Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning~Well I'm rushing around this morning, trying to get ready for our ladies study. Today I am thankful for products like Muscinex DM that helps colds. I have a voice today and feel good; if I can keep the cough away I will be just fine.  I am thankful too that this morning while getting on to write this Blogger let me in to Manage Followers. This has been such an a frustration to me-you see there are blogs that I've followed that are no longer in existence and that I wanted to delete. I have been trying to access them for at least six months but kept getting a message that I couldn't. Seeing that I could get in there this morning, gave me hope-but of course I don't have any time to do anything.  So I am thankful for this-knowing it is possible.  I have even sent an email to blogger asking why I couldn't get in,  gone to their help site-all for naught.
I am thankful that there isn't snow on the ground today; I'm picking up an elderly friend who wouldn't be able to get into our SUV, so having to drive my car-with no AWD.
I am thankful for you dear ones!
Have a blessed day~
Until He Comes,  Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How can it be Wednesday afternoon already?  I can tell you that the morning started slowly; my walk was postponed until 10:00 a.m. because of the cold temps.  Can we say cold-it was 19 degrees and I didn't have long johns on-just wool socks and my heavy winter coat.  I can tell that whatever has taken my voice captive has also robbed me of my energy.  By the time we hit our street, I was exhausted.  Hubby and I ran to F.C. to get my new glasses and also make another stop.  I can tell you that I'm ready to cuddle on on the couch with Hunter and read, plus maybe take a rest.  I am so over not being up to par.
Not too much else going on here; I am trying to stay in since it is so cold out.  My voice is a tad bit better but I still have all the drainage during the night-which makes me hoarse in the morning.  It could be much worse and I know it will pass; a hot cup of tea is sounding really good right now.  I'd invite you in but just in case this is something catchy, I understand your passing up the invite.
Have  a peaceful day!
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Little of This & A Little of That

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Happy Tuesday friends~Well the snow arrived yesterday afternoon, light and pretty.  It melted as soon as it hit the ground and we didn't even have any on the lawn when we went to bed.  It is still a minimal amount; hubby was able to shovel the driveway and sidewalk in record time this morning. It will be interesting to see if we get any more today.  I doubt we'll get hammered like our friends in Ogden but it is nice, especially since I can stay inside today.
This morning I sound like a cross between a frog and Marlene Dietrick(a boss I once had said she thought it sounded sexy-lol).  Whenever I get a cold or allergies it hits my throat hard and I end up barely being able to talk.  I think this all started with allergies because I haven't had any other symptoms(except for the boil a week ago).  I am very thankful that I can just stay inside today; I have a new free e-book, on our IPad Mini, that I am enjoying and I do hope to get my sewing machine down here today.  To be totally honest, the last two days I'm taken a little nap in the afternoon-hoping to kick this bug to the curb.  I'm really wanting to be over it quickly as I've got a friend's mom(in her 80's)that I am supposed to take to our study on Thursday.  If I'm still feeling under it tomorrow, I will have to arrange another ride for her-I just don't want to chance spreading germs to her.
On another note, today is the anniversary of my mom's death-38 yrs ago today we said goodbye.  This week she has been in my thoughts so much; I think after seeing the step dancing and jigs last week, it brought back memories of her. I think I get my love of dancing from my mom while the love of song from my dad. 
Since I have nothing pressing on my schedule today, I do hope to get by and say hello to each of you.  I will say though, that some days it is just so difficult to get to everyone.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter

Monday, January 28, 2013


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Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend was just perfect and that you are ready to start of the week on a good note. We had such fun at the dinner theater on Saturday; the play was the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Good food, good friends and fun times. While we were at the theater, our girls and their families got together for a game night.  Kim sent me some photos yesterday and I just loved this one-our oldest and youngest grandsons together.  The oldest is turning 12 in two months and the youngest is just about 4 mos.  Seeing them together makes me hope that our Carrie is having a boy-that way the youngest will have a boy cousin to play with.  Hunter's obedience class got cancelled on Saturday, which was nice since I felt a bit run down.
I have been having a scratchy throat all weekend so took it easy and it is still there.  I guess my whole body is fighting something off. This week will be a kick back kind of week; hopefully the throat won't develop into a full fledged cold.  We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and although we had planned to drive to Breckenridge to see all the Ice Sculptures, that is not going to happen. 
I hope you have a peaceful Monday!
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday

I just got back from a walk and have to run out shortly to babysit three of the grands while our youngest takes two for a well check. Yesterday it was overcast and cool most of the day, but today it is beautiful, sunny and warming up quite nicely.  Hubby is playing golf today so it will be a good day.
Let's see,  yesterday I got a phone call from a friend who is a dog lover like I am and she knew of a 8 week old Bichon puppy that needed a home so was checking with me if I wanted it, free.  If you know me well, we have always had two dogs because they are such company for each other and it just works.  However, now that we are retired things are a bit different and I can't even believe I quickly said no.  I had seen a Bichon puppy on Wednesday and thought how cute it was; but with our travels etc I decided that I couldn't take another dog right now(however I am not ruling this out in the future).  I did think about it though.  I think hubby might have been surprised at me.  Hunter would probably be mad if he knew. 
I also went down to the Social Security office because I was trying to check online  and  the site didn't recognize my number; oh no-we've been victims of Identity Theft and this worried me.  However, what I did find is that even though I have a passport that clearly states I am a U.S.Citizen, they had under nationality unknown.  Today I am going back there and will have my birth certificate and passport so they can clear up this error. I'm not sure how this happened or when but it sure scared me.  I wonder if I could put Heaven as my origin. 
This weekend will be our last training session for Hunter and also we have a dinner play to go to.  Should be fun.  I hope you are able to enjoy the outdoors and find warmth and peace inside your nest, if you are in a cold climate.  The  bummer is that we are supposed to get snow this next week and I'm loving our spring weather!
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tah Dah

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Happy Thursday Friends~Firstly, yesterday just as hubby had taken this picture and I was on the way to my laptop, our friends arrived to pick us up for dinner and a concert-so there just wasn't time. I have to say the groomer apologized profusely when I got there to pick up our boy; it would seem that she was having a rough day and a schedule crammed with dogs that were breeds that take a long time to groom-two or three poodles, Hunter and a old heavy coated Cocker that it very difficult to groom. I have never seen her any way with the pups, other than kind and gentle, and I am choosing to give her another chance. I know we all have days like this and I want to be on the receiving end of grace if I need it, so I will give it to her. So today is Thankful Thursday and I am thankful that Hunter is nice and clean and groomed.  Doesn't he just look so darn cute!  Last evening we attended a Natalie Macmasters fiddle concert and let me tell you it was wonderful. I love fiddle but other than blue grass have never been to a concert of just fiddle music before.  I didn't even know who Natalie is; what an entertaining show she puts on.  A young mom(who happens to be gorgeous) to five children ages 7 yrs to 5 mos. who homeschools them-if this sounds familiar, it could be my daughter's bio.  She is from Nova Scotia and sounds more Irish/Scottish than anything else.  She is also a Step(Clog)dancer as well.  Seeing her do the jig reminded me of seeing my mom do it when I was little.  If you like fiddle music, check her out on U-Tube; if you ever get the chance to see her, by all means do. 
This last week I have been fighting a boil in an area where you really don't want them.  Boils aren't any fun!  I've had to skip exercise and been loading up on vitamins to help heal it.  Other than being uncomfortable, I have felt fine but told hubby if I got any more or if it got worse I was going to get a prescription for antibiotics.  This morning I'm off to bible study and looking forward to it.  I hope you have a glorious day filled with Thanks.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While we wait

I had initially just planned to post after we got Hunter home, but thought I'd just touch base with all of you.  Word to the wise~when you have an appt., show up on time, not early not late.  Today we left our house a bit early to drop our boy off at the groomers; when we arrived I thought about sitting in the car and waiting but thought I'd just see if she was ready for him.  Big mistake! When I told her we were a bit early, she responded "ten minutes"; I said I'd be happy to wait out in the car and she ended up taking him.  However, I could tell she wasn't in her normally chipper mood, and actually raised her voice to tell a dog to stay.  I think I may have added to an already stressful morning.  Poor Hunter was shaking non stop; I just wanted to pick him up and leave-but he really needs the grooming.  It will be interesting to see if we are charged extra due to the mats he has.  I'm been thinking of our groomer all afternoon, I love her personality but definitely saw a different side of her today.  I'll post pictures in a couple of hours when I have our baby home.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's About Time

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Happy Tuesday to you! Well, I've been to the dog park and walking already today. I feel energized and ready to take on something-not quite sure what. So tomorrow, finally, Hunter goes to the groomers. I love our gal and am so thankful for her, but seriously I will not wait 9 weeks again; Hunter just gets to matted and hubby and I had to trim the hair around his eyes so he could see. I'd hate to go elsewhere but I have discovered that I really like a nicely groomed dog. He is adorable even when he is scruffy but he won't sit still for me to get rid of the mats and I know they are just getting worse. Even hubby holding him is difficult. So tomorrow, we are going to see a new dog; I wonder if dogs enjoy being trimmed, like we do when we get our hair cut. I have used the best conditioner I can find to help with his mats but the longer we wait to get trimmed, the more he develops.
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The snow in our backyard is melting and almost gone; with temps today and tomorrow in the 50's and 60's(that is warm here), I think it will disappear. However, our front yard is north facing and a lot slower to melt. A girl can dream though can't she!
I haven't been to the gym since last week-I actually had a bit of a virus of sorts and decided my body might just be fighting it off without my adding to it with heavy exercise.  I am hoping a few more days and I will be able to hit it.  Still walking though-better is a little than nothing at all.  Trying to work with Hunter on his training; his last class is this Saturday, I think we will continue on though.  Yesterday, a blogging friend-Val, asked if we ever let our dogs off leash when outside.  My answer would be a big No-Hunter just isn't that dependable in returning to me; so until I can be sure,100% of the time, that he will stay by my side and come when called, he will be on the leash. 
I hope you are having a great morning and seeking joy in your day!
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Monday

Hello Peeps~I hope you had as nice a weekend as I did.  We are glad that the Ravens and the 49ers will be playing each other; it will be fun to see the two brothers on the sidelines coaching. Glad I'm not that Mom, cheering them both but knowing only one can win.
Do you all remember these fun glasses I got last March, when I was turning 60?  They were so different from anything I have ever had; however when you add a new pup to your home and leave them within his sight, they get chewed up.  Thankfully, when I got them I also got insurance to have them replaced within one year.  So I've made due with them and also a pair of "dress glasses" for when we got out to dinner.  As much as I loved these when I got them, I was ready for a change.  I always struggle with glasses, hair cuts etc., knowing what looks good on me. This morning my oldest, Carrie, met me at Pearl Vision to help me pick out a new pair.  Unfortunately, this pair was no longer available but I found a pair that I think looks good on me; Carrie agreed they are really cute.  They aren't bright like these were but black and fit my face nicely.  By the end of next week I will have them; the cost was a mere $40. total for a pair of $500. glasses; I will always get insurance on eye wear now. 
I'm about ready to head out and walk Hunter, by ourselves today; you can be sure we will be practicing on those commands he didn't follow through with on Saturday.  Many friends, here and in blogland says this is a common Bichon trait.  However it seems there are many of us out there struggling to teach our pups how to obey immediately.  So glad Hunter is so cute(even when he is shaggy)because that helps keep my patience in tact.  This Wednesday, it is predicted to get into the high 60's-wow is all I can say.  Spring fever is here already and we have at least 3 more months. If we don't get anymore snow, it will be fine with me. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is starting off well.
Paws and Enjoy-Noreen & Hunter

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Fun

Happy Sunday friends~Oh what a pretty day we are having; a bit cooler than yesterday but beautiful just the same. I thought I would share some moments from our weekend.
I mentioned that I made Gluten Free Lemon Cookies for the grands on Friday. Let me say they were a hit, both with the littles and also with the adults.
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 Just now as I was outside we had hundreds of Canadian Geese fly over, thought I'd give you a glimpse of just how many winter on our lakes here. Of course this is a small flock compared to what we have around town. One lake nearby was almost completely covered with Geese.
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Friday night fun; our four granddaughter's were enjoying a movie.
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Hunter on right with Lily on the left.
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Hunter loves it when Lily comes to spend time with us. Both dogs are due for a grooming; Hunter can barely see through his face hair and I am looking forward to having him trimmed. Yesterday she was dropped off to hubby while Hunter and I were at obedience training.  I will say that Hunter surprises me often with just how much he understands; however the trainer also mentioned that Hunter and the German Shepherd we train with, both understand the commands but decide not to obey. A bit frustrating for this mom; I do plan to take one of Hunter's favorite squeaky toys next week to see if that will help him follow through when he decides not to listen to me.
Church was wonderful this morning and after missing a couple of weeks, it felt good to be in worship.
This afternoon hubby and I will be going to an IPad class at our neighborhood library to learn some more about our new electronic.   Of course, we will be watching two playoff games today as well; since our Broncos are out, we are now routing for our old home team-the 49ers.
Hope you have a wonderful and restful day.
Paws and Enjoy!
Noreen and Hunter

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday friends! It is so pretty here today and reminds me of spring.  We are supposed to get up in the 50's today, which really reminds me of spring. I know that it is too early to be thinking of this, but a girl can dream can't she?!  Yesterday our new study started and it felt so good to be back with the group of ladies, earnestly seeking more life in Christ.  This study is one written by Priscilla Shirer and next to Beth Moore, I'd have to say one of my favorite teachers.  The introduction was so rich and deep; I can't wait to see what's in store for each of us in this study. Afterwards, a friend and I went out to lunch at our favorite place-Mad Greens.  Don't know whether this chain is only here in Colorado but let me tell you that it is a healthy choice when you are out and wanting something quick and inexpensive.  Although they have soups and sandwiches, I go strictly for the salads.  There are so many choices and you can add protein to it as well.  A small salad is only about $5.+/-.  I had the Molly Brown and it consisted of fresh Spinach, tomatoes, onions, Parmesan cheese and I added in chicken. I love being able to watch them make it in front of you.  We had a great time catching up and then both had other errands to run. 
Today I will be making a new type of gluten free lemon cookies; I hope they are as good as I've been told.  This afternoon hubby and I will head to daughter Carrie's house to hang out with the kiddos while Carrie and her hubby go have an ultrasound; I was hoping they'd find out what they are having but they want #6 to be a surprise.  This evening Kim's four girls will be here for a sleepover; it is their 10th anniversary, where do the years go?  Hunter will have such a fun day-he loves going to Carrie's house to play with Lily and then when the other four girls are here, I'm sure he'll play with them.  Somewhere in here, I've got to do some training for tomorrow.  We have a class at noon and then pick up Lily, her family is going Cross Country Skiing.
Should be a great weekend, all in all.  We do hope to watch the games but we'll see how crazy the house is.
I will take some photos of the cookies, if they turn out and of course try to get pics of Hunter and Lily playing and maybe even of the grands. 
I hope you have a blessed day and see His hand in your life.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yippee, The Warm Weather is Back!

Warm, yes warm, winter greetings to you this afternoon!  Of what a beautiful day its been; the temp actually got up into the 40's and the snow if finally melting. I was able to take Hunter on a walk this morning and although there was still a lot of snow and ice on the roads & sidewalks, it was wonderful to be out.  By the time we headed to obedience training, I was able to leave my coat in the car.  It felt so good to be outside! I think even the dogs were excited.  We had a great class today; Hunter only showed a little bit of distraction but overall did well.  We worked on previous commands~sit stay, down stay, wait etc as well as incorporating Drop and wait until released.  I was surprised that Hunter picked up the Drop as quickly as he did, with only hand signals and also when I put him in a Wait-and walked out to the end of the leash and tugged on it, he didn't budge. I thought for sure he'd fail that one.  My boy did me proud.  O.k. so one practice of  all three dogs staying with the trainer while we hide, didn't go so well.  He whined the entire time-which is a bummer because in order to pass the CGC test, he can't whine at all. The trainer had some suggestions about how to help this, that we will implement today through Saturday and see how if it helps by Saturday's class.  All in all, it was a great class. Each time I consider not continuing on, I see how well he is progressing and maturing and then reconsider. 
This afternoon has been good; the windows are open and I was able to get some writing done.  Tomorrow our study starts again and I'm looking forward to it.  I hope you have a blessed evening!
xxxooo,Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Morning Friends, I had a post ready to publish on my IPad but for some reason it is not publishing; so here I go again.  Been to the gym, in frigid weather and now hubby and I are working on taxes. I have a much needed haircut today-it will feel so good.  I'm hoping to bathe Hunter today because he is smelling a bit doggy.  His grooming appt. isn't until next week; I do pity both Hunter and the groomer, somehow she left him off the schedule so we had to wait nine weeks. You have no idea how matted he can get and how his long hair makes brushing/combing very difficult.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer, I'm thankful because we have dog trainer at 1:00. 
I hope you are able to stay inside and stay warm. 
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

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Happy Monday to you! You folks in California that think you really had a cold snap, check again at our temps. I do realize that there is more dampness in the air in your state, but seriously, one degree is just cold. However, it is a lot warmer than other parts of the country. Hubby took this pic and I'm not really sure why it is so blurry, but I had to share with you anyway.
Our weekend was cold and we spent most of it inside-watching football. You just have to know that Colorado is in mourning over the loss on Saturday; that is unless you were rooting for another team.  It took the fun right out of watching the other teams play.  We are now pulling for the 49er's to go to the Superbowl.
It won't be nearly as fun watching other teams go to the Superbowl, but we will try our best.  Due to the cold, I haven't had Hunter out since Friday; he is getting a little restless and I can hear him getting into some of his dad's magazines as I write.  I had planned on getting him out later and might try, if the temp gets up past 15.  He will go outside and play in the snow but it is just so cold that no matter how I bundle up, it doesn't help that much-and I'm not sure how good it is for him to be out in it either.
We had our daughter, sil and kids over last night for dessert and games-such fun!  The girls will be spending the night on Friday, so their parents can celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. I will go to the gym this afternoon and tomorrow have my class.  Thursday our ladies study starts again and it will be good to get back into a routine.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are staying warm!
Winter Hugs to you~Noreen & Hunter

Friday, January 11, 2013

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Winter has decided to make its presence known. As I said earlier, Hunter and I were out walking but shortly after we got home, it started snowing-hard. It has been coming down now for about 40 min. and we already have at least an inch and a half. Our street is covered; it isn't plowed, so going out looks questionable. So much for the errands I planned to run. This is the first substantial snow we've gotten this winter; reminds me of the first year we lived here. I texted our dog trainer to see if she would hold class in her garage tomorrow but haven't heard back-o.k. so my age is showing. All I can do is hope. Stay warm!
Happy Happy Friday to you!  Brr, it is cold outside; I just got back from a walk with Hunter and the wind is picking up, plus is it only 25 degrees.  I've got silk long johns on. a wool sweater,wool socks, a hat and heavy coat and it was still cold.
So I don't talk about t.v. shows much, but hubby and I love Person of Interest; last nights episode was so suspenseful and there were lots of twists and turns. I think this is currently the best show on t.v.-although I'm sure you NCIS fans would disagree. So are there any Pof I fans out there?
I've got to run some errands today and then just want to stay inside where it is warm.  I may even move my sewing machine back downstairs to the family room so I can sew where it is nice and toasty; we have a gas fireplace that keeps the room really comfortable.
I hope your day goes quickly and that you are able to stay warm. 
Enjoy your weekend!
Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Thursday friends~I can hardly believe it is already Thursday, where has the week gone?  So I have to say I didn't go to the gym yesterday but did take Hunter on three walks, equaling about 2.5 miles or so.  This morning, bright and early I went to the class, at my gym, I started on Tuesday.  I have never done Curves but from my understanding, this class is formatted after them; we have eight stations and do four reps at each station. The reps last only 45 seconds each and the class is only 45 min.  Today's focus was on legs and I thought "oh good, this should be o.k."; huh! Let me just state that other than walking, I haven't done any serious exercise for about 6-8 mos-doesn't paint a pretty picture, does it.  Initially I thought that a gal can easily do reps for 45 seconds; let me tell you when you don't like the particular rep, it seems like forever.  Today's class was tough, girls; there are two ladies that are at least 5-8 yrs older than I am and they stay for Pilates afterwards.  Wow is all I can say.  I'm hoping that my progress won't be too impeded next week when I only do the class once; I do plan on doing it here at home on Thursday though.  So after I got home from the gym, Hunter and I went on our walk with our bff's; it was only about a mile today but, I think seriously, every little bit should help. I am being more careful about my food intake; you know I love to eat and so really trying to cut out the junk stuff-although there are Peanut M&M's in the house.  A girl does need chocolate, doesn't she!
My goal in this exercise is firstly to get in better shape-especially before biking season and just to slow the aging process.
I hope you are having a great week, it is almost over for those who are working outside the home.  This weekend is supposed to be bitter cold; I'm not thrilled because we start obedience training again-so I will just layer, layer layer. 
Hugs to you! Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Promised Land with Matt Damon

Yesterday afternoon, hubby and I went to the movies; it was his turn to pick a flick, so he choose Promised Land.  We had seen the previews for this and Matt Damon  is a favorite actor so it was a go.  This might not be an award winner but what a good movie.  I do have to say that the plot paralleled a situation that is currently going on in Colorado. The plot centers around a company digging wells for natural gas-the story could have been taken from our county and town.  There is so much concern over the environmental impact of fracking; while I agree with the concerns, I also would choose for us, as a country, to be independent when it comes to resources.  I don't want the wells in our town though.  Truly, I'm not sure what the answer is.  Back to the movie-it was great and the scenery-oh my, I would move to the area it was filmed in, in a heart beat.  It was supposed to have been centered in Pennsylvania, but whether that is the true location I can't say.  So if you are looking for a good flick, with not limited violence, check this one out.   
I can feel the muscles in my body this morning-nothing too bad but enough to know I've been a slacker.  Hopefully, tomorrow's class will be easier.  Have a great day dear friends!
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Good Morning Friends~This new year has found me wanting to get back in shape and get rid of my holiday fluff; yesterday I not only walked but also went back to the gym and did 2 miles on the treadmill as well as a few minutes on the Elliptical(which I haven't used before). I also decided to keep an exercise journal to help track my progress. This morning I went to the gym and took a 45 min class that was for core strengthening. This is a class that is offered twice quickly but I'll only be able to go once a week, due to bible study. I try to walk Hunter at least five to six times a week; some days it is just a mile but other days maybe two or two and a half. When it is bad weather out, we skip it. Along with this, I have begun trying to cut back on the food I know that isn't that good for me. Last night hubby bbq'd a Mango Salsa Salmon that we got at Whole Foods; we had mashed potatoes with it and salad. It was such a good dinner! If you notice the candle holder in the background-our best friends from Ca. made this for us; it is the rib from my hubby's favorite winery-so it is extra special! Now we have a little bit of Sonoma County right here with us. The rest of the day today is relaxed; hubby and I might go to the Tuesday afternoon movie matinee-not sure what we'll see, but it will be a guy flick. I hope you have a wonderful day today.
xxxoooNoreen & Hunter

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday to you!  A new week, a new year, many new possibilities, so much to look forward to.  It is time to get back into a regular routine/schedule and continue on in daily pursuits; for me this means exercise, writing, dog training and sewing.  Of course, first and foremost on my list is taking care of the love of my life and keeping our home.  Many bloggers have a word for the new year, one to focus on and remember throughout the months.  This year my word is Rejoice.  Already, it has come to represent the birth of another grand; our oldest daughter, Carrie, is expecting number six in early June.  We are beyond thrilled for their family as well as the rest of us.  We are looking forward to this new bundle to love on; the poll seems out of what she will have-many want a little boy,a bookend for their family and a playmate for our Kim's baby boy, who is now 3 and a half mos old.  Carrie and her hubby are not finding out the sex, which means I won't start a quilt until the baby is born; however I do have adorable baby girl fabric that I will use should they have a girl. 
I will also start looking for boy fabric, but after organizing my stash last week I can honestly say I don't want to buy any more fabric unless I really have to.  I hope to get sewing on the quilt I started in the fall; working on the border so I can get the top finished and begin sandwiching it. 
I enjoyed watching the games yesterday and look forward to playoffs next weekend.
I hope you had a great weekend and are starting today out on a good note.
Joy to you~
Noreen & Hunter

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Are For ?

Happy Friday dear friends!  I have always loved Friday's, especially when I was working.  Now every day is for fun!  How about you?  Do you trudge through the week waiting for Friday?  I would love to say that I have nothing on the agenda today but I do have errands to run.  Yesterday, when hubby got home from racquetball, he told me to pack a lunch because we were heading up to Estes Park and the Rockies.  Did he know that the mountains were calling me?  The view looked clear and sunny; a great winter day to head up.  Less than an hour later, we were pulling into town; hoping that we might see some wildlife.  Silly person, it is the middle of winter. Some areas of Estes and the park had no snow, while others had quite a bit. We talked to the ranger and he said that the area we are hoping to go snowshoeing in, in a month, had almost two feet of new snow.  Our Hunter was with us and did so well on this trip; some days he doesn't like rides as much as others-but we did have two blankets in the back for him to lay on.  We didn't see any Elk but saw a small herd of Deer; planned on taking a photo on the way back but of course they were gone. 
What a wonderful afternoon; I am always so blessed that the mountains are that close to us! 
This weekend will be a normal one-we are having our snow-bird friends, who are leaving Sunday, over for dinner tomorrow night.  Not quite sure what we are serving yet but just spending some more time with them, before they leave, will be nice.  I hope you have a wonderful day, whether at work or at home and give thanks for the gifts in your life!
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Of Our Own

Today I want to highlight a new release written by a good friend, Bobbi Phillip.  When I first started blogging, my hope was simply to keep a journal of daily happenings for friends and family; it quickly turned into an important part of my daily life, by helping me get to know some wonderful friends.  Bobbi was one of the first gals I got to know; specifically because of Gracie, her beloved Cockapoo.  At the time, this was the mix hubby and I were after, that was before we found our Hunter.  When Bobbi shared about writing this Memoir, I was excited and had no idea what the subject matter would be.  This book chronicles the story of divorce and parental alienation; the heartbreak that occurs when one parents sets a child/children against another.  There was once a time where many didn't have family or friends that were divorced; but I am certain that every family, in one way or another, has been impacted by it.  Bobbi wrote about her husband's fight to have visitations with his daughter and the extent that his ex-wife went to to keep them apart; at the end of every chapter Gracie shares her thoughts.  I laughed and cried throughout this book.  I know this wasn't an easy book for Bobbi to write, but on the inside page she says "At the end of the day only the good stuff matters".  It is amazing that she and her husband survived the trials and have come out on the other side.  I would highly recommend this book; it was not only educational for me but also I love supporting a blogging friend.  I hope one day to meet Bobbi and Gracie in person!
It's another cold day here but the sun is out and the mountains look so beautiful.  I finished organizing half of my fabric yesterday and will get in and do the rest today.  I also need to get stew in the crock pot for tonight; I hope to visit with you today as the stew is cooking.
Thank you Bobbi for gifting me with your book; I am honored to have a signed copy.  You can visit Bobbi at  
Stop by and say hello. I also forgot to tell you that you can find this book at Amazon.

Love, Noreen and Hunter

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Good morning friends~I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Day and are all ready for the New Year. We continued to put our home back together yesterday, watched a little college football and saw some friends in the afternoon. This morning it feels like a Monday and I'm realizing the need to get back on some sort of schedule so I don't just sleep in every morning.

Hunter seems quite content with having the house back to normal, don't you think? I will say though, that I don't mind if he is up on the back of the couch but not chewing on a hoof; down that came immediately. The house looks rather bare now that the Christmas decorations are down. Today, I'm heading up right now to get dressed and hit the sewing room, so I don't put it off indefinitely. I hope/plan to get to the gym this afternoon and do some time on the treadmill or bike; but girls, it is so cold here and all I have is yoga pants to wear, may end up just wearing jeans. I also want to see my oldest who has an IPad and also a Kindle so I can learn how to work the Kindle app on our IPad. Bible study doesn't start for another two weeks so I imagine I will get lots done between now and then. I hope you are starting the year on a good note; one positive thing is that at least, for now, the physical cliff isn't looming over us. On the news last night, the announcer said that there will be a cliff #2-oh goodie. I'm looking forward to visiting you all today. Hugs,