Thursday, December 14, 2017

Merry Christmas

From our home to yours, we wish you a Blessed Christmas and New Year.  Hunter sends warm nuzzles and kisses to all his friends in blogland-especially the four legged friends.  

This is a bit early, but we aren't doing cards for Hunter and wanted to share Christmas greetings with all our friends.
Have a great Thursday, we are very thankful for each of you!
Noreen and Hunter

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tylee's Turkey Jerky

A #ChewyInfluencer,it is with joy that I once again get to review a product that Hunter has not had before. I have shared in the past that Hunter is so picky when it comes to food and treats. However, Hunter loves Turkey Jerky and I'm here to say he loves this jerky. I was so impressed with the size of the pieces and you can tell that they are turkey pieces that has just been cut and dried.

Hunter still has some tear staining from his food allergies and I'm so happy that this jerky is 100% turkey.
Here is some more info on it:
Tylee’s Turkey Jerky Human-Grade Dog Treats are made with 100% all-natural turkey—the same quality meat that you would eat. When it comes to dog treat recipes, Tylee’s knows that less is really more. The only ingredient you’ll find listed is pure meat that’s been thinly sliced and dehydrated to create a jerky that’s chewy and irresistible. This delicious snack delivers 81% protein and all the flavor your dog craves. To keep every bite as fresh as the first, Tylee’s lets nature do its work by using a drying process instead of adding chemical preservatives. The result is a portable protein treat that you can take anywhere for spontaneous on-the-go rewards. Break them into bite-size pieces for tinier pups, or to just stretch out treat time.

Key Benefits

  • High-quality dog jerky treats made with human-grade ingredients, just like the jerky you would want to eat, with all the same mouthwatering flavors.
  • No added chemical preservatives; this jerky treat is made with only one ingredient: 100% delicious all-natural turkey. The natural drying process makes sure this tasty jerky stays fresh.
  • High-protein snack makes the perfect on-the-go training reward, delivering 81% protein to keep his energy up and provide essential amino acids.
  • Dehydrated and thinly sliced dog jerky treat that’s simple to break into small bites while traveling, and you can reward dogs of all sizes.
  • Full of real meat flavor for the perfect dog training reward or everyday portable protein treat. Enticing texture for a jerky treat that dogs love to chew.
  • It is made in the USA~ which is very important to me.

We are so thankful to Miss Natalie and all of the Chewy staff who make this program so easy. Hunter loves getting the new treats and now that I'm going to be much more aware of anything I give him, I can rest assured knowing Chewy has his best interest at heart. Go visit Chewy if you haven't yet, you can find them here:
Disclaimer:  We received this product free for our honest opinion, positive or otherwise and did not receive any compensation for our review.

Noreen and Hunter

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hello friends,  I hope your Monday was a good one and that Tuesday will be even better.  It's not quite Tuesday yet, but Hunter has me up with some restlessness and excessive licking-so I thought that there was no better time to write than right now.  I'm thinking that I may have to take him into the vet tomorrow to have his ears checked-either for mites or an infection.  It could be allergies to a new food we are adding into his diet, but I don't like how uncertain I feel when I know he isn't feeling his normal self.  I did not get to the gym today, Monday,  as I was running late, but headed down to see my girlfriend.  We had a great day together-lunch, a little window shopping so to speak and just catching up.  Due to allergies I was not able to hang out at her brother's house and once we got back, I immediately headed for home.  I will see her next Monday for another fun day together.  I do have other plans for today-grocery shopping as we are having friends over Wednesday evening and I'm hoping to hit the gym as long as Hunter is o.k.  I think I will still call in and have his ears checked and him looked at, just to make sure.

Good news-Hunter did not have ear mites or an infection, but has allergies-which isn't a surprise considering Bichon's are known for having issues.  Our vet is the best and decided to give him a shot to help ease the itching.  So thankful, hoping now with a new kibble for dogs prone to allergies, it will pass.  We will definitely be taking a nap today.
Have a good day!

My Christmas Collections Part II

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fantastic weekend; we've had the most gorgeous weather and I'm so thankful. I won't mind a dusting of snow around Christmas, but for now I'm so thrilled that although cold  is here i there is no snow on the ground. So you may all know that I love Cardinals~we don't have them here or Blue Jays, but they are so pretty. I started adding some to my Christmas decor several years ago. I added another this year.
Many, many years ago-probably close to 25, my sil started giving me Lizzie High dolls for Christmas.  They are so cute!
This wall hanging was my weekend project-very simple, a panel that I cut up and quilted. Initially, I wanted to make pillows like Potter* Barn sells, but changed my mind.  I did all the quilting on the machine.  It is really hard to tell and I've even got some machine quilted snowflakes on it.
I love this little mason jar decoration!  One of my gal pals gave it to me for Christmas.  Hubby and I tried to find the same size jars and battery operated candle holders for a gift for some friends, but were unsuccessful.

My girlfriend from Ca. is out dog sitting for her brother and I'm heading down to spend the day with her as soon as I am done with the gym.  I am hoping to just relax until Christmas, although I do need to do some wrapping.
Hope your day is so easy and  that you can share some joy with others.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

When Quilter's Gather

Happy Saturday to you! I am wondering if today will find you shopping for presents, spending time fluffing your nest or relaxing; whatever you are up to this day, I hope you will find contentment. As I mentioned on Thursday, yesterday my quilt mini group had our Christmas luncheon and party. It was so fun and filled with laughter, love, great food, gifts and presents. While I didn't get any pictures of food, I tried to get some of the decorations that made the atmosphere lots of fun.  This is one of the tables~our hostess put a Stove Top Potpourri bag at each place setting.

The only picture of food I got were these lovely cupcakes.
Loved this vignette.
Jim Shore is a favorite artisan of mine and I loved this Santa.

Rinda is an incredible quilter and has many wall hangings and quilts throughout here house. I loved this Christmas scene.
You may remember this quilted table topper from last year-I think I made close to ten of them for gifts.  I also love the Merry Quilting sign.

When the gals arrived, I pinned the name of a Christmas Carol on their back and they had to ask others a yes or no question to get clues and then try to figure out what song they had.  I was shocked that none of the gals knew this game.  There were two winners and each got a prize-either a fat quarter or some other quilting item.  After this game was over we all got our lunch, which consisted of turkey noodle soup, white chicken chili(yum), Chinese Cabbage salad, Spinach Strawberry salad, lots of different breads as well as coffee, water, tea or hot cider.
Immediately after clearing our dishes away, we began a Quilters Bingo game-instead of numbers we had words associated with quilting. We played two games and then the four winners received a their choice of prize.  I provided a Name that Quilt Square  game.  There were four winners on this game who also received a prize.   I'm thinking that the gal I shared games with did such a great job, no one will want to attempt them in the future. At the end we all had dessert, unfortunately the only dessert I got a photo of was some fantastic cupcakes.  I couldn't try one, due to gluten~however, my granddaughter and I(I was her helper) made a gluten and dairy free cheesecake which was delicious.  Another gal brought apple fritters-they also looked incredible.  There was one last fast game before we did our gift exchange game.  Like many other games where gifts are exchanged, we all drew numbers from a hat and then picked a gift or if someone else had a gift you preferred you could "steal" it.  Our group was very kind and I think only one gift was actually taken from someone.  I received a $20 gift card from  a quilt store in town.  All in all, 13 ladies had a fantastic party celebrating Christmas, friendship and the love of quilting.
Today we will hit the gym first thing and then go over to our daughter's house to see if we can help as they put in new hardwood in their family room.  I also want to make a fun wall hanging for Christmas, so may start that.
So on this Saturday, try to make someone's spirit bright!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Family Celebrations

It's Thursday and I'm so very thankful for the love of family! You might think that has been said before and you are right, but I can't help saying it again. Last weekend we celebrated three family birthdays-our daughter Kim turned 36, Miss O turned 10 and Miss A turned 8. All are such a blessing.  Miss A, always so sweet and smiling, her eyes light up.
Miss O with her cousin Peanut and her little sister.

I love Kim's expression and Logan's look...they both bring fun and laughter to our family.

I just can't say it enough-I LOVE OUR FAMILY!
Yesterday was a busy day-45 minutes doing weights at the gym, running errands, joining hubby while he played indoor badminton, I walked 2 miles on the indoor tract and then did the bike for 3 miles.  Last night I hand quilted for 3.5 hours, I sure slept well.
Today has been a busy one too~more errands and then I'll pick up our oldest granddaughter and she and I will be making a cheesecake; it isn't a traditional one per say, but one that is gluten free and dairy free(almond milk cream cheese and yogurt).  Tomorrow I have my quilt mini group luncheon and party, so I'll be gone a good part of the day.  I hope you have a fantastic afternoon and day tomorrow.
Joy to you.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Christmas Collections

Happy Wednesday to you! I have had my home decorated since before Thanksgiving, but just didn't stop long enough to grab some photos to share here. All of these collections are somewhat old; I will share the newer ones tomorrow. Some younger folks have been heard saying "how can people collect those villages? They are so expensive". I'm here to testify that my dear mil started giving me a piece every Christmas for many years-so this collection is about 25+ years old. I love it and wouldn't think of not putting it up at Christmas.  They came from a store called Mervyn's and it is such fun to remember each piece.  Hubby loves putting these up, so I leave him to it.
My angel collection-they all have a special meaning for me.
My snowmen grace the foyer.
My original Santa that I got approximately 25-30 years ago with small toys around the tree.
My other small Christmas village my girls gave me one year; someday one of my granddaughters will receive this.
I'm off to the gym this morning to try to burn off the calories I've taken in the last couple of days.
I hope you are all staying warm.
Hugs and blessings,