Thursday, November 25, 2021

From Our Home To Yours Happy Thanksgiving!


To all our family and friends, near and far, we wish you a Thanksgiving filled with love, joy and contentment.
With love,
Noreen,  John, Hunter and Emmy

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Our New Addition Emmy

Hello Friends, Lest you think I've flown away never to return, I figured I'd better fill you in on what's been happening with us. In October hubby and I joined our dear friends Steve and Shelley Collins and went up to Custer City, South Dakota for three nights of camping. We have so fallen in love with this state and the Black Hills and love getting up there each year. We are already talking about next year's trip. It seems the rest of October flew by. Hubby and I have always had two dogs and clearly see the benefits of it. It had always been on my mind to get another dog to keep Hunter company, but it never seemed to develop. We happened to watch our friends Havanese for a little over a week and Hunter was so happy; I started looking into that breed, but clearly felt that was not the right direction for us. As many of you know, our daughter's family has a Standard Poodle that they bred and I love poodles, especially the larger ones. Both daughters have a Standard and I quickly came to realize that this size was just too much dog for us. I happened across the breeders website that one came from and they had a good selection of Moyen size puppies available. One thing led to another and within one week we were heading to Idaho to pick up our new puppy. Please meet Emmy. Moyen size poodles are between a miniature and a standard size. Emmy should get to 17" tall and 20 lbs., just a little bigger than Hunter. It was a long drive to get here-drove there on Monday, met her and the breeder and went back Tuesday morning to pick her up and head home. Emmy is 4 mos old and such a gem. As a puppy, Hunter was quiet and very shy and Emmy is the same. We've had her for two weeks and she is settling in well; she is still shy and gets scared at new noises, but sleeps all night in her crate and has even been going on walks with us. I'm starting to teach her some basics and she loves snuggling. 
Day Two at our daughter's house, meeting the other dogs in the family.

Don't Hunter and Emmy look cute together.
Exploring the yard and finding leaves to play with.
She loves sitting on the hearth.
One funny trait she has is laying down to eat her kibble. I'm about ready to upgrade her bowl.

 Of course we had to puppy proof the entire house and have crates in different areas.  She makes me laugh and keeps me going with taking her outside to go to the bathroom.

I hope you are all well and enjoying each day! Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Noreen, Hunter and Emmy