Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New England

Happy Tuesday friends~I should be posting photos of Ireland, but I've been checking out New England for our fall trip. We've been there twice, but only for two or three days and this fall we will be joining our best friends/ traveling companions and going for almost two weeks. So out comes the books on Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. We fell in love with Maine when we were there 14 years ago and vowed to get back there; it's sure taken us long enough! I love all things about Autumn and the changing of the season, so it should be a wonderful trip. It wouldn't be complete though if we didn't go to Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire. These photos were taken in Vermont when we were there approximately 20 years ago, maybe longer. Be still my heart.

I'm interested in any places you've visited and feel that there are sights that can't be missed. It is always a gamble as to whether you hit the peak colors, but believe me that it is well worth it, even if you miss them.  I love the covered bridges and quaint towns, back roads and historic homes.
We have one other trip coming up in May, but that is pretty much taken care of; now it's on to planning this trip.
I hope your day goes easily and that you can dream of some adventures!
Blessings to you!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Two Peas In A Pod

Happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had  great weekend, filled with activities that make you happy.
As you know, Friday we had our carpets cleaned so Hunter and I went over to Carrie's.  It is truly his favorite place to hang out, though I think he was afraid we were leaving again.  I will say our carpets turned out very nice and it feels good.  Well, after the dogs all played Lily climbed up in my lap(she can be found there most of the time)and Hunter snuggled in next to her.  Hunter is awake, but had been asleep.  It's so funny-you really can't tell where Lily's body stop and Hunter's starts-looks like one big body.  Lily is starting to show her age-10 this year and it's so hard to believe that Hunter is 5 already.
I was able to walk on Saturday and today I will walk in the afternoon.  I am also hoping to spend a good chunk of time pinning to quilt tops that I need to start quilting.  One is for The Resource Center, which is a pregnancy counseling center; in fact, I hope to make another one in addition.  The other was from the Fig Leaf Club last year-I want to get that done. I also still have my top from the Sisters class I took last summer that will take a lot longer, do to its size.  I don't really want to start anything new right now, just finish these up.
I hope your Monday goes well and that you get to enjoy some sunshine~it's 28 degrees here, but sunny and clear.  It is supposed to get up to 50 later on-come on warmth.
Noreen and Hunter

Friday, February 24, 2017


Happy Friday to you!  Today we are having our carpets shampooed and had to move furniture etc.  Hubby put our ottoman up on the bed this morning and I just walked in to see this.  How funny Hunter is-I couldn't believe he had jumped up onto his bed on top of the ottoman; sometimes he can be a little unsure of heights.  However since he sleeps on our bed with us every night, I'm sure he nows how cushiony it is.
I'm still fighting this cold, but am better than I could be.  Since all our furniture is moved downstairs, including my sewing room, I'll just be playing on the computer until this afternoon.  It's snowing here again so winter is definitely back.
I hope you have a great day and weekend.
Joy to you.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Happy Thursday to you!  Well, we are covered in white again-so much for wanting spring weather.  I am thankful that I've already been out for my annual Women's examine and stopped at the store, on the way home, to get celery and carrots for turkey soup.  It will be perfect for today.  Not much on the agenda~I am passing on watching our grands, due to my cold, but hubby is going over to hang out with them. I will probably spend the time sewing or moving furniture, as tomorrow we get our carpets shampooed.
One thing I am not happy about is that a Fort Collins judge has ruled that the previous statute or law concerning women going topless in public  is unconstitutional.  Seriously!  So next Wednesday all of our family is avoiding the city.  I just think both men and women should wear tops; I'm hoping they are making a big deal out of something that won't come to pass.  When you have young children in the family, it isn't necessary to be exposed to this when out in public.  I'll get off my soap box now.
I hope you have a great day today, one that's filled with smiles!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday to you. I'm back home again with that cold that has hung on-such a bummer. I promised I'd share some of the incredible food we had on our trip. Our first night we visited some friends in Sun City and took them out to dinner at Abuelo's in Peoria; they choose the restaurant and it couldn't have been better. It reminded me of a restaurant in Santa Clara, back in the 80's called El Torito. So I haven't had Mexican food as good as we had in California for 9 years-this place took me back there. I had Salmon with a wonderful sauce-oh it was so good. If we get back to Sun City, definitely going to have to get back there.
On Friday we drove up to Sedona and once again walked through the town and loved it.  We had lunch at our favorite restaurant-Oak Creek Brewery in the Village of TLAQUEPAQUE.  They had gluten free buns, so I was able to get a turkey sandwich.  We decided that this would be our big meal for the day-in fact, we didn't eat dinner that night.  Best coleslaw I've every had.
Hubby really didn't need dinner-great ribs.
It was a cloudy day and the sun broke through for a few minutes-so we only got photos with our phones.
I love the red rock formations.
On Saturday we drove to Florence and then onto Oro Valley.  We had planned on staying in Tucson, but our neighbors were in Oro Valley and decided to stay there. I can tell you that from what we saw there, I loved this area.  As you know, I'm not into big cities so Oro Valley was perfect!
Today I'll be hanging out and trying to fight this cold off.
Tomorrow we have snow predicted-grrr.
Seize the day!

On The Road Again

Just checking in to say we are headed home today; we had a great trip, but there's no place like home!
Can't wait to see the family and love on Hunter.  He loves being at Carrie's, but it would be nice to take him with us. Looking forward to walking with my gals again and getting rid of the fluff I out on while we were gone-too much good food, which I'll share tomorrow.
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Be Still My Heart

Happy Monday to you!  We have had such fun on our road trip, visiting with friends and our next door neighbors and exploring new areas of Az.  Again, we absolutely love Sedona and would like to go back and stay there as well as Oro Valley, near Tucson.  However, somehow on this trip I've managed to catch a cold and hope to fight it off.  Although we've loved our time here, the rain has put a bit of a damper on it and I'm more than ready to head home to family and to this little guy.  Carrie sent this pic to me yesterday and it made me want that fluff ball in my lap.  Luckily, our friends have their dog Dukie with them, so I got some time with him-I'm sure Hunter will be miffed when we get home and he smells his buddy from next door.  Being here actually made me think about spending a month here sometime-maybe in a year or two.  We'll see-if I can avoid big cities and their traffic, hubby might actually be able to talk me into it.
I hope you had a fantastic weekend.
Blessings to you!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Friday to you!  Currently, hubby and I are on a road trip and in AZ.  The drive on Wednesday to Albuquerque was very nice and we went to dinner at Standard Diner, a diner that had been reviewed and aired on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  It was good food, but somehow gluten crept into my system and I definitely knew it.  Yesterday we drove from Albuquerque to Phoenix-another pretty drive; we hadn't driven on this stretch of the road before and I was pleasantly surprised by the landscape.  It's been four years since we've been in Phoenix and on our last visit, we were so impressed with the freeways and also how clean everything was.  I will say that in the four years since we've been here, the traffic has gotten to remind us so much of Southern California.  The freeways are still impressive and clean, but oh my the cars.  We drove up to Sun City to see friends and go to dinner and it took us 30 minutes longer than normal and it wasn't even peak traffic.
Today we will be going up to Sedona, Prescott and Jerome.  We may not get beyond Sedona, but will have a wonderful day!  It is supposed to rain this weekend in Tucson, where we head next and also rain on the way back to Colorado-as long as we don't have snow, I'll be happy.
I hope you are all well and having a good week.
Joy to you!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hello there,  I'm writing this early because I want to share the most touching love story that I've heard recently.  You may know that hubby and I love Country Music, or at least have for the last 5 years or so.  I also love listening to Christian Radio when I'm in the car and all alone.  Yesterday I heard the story of a couple of Country Singers, I wasn't familiar with, named Rory and Joey Feek.  If you watched the Grammy's the other night, you would have seen Rory except an award for Best Christian Hymns; we didn't watch it, so I may have the category wrong.  The announcer on KLove said that when he read the story of Rory and Joey and Joey's courageous fight with cancer, he started to cry.  I knew I wanted to find their song and story.  I mentioned it to Carrie on Tuesday and she had heard of them~so I did what anyone would and googled them.  I found a Youtube video on a song "When I Am Gone" and watched it.  Actually, I watched it twice.  Then I found Rory's blog and went there; I can tell you that it is one of the sweetest, most touching life stories I've read in a long time.  Of course, just a week ago I got news that a gal I had worked with for several years in Ca., passed after an 18 month battle with Cancer of the Brain.  My friend left her husband, daughter and grandson and 15 yr old son; so I might just be emotional about those that lose the fight.  So hearing that Joey lost her battle and left her husband, a daughter with Downs and loved ones, touched me deeply.
If you haven't heard their story or especially their song, please go to Youtube and type in their names.
I am anxious to get some of their songs downloaded; it makes you cherish every day you're given.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Girlie Lunch

Happy Wednesday to you all. As you know, yesterday I had a lunch for Carrie and her girls, while hubby took her teenage boys to lunch and then bowling. I meant to get photos of the table before everyone sat down, but it all happened so quickly. We had Cucumber & Cream Cheese sandwiches-so good, with peanut butter stuffed celery, chicken salad that is to die for and fruit as well as dessert.
My Carrie-such an incredible woman, daughter, wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend-she is a true blessing.
Her four girls, such fun~always so joy filled.

Love our grands to pieces!
May your day be filled with joy and love.  I'll be soaking up the sunshine in AZ for a few days, so I'll see you when I'm back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends! Today I am having Carrie and her girls over for a special lunch; unfortunately Kim's oldest is sick so they won't be joining us, but will be missed!  We are having Cucumber sandwiches, stuffed celery, fruit, drinks and Carrie will bring some other things.  I've got the girls all nail polish and a small box of Sweetheart candies, as well as one chocolate truffle.  Hubby will be taking the two oldest grandsons out to lunch and then another fun activity.  It's a beautiful morning here~perfect for my morning walk and the weather is warming up again~just in time for our trip to AZ.  It will be a fast trip, but looking forward to our get away.
May your Valentine's Day be filled with smiles, joy and love.

Monday, February 13, 2017

#Chewy Influencer Review of Newman's Own Digestive Treats

As a #Chewy Influencer, we are able to review products each month and share our opinion with you. All opinions are my own and we did not receive any compensation for them.
 Hunter has enjoyed all the different Newman Dog Treats and we decided this month to give these a try.
You can see these are a good size; we break them up into smaller pieces, otherwise Hunter would eat the whole thing.

From Chewy's website:
"If you took all the best ingredients for digestive health and added delectable lamb meat, you’d end up with Newman's Own Organics Lamb Digestive Care Snack Sticks Dog Treats. These dog-pleasing treat sticks contain lamb as the #1 ingredient. Not only is lamb super tasty, but it’s a unique protein that’s good for dogs with sensitive tummies. Each stick has tons of fiber from pumpkin, which is a natural digestive aid. These treats are also loaded with probiotics that support healthy digestion. Newman’s Own Organics treats are gluten- and grain-free with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Your pup is getting only high-quality ingredients in this tasty treat, and you can feel good knowing that Newman’s Own donates 100% of their profits to charity. Key Benefits A soft, everyday treat your dog will love with lamb as the very first ingredient Contains no wheat, corn, corn gluten meal or soy. Great for dogs with common allergens or sensitivities. Absolutely no artificial flavors colors or preservatives Added vegetable fibers and prebiotics in these treats help support digestive health You'll feel great rewarding your dog with these treats knowing it can benefit their overall digestive health".

We love that these are made in the U.S. and that all profits go to Charitable purposes.  I have to say I was very excited that Hunter really loves these, because in the past he hasn't been willing to eat any Lamb products at all.  Probiotics are so good for us, as well as for our pets and I think it's an added benefit, as well as the Pumpkin.
We rate these ten stars out of ten; I can tell that this will become one of his daily treats.
You can find them here:  https://www.chewy.com/newmans-own-organics-lamb-digestive/dp/135789
A big thank you to Chewy and their wonderful staff!
Noreen and Hunter

Friday, February 10, 2017

Puppy Love

Happy Friday to you! You all know how much I love dogs and so I'm celebrating two family dogs. Top photo is Petrol, a almost toy Miniature Schnauzer who owns her family. Kim and her hubby got Petrol about six, almost seven years ago as an inside dog for her and the kids when hubby was traveling on a regular basis to Denmark. Petrol is smart and sweet, but definitely a typical Terrie-very possessive with her family and a bit grumbly at times with the other dogs. However, she is very submissive and just acts tough. Love her to pieces. When the grands come over on Thursdays, she also comes so she can play with Hunter. They have a great time.
It's been a bit since I posted a photo of Copper, now a year old and so very mellow; though I'm told she still has lots of puppy energy.  She was over yesterday afternoon with Lily and the three dogs had a great time.  Although Copper is predominantly red, she does have white woven through her hair.  So pretty.  She is a very responsive and attentive dog; she has turned into an excellent watch dog and even protects Mr. B when his big brother is rough housing too much.

I had gotten this Pink Poodle before we even had Hunter and Hunter loves to play with it and so does Copper.  Lily only plays when she is with the other dogs and she is beginning to show her age a bit.
It was a beautiful day out yesterday and today will be the same; in fact, I'm hoping to walk with one of the neighbors after lunch.
Hope you have a great day and weekend.
Joy to you!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's Thursday and today I'm so very thankful for blue skies and warm temps!  Tomorrow is supposed to be even better, highs in the 60's-yeah!  Yesterday afternoon I walked with a neighbor at our Rec Center and it was wonderful.  Lil is about 3+" taller than I am and has a longer stride-so I get quite the work out with her.  We walked almost 4 miles in 45 minutes, not a power pace but still good.
This morning I met my girlfriend at our lake and walked-it's not quite 3 miles and she hurt her ribs/upper back a few weeks ago, so it was more of a leisurely walk where we could just visit.
This afternoon we have Lily and Copper coming over for the afternoon and we will also have four of Kim's kiddos here for our weekly time together.  I think we will play a different game today-either Quirkle or another card game.  Tomorrow I have my mini quilt group and it should be fun.
I hope you've had a great week so far and enjoy today and tomorrow.
Blessings and joy to you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Wednesday to you all!  I want to thank each of you who left me kind comments about my test on Monday and the prayers that were said for me.  Before I tell you the results, I want to tell you what I had and how intriguing the machine was.  I had a Bone Scan, not Dexascan; my doctor was very concerned about my elevated liver enzyme numbers and felt this very expensive test needed to be done sooner than later.  Apparently there are several different types of machines, but this one was  state of the art; I didn't have to go into a tube like a CT scan~the cameras were on the side when I got onto the table and then they closed over me.  It hovered pretty close to my body and face and reminded me of a tanning bed from the 80's.  It took about 20 minutes and it was over.  So great.
What's even better is that my doctor let me know that it was totally clear; he even apologized for the cost of the test but said he was so concerned about Bone Cancer.  Let me say it loud and clear-PRAYER DOES WORK!!! I will see him in March, when I'm on medicare to see if we can determine anything about these numbers.
Today is very windy here and I'm not sure I'll be walking this morning.
I hope you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dare Mighty Things

Happy Tuesday to you! I hope you all had a great weekend and if you watched the Super Bowl enjoyed  how close of a game it was. On Saturday night our entire clan met at Carrie's house to have dinner and a game night. We are all thinking we should do this on a regular basis-maybe even once a month. We had a great evening~Carrie made a dish we called Jana's Chili(a friend from Ca. made it and it was the first chili we ever made and loved). We had lots of toppings, chips and drinks. Also ice cream with candy toppers for dessert. All three grandsons had the same shirt on and we couldn't help but get a photo of them. Little Man loves his cousins and they are not only wonderful with him, but such good role models.

We once again played Pictionary and I have to say I'm just horrible with this game. I vote that we choose something else for the future. I so appreciate all your kind thoughts about my test yesterday and I will share details when I am able. Hope you are having pleasant weather and not freezing like we are in Colorado again.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Friday

Hello again, Just about the time we Coloradans were thinking spring was here, winter returned with a vengeance. Here are a few photos from our local paper to share what it's been like.
Lest you think the gal above is scraping snow-she isn't that is ice.

Last night we went to a dinner play and it was so fun! Hubby and I had been there once before with friends and weren't impressed with the food. They have overhauled the theater and upgraded their dinner menu; it was really good and our friends that took us were given the tickets so there was no money out of our pocket. With this ice storm, Hunter has had a difficult time getting up the back stairs-he'll sit at the bottom and whine for us to come get him. During the night he went out to take care of business and I had to get socks on and a sweatshirt to go out and then carry him up. The things we do for our beloved pets.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you watch the game, enjoy it!
I'll be having the test on Monday, so probably won't be posting.
Until we meet again~

Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's Thankful Thursday and I am so thankful that all of the family that was out and about driving yesterday made it home safely. In the 9 years we've lived here, we've never had weather like we had yesterday afternoon and evening. A Ice-Rain storm arrived mid afternoon and boy was it awful to be out in. I was at a friends house and her hubby told me to be really careful driving home, because it was so slick out. It wasn't snowing, but the rain was freezing as soon as it hit the windshield. I drove past one accident where a young gal had lost control, drove off the road and rolled her car. Thankfully many good Samaritans were helping her; in fact, a lady was walking her to the road and the gal was sobbing and collapsed onto the field. I kept waiting for EMT's to arrive and none showed up by the time traffic cleared. I later found out why-there was an alert sent out not to call 911 unless there was an injury involved. When our SIL was driving home from work-a normal 30 minute commute that took an hour, he saw 4 cars rolled over and he stopped to help one man get out of his car. Some folks might call what we had Black Ice-I don't know, but it was treacherous. From what the news said this morning there were four fatalities due to weather.
On Sunday, hubby and I cooked a turkey and had three wonderful meals from it, besides freezing the majority of meat. Last night we had a little left so made our traditional Fried Rice, pictured below. This is a standard that we use with left overs such as chicken, steak, turkey, pork/ham. WE add in fresh vegetable like carrots, onion, mushrooms, broccoli etc. We also add in cooked white or brown rice and scrambled egg. I knew I'd have a hard time deciding what to post today so quickly took a photo; actually I took the picture to text my friend I saw yesterday who said they always have a hard time figuring out what's for dinner.

Today will be an inside day; this afternoon the grands come over and tonight we are going to a dinner theater with our neighbors. I'd rather just hunker down inside, but it should be fun.
I hope you are having a good week and that your weather isn't as weird as ours was yesterday.  It's been snowing since last evening-which may mean that it could be even slicker on the roads today.
Until tomorrow~

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Importance of Music

Happy Wednesday to you all.  I have hit a bit of a block in what to post about; we are all there at one time or another.  I will say that music has always been such an important part of my life-from my earliest memories until now. In fact, my dad and I often would sing songs together; I also have memories of riding my bike home from Catholic school, singing songs that we learned there.  In high school I was always singing-with guitar in hand and my best friend(Aletha) by my side.  When our girls were little I used to walk them to school and we sang along the way.  It is still like this for me-be it at home, in the car, with grands or by myself-you can often hear a song on my lips. If I'm alone, it is worship music-my favorite.  The other night, hubby and I watched a PBS show on John Denver and I was still able to sing along and knew all the words.  So when I'm anxious, I will often have my IPad going or simply be singing in my head.  This week it's been like this a lot-almost constantly.
So what about you-do you love music as much as I do?  What is your favorite type of music?
So start singing, even if just to yourself.  It will make life better.