Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Kitchen

Happy New Year's Eve to you! WE had such fun with the granddaughters last night; they are so fun to watch as they grow and mature. I got a good sleep, but know this evening I will probably catnap on the couch. We haven't stayed up til Midnight since we lived in Ca., just no reason too. Hubby and I will go to our favorite restaurant for a nice dinner; we always go really early because of the crowds. Even getting there at 4:15, we still have to wait to be seated. I have mentioned that hubby and I bought a new home; in case you didn't catch it, the whole thing came about very unexpectedly and is such an incredible blessing! I will say that this home is our dream home and although we won't move into until May or June, I do have photos to look at. I also have plenty of time to purge and pack. Unfortunately, the photo I wanted to share is of my new sewing room and we didn't get a picture of it. I had the photos from the website, but then one day my computer crashed and I lost it. I can say without a doubt that the sewing/quilt room was the room that made us go look at the house. The photo I am sharing though is the room that made my heart flutter when we went to the Open House-a dream kitchen.

If we had decided to redo our kitchen, I wouldn't have chosen black granite but in this space it looks perfect. The cabinets are alder and the appliances top grade, plus two ovens. We are gaining a lot more space in this house and it will make family gatherings and sleepovers such fun. The yard is smalle than we have (a great thing for hubby because of his neck/back issues) and overlooks the golf course, one of hubby's requirements. The view of the Rockies is wonderful too and I suspect we will enjoy many sunsets on the covered porch. The guest room is downstairs next to my sewing room, just in case an overnight guest wants to sew. I know that four months sounds like a long time to move in but the sellers are renting back from us, as they restore a historical house. We have a two week vacation in April so I think the timing will be perfect.

 I hope that the New Year brings you peace, health, love and joy. I have been so blessed spending time visiting your blogs and look forward to more visits in the New Year.
Until Next Year,
Love Noreen & Hunter

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Last Monday

Happy Monday to you dear friends! It is hard to believe it is the last Monday of the year.  Here in Colorado it is sunny but a cool 37 degrees; that sounds quite warm with what we've been having.
We had a good weekend; began taking down all the decorations from the holidays and even ran to a couple of stores to see if they had any small artificial Christmas trees on sale.  No luck in that department!  We spent the afternoon watching the Broncos play and we can't wait til the playoffs.
Today I will take Hunter for a walk and then finish putting the rest of the boxes of decorations away; tonight four granddaughters are coming for a sleepover.  Must get to the movie kiosk to rent a good movie for them. 
I hope you had a great weekend and that you are closing out the New Year with peace and joy.
Blessings on your day.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another try

Many were unable to connect to the youtube video, so I'll try it again.
I got this from youtube, so hopefully it will work.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

This Will Make You Smile

Amidst all of the clean up from Christmas, I took a break to watch a quick video; it will make you smile and sing along.  Here is the link; I did have it stop a bit but it was worth it!
It is the real Sister act; hope you enjoy.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Glimpse Into Our Christmas

Happy Friday Friends! I have to admit that I didn't even think about posting yesterday; I did visit some blogs, but didn't even give a thought to writing. Our family gathered to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve morning with a big breakfast followed by presents. This post will be heavy with photos; I decided just to pick those that captured the essence of our family. The first photo is of our oldest grandson holding the youngest grandson, his cousin. The older boys are so good with him and always playing with him. It warms this Nana's heart. I will say our youngest guy looked a bit tired on Tuesday morning.
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Papa and I gave him a Nerf ball shooter and he seemed to love it.
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The doll clothes were a hit!
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The boys made out as well.
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I love this photo and the love shining in big sister's eyes. Such beauties!
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Now for the adults; Carrie and Brent opening their stockings.
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Kim and Eric looking at theirs.
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With the purchase of our new home, even though we won't be moving into it until May or June, there are little things we need to get first-like new pots and pans etc. Hubby and I were of the same mindset for presents this year-gift cards.
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Our kids spoiled us this year-but they always do! This sign will hang here in our current home and then be front and center in our new home; possibly in our new living room.
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 We love it as well as the thoughtfulness and creativity shown on all their gifts. Christmas night we went over to Carrie's home for a dinner-it was excellent! Of course I came away feeling stuffed and needing a long bike ride to work off the calories. Yesterday hubby and I ran some errands and had a relaxing day, including game night at Kim's in which I lost big time. Today, I will begin making lists of the order to begin packing-Christmas decorations will be first.
 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a great day and weekend. It is so hard to believe we are at the end of the year!
Blessings from our home to yours!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

From our home and hearts, Christmas Blessings to you.
Hunter has made so many incredible friends this year and he is sending lots of wags to you all.

Today we will be opening presents with our family and then tomorrow having a wonderful dinner gathering. We are so very thankful for all the blessings showered on us this year, for family, health, puppy love, friends and for a new home that we bought. Although we won't be moving until late spring, it gives me lots of time for organizing and packing.
May your days be blessed!

Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Child's Christmas Program 2013

Last night the church that our girls & their families attend had their Christmas program. It is always such an incredible blessing and so fun to watch the children sing and play music. Front and center two of Kim's girls, in the red skirts.
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The other girls directly behind are also granddaughters...all are so beautiful, inside and out. Of course, I'm a bit prejudiced.
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Two of our grands made their piano recital debut; both did a wonderful job! It was a wonderful way to usher in this Christmas; there is nothing better than celebrating with children.
I hope you have a wonderful day today and enjoy these last few days!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Doll Clothes

Happy Friday Friends! Many of you have asked to see the doll clothes I made for the granddaughters, so here are a few shots. I should have taken them in the morning when the light was good but these will have to do.  I also have to sew the baby's doll outfit-for when she reaches three. In the meantime, her sisters will be able to utilize it. I think by far my favorite outfits are the dresses with pinafores. Remember that I am not a seamstress and these are not the level that my girls would do, but I think the grands will love them just the same.
All of the fabrics came from my stash, some were even used in baby quilts. Again, my photos that were crisp and clear in Picaso, are now blurry. Not sure what happens here at blogger, but at least you'll get an idea.
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The black and white outfit on the left was fabric from one of the baby quilts.
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I will say that when it comes to sewing garments, even doll clothes, I put it off to the last moment or month. If I would just start sewing them in the summer, I could probably take my time and do some extra embellishments. Quilting, on the other hand, is what I will go slow on and deliberate.

Hubby and I have an appt. later; it is exciting and once we are finished, I will be letting you in on the secret of a new adventure for us.  I will tell you that it doesn't involve babies or adoption but will mean a change for hubby and I this coming spring.  If all goes smoothly today, hubby and I will be celebrating this evening.  Just wanting to keep you all in suspense-though some of you know what has been going on.
I realized yesterday that I still needed one new stocking for our littlest granddaughter, so this afternoon I will be searching for one for her.  We went to Target but still plan on stopping by Marshall's and Joann's.
I hope you are enjoying a peaceful week and looking forward to the weekend.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The last Thursday before Christmas and my days are so filled, mainly with wrapping and checking my lists, to make sure we have all the presents for our family.  Yesterday I spent several hours wrapping and today will devote most of my time to accomplishing this task.  I also need to compile grocery lists for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I wish I had some cute photos to share, but truly I feel like I've been running here and there constantly.  I often sit in the evening, with computer in my lap, visiting you all.  Sometimes I leave comments and sometimes I just look at the beautiful Christmas decorations you all post. 
Yesterday I had lunch with a close friend who is a walking miracle.  Last month Laura was out walking with a friend and collapsed.  Thankfully, a respiratory therapist happened to be driving by and stopped. Laura had no pulse whatsoever.  The gal worked on her for a solid four minutes without one sign of life.  Then a captain of a local fire station, who lived nearby, came with paddles.  After the first shock to her heart nothing happened, the second one got a slight pulse.  On the way to the hospital there was no pulse.  Laura was put in an induced coma for several days.  All the medical personal who worked on her said they had no hope of her surviving, let alone with no brain damage. I'm here to tell you that it wasn't her time, she has no brain damage, has a stent and pacemaker, no broken ribs though the medical personal said she should have four or more.  Truly it is a gift to all of us to still have her with us!  It is also a wake up call to know how to perform CPR-it has changed over the years so you may need to get into a class again.  Another lesson, neither lady-Laura or her walking friend, had a cell phone on them.  Even if we can't use ours due to an emergency occuring, at least the friend can call for help.  Thankfully, for Laura, a college aged guy was driving by and called 911.
Today I am so thankful for the help she received and the gift of her life and friendship.

I am also so very thankful that today is our Granddaughter's 6th birthday; although we celebrated before, we will see her today and wish her a happy Birthday.
I hope your day is filled with smiles and songs.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Tuesday Friends~I hope you are having a joyous Christmas season! My weekend was jam packed with our friends visit.  They arrived Friday night and after an easy dinner, we got the little girl settled into our home.  It is so fun to have a two year old here.  Saturday was busy too; we visited my girls and their families, as the friends have known our girls since they were toddlers.  I took the little girl and her nana Shelley out to a farm in a nearby town.  Little Tori did not like the farm animals at all.
After lunch and a nap, our Carrie came over with her family for a visit.  Sunday we took them on a three mile walk around our town lake; we saw a fox on the lake and also a Bald Eagle eating something.  Before we knew it, it was time to head down to Longmont to the state Gymnastics competition.  Afterwards we had dinner out and then took Shelley to the airport.
Yesterday found hubby and I preparing a Pioneer Woman spinach salad; a craft group that I belong to was coming over for lunch.  It was a fun time to catch up with everyone during this holiday season.
Today, I'm taking Hunter for a walk and then will go to the hair salon for a cut & color. 
Babysitting will fill my afternoon.
There are lots of colds and bugs floating around; I hope you are staying healthy!
Christmas Cheer to you.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Friday friends~For all of you dog lovers or friends that need a laugh, check out this video of a dog driving a car.  It will make you laugh.  

I hope this link works, I couldn't get the video uploaded; this is worth the minute that it will take to watch it.
Have a wonderful day and fun weekend; we've got friends coming in from Ca. and I know it will be such a great visit.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Dinner

Last night we had some good friends over for dinner; they will be away next week so we wanted to share Christmas cheer before they left. It was a simple dinner of Pesto Pasta, French Bread, Salad and dessert. I loved the way the salad plates tied in with the chargers and white dinner plates.
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My girl even gave me some greens for my dough bowl and lent me some red ball ornaments. I love the look! I'm so thankful hubby got this for me and I'm thankful for all the blogs out there that have shown their dough bowls with decorations in them.
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I'm not sure what we are doing today-probably double checking our presents, just to make sure we have enough. Whatever your day holds, I pray you'll experience joy and peace!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Wednesday to you!  I am so pleased that hubby and I got 80% of our shopping done yesterday; what a relief. I am still working on cards, just a few more to send out.  Has anyone else noticed that folks just aren't sending cards anymore?  On another note-there is a dogblog Christmas Card exchange and Hunter has received 17 cards so far while we've only received two-one from our daughter and one from hubby's sister.  Wow is all I can say.
Today is another crazy day-friends coming for dinner so I've got all sorts of projects to put away, grocery shopping to be done, cooking etc etc.  Love this time of year but this year seems extra busy.
I will tell you that I am having a hard time getting around to you all and I'm sorry but know you understand.  Once the festivities settle, I'll be back at your doorstep, so to speak, visiting.  I'll grab time when I can.
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festive Christmas Dishes

Good Morning Friends~I hope you had a productive day yesterday; I certainly did. Hubby and I got items checked off our Christmas list, but have to go hit the stores today as well. When we went into Walm**t for stocking stuffers, I found this bowl. I loved the design and next week I'm having the gals from our craft group over for lunch; this is a perfect size for a salad. I was disappointed they didn't have dinner size plates but they did have salad plates...so guess what.
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Actually, I choose a coordinating design for the plates that I also loved. Let me tell you that the price made them difficult to pass up. They are Better Homes plates and I love the country scene.
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I would have bought more but we usually don't have large parties during the holidays, so I thought six was just right. Of course, I may go back and get a few more-just in case.

Our temps are warming back up and we should be up to 30 by tomorrow-yippee, means I can walk again.  I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy.
Hugs to you!
Noreen & Hunter