Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday to you!  I pray you had a sweet and joy filled weekend and that you are excited to be alive this day.  Isn't it amazing that this is the very last day of February?  Where do the days go?  Our weekend was very nice~Saturday I had my exercise class and although it was cool, we didn't get any snow.  Saturday evening we went to our oldest daughter's home for dinner and a game night.  Carrie is an amazing cook and tries things I never would and does them well.  We played three games of Uno and one game of Qwirkle; three of the grands are awesome players.  Yesterday we went to a local Home Show and of course it got me in the mood for spring and planting but I think it is still too early to start seeds.  Then in the afternoon as I quilted, hubby watched golf being played in Tuscon.  We couldn't believe we saw snow-in Arizona and hail-so glad it missed us.  We also watched the Academy Awards and the movie I want to see is the King's Speech.  I'm still trying to finish up the baby quilt; it is taking me so much longer because I'm doing so much hand quilting on it but hopefully this week it will be done.  I do have another quilt to make for a special girls birthday(in April) so I best get started.
Have a wonderful day today, remember to give thanks in the big and little things of life.
Hugs, Noreen

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Party Fun

Our postponed Valentine's Day Party.

Simply Adorable!

Another cutie-so like her mama.

Exchanging cards and checking for candy.

Can you tell how happy my grands make me?

Such a snuggler, she brings joy to this nana's heart.

Creativity at work.
Wherever your wanderings lead you today dear friends, may you be blessed with those moments that bring you smiles.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Warm winter wishes to you on this Friday~well it is now official, winter is not yet over, at least here in Colorado despite the wishes of many of us.  Snow started to fall, in earnest, last evening and hasn't stopped since.  Our youngest daughter called this morning to make sure our Valentine's Day party that had been postponed wasn't canceled and I replied "of course not, I don't have to drive".  So today at lunch all nine grands will arrive for our much awaited party.  All the kiddos are now healthy and so we are finally able to get together.  I'll be making some sugar cookies for them, have a couple of simple art projects and we will share lunch.  Of course, I've got Conversation hearts for them as well as another little heart candy-such fun.
I wanted to tell you about our first time playing pickle ball on Wednesday.  Firstly, I don't think it is slower than badminton and I ran just as much.  It is fun to play but what an aerobic workout; that is a good thing because my holistic doctor said he wanted me have lots of aerobics this winter.  Although the group is a senior group I felt like the oldest there~didn't really know to much strategy and everyone else has been playing a long time.  Beginner group-uh huh.  It is a cross between tennis and ping pong with large plastic balls and racquets the size of ping pong racquets.  As I watched the ladies warm up, it definitely reminded me of ping pong but when the play started it was more like tennis.  We didn't stay the entire two hours but hope to go back next week for another try.  I am still participating in the Strong Women class as well so hopefully by the time spring arrives I will be in better shape. 
So for those of my friends who live in the land of winter, with snow and inclement weather, how do you stay fit during the long months when you can't necessarily be outside?  I could bundle up and walk but can't find anyone who would brave the cold with me.  I want to try WII with our daughter but I'll have to go to her house. 
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend dear ones~don't forget to thank the One who gives us life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hi there my friends,  Last night dear hubby sat down with me to try and figure out this rotating photos issues for my blog and you know what?  He couldn't and thought it was very frustrating that Blogger doesn't have a place on the tool bar for doing this simple task.  It would appear that even though we rotated the photo in our folder, if it isn't rotated correctly in the original, it doesn't show up with the correct orientation. 
Well, yesterday was a very pleasant day; exercise class was really good and then I took my friend to a local health food/vitamin store so she could get a supplement she needed.  I was also able to get Goat Yogurt there for a really good price.  Today, hubby and I are going to a beginner Pickle Ball class so that I can see if it looks like something I might enjoy and be able to do.  I've never seen this played before but I understand it is an indoor game similar to tennis except with different racquets and a whiffle ball.  Last time I tried badminton, I ended up straining my back and sciatica kicked in so I haven't played since.  I don't want to pay for a class or activity that I might not be able to do.  I'm hoping I can because the more exercise the better and this would be something hubby and I could do together.  I'm not sure what this afternoon holds but I'm almost finished with the majority of hand quilting the baby quilt and am eager to do the border and finish it up.  When you live at elevation, babies tend to arrive earlier than normal and even though this little lass isn't due until mid-April I want to finish the quilt and get it in the mail to the proud grandma. 
Tomorrow is our last class for the bible study and we will have a brunch afterwards.  Next week we begin a study on Jonah; I thinik it will be so timely and interesting with all that is going on in the world.
Our weather is still incredible although the wind is a bit cold but it is beautiful-I'm hoping our weatherman is wrong about snow tomorrow. 
Have a joy-filled day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday friends,  Do you all ever get frustrated with Blogger?  Today is a special day and I had three photos to share but only one came out in the correct rotation...grrrr.  I went to the help area to see if I could find a quick fix and I wasn't able to, so for now you'll have to just have this one photo.  Any one out there who can give this gal some tips, I would love to hear suggestions.  O.k. on to my topic.
Today is my mother's birthday; she would have been 98 yrs old.  You will have to zoom in on this picture to see how adorable she was as a child.  She is the blondie on the left, looking at the photos.  My mom did not have an easy childhood, although I really don't remember her complaining too much.  She had a very ill mother and her dad traveled alot so mom was the one who raised her sister and brother.  Her sister was slow and this meant more care and responsibilities on my moms shoulders.  As I've shared, she was almost 40 yrs old when I was born and had many health issues as well as working full time.  I was not an easy child, I'm sure my brother would attest to that fact.  I don't have memories from my adult years because she passed away at the young age of 61 yrs old.  I would hope that we would have a very close relationship, had she lived.  One family trait I did inherit though is a memory for dates-birthdays, anniversaries, death, etc.  and I like to think it came from mom.
Have a delightful afternoon; I'm off right now to my exercise class and spending time with my good friend.
Hugs, Noreen

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday All~  I am happy to say that we are all well and the grands are filled with tons of energy.
How was your weekend?  Let's see, I had my class on Saturday and that was good plus hubby and I got walks in Friday, Saturday and yesterday did a 3.5 mile walk.  By the end of the walk yesterday, my calf muscles were letting me know that I hadn't walked in quite awhile.  When we walk in our neighborhood it is generally 2.5-3 miles but this winter I haven't been out very much at all and when I have walked it has been much shorter so I think with exercising my legs are pretty tight.  I'm still working on the baby quilt for our friends first grandchild and I also have another that I need to start very soon.  So did you all hit the sales this weekend?  We didn't, as there isn't much we need, but I know there are some great bargains out there.
Maybe you'll hit the stores today?  Our weather has been so wonderful but today is cold and cloudy and snow is forecast for later in the week.  Funny thing is that Saturday night we had rain and the only time we have rain is in the summer; it reminded me so much of northern Ca.  Other than in the high places, the snow is virtually gone.  This photo was taken when we went to the Sierra's one Christmas and I've always loved it.
Have a day filled with joy!!!
Blessings, Noreen

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday to you!  Don't Friday's just bring a smile to your face?  Plus many folks have Monday off so that makes it extra special for them. We've had a nice day so far~ran some errands and actually walked to the market with our youngest and her four girls as they needed a few things and being outside was wonderful for little ones who've been house bond for several weeks.  It seems the entire group is on the mend and daughter seems to be back to her perky self.  We are enjoying a beautiful sunny day here in Colorado but the air is still a bit crisp-days like this speak to me of spring and I have to remember we probably have two plus months of winter left yet.  We don't have much  planned for our weekend, although I do have my exercise class tomorrow. 
Whatever you do friends, enjoy this very day!
Hugs, Noreen

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Thursday All~  Today Laurie over at Women Taking A Stand is hosting TT and it is a privilege to be among the healthy this morning.  I had thought I'd be at our daughter's today, watching her four while she mends from this awful, I mean awful, bug but thankfully her sweet hubby canceled his meetings today so he could stay home.  This means that I get to go to my  weekly bible study but I'll keep a distance from all my friends.  I'm thankful that so many dear bloggy buddies have lifted my girl and her family, as well as me, in prayer-one can never have too many prayers said for them.  I'm thankful that my girl sounded a bit better this morning and that her hubby has the availability to work from home-not that he'll get much done with the four girls hanging around him.  I'm thankful that even though it is horribly windy, so far we don't have snow although it is predicted.  I'm thankful that my dear old dog, Reggie, is walking a bit better than he was first thing this morning; he was listing to one side just like an elderly person and my first thoughts were "oh no-does he need to go in?" but now he seems to be fine.  I'm thankful that I'll be home in a few hours, just in case.
I'm so thankful that my Papa knows my frame and my weaknesses physically and that He protects me.
I'm thankful to be alive this day and for grace.  Don't forget to pop over to Laurie's and say hello.
Blessings to you dear ones.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How has your day been going thus far?  I was so excited this morning because I wanted to tell you all that I started a Strong Women Exercise course yesterday and I think it is wonderful; it is specifically geared for ladies 50+, to build strong bones to protect for injuries as we age.  Anyway, first thing this morning my daughter called me to ask for help-she came down with that nasty flu bug too.  I had pretty much decided there was no way to avoid it, prior to the call, so got dressed and got over their as soon as I could.  Thankfully three of the four grands are totally back to normal and the baby seems to be getting a tad bit better but not totally yet; still on liquids and I was able to give her a bit of rice cereal.  Tomorrow I'll be over there as well  and I'm praying I am strong enough to fight this bug off. 
I hope your week is going well and that you are staying healthy. 
Hugs today, Noreen

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Nugget

Good morning friends,  I pray you had a special Valentine's Day filled with all that brings your heart joy.
We had to postpone our party for the grands and our two girls because our youngest daughters family has still been down with the nasty stomach flu.  In fact, our youngest grand daughter was in ER much of Friday night, getting IV's and then she ended up seeing a doctor again last evening.  When a nasty bug hits a 10 mos. old who doesn't have a lot of extra weight, if any, it can be a scary thing when she can't keep food down. Anyway today is a new day and hopefully she will begin to recover her energy and start tolerating food again.  My poor girl though, has been house bond for almost 3 weeks now-I think enough is enough.
My devotional today is so fitting and I just want to share it with you.
From Jesus Calling:" Come to Me with all your weaknesses: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Rest in the comfort of My Presence, remembering that nothing is impossible with Me.
Pry your mind away from your problems so you can focus your attention on Me.  Recall that I am able to do immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine. Instead of trying to direct Me to do this and that, seek to attune yourself to what I am already doing.
When anxiety attempts to wedge its way into your thoughts, remind yourself that I am your Shepherd.  The bottom line is that I am taking care of you; therefore, you needn't be afraid of anything.  Rather than trying to maintain control over your life, abandon yourself to My will.  Though this may feel frightening-even dangerous, the safest place to be is in My will."  Sarah Young
May your day be filled with the wonder of seeing His provision for you in every detail of your life.
Blessings, Noreen

Monday, February 14, 2011

May Love flourish in your life this day, may His Love be showered upon you.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday Friends.  I am so excited because today I get to share a brand new website that two dear friends of mine are hosting.  Many of you have heard me mention Lynn Donovan and Dineen Miller of Spiritually Unequal Marriage and today they launch a new website, with lots of prizes and give aways, called Winning Him Without Words.  This site is highlighting their brand new book, which will be a great tool to many women and it is a resource that every church in our country should have on their shelves; in fact I believe that every staff member should read this powerful book.  So my friends, if you've got a minute, jump on over to Lynn and Dineen's place and say hello-plus enter for their give aways.

Blessings and joy on your weekend journeys dear ones.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What makes you happy?  What brings a smile to your face?  What fills your heart to overflowing?
For me, it is the simple things in life~my grands telling me how much they love me and how thankful they are for the quilts I've made for them.  It is a bright blue sky that promises spring is right around the corner.  It is the love of a good man who has been by my side for some thirty-seven years now-simply amazing!
It is the love of an old companion dog and his faithfulness to me; the lick of a young pup who reminds me what is was like to have so much energy. It is the faithful friends who love me just as I am and who encourage me daily by their writings and blogs. It is seeing an Elk, Eagle, Moose, Bear and other wildlife up close.  It is the majesty of the Rockies that reminds me of my Creator's handiwork, the blessing of seeing their splendor whenever I am driving. 
What makes me happy?  You, of course, dear friends!
Blessings on your day today; don't forget to stop and give thanks.
Hugs, Noreen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Greetings to you.  Well, hubby and I are settled back into our nest and trying our best to stay warm despite the frigid temps.  Thankfully our snow has been light and made shoveling the driveway and sidewalks easy work.  I realized yesterday that next Monday is Valentine's Day and I have a suggestion for you ladies who need an idea of something for your man~yesterday hubby and I used the last of our gift card and went to the movies to see True Grit.  O.k. friends if you need a "guy movie" take him to this.  I had seen the original in high school but don't remember it; this movie was good, acting was good but it was definitely a man's movie-or at least to me.  I do enjoy westerns occasionally but I wouldn't necessarily go see this a second time.  Now we have to watch the original to compare the two. One of my friends asked a question on her blog about our hubbies and their idea of romance, so yesterday we got into a discussion of what is considered romantic by my man.  It is interesting to see things from their perspective.  I don't need chocolates any more and I don't expect flowers either but it got us talking and it was fun.
Have a wonderful day dear ones.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

 Good morning dear ones~ I wanted to share a few more photos with you all, from our time in California.  Above I am standing with a good friend from my high school and college days.  In fact, Sarah was Matron of Honor in my wedding and I was the godmother of her oldest son.  Somehow we lost touch with each other about twenty years ago and then just recently I did some searching and found her again.  She lives about 15 minutes from my brother and we had a wonderful but short visit.  When we used to spend time together, we were both young moms and she worked full time, so life kept us busy.  Now that she is retired I got to know more about her life and her passions.  I'm hoping this one visit turns into a renewed friendship.
 Here she is with her hubby. I fell in love with her Lab pup who at only 6 mos old is one of the mellowest of Lab's I've ever been around.  We got caught up on all the happenings with our children and one of her adult boys stopped by so I got to see him after twenty years.
 My brother's dog-a Border Terrier.  This is the first time I've met miss Izzie and she was adorable. 
 Hubby and I in their back yard-notice the green grass.  Their Magnolia and Tupil trees were also blooming.  I had forgotten how beautiful winter can be when you have lots of greenery.
This is what we woke up to today.  I love winter here but freely admit to having thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather while in Ca.  I also will admit that our summer is much prettier here because we have lots of green while northern Ca. is very very brown. 
Wherever you are, may you bask in the warmth of the Lord.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Greetings from California my friends,  We arrived yesterday to beautiful weather, green grass and flowers blooming all around-oh what a sight. I had forgotten how absolutely beautiful it is here in winter.  Having been in -14 degree weather yesterday, I packed only long sleeved shirts and sweaters and today had to run to Target to get a short sleeve t-shirt to wear. We are having such fun with my brother and sister-in-love and tonight is our big dinner, I can't wait.  Tomorrow morning I am getting together with one of the my closest friends in high school and college, someone who I lost touch with and haven't seen for 20+ years~another visit that I'm so looking forward to.  I'm taking my camera tonight and tomorrow so I'll have lots to post when I get back.  Tomorrow afternoon we are heading out to our old neighborhood to stay with our friends there.  Before you know it, we'll be jumping on a plane to go home to winter weather.  I do have to say, not enjoying flying as much as some, that although 130 mile an hour winds were predicted for our flight in yesterday, the trip was smooth and not bumpy at all-thank you Lord.
I'm hoping to visit your place today or tomorrow but it may have to wait until Monday-but I'll be by.
Love you lots.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February friends,  I know many are facing the same cold days we are; this morning our thermometer read -8 degrees...and let me say that is cold.  I hope this month is one filled with love for each of us, the kind of love that never changes and is unconditional-know what I mean?
Just wanted to share that this is the week that hubby and I have our Victorian dinner at a mansion in California so I probably won't be posting much; I'm hoping to take lots of photos though to share with you.  We will also be spending some time with our best friends-aka old next door neighbors-while we are there and while the guys golf, I know Barb and I will have no trouble finding our own brand of mischief and trouble-maybe a quilt store or two??
Know that I'll be checking in on you and lifting up those needs I read about; so until I'm back home, have days filled with His love.  I'm looking forward to a bit warmer weather.
Blessings to you and yours,