Thursday, July 19, 2018

Glenwood Springs

Happy Thursday to you! We are back at home after a fun getaway to celebrate our anniversary and hubby's birthday. Tuesday night we went out for a nice dinner in Glenwood Springs at a restaurant called The Pullman and we had an excellent dinner. I ordered the Alaskan Halibut and it was so delicious, hubby had the Organic Chicken and said it was so good.

While we enjoyed going to Glenwood Springs again, seeing Meeker again, visiting Grand Junction for the first time I have to say that the Village at Vail was the highlight of our trip.  We've heard so much about it, but enjoyed seeing it firsthand.
I'm off to lunch with a friend and then the weekend is packed with fun activities.
Have a joy filled day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Vail, Co,

Yesterday we had lunch in Vail and it was such a fun time exploring and eating.

Hubby had Lobster Mac and Cheese and said it was delicious.
I had a gluten free burger-it was very tasty.
Love the polka dot umbrella.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Happy Monday to you! Hubby and I are heading to the mountains for a couple of days, to celebrate our anniversary and his birthday. After we got home from our last trip, we noticed that a Robin was still flying back and forth to a nest by our bedroom window. Most of the birds have finished with their fledgings and it surprised us that there might be more-sure enough there were two or three babies in the next. They are now getting quite big and I anticipate that soon they will be out on their own.

Our weather had definitely been different~the Cicada's are already chirping in town and my Mums have buds on them.  I'm wondering if we won't have an early fall; our Palisade Peaches were being sold a full month early and there are other signs I'm seeing.  Last week the weather was so hot and then yesterday it was cloudy, cooler and we got some rain.   I'm not at all ready for summer to wain!
I hope you had a great weekend and have a fantastic day!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Skydiving Part 1

Good Morning to you! Thursday afternoon, hubby and I joined our sil Eric and his parents and headed to Longmont where the three guys would go skydiving. Eric's dad wanted to do this in celebration of turning 65 in March. Eric graciously invited hubby and so both Eric's mom and I also went to watch. Also, our close neighbor who sky dives on a regular basis met us there-he wanted to take the jump with hubby.  Here is hubby on the left with our neighbor Allen, whose been jumping for over 50 years.
Hubby looks so ready to go.  We had to wait quite a while because there were many in front of us and only one plane.  It was fun watching all those who were jumping tandem, as our three guys would do.
We are so blessed to have two incredible son-in-laws, they are simply the best and we love them.  Here Eric is with hubby.
We got to the airport around 1:45 and out to the tarmac about 2:00; by 4:00 the winds had picked up and there was threats of lightning.  The jump was delayed due to weather and the guys finally called it; when we got back to registration the day was cancelled.  So when Eric can schedule another day to jump, they will go down.  Weekends are really bad, so not sure when they'll make it again.  I probably won't go, simply because while I love watching those jumping, the wait and lack of bathrooms doesn't work well for me.  Our oldest grandson, who turns 18 next March wants to jump then, so I think he'll go in my place to see what its like and to take photos.
Last night we had our 8 granddaughter's over for a sleepover-they love it.  Today, I'll be running a couple of errands and then hoping to sew all weekend~I've still got three quilts to finish before November.  Last January we made a list up of goals around our quilting-I've got two quilts done already and most of my goals, just need to finish up.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Oh How We Love Chewy

Hello friends~Happy Friday to you. Hunter would like to share some unexpected goodies that he got this week from our friends at Chewy. It was a large box, delivered by Fed-Ex and it contained some summer fun! It had a very nice thank you card and a plastic food dish with Chewy's name on it; I'm thinking they want him to know they supply his food.

Next came a pair of sunglasses and a wonderful hammock so he could chill out and enjoy warm summer days.
Here is the hammock in it's own bag-it will be useful when camping.
Also a special tug-of-war toy for Hunter and his cousins.
Thank you to all the staff at Chewy for these wonderful gifts.  It was a total surprise to us to receive them.  They are just the best; please stop by and visit them here:

Hunter and Noreen

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stainless Multi-Pet Pet Fountain

As a #ChewyInfluencer, each month a special package comes in the mail and this month we choose to try out the MultiPet Pet Fountain. Often we will have more than one dog, sometimes just two extra and there have been times when we have three extra pups  for a weekend. I was excited to get this fountain and to try it out with the dogs. I wanted to post this review right away, without waiting for two extra dogs.
It is supposed to be an indoor fountain, but with Copper and Lily and Banning coming to stay soon, I knew water would be all over our hardwood floors-this is in on our covered porch.

The description from Chewy:  "With fresh, filtered water and a free-flowing stream, there's no need to lead your pet to water; she's already lapping it up! The Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain was designed to increase dogs' and cats' drive to drink by mirroring a natural water source instead of a stagnant bowl. It holds one gallon of water, making it perfect for multi-pet households, and the stainless steel construction resists bacteria and makes cleanup simple: it's dishwasher safe! Key Benefits Dishwasher-safe (excluding pump) Ideal for multiple cats and dogs under 60 pounds. Holds up to 1 gallon of water. The free-falling, 360-degree access stream keeps water fresh, encouraging pets to drink more.  Receiving ramp and adjustable flow control reduce splashing. Rubber feet prevent sliding Submersible pump for nearly silent operation. Dishwasher-safe(excluding pump) †Capacity is calculated by total volume. When using container, choose a capacity greater than what you need to prevent overfilling and spills".

What I like about this fountain is that it keeps the water circulating and will entertain several of the pups.  Hunter isn't too sure of it, but I know once his cousins are drinking from it he will join in.
I just use Stainless Steel bowl for Hunter, thus trying to prevent his tear staining; I also give him Distilled Water.
This product was provided to me by free of charge.  No review, positive or otherwise was required.  All opinions are my own.
A big thank you to Chewy for sending us this  product.   You can find this fountain here:

Noreen and Hunter

Monday, July 9, 2018

A Fly Over

Happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a great weekend and didn't experience record highs, like we did here. Hubby and I prefer hot days verses warm days and while we may stay inside more, we aren't bothered by it. On the 4th, several jets from a local air base in Cheyenne, Wyoming were on display for Greeley's annual parade; afterwards they did a fly over our area. We are used to seeing them each year and sometimes several times, but this year it seemed the pilots were practicing just how low they could go over the houses. WE've been told they have to stay at least 500' above any buildings, but when you look at these pics-you tell me. Although I'm used to them, this year really concerned me with how low they were.  This first picture was when we saw them and I know the right jet looks like it is lower than it was, but believe me when I say we could almost see the pilots face-if he wasn't going so fast.
We did not see this angle, but I imagine those living in the house were pretty scared.
I realize the skill of the pilots/airman are phenomenal, but all I could think of was a flock of geese flying into one and then it would be all over for those cause in the path.
I am so thankful for those that serve in our military and those skills that are practice again and again.

WE are expecting more highs today in the 90's.  Hope you have a great one.