Thursday, June 3, 2021

Memorial Day

Hello All,  Last weekend hubby and I flew to Northern California to attend a 70th birthday party for hubby's brother's birthday.  What's a gal to do, but call her brother and sister of her heart asking them to pick us up at the airport and then go to lunch before we headed to hubby's sister's house.  My brother and sister in law found The Waffle Experience that was in close proximity to where his sister lives and we enjoyed lunch there.  From left to right-hubby, sister of my heart, my brother(both who we hadn't seen for 1.5 yrs) and myself.  We had a such a great time catching up, but sadly it was over too soon.
Hubby's sister has several passions, one being gardening.  While she has quite a small home, she has about 1/3 acre in the back yard.  She has landscaped it beautifully and loves spending time weeding and redoing plants. She has at least 10 Japanese Maples, hubby is standing in front of one.  Their dad loved these trees and had a yard filled with them; hence each of the four siblings love them as well.  We had so many in Santa Rosa, but they aren't as hardy here.  We do have one Lacy Leaf Japanese Maple in the front yard and a miniature in the back yard.  We have to go to some lengths to help them survive our snowy winters.
We had a wonderful two days with hubby's family and surprised his brother who couldn't believe we flew out just to attend the party.  When we got home all my Iris plants were in bloom in the back yard.  I call this garden area the "Loretta" garden after my mom, who loved Iris plants and my dear friend Loretta who gave me all the bulbs that bloomed here.

 This weekend we will celebrate one granddaughter's birthday and then it will be relaxed.

Hope you have a great day!

Hugs,  Noreen

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Gourmet Delight

The Broadmoor Hotel is incredible and needless to say we had never experienced anything this high end before.  The food was so delicious; the seafood croquette was so good.  Somehow the photo of hubby's dinner didn't turn out, but he loved the Rack of Lamb.  

For breakfast Friday morning we enjoyed another great meal-I had an Egg White Frittata  and hubby had a simple egg breakfast with all the trimmings.

One of the many delicacies was this Rose Water Raspberry Macaroon.  Let's just say I knew I'll be needing to cut back on calories when we returned home.

 We so enjoyed ourselves and it started our Memorial Day weekend off on a good note.

Joy to you. Noreen

Tuesday, June 1, 2021


Hello and Happy June to you! Last Thursday, hubby and I went on an adventure to Colorado Springs to celebrate both of our birthdays and our upcoming 44th anniversary.   We started by driving around Garden of the Gods, remembering a family trip taken years ago.  It was a beautiful day, but cold and windy.

Our destination was a hotel that we've heard about for years and wanted to experience-The Broadmoor. It did not disappoint.  This is a very expensive high end hotel that was worth every penny, even if just for a night.  

The next picture is of a beautiful room that used to be an ice rink and many famous skaters, including Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton perfumed there. Everything about this hotel exudes elegance.

 I will share some of our food entrees tomorrow.  Initially we thought we'd wait until our 50th wedding anniversary to go back, but we are both talking about possibly next year to celebrate turning 70.  

Hugs, Noreen

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Spring Is Here

Hello friends,  Just about the time I think I'm back on schedule with blogging, life shows me I'm not. Now that spring is here, camping has begun again.  Two weeks ago we went to our favorite local lake and camped for a night, making sure everything was running well with our trailer.  Then this week we headed up to the Rockies for two nights with our dear friends. This is the view we had, it was so beautiful.  It's been almost 11 years since we camped here. It is dry camping, which is a change for us- but fun all the same.  

It was a bit cold and the ground was wet from heavy rains on Monday, so Hunter wore his jacket the entire time.

Another great view; this area reminded us of the Sierra's.

Of course, Wednesday afternoon a thunder/hail storm rolled through for about 30 minutes. It looked like it had snowed.
Our friends had two dogs with them and Hunter enjoys them both, but loves Milo(on the right).

Our campsite had a spring running through it so we hung out in our friends campsite.  
I can't believe how fast May has flown by; this coming week is crazy for us with lots of commitments.

Take care and enjoy every day.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

He Is Risen

 For those of us who are Christians, today is a special celebration.  Death did not conquer the Son Of God, He conquered sin and death.  May you day be filled with Thankfullness of all He has done for you.

We will be celebrating with 19 family members at our home, enjoying warm sunshine and the blessings of family.

Joy to you.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday

Many around the world hold today to be a Holy Day, in which our Lord and Savior gave His all for us. 

Remember the sacrifice that was made that you might live, eternally and abundantly.



Sunday, February 14, 2021

Hello!  Where have the days gone?  Here we are almost done with February and March is right at the door; I obviously have been so busy that I haven't spent any time here.   I guess it's been so long and rearranging photos here has changed-so forgive me that they are out of order.  The first photo of a purse I made starting at the end of January-it was a pattern called Bowl Me Over 2.0 by Annie's.  I got the pattern one year ago, at the Road to California quilt show that I attended with my best friend Barbara.  At the time, I looked at the example and thought it looked simple enough-but, oh my it has some challenging aspects.  The are three zippered compartments, two of the zippers were cut down to size.  It also has the front flap pocket and inside has a divided pocket. I loved the fabric and so does hubby; in fact he is still so disappointed we couldn't go to Maui last year that he's saying Maui or bust. This coming week some of our neighbors are going and he's whining, a lot.  Hopefully by the fall we will be feeling more comfortable with going.  

Now this is out of order, but while I was trying to finish my purse, I decided to make all 8 granddaughters and two daughters a mug rug(aka fabric coaster)for our annual Valentine's Day luncheon.  This was a quick and easy pattern and fun to do for them.  Of course, during the two weeks prior to the luncheon, we had granite installed in our daughter's home and also new carpet installed in several rooms in our home.  Talk about too many pots of the fire.  The girls loved their mug rugs and I was also able to help a good friend make two for her granddaughters.
This is the front of the purse; all in all I love it, just not sure I would use a pattern by Annie's again. I found that we have to make the body oversized, quilt it, install the three zippers and then cut it down to this size. It wasted a lot of fabric. The other thing I found out that attaching a binding onto four layers of quilted fabric was difficult at best; it may be my skill level is not as high as it needed to be.
Well now that my projects are done, I'm starting one last Patchabilities wall hanging that I will have done by March; you may remember that I made one for every month last year.  Our mini group decided to make a list of ten projects or unfinished projects to complete this year; our leader lets us know what number to work on each month.  It's a great way to get things completed. 

I hope you are all well and staying healthy!