Friday, October 31, 2008

A Fun Filled Friday

Last night we had three young men descend upon our home to stay for a conference our church is giving. Unfortunately some of the group had problems with flights and hubby and I decided to stay up to meet them and show them where they will be sleeping while they are with us.
Two of the young men are brothers and still in high school and will be with us until Wed. and the other fellow is a bit older, from Australia and will be staying with us for three weeks. Today I started off a little slower than normal due to the late night but once I got to my youngest girls house we began running errands. I could actually tell her I understood, in a limited way, how sleep deprivation is so hard on moms. Having a month old baby as well as a child with GERD who doesn't sleep all night has drained my girl of her normal energy. As we drove on our errands we just put on the Praise music and sang our hearts out and that lifted our spirits in a way nothing else can do.
Later this afternoon our oldest daughter had to take their 10 mos old in for shots so while dear hubby did wood working with their two boys I got to play with their puppy Lily. She was such a bundle of energy at 4 mos old but finally she tired herself out and dozed in the sun. I read and even closed my eyes a bit until my girl got home. Tonight we will be answering the door to give the children treats and then getting to bed at a reasonable hour; having said that I wouldn't change a thing about my day except maybe go to our church service tonight and sing some more worship songs.
What a glorious life! May you be blessed with those things that make you happiest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love the simple life. I love the simplicity of the Amish and Mennonites and how they live their lives without getting caught up in the world around them. I tried to post a picture from Webshots but it wasn't showing up so I've removed the link to Webshots. However the picture was pumpkins and also hay made into the figure of a horse pulling a real Amish wagon. Someday, I may actually figure out how to post some of the photos I love so much.

I love knowing that I need not fret about tomorrow, for tomorrow can take care of itself. Yesterday I was reading a devotional that was from a book I have in my library entitled, "Keep A Quiet Heart" by Elisabeth Elliot. I don't read it on a regular basis but saw a quote from the book that stirred in my heart. She was quoting from Martin Luther "He who believes in God is not careful for the morrow, [that means not worried about tomorrow]but labors joyfully and with a great heart. "For He giveth His beloved, as in sleep'. They must work and watch, yet never be careful or anxious, but commit all to Him, and live in serene tranquility, and with a quiet heart, as one who sleeps safely and quietly."

In today's current economic and political state of unrest, many are fretting and yet all the worrying in the world will not change what happens tomorrow. May we learn to keep a quiet heart and be steadfast in spirit.

Lord, help us to trust in You, and not be anxious for anything but in everything by prayer and supplication let our requests be made known to You. Amen.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things that make you smile

Recognize the look on Shannon's face? She doesn't have t.v. at her house so when they are over she is always asking to watch her favorite show-but doesn't understand that I can't choose what is on t.v., especially if I don't have the video she wants to watch.
Don't you just love this little outfit-but it pales in comparison to my little Mackenzie whose wearing it! I could just love up on her all day long.
Of course, today when I took my other group over to my friends to see their miniature horses, it made me smile to see Faith getting up on the back of one horse. This is the little one who is still unsure of dogs. 8-)
It made me smile today when hubby came home from the Safeway gas station announcing that he paid $2.27 per gallon....
It makes me smile to play with dogs, especially one cute little bundle of fur.
It makes me smile when I get to read all the wonderful Christian blogs out there and how they encourage and inspire me.
It makes me smile that I finished the top of the baby quilt today and my daughter Kim absolutely loves it!!!
It makes me smile to think of our Father's great love for us.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Country Life

A new friend of mine lives out in the country~it is within our city limits but each home has between 1-3 acres. My friend has three grown children and two pre-adolescent children; they bought their home 4 yrs ago because they wanted more room to spread out. Well although they have about an acre it is a wonderful place for children. I took my oldest daughter and her four little ones out there today to see the miniature horses. They all had a great time and Faith even got to sit atop one. Can you see her big smile, she is all about horses right now. So this was like a dream for her and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it as well.
They fed the chickens grain and played on the jungle gym and also swept up fallen leaves for my girlfriend. What a joy to sit on her back porch and watch the three oldest grandkids play; this is the type on home I hope hubby and I can buy within the next year. We'll see-hubby's idea of a perfect home is one overlooking a lake and golf course but I am a country girl at heart so that is where my dreams lie. Time will tell.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Heirlooms

Both of these quilts arrived yesterday, sent by my Mother-in-Law(Mom). I was so thrilled to get them to add to my collection of family heirlooms. Mom is getting up in age and beginning to share her things with us with the approval of all the siblings. This is not to say we are cleaning out her home for we truly hope she has many years left living there but she is wise enough to know that sometimes the gift of giving now gives more pleasure than later on. I am the only quilter in my hubby's family and the one who cherishes the old as well as newer quilts so it seemed fair that they come to us and in turn be passed onto my daughters(her only granddaughters)who would love them as well. The Double Wedding Ring was made about 20 years ago by a cousin in Tennessee for Mom and although we did have to give it a good washing with quilt soap, it looks brand new. The Grandmother's Fan quilt was made in the late 1920's-1930's by my husbands grandmother. Unfortunately it was stored in direct sunlight and in a home where there were smokers so the material has deteriorated and in places is shredding. I aired it out and now it just smells old and musty so I am sure it will not be used. I won't hand wash it for I fear the fabric would fall apart. When I showed my grandsons this quilt they had a hard time fathoming just how old 70-80 yrs is. I love looking at the fabrics and trying to see if there are any that match the 1920's Trip Around the World quilt hubbies grandmother made. That particular quilt is hanging in our basement, adorning the wall that faces the stairs-so all can see it when they go downstairs. The most important part of the heirlooms I hope to give is not necessarily their monetary value but the sentimental value-things made by woman in our family.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


From the time I was a young mother, my mission for motherhood was deeply implanted in my spirit. I can remember telling a neighbor who was a good friend my viewpoint on this huge task ahead of me. Motherhood is the most important job a woman will ever have; for not only is the child's life impacted by what you do or don't do, but every other person with whom you child will have contact with throughout their life. It will impact our home, our neighborhood, their school, their friends, their employers, their future spouse as well as any future children. If we do the job as the Lord intended us to, hopefully their lives will be filled with His love and grace. If we fail, their lives could negatively impact generations to come.
Now, that isn't to say that sometimes somewhere along the line children make wrong choices and live lives that are difficult to behold; but I truly believe this is the highest calling a woman can have.

I recently read a quote by Sally Clarkson on Touching Your Child's Heart and my thoughts resounded in it.

"The mission of motherhood is strategic in providing the next generation with wholehearted, emotionally healthy, and spiritually alive adults. It is not simply a lifestyle choice. It is a divine calling that will indeed affect eternity."
-- From "The Mission of Motherhood - Touching Your Child's Heart for Eternity" by Sally Clarkson.

Just because my daughters are grown does not mean my job is necessarily over, and my joy is that I get to watch as my daughter's take the torch and rear their children in the Lord.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beauty to Behold

Each time I drive by this street I am in awe~the beauty of the Maples and the view of the Rockies, now covered with snow, take my breath away. God has such a wonderful palet of colors that He decorates His world with. But there are so many other things that daily I want to stop and thank Him for; today a friend shared bounty from her garden, lives filled with the laughter of children(my grandchildren) who call from the top of the stairs pretending to be a Star Wars character. It needs to be noted, my daughter's family does not have a t.v. and has never had cable; they are very careful in what the children may watch and the boys saw clips about star wars on a computer program. I'm thankful for my beloved hubby and all the prayers that have been lifted up for him over the years; I am so thankful for God's precious promises concerning those prayers. I am thankful for the close knit family we have and the joy we get in spending time together. I am so thankful for new girlfriends here in our area that bring me joy~it seems like a long 9 mos in getting to know other Christian gals. I am also thankful for the good report I received about a dear friends' daughter who just underwent surgery for brain cancer. In case you were one of the many upholding Leslie-the surgeon said he got all the tumor and she is making quick progress at Stanford. Thank you for all your prayers; she still has a long, rough road ahead of her but with the Lord's help she will make it through.
I am also so thankful for all the new friends I've made in our blogging is so good to be connected even if just over the Internet.
Blessings to each of you this weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Girl

This picture of my daughter and her family was taken in August on our trip to Utah.
Today my girl, my firstborn, my pride and joy turns 29 and I had to stop and honor her.
Happy Birthday Carrie! You are not only one incredible Christian wife and mother but you are one of my very best friends. You have always been such an inspiration and still are; you make having 4 kiddos look easy, you are always joyful and a true servant. So this day, I am thanking the Lord that He blessed me with you even though it is hard to believe it was 29 yrs ago.
May your day be filled with the Glory of the Lord, with all His richest blessings in Christ Jesus, with abundant grace that keeps flowing over you and out of you. May your day be filled with all that makes you happiest, for you always make me happy and dad and I are so proud of you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puppy Kisses

It is hard to believe it has been a week and a half since little Lily joined my daughter's family because she has already become an integral part of their lives, our lives as well. She is growing quickly and I've encouraged the boys to do a school project on her growth and changes during these first six months. She is a quick learner and is eager to please; something that makes her an added blessing to a busy family with four kiddos. Lily not only plays with each of the children, but Nana too, and she is now sleeping on one of the boys beds every night. Even Grandpa has gotten into the act; when the family is at church Grandpa goes over to let her outside several times to help with her training. I've always loved medium sized dogs but this little pup has touched my heart and changed my mind about the size of our next dog. Of course we aren't planning on the need to get another dog for several years but it is good to see that a small dog can be such a fun addition to a family. For my daughter's family this is the perfect dog and I am very thankful.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Call To Pray

There is a young teenage girl in California who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and who will be undergoing surgery tomorrow, Wed. 10/22, at Stanford Hospital. Her name is Leslie Miller and she has quite a courageous attitude to all she is undergoing. Would you please uphold her in prayer this week, especially tomorrow; I know she will appreciate it.

Thank you all so much.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Beauty of His Creation

Fall color at Graveyard Fields oct5 2008

We have finally begun to see vibrant oranges, reds and yellows that I am used to seeing in California. We are all sensing the coming of winter, for today is colder than this past few weeks and it feels like it could snow. In fact, snow is in the forecast for later this week. I am so excited for the coming of the winter, it signals a time of being at home and life being simpler. There has been a profound awareness in my spirit of how much excess we Americans have, and I have a growing desire to simplify. I'm  not sure exactly what that means but I know it is routed in living without "things", of focusing more on living a life of sacrifice, of giving to others, whether in thought or deed, to those who are less fortunate. It means that when we find a house, it need not be new or huge, that sometimes less is better. It also means not getting caught up in having to be constantly on the go and that often it is better to stop and listen to all that the Lord has for us. If we would learn to listen.

Lord, today may You lead Your people to stop and listen, to slow down and learn to be quiet and to find our all in You. Help us to learn that no matter how much we have, if it isn't used for You, it is worth naught. Amen.

Autumn on the farm.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Denver Zoo

A wagon full of young Pioneers. John, Ben and Faith.

My youngest, Kim, and her family. The newest addition is in her arms.

Climbing adventures at the zoo; Faith, Ben and John.
Today was a free admission day at the zoo so most of the family trekked down to the Denver area to explore. Kim and her family had been there at the beginning of summer and kept raving about how wonderful it was compared to the San Francisco zoo. Unfortunately over the years the SF zoo has really declined and has fallen into disrepair. So we departed this morning and headed down there. WE were not disappointed in the least. Of course, I think most of the families in Colorado had the same brilliant idea as we did because it was so crowded. However, there is so much room to view the animals that it didn't bother us to wait a minute or two to view them. The exhibits are designed to look like the animals natural habitat so it kept us all engrossed in the sights. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful autumn day!

Fun with Friends

Yesterday I met my two girlfriends for a full day of fun. We began by getting Dark Chocolate Mochas at Whole Foods; I've never had a Mocha with dark chocolate and I think this will be something I treat myself to on a regular basis. Yummmm. Then my friend drove us, in a mini-Cooper which I've never been in before, to an open space area so we could all hike. These friends are a tad bit younger than I am and in better shape so I had to really hustle to keep up with them. We did take a nice break though and one of the gals, previously a missionary in Africa and also in France, told us stories of her family's time abroad. The other friend is from South Africa and I love to just listen to her talk. She has an accent, probably British, and reminded me so much of my Kiwi friends.
After we were finished hiking we drove to Loveland and went to an art gallery called "The Master's" fine art of Loveland. This was an incredible collection of photos, bronze sculptors, weavings, paintings etc. The owner Linda King is a master story teller as well as artist and she had us captivated by the stories she wove about the works. In fact, as she showed us a collection of photos(exquisite in themselves) she pointed to a sunset and remarked how the Master's Hand was there in this masterpiece. Then she pointed to an open book with glasses, and again said here His Hand is apparent in His written Word; lastly she pointed to a picture of a newborns' feet and exclaimed His Hand was here too in the creation of His Son. Her eloquence and descriptions almost had the visitors in the audience in tears and then she pointed to each of us and proclaimed that we were each His Masterpiece, created in His Love and image and that He had gifted us all with artist abilities. Linda spent the next hour or so taking us through each room of the gallery pointing out various bits of info about the works displayed. There were so many wonderful pieces of art that I would have purchased, if I had the resources, but I plan to go back and visit again. If you are ever in the Loveland area, make sure you get to the gallery~you won't be sorry.
My friends and I called it a day after our visit there and I can honestly say they tired me out. But what a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful to be alive. It is so good to be able to get out and about in this lovely season, to takes walks with daughters and their little ones enjoying the trees. I am thankful for the Sugar Maples that are aflame with red and remind me of our old neighborhood. I am thankful for being close to my daughters and to their families and being able to spend time with them. I am thankful for new friends who meet with me to pray weekly as well as old friends whose lives were and are interwoven with mine. I am thankful for specialists who will come and assist my daughter and her hubby in the care for a child with Sensory Processing Disorder.
I am thankful for good wholesome movies, like Little House on the Prairie, that hubby and I watched with four of the grandkids last night. I am thankful for a healthy body and being able to go on walks while our weather is nice. I am thankful for the ability to sit down and quilt Christmas presents for each family and for the enjoyment I get in the making as well as in the giving. I am thankful for hubby's abilities with wood and his teaching grandsons to work with their hands. But above all else, I am thankful for Love that transcends this life, this world. I am thankful to Jesus, my Lord, for His great love poured out on me, saving me. I am thankful that His Grace is sufficient for me, His Strength is made perfect in my weakness. There is so much to be grateful for each and every day~we shouldn't just wait for November to give thanks. What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As I sat pondering all that gives us joy, all those attitudes that I strive to cultivate, the ways I see the world~ I realized that these attitudes are chosen. I choose whether to accept and praise for the good and the bad, I choose whether to look at life either as half-full or half-empty, I choose my outlook.
One of my favorite painters is Thomas Kinkade and over the years loved ones have blessed me with his books as well. I was looking over one and saw something he said and it is so true.
"Decide that joy is the hue you want your heart to be. Then start making the little and large choices that over time will paint your heart happy."

There are times in our lives though that no matter how much you try to cultivate joy, the hardships seem to choke out anything but despair. In this world of chaos, in desperate times with the economy plummeting, cancer striking those near and dear, true Joy comes from One Source only...Jesus. When all else is uncertain we can truly lean upon Him and find true joy.

"These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be made full". John 15:11

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Puppy Love

This is the little bundle of fluff that my daughters' family adopted this last Sat. At 12 weeks of age, she is showing signs of being trained quickly and easily. The grandkids all adore her and I know that once she is completely house trained, she will be sleeping with the children. Yesterday I ran across the street, just to check on her adjustment, and the oldest wanted to know if I was going to be coming over every day to see her. As much as I'd like, I will restrain myself-or at least limit my visits to every couple of days. I can see there won't be any problems with our dog sitting her when the family goes away. Just have to make sure my two dogs feel the same way.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Little Fluff Ball

This weekend my daughter and her family got a new little puppy. They had been looking and praying for a bit over the best type of dog that would suit their needs. It had to be hypoallergenic, or at least non-shedding, due to their oldest having allergies and asthma from dog hair. So they ended up calling me and having me come look at two puppies that they were considering. Although both were darling, one was clearly better for them. She is a Bichon-Poodle mix and 12 weeks old. Such a sweet and mellow temperament and just a little ball of fur.
They've named her Lily and she has already become a loved little pup. It is always so much fun to have a puppy around and this little lady will be well loved. I am so thankful that I am just across the street and can go visit whenever I want. My own two dogs have not met her yet, she is a bit small but the time will come when she'll come over for visits. I tried to get some pic's the other night but she was playing and I couldn't get any good shots. I will be posting pic's of her, I'm sure. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Fun Night

We were blessed to have four of our seven grandkids over last night while Mom and Dad went out for coffee. Even dear little Liv, not quite one, enjoyed her time with us. Oh course our evening went something like this:
"Grandpa, lets play a game" says Ben
"o.k., go pick one out of the basement Ben"
Ben comes back with marbles and then big brother pipes in "let's have desert".
Nana quickly complies, scooping out vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce for Ben, Faith and Grandpa while John gets strawberry sorbet.
Marbles game is quickly over replaced by Jenga, which happens to be Ben's favorite game at our house. He is very adept at it and so passes time playing it with little sister, Faith, and Grandpa.
John and I watch Animal Planet but quickly turn t.v. off when the show gets a bit depressing.
After ice-cream, John says he is still hungry so we pop Popcorn. Then come Fruit Snacks.....but of course he is a growing boy.
Before you know it Mom and Dad are back and rounding up kiddos to take home. Grandpa and Nana are then kicking back after a good fun evening. WE wouldn't trade our time with the little ones for anything for we are blessed.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memories of Autumn

As I've been looking at others blogs I continually see baking be one of the main themes this season. Today as we drove through the mountains to see new scenery, I reflected on years past when my girls were still at home. Autumn always signaled a new year for our homeschooling and new adventures in learning. We always had scented candles burning and would snuggle up under a throw and do lessons. Cooking was always part of our schooling, whether canning or baking, you could be sure our home smelled delicious. One Thanksgiving my brother and sister-in-law hosted a family reunion; there were probably 40-50 relatives in attendance. The girls and I baked mini loaves of chocolate pumpkin bread, decorated labels and gave each person a loaf. It was a wonderful way to show the true meaning of Thanksgiving and of gathering together. Now that my girls are grown and have families of there own, I admit I don't do much baking-not because I don't like too but the bread and pastries would gather at my waist. But today I thought, I really need to get back into the habit of baking home made muffins and breads even if it is just to pass on to my grandkids. So I look forward to cooking in the coming weeks along with my quilting; be forewarned that I will be posting pic's and recipes of those that turn out yummy. There is nothing that says love more than something made with your hands and heart.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Great Ministry

Last weekend we had a young couple at our fellowship who have a ministry called "Unfolding Drama". There names are Gregg and Katie Rozeboom and Gregg studied under Michael and Debi Pearl and their ministry called "No Greater Joy". I wasn't able to attend Saturday's presentation of the gospel but Sunday eve Gregg spoke. He is a natural born storyteller with a heart for the Lord and I was blessed by his presentation. In fact, I've never seen anything so biblical and so gripping. He told the story of Fanny Crosby and also of Charles Spurgeon and his main point was Look unto Jesus.
Gregg and Katie travel the country; if you ever get a chance to see them don't pass it up. I look forward to seeing them here in Colorado in the future.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Harvest Blessings

In the entry way of our home I have my mothers' antique treadle sewing machine and this is an area where I decorate for the seasons. I love harvest and the changes it brings always finds me unpacking my country decorations. This year is no different even though we aren't in our own home, I'm thankful that I do have a place for the treadle and for the decorations. Last night it rained, something we haven't had much of in Colorado. Today I woke up to bright clear skies but oh my is it windy. My daughter and I took her three little ones on a walk around the neighborhood and by the time we got back to her house I was tired! Although it is quite blustery
it is somewhat refreshing to have cooler days and blue skies. I ran an errand after lunch and noticed there is snow in the mountains, oh it does seem early for it. It is so exciting to experience each new day as it unfolds.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The High Places

This is a photo of one of my favorite places, you guessed it, Rocky Mountain National Park. I took this last weekend but I love the colors and the scenery so just wanted to share it with you.
Although today is cloudy and cooler with rain predicted I know we'll have more sunny days next week. I am planning to get back up there and see some more of God's Handiwork.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October Skies

The Heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His Hands. Psalm 19:1
One of my favorite things to do is to gaze upon the sky~ whether it is sunset or storms, it always makes me reflect on the incredible creativity and power of the Lord God Almighty.
Each day is unique and set apart, even as we are as His children. So I am thankful this day for the dark clouds and lightning and the blue that I see peaking through. Take time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our world.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life Science

When we home schooled our daughters one of my main goals for them was to fall in love with learning. So it is with great joy that I watch Carrie home school her children and see them going out into nature to explore and learn from their surroundings. Although the boys are intrigued with finding different things outside than their sister would find; bugs verses flowers etc, it is so fun to watch them learn. We are blessed to be able to be in the mountains within an hour and as they get older I know there will be hiking, skiing and wonderful adventures. This summer they began a Gratitude Journal and will often draw and write about different things in nature. Seeing children learn and the excitement in their eyes as they discover new things is amazing. I am so thankful that they can be at home where the creativity is actively nurtured.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Beauty of Color

Last weekend hubby and I joined our oldest daughter and her family and drove up to the mountains to enjoy nature at its finest. Carrie and her family trekked off to the trees to get some family shots and I followed. I have always been passionate about fall colors, especially the vibrant oranges and reds but this year I fell in love with the golds and yellows of the Aspens in Colorado. Good thing too because we don't have the brilliance of the sugar maples and liquid Amber's that we did in California. Slowly I am coming to appreciate the more subtle colors and although I am looking forward to seeing the brighter hues next year if we travel to the East Coast I am content right now. Just being out exploring and enjoying God's paint pallet is enough to bring a smile to my lips.
So wherever you are, go out and explore and revel in the changes of the season.