. This quilt is a cute flannel Snowman print that I found and loved and since we snuggle under throws while watching t.v. I thought this would be really warm. I still owe him one more quilt, which I have all the fabric for, but it will take awhile to make as it is quite intricate. I'm not even sure he remembers the other quilt and the flannel one will be great for the winter. After I finish piecing it, then I'm ready to take down all the decorations. We always have the tree down by New Year's Eve so that we start the New Year with a nice, clean living room.
We are thinking of having a special dinner tomorrow night and then will probably just stay home and watch a video.
As for resolutions, I don't like making them and there is always something I could change-like my weight, lack of exercise etc but this year my focus will be spiritual and trying to add to my life not take away.
Blessings to you this day.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Trip To Royal Gorge

This year for Christmas our girls, their hubby's and families gave us a wonderful gift~a train trip at Royal Gorge in Canon City Colorado. We actually got to see areas of Colorado that we haven't been to before so that was really fun. One grandson was sick so our group was smaller than normal and hopefully in the spring the other family can go. Pictured above are the newest baby...she is 3 mos old. How time flies! One grandson from our other daughter came with us and he and his cousin had a great time. As far as Shannon is concerned John walks on water. She adores him! Although it was a long drive all of us had a great day and what a great gift. We'd like to go back in the spring and see wildlife and get a different view of the area but it was fun seeing the canyon covered in snow. The weather cooperated with us and because it was a holiday weekend traffic wasn't too bad.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hand Made Christmas

Several months ago dear hubby and two grandsons, ages 7 and 5, decided to make the little girls in our family cradles for Christmas. Hubby has been teaching them wood working and our oldest daughter saw this cradle design in Pottery Barn so suggested it would be a good project. They thoroughly enjoyed the time together and the cradles are beautiful. I decided to make dolls beds and quilts for their dolls; somehow time got away from me and so this morning I sat down and got them done. The quilt fabric comes like that because I don't have the time right now to make doll quilts. In fact, due to my lack of time the sewing leaves something to be desired but I don't think two 3 yrs olds, two 1 yr olds and two infants will notice. It might have been a good idea to make each of the girls their own cradle but this way they are learning to share and take turns. I'm so thankful they are done and now all I have to think about it dear hubby's quilt. Since he's seen the fabric and choose an additional two fabrics it won't be a big surprise; that's o.k. cause I do have something up my sleeve.
Enjoy our last hours of preparation-I plan to.
Christmas Blessings from my home to yours.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas snuggle quilts

Shannon, Mackenzie and Delaney's Faith and Olivia's

My granddaughter's are all too young to read Nana's blog so I thought I would post pictures of their Christmas presents. Faith and Olivia's is flannel fabrics and very cuddly and although Shannon, Mackenzie and Delaney's isn't, it is still nice, big and will cover them while they snuggle on the couch. I've finished all but hubby's, which he now knows about, so the pressure is off of me to have it done by Thursday. He may even pick out another fabric or two which will make it it's in flannel so it will be really cozy.
I've got my Christmas baking done and now I can just relax and enjoy the next several days.
My focus will be where is should be, how about yours?

Friday, December 19, 2008

O Come Let Us Adore Him, Jesus Christ Our Lord

On Wednesday I took my girlfriend to The Master's Gallery in Loveland; she loved all beautiful art work and we both bought a few special things. Linda King is co-owner and a wonderfully talented lady. She is a weaver, story teller and photographer. I couldn't buy one of her prints so bought a bookmark instead. Enjoy this....

Lord, Make My Heart A Manger
Lord, make my heart a manger,
a place for You to live.
Lord, make my heart a manger
my life to You I give.

When so many around me say,
"I have no room,
no room in my heart for Him."
I want You to know that I love You so...
there's room, I've room, come in.
Lord, make my heart a manger,
a place for You to live.
Lord, make my heart a manger,
my life to You I give.

Please forgive all my sins, Lord, and
help me to live a life that honors You.
With You living in me, may others see
Your love, Your love, through me.

Lord, make my heart a manger,
a place for You to live.
Lord, make my heart a manger,
my life to You I give.

copyright 1988 Linda King

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Grand Old Gal

This is my girlfriends brother's home; it is such a grand old home with so many incredible qualities but a little in need of some sprucing up. It's funny cause that could often be said of me.... lol. I'll be spending two days there with my friend; we'll have lots of fun but also be working all the dogs and also cleaning the house as a Christmas present for her brother. I love visiting but can truly say it is too big to live in, especially for just two people unless you have 12+ dogs. Of course they only left 10 or 11 and most of them stay in very very nice kennels. Her brother is in his 70's and their lives revolve around dogs~breeding, showing, training etc etc. He is an avid hunter and has traveled the world big game hunting. Having said that, there are countless trophy heads mounted around the house. Most of them are animals that were shot in Africa; two adorn the grand staircase in the entry hall. It is fun to see different animals that I've never seen except on t.v. but I fear if I lived there they would give me the willies. I understand the necessity and need for hunting to provide food for a family if you live out in the mountains but hunting for sport is just not something I would do. I understand it but I think I love animals to much, unless one was threatening my life or someone I love. I do love target practicing but just not killing an animal for sport. I may take my camera and take some pictures. I can't wait for all the girl time we'll have and probably some special prayer times too.
Have a warm joy filled day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winters Long Ago

My sister wrote and shared this site with me because it reminded her of our lives here in Colorado and of simpler times. In lieu of trying to upload the clip of fabulous art instead I am suggesting that you go and see these pieces for yourself. The are beautiful and so reminiscent of days of old.


Monday, December 15, 2008

A Beautiful Site

One of the many things I love about living in Colorado is all the wild life; we did have wild life in Northern California but not like here. We've seen Bald Eagles both last year and this year and it isn't a rarity-in fact one development has three eagles on a regular basis. The only season we've seen them though is winter so I imagine they might move on after the snow is gone. We've seen fox in our area and of course in the mountains we often see elk and moose. So incredible!!! I want to share with all for we are blessed with such sights and I stand in awe of a God who created them for our pleasure.

Fun Times At Christmas

When my girls were jr. high and high school age their closest friends were another homeschooled family who happened to be Dutch. At Christmastime they celebrated St. Nicholas Day on Dec.5th instead of the traditional Christmas on the 25th. They spent days baking mini Almond Cupcakes for family, friends and neighbors. On the eve of the 5th they would pack presents and cupcakes to take to all those they were close to; they didn't just come to the doorbut they would leave the packages, ring the doorbell and then run so we couldn't see them. Sometimes they would even open our front door and throw candy inside. A game insued of trying to catch them but we never did. It was such a special fun activity! So that first year after they blessed us we wanted to have some fun with them and turn it around on Christmas Eve. These friends lived out in the country on a dead end street with lots of trees and bushes on their property. We had to park a street away and quietly walk up their street without being seen which was easy because there was only one street light. Thankfully the weather always cooperated with us-you've got to love Ca. weather.
The first year really caught them by surprise; I don't think anyone had ever doorbell ditched them in return. That year we ran into their back yard to hide and they never caught us. This tradition continued until our girls were married and their girls were out of the house. When we would tell other people about this they would roll their eyes and tell us to grow up. We also did this to several large families with children who did not have a lot of extras as a way to bless their children and we did it to our pastors' family as well. It was fun to hide and wait to see the expressions of glee when they would open the door and see presents on their doorstep. It could be done during the day but seemed more clandestine after dark.
Post script: When I was a new christian, new mom and young wife a dear friend told me that there are so many things our children couldn't do because of our faith that when you can let them participate in harmless silly fun, by all means do. Over the years as a family we had many "silly" pranks with our church family that all of the families would participate in, at one time or another, such at we were always there to help with clean up and also we got t.p'd in return. I am not licensing a blatant disrespectful attitude or careless destruction of property but good wholesome fun with parental supervision.
Sometimes having fun with your children is the best way to build on relationships.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Simpler Way

Today my girl and I were enjoying a nice leisurely visit, with two of her four asleep and the other two at my house doing wood working with Grandpa. She was telling me about a book they are reading for school on pioneer life and although the life was so very hard it also brought families so very close together. This led into our talking about family life, hard work and bygone days.
We both realized how very hard that time was for families to make a life for themselves but how great the rewards as well. We contrasted it to current day and pondered on how to draw from the past and enrich our lives now. When I was growing up I was a latch-key kid and lived on t.v. but even as bad as that was the shows weren't like they are now. In today's society many children come home from school and sit in front of a t.v.,computer, video game or some other electronic game; never interacting with any one in the family. The statistics on this are staggering and so very sad. Of course there are many who have chosen a different path for their families and their children; I am blessed that my daughters and their husbands do not have cable or satellite dishes and the children are very limited, very limited, in what type of movies they may watch. Movies are a family affair and the children all have rich full imaginations. Please do not take this as a condemnation for choices others make for their children. As we talked we also looked at many families who work the land, live off the land, homeschool and don't have their children in social settings but the children learn to live, play,work, love and have fun with their family. We discussed Mennonites as well as Amish and those who farm or ranch; these children and families learn that they can have fun along side each other and that they don't need outside stimulus. Many would argue with me that these children will be misfits but if you study the homeschool movement you will see that these children are leaders and not prone to pier pressure. It made me think that for many less is more and hard work builds character. It made me hunger for a simpler way of life.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun Times

Yesterday I trekked down to Longmont to spend the day with a dear friend from Ca. Her brother lives there and he is a dog breeder so whenever he wants to travel he has my girlfriend come out and stay at his "spread". I'm not quite sure what to call it, it's not a ranch or farm but more like a very old grand home with 250 acres and 15 dog runs. In fact, the city of Longmont is developing several lakes on the property making it a Wild Life Refuge. Last year my girlfriend was here for 2 1/2 weeks and then another week. It was so nice because I still didn't really know anyone here and I was so lonely~I missed our quilting times together and also our in depth prayer times. This year she is dog sitting for three weeks. Yippee! Of course she is taking care of 11 Springers as well; in fact one is a pup that I helped whelp last February. I had never seen any animal give birth before, let alone help, so it was a wonderful experience. Yesterday we had such a fun day~we walked the dogs around the property letting them play. There is nothing like seeing 11 dogs flying through the air trying to catch snow. Then we went into town; we stopped at a christian bookstore which is the nicest I've seen here in northern Colorado. We stopped by several thrift stores and also had lunch. By the time we got back to the house I had to leave and try to beat the traffic. Next week I'm heading down to stay for a couple of days...we just don't have enough time when I'm there for such a brief period. We may even attempt to clean the house-which would be a lot of work since it is about 6,000 square feet but it is a way to bless her brother.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Books

When we homeschooled our two daughters literature was integrated into every part of our day.
December 1st would roll up and our school work became even more Christ centered then it already was~out went the books and in came more creativity. We used math for cooking, wrapping and budgeting our gifts. History and Bible were focused on the birth of Christ. We read books all centered around the reason for the season. So whether or not you homeschool I thought I'd list some of our favorite books for the month of December. It is such a fun way to keep our eyes centered on what's important. My daughters now have these books and they continue to read these stories.

Three From Galilee by Majorie Holmes
The Other Wise Man-this could also be read between Christmas and Easter
The Christmas Box
The Lion in the Box
The Christmas Shoes
Karen Kingsbury has several Christmas books out as well. I've also got several books by Jennifer Chiaverini about holiday quilts. These are secular books but I have met her and I love her quilt stories.

Of course there was always music playing in background.
I can't believe we are at 15 more days to Christmas and I still have another quilt to make. If I don't get it done hubby will understand...for it is for him.
Have a joyfilled day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When our daughters were young we began going to the Sierra's several times a year; in winter we always went cross-country skiing and in the summer we would hike and swim. We always rented a cabin or mountain home and loved the time we spent in the mountains. This continued on even after our girls got married and started families; maybe not as often but we'd always try to get up there at least once a year. Cross country skiing was replaced by snow shoeing and riding saucers and sleds. Two years ago for Christmas, hubby, our two girls and their families and I rented a large home in the mountains. It was a wonderful time for all of us for this was the first year we all were there bright and early Christmas morning. The fun of having all our grandchildren with us, 5 at the time, was amazing. To see Christmas through a child's eyes is wondrous. The picture above was taken that Christmas and although we didn't have a white Christmas that morning we did get snow. Some of our family traditions that began with our daughters were watching a holiday movie on Christmas Eve. My girls favorite was always Little House on the Prairie and of course the classics of old-Miracle on 34th Street is just one of the classics we loved. We did indeed watch movies together. Hubby and I never put out presents until after our girls were in bed and it held true this particular year as well. You can imagine the glee and giggles as 5 little ones came downstairs and found presents galore under the tree. Another tradition is that there were always brand new pajamas on their beds on Christmas Eve. For many years I still got all the grand kids p.j.'s but now have passed that tradition onto their parents to continue~with seven it gets a tad bit pricey.
One tradition we didn't do that year was traveling around our area to see Holiday decorations and Christmas lights. We did that here last year and it was fun to explore our new area looking for beautiful lights while listening to carols and hymns on the car radio. We don't have to travel anymore to be in the snow and although we aren't up in the Rockies we have a beautiful view.
There are so many treasured memories of years past and I look forward to making new traditions as the little ones get bigger.
What are some of your holiday traditions? If you are a grandparent are you still able to partake in them with your grandchildren?
Have a joyous day and remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Fun

Last week we got our first heavy snow; approximately 8" total. It was lots of fun!

Grandson John loving the tedious job of shoveling.

Grandson Ben, daughter Carrie and Grandpa all working on their driveway. We have guidelines that say we must have the sidewalk cleared and it makes it much easier to do it first thing in the morning; also helps with getting out of the driveway.
I was up shoveling our patio first thing so our two dogs could easily walk out and take care of business. The season is just starting but we still love the snow.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Peak at Christmas in My Home

This is my all time favorite Christmas decoration and although it is out of focus I hope you can see the simple beauty of it(sorry it's out of focus); it is quite old and I treasure it.

A fun wall hanging.

My LIZZIE HIGH collection

Snowmen/women line the stairs of our entry. My antique treadle sewing machine in my entry is a favorite spot to decorate.

A sleigh filled with lots of Christmas Bears, also used for photo opp.'s of grandkids


Well our little peanut is home from the hospital. This was a shot taken while Mom, Dad,Delaney and Mackenzie roamed the halls. Because she was just being tested they had the ability to go to each floor and see new sights as well as eat in the cafeteria. The hospital has radio-flyer wagons for the children and that makes travelling a bit more fun. As you can see Mackenzie does have the tube up her nose and the funny thing of her arm is called a "no-no"~it keeps her arms straight so she can't pull the tube out. Also helped to keep her from pulling the IV tube out of her arm. She did pretty well considering.... There was a complication after the procedure but the doctor's got it under control. She was released and so glad to get home.
The biopsy results will be available on Friday and hopefully will show what is producing so much stomach acid. From the initial scope everything looked normal and we even got a look at the photos. So now we just wait, wait and pray for the doctor's wisdom and insight and also that our precious little one will be healthy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I was tagged by Karen@Homespun Simplicity to reveal 6 things I value and 6 things I don't support; then I have to tag 6 others to share about themselves. This is a very fun and easy way to get to know others.

6 Things I Value
1. Life within the body of Christ, the Word of God
2. Family and friends, I love spending time with those that are near and dear to me.
3. Fellowship
4. Animals, especially dogs
5. Making things for others that demonstrate love
6. Living in a country where we can worship and experience freedom in our lives, especially to homeschool.

6 Things I Don't Support
1. Abortion
2. Any institution that strives to take away parental rights.
3. Social religion
4. Gang violence
5. The news media and its prejudices against Christians
6. Any group, government or lay, that takes away personal rights for property owners. When I'm told I can't paint my house a certain color or have to do such and such, it makes me mad.

6 Friends I Tag
My daughter Carrie@Our Journey
My daughter Kim@Joyfullness in Everyday
Pam @Smiling Grammy
Tiffany@Tea With Tiffany
Amy@Home with Amy
Susan @ High Desert Home

Blessings to you this day.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Let It Snow

Yesterday morning we awoke to a nice blanket of snow covering everything. It has been exactly one year since we moved to beautiful Colorado and I still love the snow. Of course it helps that I don't have to get out and negotiate driving in it to get to work. Typically, I'm told, our area only gets a light dusting unlike the Rockies and it is gone by noon. The above photo was taken yesterday afternoon when most of the snow had melted. Last year we had a heavy snowfall which we absolutely loved. We haven't yet been snowed in or experienced any blizzards so the only problem I've encountered with snow was moving here. We saw semi's jack-knifing all over the freeways and the driving conditions were terrible,I have vowed never to move any great distance in the winter.
It's hard to believe it's December already-I still have one quilt to finish hand quilting, one to make and two to put bindings on. With the colder weather I'll be spending more time inside sewing and of course setting up our tree and decorating. We had our daughter's puppy and tonight we will have our granddaughter here with us for two nights so I put off the tree in favor of a more relaxed time with both granddaughter and puppy. I will tackle decorating on Thursday.
Tomorrow is the big day for our little Mackenzie; she goes in for the battery of tests. She will be staying overnight at Children's Hospital and hopefully they will gather enough info on her GERD to help get it under control and ease her pain. Your prayers for her would be so appreciated. Her mom, dad and baby sister will be there with her but it could be a very traumatic event in her young life.
As our Christmas season is upon us may you live in the reality of a living Savior and remember~
Jesus is the reason for the season.