Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you!  This is short today~I have ladies study to attend this morning, but will only stay for half of it as my hubby will be home and there is a lot of cleaning to do before my brother and sister of my heart arrive tomorrow or Friday.  I also have to work on her present-didn't get to it yesterday, wrap presents for our daughter's birthday dessert tonight and have a short visit with a friend who doesn't get out due to health issues.  That part will be hard because I haven't seen her in a few months and I'll only have an hour to spend with her.
Hopefully by tomorrow I might have some photos of the outside of our house, we'll see.
Have a great one!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Happy Tuesday to you! Around our house Christmas is definitely in the air! As you can see, we are decked out and now focusing on creating gifts.
Our antique buffet always holds our Dickens Village; hubby does a fine job arranging everything.

Hunter's tower, where he watches all the activities on our street.  His buddy Odie, across the street, is gone for three weeks~but he still waits and watches for him.  
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon sewing and almost finished one gift-it felt pretty good.  I'm glad I have multiple to make, because I'm learning what I like and what I don't for this project. Sorry I can't share-too many eyes come here and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I can say it is not a quilt.
Today I'm meeting Kam for coffee and then will hit the grocery store-it is Mother Hubbard's Cupboard here.  This afternoon I will be with grands for a bit and then have to run to the pet store to get Hunter his birthday presents-he turns 5 on Friday.  Where have the years gone?!
I hope you have a great day, here is it so cold!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Saturday to you!  I'm so thankful that the food is disappearing, the house is almost finished and we are still enjoying family time.  Today we celebrate two granddaughters birthdays, even though they are weeks apart one grandmother is here from California.  Family times are the richest and today will be no different.  I'm hoping that hubby gets a photo of our tree lit up so that I can share with you.  I think I'm definitely hiring our granddaughters to help decorate next year.  I haven't done any shopping of sales this weekend, though I need to get some gift cards yet.  I've been sewing up a storm and today my wrist is telling me I need to take a break.  I haven't experienced a sore wrist, from sewing, before-but then again I don't think I've ever sewn as much as I have been this year.  So today will be spent doing some other things.  I wish you the best and hope to have some pictures for next week.  Anyone notice new changes in Dashboard?  Now I'm back to figuring my way around.
Joy to you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TRUDOG Treat Me Treats

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving~but Hunter is very thankful for his latest treats from As a #Chewy Influencer, Hunter looks forward to that time of month when new treats arrive for him to taste test.  This one was a winner in his book!  He loves to have them as a treat and I also sprinkle one in his kibble, although they are not intended to be meal replacements.  They are small and just perfect for Hunter.

The photo above is a bit blurry because he was so excited to sample these yummy goodies.
Here is the description from the company:

TruDog Treat Me Crunchy Beef Delight Freeze-Dried Raw Super Dog Treats are made with 100% raw single-source US beef that is freeze-dried for optimal nutrition. Whole organ meats, including beef tripe, beef lung, beef heart and beef kidney are also added for an iron-rich superfood treat. Each crunchy bite is chock-full of high-quality meat with no added salt, and these treats contain no grain, wheat, corn, fillers, sugar or chemical additives, so they’re easy on your pup’s digestive tract. This veterinarian approved, hearty treat helps to keep breath fresh and supports easy digestion, plus it’s great for training, for dessert after meals or any time of the day between meals.

Key Benefits

  • 100% raw, freeze-dried, high-quality US beef for optimal nutrition and flavor
  • Whole organ meats like beef tripe, beef lung, beef heart and beef kidney are added for an iron-rich superfood treat
  • Contains no grain, wheat or corn for pups with food allergies. No added salt, fillers, sugar or chemical additives, so they're easy on your pup's digestive tract
  • Veterinarian approved treat to help keep breath clean and fresh while supporting digestive health
  • Great to be used for training or just as a snack to indulge your furry friend"
We always look to make sure the treats/food is made here in the U.S.A. and love supporting companies that are health oriented for our pets.  Mr. Chewy always has a great supply and prices of any company we've found.  
If you want to check this out for your beloved companion, you can find them here:
All opinions  are our own; no compensation was received.  A Big Thank You to Sydney and the staff for having such wonderful products for us to try.

Noreen and Hunter

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dear Friends,  Yesterday hubby and I ran up to Estes Park~specifically for the reason we needed to renew car registration and the DMV up there is always empty, so we walk in and get it done within five minutes.  We decided to try to get some Christmas Card shots and here is one of them; I really like it but hubby doesn't, so we will use another one.  It was cold!  I had my jacket, but didn't put on my casual snow boots and I  paid for it-by the time we walked around this lake(only 1/2-1 mile), my socks were wet.  I was so shocked, because they are my everyday shoes and made well.  I guess the slush got in through the stitching holes.  It was a fun drive and errand; gave me a taste of the mountains I love.  Today hubby is working on refinishing the treadle machine cabinet we got several months ago and I'm headed downstairs to sew.  We've got grands coming over this afternoon, so big sister can do some Christmas shopping with her mom.  I hope you have a great day today!
Sending love your way!

Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Happy Monday to you friends! I hope that you had a great weekend and a starting the week enthused~it is that time of year where we stop and give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Hopefully this is not just a once a year practice for you! I try to make sure I am filled with gratitude and thanksgiving each day~some days are easier than others. Just waking up in the morning, breathing, have a warm bed and home is a reason to be grateful. Last week we had one day with temps at 82, the next the snow was falling. I loved this big Blue Spruce in my daughter's yard. Doesn't it just emit winter! As much as I've been enjoying and relishing the summer weather, I will say this was such a pleasant surprise. So much so, that when I came home I quickly went to work in my sewing room.
Typically at our home, we don't decorate until Black Friday; I always find I'm so exhausted by the time it is all done that I wanted to slowly get things out prior to the tree going up.  WE have less than a month from this Friday till Christmas is here and that time always goes so fast; I want to enjoy the decorations as long as possible. This is one of the wall hangings I made~I love it and my daughter even helped me with some machine quilting.  I looks great in our hall and I'm very pleased with it.
This is the wall hanging I made in Sisters, Oregon this summer.  I love the contrast with the wall color.  It just screams Christmas to me.
This morning I'm off to get my annual Mammogram; none of us enjoy this, but girls it is so important  for our health.  If you are putting it off, please set up an appointment.
After I get home, hubby and I are heading back up to Estes~we have to go to DMV and then may go into the park and see if we can get some pictures for our Christmas Card.  When we get home and the tomorrow and Wednesday, I will be sewing-working on Christmas presents.  Thursday we will have dinner together with the family at our oldest daughter's house.  It should be wonderful.  Between now and then I also want to get the rest of the decorations put out.
I hope you have a great week; for those traveling I wish you travel ease and safety.
Blessings to you!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's Thankful Thursday and today I'm so very thankful for this crew, our family. I'm thankful for family time spent together and the love that we all have for one another, as well as being silly. As little man says-Photo Bomb.

Yesterday we enjoyed 82 degrees and this morning a storm is moving in and I can feel the snow coming. I'm looking forward to it because I've got several projects I need to make for Christmas as well as some pillows, similar to Pottery Barn Christmas pillows. I found fabric last summer in Sisters and it is pinned to my wall-I just need border fabric. Hubby is down to painting the entry hall closet and the laundry room and then we'll/he'll be done until after the holidays when we will paint the downstairs. I'm off this morning to hang out with grands, while one goes to the eye doctor. I hope you have a great Thursday!
Joy to you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No Fear Of Heights Here

WARNING: If you are afraid of heights, we may want to pass on this post, which is heavy on photos of rock climbing. You know whenever we are in Estes, our grands spend several hours climbing at the indoor climbing gym at the Mountaineer store, (which this Nana loves)and this year even the youngest two got into it. I am being intentional about not showing faces, for privacy and protection.  Our oldest grandson showing just how easy it should be; the climbing teacher called him "a beast" because of his skills.  Notice he is not roped on, but just bouldering or free climbing.
Our youngest grandson getting help from his cousin.

Another great climber, who climbs like I used to(when I was in college), I was often referred to as a spider.

Our oldest granddaughter, who challenges herself.

No ropes here either; before you report me into for neglect, there are mats beneath the walls where people climb free.
Photo above is accurate in just how high he is climbing; I think he was timing himself as well.  Our oldest two granddaughters also made it to the top of this wall.
If climbing isn't enough, our Peanut loves photography and often borrows our camera.
Our oldest daughter Carrie watching one of her kiddos climbing, can you tell from her expression just how tense she is.
While many would prefer their grands to play soccer or another "on the ground" sport, I love seeing our grands climbing!  When our daughters were young, we had close friends whose daughters were international rock climbers.  The sport is very expensive if you have world records in your sight, but I would love to see one or more of our grands continue to climb.  Even a couple of them who have been afraid of heights in the past, seem to have conquered their fear.  To all of our grands-Well Done. I used to have a t-shirt from Yosemite that read "Go Climb A Rock"; maybe I should get some for our Colorado climbers-all 11 of them.

I'm off to my ladies study this morning and then will have some errands to run.  I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's Tuesday and I'm off this morning to my Fig Leaf Quilt Group, so I've got to make this quick.
Here are a few pics that our sil Eric took-love them of the Elk.

 Liked watching him drink in the stream outside the condo.
 Our oldest grandson is becoming quite a man.  Love him to pieces.
 Our girl Kim; such a beautiful woman, inside and out.
 Last night's super moon.
I hope you all have a great day!
 Until tomorrow.

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Lot of Bull, Lots of Love

Happy Monday to you all! As you know, hubby and I joined the rest of the family up in Estes Park over the weekend and what a great time we had! Typically in years past, we go in the winter and in a normal weather year we would have had snow this weekend, but not this year. It was so nice to be there for crisp, cool weather and lots of sunshine. When we arrived at the condo, a maintenance man came up n a golf cart and told us to be careful-there are two big Elk bulls that stay around and some people haven't used common sense and been hurt.  The first one is named Steve and he is magnificent.  The maintenance man feeds them old pumpkins and another property owner across the street puts out hay for them.
This was taken from our condo bedroom window.
This is Danny Elkhorn.
Most of us watching from a safe distance Saturday morning. The little ones loved seeing these big boys.
Later in the morning the kids went rock climbing and then we all went for a hike, in hopes of getting some Christmas Card photos of the family. It was soo windy that none turned out quite like we wanted, but it was fun seeing Kim's hubby set the timer on the camera and then running up to join us.
All of the guys climbed up to this spot and possed.
I love our times together-outside activities, games, good meals and lots and lots of love.
I'm off to walk and then will help hubby with painting.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Thank You Veterans

On this Veteran's Day, I stand up and salute not only our flag but also all of the Veterans past and present that have given us so much.  May God bless our country and unite her once again.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Mountains Are Calling

Good Morning to you! In an effort to take my mind off all the discord that is happening around the country, I'm choosing this day to focus on something pleasant. You all know how I feel so refreshed when I'm in the Rockies and tomorrow our family is heading up to the high places for the weekend. Each year we gift our family with a weekend at a condo up in Estes Park; somehow it just never happened until now. While the colors are long past peak, our weather in northern Colorado has been unseasonably warm and beautiful. We all spend the days and evenings together-hiking, playing games and cards and just relaxing. I always visit my favorite quilt store, Cottage Bliss, looking for new projects or treasures-or both. Our grands often go to the indoor rock climbing gym for an afternoon; they love it and so do I, though I don't climb.

Our favorite dog sitter will be here for two of our family dogs; there was a complication and two will be boarded for the weekend-not something I'm happy about, but something that was necessary.
If you had been around me this week, you would have heard me say that I would love a dusting of snow for Christmas, but then it can stay away until next year.  I love winter, I love spending days quilting, but have immensely enjoyed the warmth that allows me to get out and walk each day. In fact, that is where I'm headed now.  Tomorrow I have a quilt group meeting, we will celebrate one year of being together and I'm bringing a special cake for the ladies.  We leave in the afternoon, so doubt I'll be on here.  Hopefully I will have some photos on Monday to share and my new wall hanging will be done, so I can share that too.  Before you know it, I'll be hanging it for the holidays.
May your weekend be filled with rest and contentment.
Walk in peace,

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

God Bless America

On this new Wednesday morning, I realize that most of our country was in shock last night.  Today, I am so thankful that we no longer have to be subjected to the hateful political ads that have bombarded us for months.
My prayer for our country is that with new leadership, our country will thrive and corruption will be gone, at least from our administration.  I know so many are still reeling in grief and so many are rejoicing; but we all want what is best for the people of the United States.  I don't need you to agree with me, I'm just saying that sometimes change can be good.   What our country needs now is for her people to come together and work at making our nation strong again.
Peace be to you!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Monday to you; it is so hard to believe that it is already the first Monday in November~you know what that means, the holidays are right around the corner.  I hope you had a great weekend and got to spend some time doing something that fills you with gratitude.  We had an enjoyable evening on Friday with our friends.  Once again, I was so caught up in the dinner that I forgot to take photos.
The neighbors stayed till about 9:30 and then hubby and I quickly washed all the dishes.  Saturday I walked with the gals and then hubby painted our master bedroom.  It is so nice, very warm and inviting; once all the upstairs is done, I'll get some photos.  He worked in the afternoon, so I got some time downstairs sewing-Yeah!  Yesterday was a great day too~church, a quick run to a pet store for some food and by the time I got back, hubby was already painting the ceiling of the hallway and entry way.  He still has the living room and laundry room ceilings to paint.  I got some more time downstairs yesterday with the Christmas wall hanging and today will make binding and a sleeve and put the finishing touches on it.  In the evening with went over to some other neighbors for cards and were very disappointed in the Broncos losing to the Raiders.  Today I'm walking shortly and then we'll run to get more paint.  Hubby is playing golf this afternoon, so that is when I'll be sewing.  If I can get this project done today or tonight, I'll be able to cross it off my list and start a new project-either a birthday present for our Kim or more Christmas presents.
Our weather has been so incredible and I'm so very thankful; it encourages me to get out and keep walking.
Joy to you~

Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Friday to you!  I hope you've all had a great week and got some things accomplished.  Mine has been so busy and it doesn't look like it is slowing down soon.  Like many, I've had a difficult time getting around to visit all of you, let alone figuring out what to write about.  Yesterday I got to walk with my neighbors; it seems like it is down to three days a week now and the off days, I really miss it. It is a brisk walk and at some of the streets it is hard to talk due to our pace.  These gals are amazing though!  When I got home, hubby and I made a run to the grocery store to get food for tonight, as two of the gals and their hubby's are coming over for dinner.  It will be an easy meal-bbq chicken, a green bean dish with shallots and goat cheese,  roasted butternut squash and a rustic bread.  One gal will supply a salad and the other will bring a gluten free cheesecake.  It should be such a fun evening and the gals and I are going to discuss setting up a monthly bunco game for our neighborhood this winter.  In the afternoon, my darling daughter came over to help me with a Christmas project I got a month ago.  It was an easy panel to put together(you will see it when it's done)and she was so thoughtful and kind to machine quilt part of it for me-since it really needed the look and I don't really machine quilt, at least free motion.  Both of our daughters are so very talented!  Now all I have to do is outline some squares on the top and highlight some winter birds.  I'm not going to think about the other projects I must do, because I don't want to get stressed. My girl actually commented that she can't believe how many projects I have going, one of which is for her birthday. Today will be pretty easy~I won't start cooking until the afternoon and I may even get to the sewing room after I clean house.
On an interesting note, my blogging friend Doniene from Now It's Just Quilts, had a post yesterday mentioning that she was raised in Colorado. I left a comment saying I didn't know that(or forgot)and that hubby's great grandparents and grandmother lived here; I also asked her where she was raised.
She answered me and also told me she worked on a horse ranch in my little town when she was in college.  I feel even more connected to her and to our town now~I know it sounds silly, but it's true.
Doniene is a quilter, incredible quilter, lives on a ranch in Texas and also raises border collies~a breed I've always love and even wanted to participate in sheep herding contests.  If you haven't met Doniene, you can find her here
Go by and say hello.
Blessings on your day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Happy Wednesday to you! I have mentioned that hubby has been working tirelessly on painting different rooms of the house~yesterday he painted our kitchen. So the story is that I had taken some paint to match, because the previous owners didn't leave any details and I loved the color. Hubby had wanted it lighter, but I couldn't find a color that looked good and went with the tiles. So Monday morning he went to the big box store with the sample and asked them to make a gallon up of it. When he brought it home, I knew immediately that it wasn't the exact same color; yesterday I even had hubby look at the numbers on the can and sure enough it was different. I can tell you that the underlaying color of the new gallon had olive in it and the other sample color, that was to be matched did not. Yesterday when I got home from walking I expected to take the gallon back and have the right color made, however hubby had already started painting the walls. When I mentioned the difference in color, that honestly no other people would notice, he said that we'd wait and see how it looked. I can tell you that it looks fresh and a smidge lighter and that hubby likes it, so it is all good.

You can see our antique spools and also milk bottles above the cabinet. We cleaned everything before putting them back up and it is fine. To be honest I'm a bit intense when it comes to colors matching etc. The window toppers look perfect with the color and it goes well.

Now we only have to do our master bedroom, hallway, living room, entry way before the holidays and in the New Year we will paint downstairs. It is quite a job and I'm so thankful to my man for undertaking this challenge.
I'm heading downstairs to sew right now; it's lovely out and I'm sure Hunter would love to go for a walk-well maybe I'll take him and then sew.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Just a few more from my friend Lillian. She has a great eye for composition!

I'm off to meet another friend, Kam, to walk around our town lake. Hubby will continue to prep the kitchen walls for painting and when I get home I'll be helping him. Have a great day today and enjoy life, it's fleeting.
Joy to you,