Monday, January 9, 2023

A Most Beautiful Time of Year

 Happy Monday to you!  I've shared that the last several months have been so much colder than previous years, but I'm certainly enjoying our landscape with all its beauty.  Even though it was in the low 20's this morning, the bright blue sky reflecting on the white show is so pristine.  I'm thankful to be home on cold mornings!  Our snow is melting slowly and of course we know it won't end for several more months; usually by Mother's Day we are over the worst of it.  However, on cold snowy days it makes for getting some sewing done.  Tomorrow I'm going to be seeing one of my Ca. girlfriends who is dog sitting for her brother in a nearby town.  We've planned lunch out and some shopping at Hobby Lobby.  I haven't seen this friend in several years and it will be a good catch up.  I hope you are seeing beauty in your world.


Friday, January 6, 2023

Newness of Winter

Happy New Year to you all. The last few months have been colder than normal, for our neck of the woods. In the 15 years we've lived here, I can't remember the temperature being well below freezing for most of December. January has started out the same, with lots of white stuff.

 The photo of me was taken several years ago while on a family get away up in Estes Park. Our family, totaling 17, took a hike around Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  These trips with family have always been high on our memory list. 

We had a delightful family celebration on Christmas Day!  There was lots of laughter, great food and some incredible gifts.  For New Year's Eve, we had our dear friends Steve and Shelley over for a great dinner.  In the past, we've gone out to our favorite restaurant to celebrate the last day of the year.  However, with cost of living so expensive, we had a wonderful dinner here and played games after that.  We never make it to midnight anymore!  
I've been working on some quilt projects from last year and need to get back to my sewing room, or  they won't be finished anytime soon.  
Blessings of joy, peace, love and health this 2023.