Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The High Country

Happy Outdoor Tuesday.  I could barely believe the thermometer registered 47 degrees this morning when I got up.  Summer is fleeting away and fall is here.  Yesterday I had a nice visit with my friend over lunch, celebrating her 71st birthday.  After that, we went to a local JAX sporting good store to see if there were any good sales going on.  There were, but it was a bit rich for my tastes; I then drove her home.  Most of the day was gone by the time I got home, it seemed like it was almost time for dinner.  This morning I've already walked with girlfriends; I haven't yet started at the gym, because hubby and I are heading to the high places for two days.  This will be truly a R&R time away, before we head to New England-which will not be a slow paced trip.  There will be too many places to see, to much seafood to eat and too much fun.  So today I've got to shower, figure out what I'm taking for the brisk air up there and then pack. Hubby is golfing and when he gets home we will head out. It is a three hour drive and we will only stop for bathroom breaks; we have a favorite restaurant that will go to for dinner tonight.  It is called 8th Street Grill and basically a butcher shop where you can pick your own cut of meat and they grill it for you; it's not cheap, but oh so good.  I'm not sure how much hiking we'll do with hubby's heal spurs; hopefully we'll get one or two easy ones in.  One of hubby's closest friends and his wife just happen to be going up there today too-so we will meet them for breakfast tomorrow.  Hunter will be in heaven with Copper and Lily and the grands.
I hope you are all enjoying the changing season and being grateful for life.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you!  I'm off to lunch with a friend so will be back later today.
Joy to you!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Some New Items

Happy Friday to you! Yesterday as I was shopping for a granddaughter, I just had to stop at one of my favorite stores-Pier *ne. I couldn't resist these items and each year I try to get something new to my collection celebrating fall.

I'm off on a shop hop this morning with five quilt friends, so I've got to get a move on.
Have a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Welcome Fall

It's Thankful Thursday and I am so thankful for the changing of the season. This year as I got my decorations out, I decided to change things up a bit.

Do you ever take pictures and realize that you were holding your phone unevenly.
I'm off to do some birthday shopping this morning and will be visiting Joann's, so may come home with a few more items.  Fall is my favorite time of year with Summer a close second.
We've got three birthdays this month and I've already finished two of the grands, with one left.
I'm itching to get to the high country, but that will wait until next week.  The leaves are starting to change and I love being able to walk in the morning without getting too hot.  At night there is a cool breeze that comes through our bedroom window.  I'm hoping that maybe this weekend hubby and I will be meet with the orientation gal at our gym and give us the introductory class.  We will probably meet with a trainer as well.  I will continue to walk at least four days a week and a dear friend of mine from California who has osteoporosis also, gave me some great tips.
I hope you have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thoughts on Getting Older

Happy Wednesday to you!  This life was created to be enjoyed, but our bodies sometimes don't get those memos.  I found out that I have Osteoporosis in the top of my left femur-near the hip; my doctor emailed me about the results of my Dexa scan.  I have know I had osteopenia for years and have increased my walking because of it.  So today, hubby and I are going to a high end gym near us that accepts Silver Sneakers to check out their weights, trainers and facility.  I told hubby, who has a bad back, that we need to do it together.  It will help both of us.  So after we have breakfast, we will be heading out.
If you are not a senior, I can tell you that you need to be doing weight bearing exercises on a regular basis-several times a week. Thankfully weights can reverse many of the issues.
I'll let you know what we find out, but in the meantime take care of your body-it's the only one we've got.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Natural Balance Tender Cuts Review

As a #ChewyInfluencer, each month Hunter is delighted when the Fed-Ex truck pulls up with his delivery. I have to say that this month's choice was a huge hit and one I will be purchasing from Chewy.
You can see the size is perfect for Hunter and they are soft and chewy-again another plus for our boy.

I break it up and add it to his kibble; sometimes he just gets one as a treat.

From Chewy:
The dog days of summer are upon us and Natural Balance is keeping temps high with Delectable Delights Dog Treats! After Spot is done hanging' ten, he likes to refuel with these meaty and delicious snacks. These Tender Cuts are perfect for those backyard BBQ's...let your pup join in on the fun!

Key Benefits

  • Made with high-quality venison
  • No corn, wheat, artificial flavors or colors
  • Great for training or as a healthy treat
  • Great for puppies and adult dogs
  • Natural soft and moist treats your dog will love
WE would like to thank Miss Natalie and Chewy for this incredible program and their great service.
You can find other wonderful products here:  https://www.chewy.com
DISCLAIMER:  We received these treats from Chewy and were not compensated in any way for our opinion, positive or otherwise.  

Noreen and Hunter

Monday, September 11, 2017

Let Us Remember

It seems like so long ago and yet just yesterday that this tragedy and attack occurred.  To those whose loved ones lost their lives in the attack and those who valiantly worked and sacrificed their lives to find survivors~WE HONOR YOU!  We have continued on with our lives, but yours are forever changed.  May God cover you with His Peace today.