Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hello Friends,  Today I woke up with a very swollen eyelid-all red and really sore.  I determined quickly that it is a Stye, ugh and does it hurt.  My girl suggested using very hot compresses, which I have been doing all day.  I skipped the gym-just didn't feel like exercising, but hope to get there tomorrow. I did walk Hunter and also did some sewing and went to a friends house so she could share some secrets with me on a zippered pouch.  I'd love to go back downstairs and sew, but will relax a bit.
Hope you are having a great week.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Monday to you all.  Yesterday we woke up to several inches of snow and decided it was a perfect day to stay home and enjoy a relaxed day.  Hubby worked on a new Marquetry project while I worked on several Christmas gifts.  We watched football most of the day and evening and enjoyed beef stew I made.  Today has been full~the gym this morning, grocery store and now I'm working downstairs again.
For those of you who watch t.v., you may remember the last two years there has been an ad on for Cuties(small tangerines) with a toddler hanging in a backpack on the back of a door trying to get one.  The toddler is the son of one of my oldest girls best friends and I just saw a glimpse that there is a new commercial coming out staring him-so be on the lookout.  He's adorable with curly blond hair.
This week will find me in front of the sewing machine, working on various projects.  One, I have finished and will share after Thanksgiving; it's a gift for someone and I don't want them to see it here before they receive it.
Stay warm and if you don't have snow, enjoy your weather.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hello to you on this cold Thursday morning!  We just now reached 30 degrees; it seems like it's been colder, for more days, than we normally get at this time of year.  I can tell we are getting a little older because we keep on furnace on at night, unlike how we used to turn it to 55 degrees. I know my brother will be more comfortable when they visit in a couple of weeks.  I'm thankful for a furnace that works that we can heat our home with.  Today I'm heading out on an errand and then have a dentist appt. to begin getting a new crown. Ugh.  Somehow I wish my teeth would stay healthy, but I didn't inherit good genes in that department.  Glad I have a good dentist that I am comfortable with.
May your day be filled with joy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Northern Flicker

Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you. Now that the elections are over, we don't have to mute our t.v. at all the ads. So thankful. I'm also thankful we have the freedom to choose here in the U.S. and that we live in a free country. On to more pleasant topics.
Yesterday morning I looked outside and saw a beautiful bird on the railing of our deck. I couldn't get the camera fast enough, but knew enough to know it was a woodpecker checking out our posts. Our neighbors have been bothered with them for years; I've been thankful we haven't been. However, this bird is so beautiful I didn't mind seeing it. He quickly moved on from our deck railing to our Pergola to see if it was worthy of its work.He quickly left-probably due to the stain we put on it.
I was amazed at the orange under it's wings and found in my bird book that it is also called the Red Shafted Flicker.  From what I read they look mainly for dead trees; our neighbors have an Austrian Pine that blocks our view and is right next to our fence-thus dropping all it's needles in our yard.  It's a huge mess and we've nicely offered to buy it from them, to have a tree company come out and take it down and replace it with something smaller that doesn't shed-like a miniature Blue Spruce.  They can't even see it from their house, but have said no.  So if this woodpecker has to hang out nearby, it is welcome to that tree.  We really like our neighbors, they are in the late 80's and 90's and I imagine will move in the next five years.  Maybe then we can hire a tree farm to come put something in that is nicer; when the houses were built the builder had to put in so many Pine trees-I don't understand it but we've taken out several.
WE are off to the gym this morning, then later I have a craft day with a friend and we are joining neighbors going out for dinner tonight.  Hope you are staying warm, it's freezing here!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Cuteness Overload

Happy Tuesday to you. I came across these photos in an email and they just made me smile and say AWW. Hope you enjoy!

Babies are so adorable, even the baby Squirrel.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Harvest Colors

Happy Monday morning to you! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed an extra hour of sleep. I always love it when we roll the clock back and get that extra hour, even though it truly isn't an extra hour. During the spring and summer, we both get up early; come late fall and winter we love just staying in bed a bit long. Now that Halloween is over, I continue to display Harvest items and Thanksgiving decor. It's tempting to start decorating now for Christmas, but I'm happy just to watch Hallmark Christmas movies.  Don't these fruits and vegetables look so delicious!

I'm still working on lots of sewing projects, but yesterday afternoon enjoyed  the football game on t.v. while I was hand stitching.
Hope you have a great day!
Joy to  you.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Happy Friday, I can't believe it's been days since I posted here.  That should tell you that my days are filled up, good things but time consuming.  Had a great day on Tuesday in Cheyenne with my girlfriends.  Life is a whirlwind and in three weeks everyone will be recovering from stuffing themselves on Thanksgiving.  I'm already working away on Christmas presents-should have started a month ago, but they'll get done.  Hubby and I did go to lunch on Wednesday and afterwards saw a movie-A Star Is Born.  I wasn't sure I wanted to see it as I've seen the original and remember crying through it.  Knowing this one was just as sad, I was curious to see how Lady Gaga did.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprise-I don't care for her music, but she was good.  Bradley Cooper was excellent in his role as well.
I've been doing some gardening and hubby is outside with our grandson, once again raking up more leaves.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.