Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's another Tuesday with grey skies and cold temps. Once again, I'm reminded of how wonderful it is not to have to get up early and go to a job.  I'm still fighting this cold, but hoping it's on the tale end; I'm ready to feel back to normal and get on with life.  Of course, this may have been the preparation I needed for my upcoming surgery. I'm not attending bible study this session, just thought I'd miss too much with the recovery etc. I'm disappointed, but know another one will be around the corner.  I will say though that my outlook has improved, although I'm a long way from feeling like this is going to be easy.  I'm so thankful that there are new wonder drugs that will ease my pain; you see I'm a baby when it comes to pain-I don't want to feel any.  I'm still waiting on the dr. and the CTScans to be scheduled, I'm sure it will all come together.  One reason I'm waiting is this cold; I want to be stronger physically when I go in. 
I can't believe there is so little of worth on t.v. these days.  The Bachelor has started again and we actually turned it on last night, because one of the contestants is from our town.  We saw her and then turned it off, a wise choice because locals this morning are saying she was pretty embarrasing.
I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with gratitude!
Blessings and Hope,


  1. Hi Noreen. I have read back to see what type of surgery you will be having. I had a lot of "plumbing" problems. I was forced to have a total hysterectomy at age 40. I had cysts on ovaries, and a bad case of endometriosis. Granted, having this surgery at 40 was in my favor. But you are in very good physical health, and I doubt you will have any problems with your recovery. It is a long recovery, but you have your dear hubby, and daughters nearby to help. And of course, Hunter to keep you snuggled and warm. I wish I were close so that I could help you. Please let me know when you will be having it.
    I have not been blogging much, and have missed so much!!! I only just now commented on winning your book drawing! So fun! Thank you!
    Get over your cold....stay well.

  2. Lifting you up in prayer Noreen.
    Stay warm and get plenty of rest.

  3. I have never watched the Bachelor or any of those shows, just can't deal with all the drama! But, I do watch too much TV in general! I do hope you begin to feel much better and are healthy and strong before surgery. It is always in God's perfect timing, isn't it? You are loved and prayed for! Blessings, Cindy

  4. We've taken to watching British murder mysteries on Netflix.
    You are in my prayers!

  5. It's been a year since I've had sat television and, apart from a few DIY programs, don't miss it at all. I get DVD's from the library and watch them. TV had so much nastiness and I kept thinking...would I watch this program if Jesus were sitting beside me?
    oops. That keeps me honest! laughing at myself...

  6. Big gentle hugs, Noreen. You will do fine. All will be well. We found the bachelor unwatchable too.

  7. I hope that cold leaves you alone, once and for all. Last year, I had to have shoulder surgery, and things kept getting postponed because I got sick. BTW, the surgeon told me that the recovery would be "very rough" (sound familiar?). I had a huge bottle of strong pain meds for post-surgery, and I took only three of them. So, it is sometimes waaaaay easier than the surgeon says! I am thinking of you. Go away, cold!

  8. Aloha, Sending you warmth from the Garden Isle. The weather has been wonderful, a bit of vog, but the sky is clear blue--hardly a cloud. Hope the cold passes quickly and you are on the road to good health soon. Thinking of you and praying too!

  9. Totally agree about tv. Wish we would never have bought one.

  10. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We so hope things will get better for you. Just got Netflix so loads to catch up on and waiting for the new season of the good wife to start over here. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Hopefully the cold will be history soon so you'll be ready to go when your surgery is scheduled. In the meantime, I'm praying, dear friend.


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