Saturday, July 18, 2020

Happy Saturday to you all.  Once again, I can't believe the weeks have disappeared.  Yesterday was hubby's birthday and we had a nice day; I took him out to dinner and meant to get a photo of our dinner, but didn't.  Today we celebrated our second grandson's b.d. at a breakfast and then picked up our trailer.  We head out Monday for a new spot about an hour away.  So between now and then, we have lots to do.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Happy Tuesday to you all.  I hope you had a relaxing 4th of July!  Hubby had to work all weekend at the golf course and family was busy, however we did have a fun lunch prior to the craziness of the 4th.  When my two daughters were little we would go over to my dad's house several times a week during the summer and spend the day with him, swimming and having lunch.  Our youngest Kim still remembers how Grandpa Roche would make them sandwiches from Wonder Bread(the only time they ever ate that)with yellow mustard and bologna and then give them Root Beer Floats for dessert.
Kim and Carrie remember those days so fondly and so when Kim and a few girls came over I told her that I was doing a "Grandpa Roche"-she couldn't believe it when she saw the bottle of A&W Root Beer.  Mind you a good old fashioned Root Beer Float sounds delicious to me and I had been craving one-but my girls families don't do soda(unless it's a special occasion)and for most of Kim's family they only have Cashew Milk Ice Cream or homemade ice cream.  So we tried making it with Cashew Milk Ice Cream-which I love, but it just wasn't as good.   When people see these three granddaughters together they often think they're triplets, but they aren't-just the same height. We've been having very warm days last week and this week.  I've got all the windows open and later today may turn on the AC, if it gets too warm.  I had planned to sew all morning while hubby is golfing, but I had a slight accident yesterday with my machine needle and a finger-so giving myself a break today.
I hope you have a great day!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

                             One Nation Under God

                                            From our home to yours Happy 4th of July.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy Friday to you! We have had a great week which started out going on our first adventure with our new trailer. Thankfully our destination was only an hour away and it made it so nice. Of course we experienced several "first time" events, nothing major- just learning events. Here are some pics from our time away.  Here is Hunter relaxing under the picnic table; it was funny to us that he didn't stay on the mat, but enjoyed laying in the dirt.  By the time we got home he was so dirty that he got a bath immediately.

With all the walks we went on, he was tuckered out by the evening.
A view of the lake; it is such a beautiful area.  I can see this campground becoming one of our "get away" places.
It was quite windy on Tuesday and the water was still cold, so we didn't get the Paddleboard out.

Breakfast each morning; we found out that we need to take the battery out of the smoke detector when frying bacon. I had read this is a common occurrence among RV owners.  You'll notice the mug of coffee~I got this mug at the Sisters Oregon Quilt Show three years ago.  I just loved the scene and had no idea that in three years we would have a trailer.  This last Christmas hubby bought a Trailer ornament because it reminded him of a pin cushion I made two years ago; again, we had no intent of having a trailer~so this year it will go on our Christmas tree.

We are still in the process of gathering things that we need for the trailer. We will have another two day get away in about three weeks; I'm already looking forward to it. Hunter will take a bit to adjust to all the new nosies the trailer makes while being towed, but I think he'll get used to it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and celebrate our great country!