Monday, June 24, 2019

Family Fun

Happy Monday to you! Last Saturday evening the whole crew gathered together to celebrated Father's Day for my man and also his birthday; since he shares it with our second grandson, we always try to separate the parties. Look at the spread my girls put out for all 17 of us-sandwiches that were so good and included my hubby's favorite, salad, watermelon, chips and a killer Chocolate Coconut Cake.

This grandson was born on hubby's birthday and he is so fun to be around!  He will turn 16 in July.
Two granddaughters made this cake and it was so delicious.
Today I got back to the gym and then went over to a close friend's home to work on a sewing project. We had to first decipher the pattern and then begin the tedious work of cutting out and fusing Flex Foam to the pieces.  We had a great lunch and then continued on with our first steps.  We decided to quit, as we both need to quilt the individual pieces prior to assembling them.  It is fun, but quite a challenge for me.  Once it is together, I will post photos of it.
I hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Happy Thursday to you. Hubby and I spent two full days in San Antonio, staying right on the River. It was fun to see this part of Texas that we hadn't been to before. We walked eight miles both Monday and Tuesday, seeing sights and just enjoying the area. Our hotel was right on the river, so it was easy to just get out and walk each morning.
We took the River Barge, the weather was warm and so humid-totally unlike Colorado has been this summer.  While we were gone there were heavy downfalls of rain; the grass loves it, the locals not so much.
Along the river we saw captivating sights.

We also toured the Alamo and then yesterday drove to Fredricksburg; we wanted to see the Hill Country of Texas and it reminded us of parts of California.  I found the most wonderful quilt shop and enjoyed talking to the owner.
We are back to our normal routine now~hubby is golfing and I'm joining my girls and grands at the pool, though it is breezy out so doubt they'll swim until lunch time.
I hope you are all well and enjoying each day, it's a gift.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Beauty of Flowers

Happy Wednesday to you. It seems I only get here once a week-maybe due to the summer. This morning as I walked with neighbors, I delighted in seeing different varieties of Iris plants. I love this deep purple color and verigated leaves.
This garden had such a variety of Iris plants-love them all.  The peach is such a contrast to the purple.
Our Peonie bushes have so many blooms due to our rainfall.  I've been picking them, because many are already dropping onto the ground.  This morning I picked five bouquets for neighbors and delivered them.  I also added some Dwarf Korean Lilac into my two vases of them-it brings in such a nice scent.
My hubby has been gone since Saturday and will get home tonight; I'm doing my happy dance.
I've vacuumed and dusted and am all ready for him.  He will hopefully meet me at our four Granddaughters dance recital; this will be a surprise for them.  That is if traffic isn't too heavy on the interstate.
I hope you are all doing well.
Joy to you!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Red Barn Quilt Retreat 2019

Happy Thursday to you all. Our county guild held its annual mini retreat at the Red Barn on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I had signed up to help; it's been months in the planning. This year's weather was so much nicer than last year when it was in the high 90's. The barn is wonderful except there is no air-conditioning and even with fans last year, it was pretty hot. This year with our weather being so weird, it was in the low 80's with afternoon showers. Here is the inside of the barn set up with tables for three gals.  You can tell there are lots of weddings that take place here.
As I wandered around the room on Tuesday I talked with a gal making place mats~this pic doesn't reflect the true color, because they were much more jewel tones and lots of purples.
One of my quilting friends who always inspires me.  Michelle is a great quilter and we had such fun; our other table mate was also Michelle and she was a hoot as well. I love sitting with friends, it makes it so much more fun.
Two gals were working on this quilt and it was beautiful-one was doing the pieces and one the placing of the squares.
Here is the placemat that I started; with so many jobs to do, I didn't get very much done.  I love the fabric as it reminds me of Hawaii.  I got two done and have two more to do, possibly this afternoon.

I'm off taking Hunter to the groomers, then meeting family at the pool. Later tonight we have our town concert and if it doesn't rain it will be good.
Joy to you!