Thursday, August 31, 2017

I'm Thankful for Sprouts Stores

Today is Thankful Thursday and I almost forgot to blog; in fact, I was driving to our local Sprouts store to pick up some necessary items and remembered.  So what could I blog about today?  Do you ever have those days, when nothing comes to mind?
This will be a simple post, but today I'm very thankful we have Sprouts(a health/organic/natural food store)near us. Whole Foods is about 30 minutes away and I just don't get there very often; when I need specific items, Sprouts is where I go.  My main reason for going  today was I was running low on a couple of supplements; I'm very picky about getting the highest quality for our dollar.  I needed some more Magnesium and also Potassium.  With our trip coming up, I knew I'd need more Vitamin C as well.  Then of course, my daughter has shared some wonderful treats with us and I wanted to get some for dessert.  You can see the purple and green packages-they are from Heavenly Organics and are dark chocolate with on one or two ingredients.  The purple are Double Dark Chocolate patties made from 100% Dark Chocolate and Raw White Honey.  No Gluten, Dairy, Soy or Sugar added; the green are Mint Chocolate Honey Patties and the only other ingredient is Peppermint Oil.  I have been doing my best to limit all sugar, but I love Dark Chocolate so try to have one piece in the evening.  I also bought some Dark Chocolate Hail Merry bites with Almond Oil, Coconut, Maple Syrup and Cocoa.  I limit myself to one of either of these.
I love yogurt and have switched to Coconut Milk or Almond yogurt due to inflammation.  Rice cakes are a must and these are brown rice; I love putting almond or peanut butter on them for lunch.  Last but not least is a tea that has become on of my favorites-It is Emperor's Pu-Erh tea by Numi.  I heard about Pu-Erh tea from a blogging friend and had to check it out.  It is an ancient healing tea from China and I googled it and also learned that it can help lower cholesterol naturally.  A neighbor and I have gotten so used to the taste that we make it all the time, either hot or iced.  I don't know whether I drink enough to help my cholesterol, which is good to begin with, but I enjoy it.
I can tell you when I eliminate the majority of processed foods and sugars from my diet I feel 100% better.  You would think I eat a lot of chocolate from this picture, but these items will last us a long time.  I have always felt that if you

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's the last Tuesday in August, how can that be? You know I have been trying to make Christmas presents for my three walking girl friends on the street; I started making little pouches, but realized I needed to put something inside for them. With all our painting, I had put this project on the back burner-until yesterday. I was on Facebook and see these bracelets pop up and knew I had to get them.

What drew me was the Tree of Life on the charm and of course the description it had next to it. You see these friends are precious and are more than just friends-so what a perfect little bracelet to tuck inside the pouch. They were inexpensive and I got four for the four of us; it also celebrates the fact that we are all in Christ's family.  If it weren't for painting my sewing room tomorrow and the rest of the week, I'd be jumping all over getting the pouches done. However, it will take us days to get it done, due to the size of the room. Also I will have to empty out the closet as well. We have the paint, but to be honest I haven't started to move things out yet. You see we will be getting new mattresses for our room and the guest room this weekend ,so I can't very well take all my cabinets into the guest room. So right now I'm heading down to figure out where I'll put my things in order to make it easier for my sweet man to paint.
 My heart goes out to Texas and all who are struggling with the floods and rain right now. So many have lost everything. Thankfully Colorado hasn't had that magnitude of flooding, but we did have a whopper that destroyed many areas in 2013. We were out of state at the time, but this rain took a huge toll in northern Colorado. What's happened in Texas makes our flood look pretty small.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Misc. Monday

Happy Monday to you! We had a busy, but fantastic weekend! Firstly, I finally finished the quilt for our 6th granddaughter and I was so pleased to be able to deliver it to her on Friday, when she was a bit under the weather. I loved the fabric and had a great time hand quilting it; what's more important is how much she loves it. Now, I've already moved on to a lap quilt I made last summer while in Sisters, Oregon. I had seriously considered machine quilting it, but chose-at least for the body of the quilt to hand quilt it. I may machine quilt the outside border.

This little vase I got at our local antique store and love it-it's perfect for our mums that are blooming.
On Saturday hubby and I joined friends from church to help celebrate a couple's 50th wedding anniversary.  It was a surprise party and so fun.  Hubby works with the fellow and they both attend the same church as I do, so it was special to be part of the celebration.  They had lots of great food and the fellow doesn't eat gluten either, so they had a wonderful gluten free cake.  Let me tell you it was delicious, especially since I've been off sugar and dairy for three weeks.  I decided to partake and so glad I did. I do have to confess that Friday night we went out with neighbors for dinner and hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed a gluten free dessert.
Today hubby has to take his car in for regular maintenance and VW is finally  replacing a recalled air bag-it's only been several years.  We are also hoping to paint my sewing room this week, which means I've got a lot of work to clear out some things.
I hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday goes well.
Joy to you!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's Thursday and I'm wondering where in the world the week has gone.  Of course, Monday kept us busy-between hubby painting our guest bedroom and viewing the eclipse-it was such a good day.
I've already gone out to deliver invitations on our culdesac for a block party in Sept.  It will be pretty easy-actually one neighbor said she'd do it and I offered to help.  We will all gather to catch up and celebrate the end of summer.  We decided to have everyone bring an appetizer, their own beverages and lawn chairs.  The gal is providing paper products and the tables, I provided invitations to each home; it should be fun.  We have 17 homes on our culdesac and hopefully everyone can join us.  Some may even invite people that don't live on our block to come.  I have learned that there can be differences of opinions and it is best to let one person host it, with the offer to help.  I can honestly say I don't know whether I'd jump in again to help.
Today I'm meeting my quilting friends for coffee and then not sure what the rest of the day holds.
I am thankful for God's unending love and grace poured out on me.  I've so many blessings in my life and each day I'm  so grateful for this time and season.
May your day be blessed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

So Beautiful and Precious

Happy Wednesday to you! I wanted to share our first bouquet of Dahlias from our garden~I love them and this is the first time I've every planted their bulbs. I am enjoying having them inside, where I can see their beauty.

More beautiful than any flower are my two daughters-Kim and Carrie.  I've just started reading a new Beth Moore book and she thanks her daughters in the Acknowledgements. It was so touching and I had to take a few minutes to tell my girls just how much I cherish them. They are as beautiful inside as they are outside. I love spending time with them regularly. They are calm, patient, giving and so loving. They have both grown into incredible godly women, wives, mothers, teachers, friends and most importantly best friends to me. They each inspire me in different ways and each have been a constant in my life, when things get uncertain or crazy. They are as different as night and day, yet remarkably very similar.
I couldn't be more blessed than by these two daughters.  I love them beyond what simple words can express.  Thank you girls for loving your momma, despite the times I've stretched your limit of patience.  God is good and I'm so thankful for you both!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017 Solar Eclipse

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone got a chance to safely view the Eclipse yesterday. One of our grands wasn't quite herself so that family stayed home and watched it in their backyard. Here is the rest of the gang.

It was so fun to gather together for lunch and talk about this event.  Prior to that hubby painted our guest bedroom downstairs, in less than two hours.  Wow-what a man.
Today I'll be walking with a neighbor and I'm not sure what the rest of the day will hold.
Have a great one.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Fun in Parker, Colorado

Happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a great weekend and if you are traveling to a better vantage point for the eclipse, that you aren't stuck in traffic. We had a great weekend~some friends came to dinner on Saturday and then yesterday hubby and I decided to drive down to Parker(south of Denver)to check out their Old Town and Farmer's market. Some neighbors had lived there and have raved about it, often going back down. Since hubby and I did not go on a overnight adventure to a new area, we choose to take a drive down. Of course, many folks told us we'd be stuck in traffic-however, we weren't and took enough side roads to avoid any traffic. WE started a book on CD, and got through 2 out of 11 cds. After we walked the street once, we stopped for lunch at the Parker garage. I love Beet salads and while this was good, I'm used to roasted beets and these were pickled. Hubby had a bagel with lox and capers.
The Old Town's buildings are all Victorian in style, which reminded me of Ferndale CA. The Farmer's Market was so huge and crowded that it made it hard to see all of the buildings.
Again, here are the plate size Hibiscus. A neighbor told me she has a tropical Hibiscus, but I thought they were all tropical-at least it is the state flower of Hawaii. Loved the colors.

There were so many dogs with their owners and I have to say they were all well behaved.  Then out of the blue we saw this cute lady.   The owners said they take her to the Farmer's Market every Sunday.  It took awhile to get her to look at me so I could get this picture.  Figured the grands would like it.
Today hubby and I will be meeting the family at a park for viewing the eclipse-with authorized glasses and then have lunch.
I hope you are able to view it.  Have a great day!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Blue Buffalo Earth's Essentials Apple Orchard Clusters

As a #Chewy Influencer each month I am able to pick a treat or food for Hunter to try. We love this program and are so thankful for Natalie and the entire staff at chewy for their customer service and products. They are always there to lend support or answer questions. Prices are so good and they arrive right at our front door. This was this months treat.
It is similar to granola and can be given for a special treat or sprinkled on food.  Hunter loves yogurt, so I thought what a great treat.
Here is the description:
"Now you can reward you pup generously and feel good about doing it with Blue Buffalo Earth's Essentials Apple Orchard Clusters Blueberry Crunch Recipe Dog Treats. Starting with orchard-grown apples and complemented with flaxseed and yogurt, these tasty treats offer a satisfying crunch your best friend will love sinking his teeth into, and you’ll love feeding them. Delicious, sun-ripened blueberries, which are high in essential nutrients and antioxidants, round out these delectable treats. With just five simple ingredients, Apple Orchard Cluster treats are the healthy, wholesome way to reward your best friend.

Key Benefits

  • Contains just five simple natural ingredients starting with orchard-grown apples.
  • Includes sun-ripened blueberries that are high in essential nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Nutrient-rich flaxseed is a good source of fiber as well as omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Protein-packed yogurt is rich in calcium to support strong muscles.
  • Your dog will love the tasty, satisfying crunch and you’ll love rewarding him."
Once again Hunter has reminded me of just how picky he is~I would have thought he'd love this, but I forgot he doesn't like blueberries or apples.  I have tried feeding it to him as a treat or sprinkled on his kibble and he just won't take it.  Luckily in a couple of weeks, Copper and Lily will be here and they will gobble it down.  
Disclaimer:  We received this product from  No review, positive or otherwise, was required.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you Chewy!
You can find this treat and more awesome products here:  http:/

Noreen and Hunter

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Happy Thursday to you; what are you thankful for today?  Life is such a gift and I'm so thankful for another day!  Fall is definitely in the air, as I said yesterday.  One disappointment I had was that hubby called me out back and one of my big Dahlia stalks was blown over in the wind and had broken off at the ground level-such a shame.  It had so many blossoms on it ready to burst open.  He tied up the rest and we can only hope that there will be more blossoms on the other stalks. Previously,
I mentioned that I had challenged my mini-group to make something for fall, from a fat quarter I got each lady in So. Dakota.  Here is the runner I made; I love the fabrics and the pattern as well as the machine decorative stitches on it, but being the perfectionist I am I see things I want to work on.  I am so very new to machine quilting and still prefer hand quilting, but this has been so fun and fast.

Yesterday morning when hubby and I took Hunter out for a walk, we saw this Hibiscus plant-the blossoms were huge(plate size) and I love the color-so I had to snap a picture. My parents had Hibiscus plants and they did so well in our yard, but I've never had good luck with them. I do realize that you have to put them in the ground(or that is my experience with them)if you want them to really do well.
Today I'm off to have lunch with two quilting friends and then maybe attend a softball game this evening with both sil's and the two oldest grandsons playing in it.  I love watching the game and cheering all of our family on.
I am thankful today for grace that fills my life; for the love of my hubby and family. I am thankful for my fluff-ball Hunter and being able to walk him, as well as walk nearly every day.  I am thankful for quilting and that hubby accepts my projects that are perfect.  I am thankful for the beauty of flowers and the changing of seasons.  Each day I am getting ready for my favorite season.  I am also thankful that we will be going with our best friends to New England in October.  I am so incredibly thankful that Jim survived a heart attack and is doing so well; Barbara also has had to deal with a major health issue, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been-so thankful that they caught it early.  So thankful for these dear friends, who are family to us and who we can travel with and they don't get too tired of us.
I am thankful for the world of blogging and getting to know new friends.
Blessings on your day!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fall Is In The Air

Happy Wednesday to you!  You've heard me saying that it feels like fall has arrived here in northern Colorado; first it was the Palisades Peaches that were 6-8 early, then it was the Cicadas chirping and now it is my Mums that are in bloom.  Typically, we don't have blossoms until late August or early September-but all of mine are blooming. This yellow beauty is huge and has the most blossoms out; I have two more in this bed and three out in front.  I love Fall and all that it brings-scented candles, Mums, fires in the fire pit or fireplace and of course football.  However, I'm not ready to start thinking about winter being early.  I am also praying that we are able to hit some peak colors when we get to New England in Oct.
I hope you have a fantastic day today!
Joy to you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Assault by Myers, Peretti, Hunt, Gansky Review

As darkness threatens, four gifted people will give the world its best and maybe only chance to survive.
As Darkness  
  When I read the first in this series ,I was pulled in and had mixed feeling about the stories due to the focus on the Paranormal. I was intrigued by the depth of the characters. I decided to read this second in the series hoping it would not be so much like science fiction.  I can tell you that I couldn't wait to be finished, because it felt more like a monster movie or aliens from outer space.  I don't care for Science Fiction, but love Peretti's other books.  The only thing I can say that is positive about the story is the portrayal of the four characters.  
Having said this, I will say I will not read any future books in this series.  If you like aliens and science fiction, you'll love the book.  There haven't ever been many books I dislike as much as I did this one.  

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of the book from the Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing.  No review, positive or otherwise, was required; all opinions are my own.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Joy and Happiness

Happy Monday to you dear friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. As you know, this weekend I attended a conference held by Living Proof Ministry and Beth Moore. It was so packed with worship and truth, but a whole lot of fun! Here are just a few pics from our time Friday night and Saturday.  About 15 of us from my church met and sat together; there were approximately 5,000 gals with a few men there.
My dearest friend(old neighbor/dog walking gal) here in Colorado and I.  I don't do selfies, but had to catch this evening.
Beth Moore is an incredible Bible teacher plus bundle of energy that keeps us learning and laughing. She just turned 60 and looks like she is 45 plus in great shape.  I love her spirit and have done many of her studies; such a privilege to see her in person.
We had good seats, but she moves around so much it was hard to get any great pics of her.
I think all who were there went away refreshed, renewed and filled with new energy.
I certainly did!
I'm off to walk this morning and then will be running errands and making binding for a granddaughter's quilt.  She is one anxious little girl and I would love to give it to her this week, since school is starting up this morning.
Blessings, joy and happiness to you today.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Happy Friday

What a good day I've had, busy but good. I had my monthly mini quilt group meeting, there are about 13 of us and it can get a bit crowded but it is always such fun sharing what we've been doing. I am also organizing some Road trips-mini shop hops where we will gather and drive to three different stores. So today our hostess had this wonderful quilt rack in her basement that her cousin made. I loved the design and the fact that it is in a corner and the quilts can be pushed up against the wall. I'm now looking at corners in our basement to see if there is a place it would fit.
One of the gals showed us her latest table runner and I loved it.  She did say the directions were written so poorly, so like most quilters she figured out an easier way to make it.  This gal is the one that taught me how to make the table toppers last year.
Our meetings are always filled with good food, laughter and encouragement.
Tonight I am attending a Beth Moore conference and it will continue tomorrow morning.  I've seen her via simulcast before, but so excited to see her in person. I'm sure at least a 1,000 other ladies will be in attendance and feel the same way.  Five other gals from my quilt group were going as well; none of us together though.
I hope you have a great Friday and fantastic weekend.
Joy to you!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Town's Loss

It's Thankful Thursday and today this will take a bit of a different approach. When we moved here almost 10 years ago, we quickly became aware of a historical mill in the old part of town. It had been here since the 1902 and had had wheat as well as sugar beets and was the busiest business in town. It radically and permanently altered the town. In May of 2008, when a tornado ripped through Windsor, the mill was damaged extensively. Since then, the town has sought out investors to repair and remodel it; just recently we have seen tremendous amounts of work being done by Blue Ocean, hoping to bring in lots of small businesses, a brewery and a restaurant. The entire town was looking forward to this.  The first two pics are from the damage the tornado did; this is how the building looked up until this last year.

Monday morning about 3:00 am a firetruck and ambulance were driving by and saw a glow. The Fire Department was on scene within two minutes, but by then it was fully engulfed.
It is hard to see, but if you look up in the right top corner you will see something small-ATF is using a drone to get a better idea of what is left.  One of my walking partners went by it Monday evening and said there were still flames shooting high.  Today, we saw firemen still spraying hot spots.

Such a loss for our town; we can only hope that Blue Ocean will rebuild in the original design.  It is so sad for our small town that was looking forward to new businesses.  Thankfully, no one was inside when the fire occurred.  Thankfully no firefighters were injured.  Thankfully ATF is here to help determine the cause.  Thankfully our little town will recover, just like it did from the tornado.  I'm thankful that our town has old historic buildings that capture the essence of an era gone by.
What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Beauty and Blessings in our Neighborhood

It's outdoor Wednesday and each morning when I walk with my neighbors; when I can stop and take photos of pretty flowers or yards it is a bonus. Today was such a day; later this morning I even took Hunter on a 2 mile walk(he always feels left out when I don't take him with the neighbors), which made 5 miles for me. Hunter has a very fast pace also and although there are several stops, we make great time. Hope you enjoy.

Love this cute flag, but hate to tell them that summer is waning.
These hibiscus were huge, not as big as plate sized ones. Gorgeous anyway.

Love Monarch butterflies and this flag is one I would love to have; in fact, if the owner was out, I'd ask where she bought it since I am several blocks and streets away.  Hunter was with me, so I snapped the picture and we continued on.
It's just about lunch time and then I have to run to the Mail store to get a book off for a dear friend.
This afternoon will be spent sewing; it's a dreary day here so will be perfect to sit and stitch.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Antique Quilts

Good Morning to you. Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing Lisa Eriandson lecture at our quilt guild. I've been a member of a guild in California and also for the last 8 months been a member of the League of Northern Colorado Quilters. We don't meet monthly, but let me tell you that I've heard some incredible speakers.  Lisa is an incredible speaker and her lecture was over to quickly-I could have listened to her for hours.  I did find out she has a retreat center in her home state of Texas.
 Here is Lisa's bio:
"Lisa Erlandson is an AQS Certified Appraiser of Quilted Textiles, lecturer, quilt restorer, quilt show judge, teacher and quilt historian. In 2005, one of her hand appliqué, hand quilted quilts was named one of 15 finalists in the international Marcus Brothers “Friends Around the World” challenge. In 2006, she opened a retreat house in Gainesville, Texas for quilters and other crafters. It remains filled to capacity each weekend. Lisa has an extensive collection of antique quilts that she shares during many of her lectures. She has spoken internationally and teaches and lectures at venues from small local guilds to national quilt shows. She also judges quilt shows ranging from county fairs to statewide shows. Lisa served on the Board of Directors and as newsletter editor for the Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Textiles and is currently serving as President of the American Quilt Study Group. Lisa has a Master of Arts degree in Public Communication from the University of North Texas. She taught junior high school, high school and college before deciding to focus on the quilt world. Lisa is a devout collectors of antique quilts and brought a good number to share with us."  The topic was Quilt History and Quilt Fabrics and Designs from 1800-present. I am blessed to have three or four antique quilts, but her quilts were in such incredible shape and so beautiful. We learned a lot about the differences in colors, techniques and design of the quilts dating back to the 1800's.  I didn't get a picture of her whole cloth quilt from 1800, but it was so beautiful. So here are just a few of her quilts-mostly from the 1800's and just a few from the 1930's. Enjoy!
Lisa had lots of Hexi quilts.

I love Log Cabins and this was was phenomenal.

This small quilt was a workers quilt.

This baby quilt was dated in the 20's.  It ushered in the Pastel era.  My Trip Around the World antique quilt was also from the late 20's-early 30's.
This quilt was from the 30's and very similar to my quilt.  In fact, Lisa referred to them being cousins.

Lisa shared that she is an avid collector and could tell us the number of antique quilts she has.  Suffice to say most of the reputable dealers have her on speed dial and text her whenever a new quilt comes in.  I realized yesterday that I need to make a good label for our quilts so that future generations will know the history of them.
You can find more info on Lisa at her website:
I am anxious to find out what type of groups she has at her retreat center.
Have a great day!