Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Thankful Heart


Hello Friends,  It is so hard to believe the days, weeks and months come and go; here we are in November already.  My heart is overflowing for the many blessings in life~two of which are pictured above. This photo was taken one afternoon while the dogs watched for a testy squirrel that visits our yard.  It was one year ago that we drove to Idaho and picked up our little jewel Emmy.  She has added so much to our lives, especially Hunter's; it only took him about 7 months to adjust to have a playmate around all the time.  Hunter is turning 11 next month and I truly believe Emmy has kept him young.  Emmy is the perfect size for us weighing in at 24 pounds and about 18" high; she has finally started understanding what we are asking of her, most of the time. 
The most important blessings in my life are first and foremost-My Lord and Savior Jesus and then in this order- 1) my hubby, who probably wouldn't have added a second dog to our family and yet let me.  After 44 years of marriage, we still enjoy each other so much.  2) my daughters and sons of my heart-what joy in having family who love the Lord with their heart, mind and soul.  Their faith is reflected in every area of their lives. 3) Our 11 grands, who bring me joy continually.  I love that we all live within 10 minutes of each other and have such a close family bond.  4) Friends, some that have spanned 40 years and some less than 10.  Interests vary, but joy is present when we are together.
5) Good health; not exercising as much as I did in previous years, but we try to walk the dogs whenever the weather allows. 

I hope you have a moment each day to reflect on those blessings in your life.