Friday, March 30, 2012

A Big Thank You

How can I begin to express my gratitude to all of you, my friends, not only for your comforting words over our loss of Reggie but also the wonderful birthday wishes?  You are such a community of love and I am so blessed by being part of you.
 This wonderful iron basket and Daisy plant will either adorn my front porch or back deck.  Thank you my girl & family for this wonderful gift.
 This is a wreath I love and it was given to me by the sister of my heart, here in Colorado, Kam. She also spoiled me with other treasures as well as money for garage sales-got to love it, she got me hooked.
 A necklace made by women and children in Africa to support their tribe.  I had seen this in Colorado Springs and thought it so beautiful; my friend who I was there with picked it up for me...such a surprise and delight.
 This is a difficult photo to get the details of the necklace(sorry)but it is a Celtic necklace and given to my by my California girl Barb.  She knows I treasure my Irish roots and that I'd love this...I do.  We had so much fun as neighbors and now traveling companions, I treasure you Barb.
 A bright and fun bracelet made by a doctor here locally.  Love the fun beads and colors-I'm thinking it will be perfect for the islands.
 This little treasure hubby found for me up in Estes Park at my favorite quilt store. Because I love quilting, antiques-I have a treadle and all things Amish he had to get it for me. Love it!

My birthday was wonderful~time spent with the dearest of friends, going for a drive on country roads we hadn't traveled-although hubby and I were hoping to see some wildlife but didn't. Then we went, for the first time ever, to P.F.Changs Chinese Bistro.  What I enjoyed the most was that they also have an entire menu for gluten free folks.  It has been awhile since we went out for Chinese because most dishes I am not able to eat but last night was a feast.  I should have taken my camera; we had Egg Drop soup, fried rice, garlic snap peas, and a chicken & vege dish.  Afterwards we headed to our oldest girls home to have dessert and presents. My family spoils me, Carrie made wonderful chocolate flour- less cupcakes with vanilla ice cream-so very good!  Carrie & her gang gave me a very nice gift card to Christopher & Banks, so I can get some new fun clothes before our vacation and Kim and her gang gave me a beautiful basket with daisy plant in it.  Both families wanted to take hubby and I  down to Boulder tomorrow to walk around and try a new restaurant we've heard wonderful things about.
I don't know about you, but I feel so incredibly blessed by all the people in my life-you included.  May you have a weekend filled with joy and happiness.
Love, Noreen 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Me Picture Cards 
Not only is it my birthday but I'm entering a new decade today; you got it, I'm turning the big 60.
Today I am thankful for having survived the stupid things I did in high school and college and for having made it this far.  I'm thankful for all the blessings in my life, my hubby of almost 34 yrs, my two amazing daughter's and their families-the grands are the joy of my life.  I am thankful that even in the midst of hard decisions-like yesterday, family and friends are there beside me to encourage and comfort me.  I am thankful for the Comforter, who never leaves me or forsakes me.
I am thankful that I was created to love my dogs so deeply and that saying goodbye is never easy, because if it were, I wouldn't have the depth of love for them that I do.  I am thankful that we had Reggie an extra eight months and that we were able to hold him and love on him before he slipped away.
I want to give a big shout out to two of my blogging friends who have birthdays today also....
firstly Kris @, please go by and wish her a happy birthday. Kris is one of the ladies that I've grown so close with over the years of blogging; she is a delight, so creative and fun-you will just love her if you don't already know her.  If we lived closer, I know we'd be the best of friends.
Also, Nellie @ , is also celebrating so pop by her place and wish her a happy birthday.
Thank you for all your kind thoughts, comments and prayers as we struggled with yesterday-I am so thankful for all of you.
Blessings, Noreen

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Run Free Reggie

Run Free Dear Reggie
Reggie's Story
We first met Reggie when my sister brought him home from the humane society.  He was about four years old and a sweet guy; we couldn't figure out why he was surrendered.  My sister loved him from the start and gave him a wonderful home.  When it was clear the her fight against cancer was nearing the end, I had promised her that we would take Reggie and give him all the love we could.  The transition to our home and our love, Sadie, was easy-it was love at first sight.  We did find out he didn't like children, which posed a problem but we worked around it.  He is now 13 and a half yrs old and has been a wonderful companion.

His hearing is declining, which is truly a blessing with all the thunder we have.  He is faithful and true to both hubby and I, following us all over the house.  Since we lost our Sadie, Reggie has become one spoiled boy with extra treats, special food and lots of love.  Isn't he just a beauty? 
We didn't choose him, but we love him. We've had him for six and a half years and wonder what life would be like without him.
 This last summer we found out that he has a serious health issue and we weren't sure how many days we'd have him with us; so we are treasuring every hour of every day. We were initially told that he would only last 3-4 weeks and he lasted eight months.
Last week when I took him in for his annual, I found out he had developed two heart murmurs; the vet told me it would probably turn into progressive heart disease.  We expected him to pass from the brain tumor and he didn't. I knew the heart disease was so serious, I just didn't think it would show up so soon.  This week he has been off-he hasn't been eating much, got sick one day and was drinking a huge amount of water.  I have watched him like a hawk and checked with several close friends, who are very wise about how to get him to eat.  Last night he began showing signs of respiratory distress; I won't go into details but it became very clear to me that this was the sign I had been watching for, the sign to let me know it was time to let him go, to set him free.  He laid on top of me for several hours while I talked to him, thanked him for his love and devotion and told him I was so sorry he was hurting.  I cried and he kept lifting his head and putting his hose right under my chin; I'm sure he knew my heart.  He is resting currently, while I sob and we wait to take him to the vet where he was so loved.  There will be a huge void in our home but I am thankful he will be at peace and that he won't be alone,while we are away, suffering.  I am thankful for every minute of grace with him. I am also so thankful that he won't leave us on my birthday.  Run free Reggie, go find your Sadie girl. 
I found this poem on someones blog and it spoke volumes to my spirit;  hope it does yours as well. 

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours....faithful and true.....
To the last beat of his heart,
You owe it to him...
To be worthy of such devotion.

Reggie, you will always be in our heart.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Week of Parties

As many of you know, this is the week I turn another year older as well as enter a new decade; it is so hard to believe I can possibly be turning 60.  Today a group of girlfriends took me to a small cafe in a nearby town; a town I hadn't explored before, a town filled with quaint buildings as well as some small and some very large homes.  I absolutely love back roads and spending time with friends makes my heart sing. 

This the towns old Grange Hall that is still in use.  The photo doesn't do it justice because the brick work was so awesome.
The small cozy coffee cafe-such fun; they even had gluten free muffins etc. This may become a new favorite place. 
Most of the gals are from my ladies bible study and each lady is so precious! 
 From left to right- Ann, Carla, me, Jeanne and Kim.  Love each lady there.

One of the back roads we explored; now I've got to find a day to take hubby on an adventure.
The gals spoiled me with a bracelet, necklace, stationary, plant and welcome sign.  The entire week isn't filled with parties but there are a couple of more; I'm not one for huge parties but getting together with family and loved ones is the best present of all.  Thursday is the big day and I'm embracing this new year, thankful for each and every blessing.
Joy to you~Noreen

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Her Party

Today is our youngest granddaughter's birthday, she is two; where did the time go? On Saturday we gathered as a family to celebrate.  As always, the parties our daughter's and their hubbies put on are incredible.  Our resident artist and cake decorator, son-in-law Eric, made the perfect cake-he just amazes us.

Miss A and her sissy Miss D-adorable.
Presents for me?  I don't think the photos do justice showing the dress that our daughter Kim made for her girl. What amazes me is that Kim never uses a pattern and her finished product is so sweet.  The fabric for the dress was a birthday party theme.  Good job my girl.
Adorable decorations too.

I love her expressions, she is so thrilled with all the gifts.
Miss A enjoying the top layer of the cake.    She is such a sweet girl, has a great sense of humor and is loved by all.

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are embracing all that life has to offer.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy, Happy Friday to you! What a beautiful morning it is here in Colorado; I've been busy already-my hour class at the gym, garage sales at which I didn't find a thing and now I'm going to walk. Yesterday's eye exam was non-eventful, my vision is pretty much the same-not too much worse, but I've got some clogged ducts so I need to start compresses twice a day.  Yesterday hubby and I didn't get out for a ride; he took me on some errands, which means took me birthday shopping. We found a couple of spring tops and I got a new juicer-yippee!  The one I got last summer was alright but I think on its last legs, so now I'll be set for the season. I so love vegetable juice and this makes it easy to have a juice drink for lunch every day; plus you get so many servings of vegetables daily-so many in fact that you couldn't eat them all at one meal. 
I also got two new pairs of "Fat Free Dressing Yoga Pants"; my daughter & family went down to Costco and they were on sale so instead of one pair, I got two.  I love these pants and considering I always have such a hassle getting pants of any type to fit me, these are great and they also have a panel around the middle to hide the stomach fat.
Not too much else happening here; tomorrow we do celebrate our youngest granddaughter's birthday-she will be two.  I will make sure to take photos, especially of the cake that sil Eric makes.
I hope you have a wonderful day today and weekend.
Joy to you~Noreen

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Great Book

Karen Kingsbury has been one of my all time favorite authors for years.  Her stories about the Baxter family kept me reading during the years when I was so busy I could barely think. Her latest series, Bailey Flanigan, are such good reads.  Yesterday I sat outside in the afternoon and read.  However, now I'm so anxious  to read the next two in the series that I'm sure hoping my library has the next one.
 This afternoon hubby and I are having our eyes checked , which is long overdue.
Today I'm thankful for the year that we had Tim Tebow playing for the Broncos.  I've got to admit my friends, that I've been one of those fans very upset that he was traded. In a perfect world, the Broncos would have kept him to be mentored by Manning.  He did so much for our team and for our state; I know there are a lot of us who will follow him with our loyalty.  I do have to remember though that men may make their plans but God has the last word.  Tim is His man and God has mighty plans for him.  New York's gain is our loss.
Have a wonderful day today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Wednesday to you! Well, it is another beautiful day here and so far I've done my class at the gym and also walked-it feels so good to be out.  Hubby and I sat on the deck, working on Sudoku puzzles and now I'm off to the market so I can get back and sit outside to read.  I just love warm days like today, spring can't arrive soon enough.  Although we do get lots of rain during the late spring and early summer(usually when hubby is away and the window wells flood), so I'll take clear and sunny days as often as I can get it.  Trying to work on a bit of a tan before we go on vacation.
I hope you get out today, try to look at nature as if it was the first time you were able to see. It will make you appreciate its beauty even more.
Hugs, Noreen

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It never ceases to amaze me at how talented and generous bloggers are! Last week I received an email from Nancy, 2 Moms Of A Feather, telling me I had won a Coffee Cozy she made.  I was so surprised and delighted.  This came in the mail last Friday and I love the fabric-it was the perfect shade of green for St. Patty's Day; well any shade of green is good. Please stop by and say hi to Nancy, she is a dear and can be found here
Thank you for all who prayed for our dear Reggie, again this really touches my heart.  Reggie has always be a finicky eater and I'm constantly trying new foods on him plus adding cooked chicken and rice.  Yesterday, I ran out and got some ground turkey to add to his food-he seemed to like it.  However, his appetite is very low and I know he's lost weight(approx. 3-4 lbs which is a lot on a small dog) so I do try to give him things he'll like.  With his being up a good part of Sunday night, I fed him earlier yesterday afternoon-to try to avoid his needing to go out around 2:00 a.m.  Thankfully it did work! Then of course, we had another issue last evening~he had been outside taking care of business and running the fence line.  He came running into the house like he was a puppy; truly I haven't seen this type of energy in 5 yrs.  Hubby and I just watched him and laughed.  He finally trotted into the kitchen and I thought maybe he was hungry so got a dog treat out for him.  He wasn't and began having a mild seizure; this one lasted a lot longer than his previous ones.  I have never seen him have a big energy burst and then seize. Finally I just picked him up and took him over to his bed and put him on it.  I really wasn't sure if it was more than just a mild seizure at this point or not.  It took at least 30 minutes for him to snap back and get up, but the good news is he slept all night.  This morning he ate a touch of his food-he will probably finish it off before lunch.  It is so hard when we see our furbabies having such difficulties.  As you know, Reggie has had months of Grace when the vet originally told us he'd only have 3-4 weeks.  I still wonder if the shot he got last Friday has negatively impacted him.  He is acting like his normal self today and I'm thankful for that.  I'm never sure what lies ahead for him, but I am thankful for every day we have with him.  There are many blogging friends out there who are going through similar trials with their pups.  It is always so hard, be it old age or a disease. 
Make sure you give your pets some extra loving today!
Blessings, Noreen

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

Greetings to you this new Monday morning. I hope you had a fine weekend; we had a very typical one but it was nice.  Our friends came for dinner Friday night, bringing me a dozen roses and candy(what a treat)! We fixed bbq'd Salmon and veges done on the grill, as well as a potato dish and a berry crisp with Vanilla Bean ice cream; boy was it good.  Sorry there wasn't time for photo-we wanted it served hot; unfortunately the potatoes weren't as hot as I'd like them.  Yesterday at church there was a guest speaker and it was an incredible man who was a Super Bowl XXVI  Redskins winner, Fred Stokes.  I wasn't into Football too much until we moved here but this man made me wish I was.  What a great testimony he has and an amazing ministry.  He shared tales of his family and his life, specifically about a tornado that destroyed his home in Georgia; this especially ministered to one family in attendance because they were in their home when the 2008 tornado came through our little town.  They weren't seriously injured but they lost their house; I'm sure it was comforting to hear someone else share a similar story.
Well, I'm off to the gym; almost didn't go because Reggie had a restless night and we were up and down several times.
May your day be filled with joy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

May the blessing of the Irish be upon you this day.

For my family this holiday always marked a huge event, for all of my grandparents came from Ireland and today I thought I'd share some about my dad's family.
Much of the details are sketchy and dates are uncertain but the legends we grew up with are family treasures. My father was a talented writer and as I quote from our family history I feel like I could be reading one of the great authors of his time.

"Bit of Heaven fell and they called it Ireland. The Isle of Enchantment, Isle of Saints and Scholars, the Isle of song and laughter, the Isle often enshrouded in mist overcast with grey billowing clouds was and is the Isle of joy and sorrow, of hunger and poverty but proudly displaying a zest for life, a respect and awe of the Leprechaun, and devout respect for holy things."

My grandmother was a lover of songs and had a fine voice; born in Kilkenny in one of the many small towns or districts. She was mild tempered, fair, a wonderful mother and person. She loved all sports. My grandfather was also born in Kilkenny, a County of strong men, physically and mentally, fair of complexion with a golden red cast and a powerful man with a barrel chest, short powerful legs and shoulders; he stood 6 ft plus and 220+ lbs. When he was approximately 13 yrs old, he was on a champion football team in Ireland. Apparently some of his feats were quite like Hercules and were verified by people(and old newspaper clippings) who witnessed them. Another time a horse kicked him in the arm way up by his shoulder and the horse actually broke his leg and had to be put down but my grandfather only had a gash on his arm. Among other things my grandfather loved the "drink" and would indulge in moderation, but with his size his moderation probably would have killed someone smaller.
Once he immigrated to San Francisco he did various jobs~shoveling coal on the docks, worked as a railroad policeman, a laborer building cannon mounts in the Presidio and as a security watchman on the waterfront. He was well known and respected, not only in the Irish community but also in all of the docks of San Francisco.

My own father was a loyal faithful friend, giving to all who were in need. He was a renowned story teller and cherished family above all else. Each year on St. Patty's Day he would send my mother a bouquet of green carnations and she was the envy of many. He had a wonderful voice and was quite handsome and very similar in looks to Fred Astaire. He was a poet at heart and always left us little notes sharing his love with us.
My only sibling now is my dear brother and as we get older I cherish him more. He is so much like my father; his sense of humor and teasing ways reminds me always of dad. In many ways, he bears the resemblance of my mom as well~her work ethic and business sense. I am blessed by quite an inheritance-not of money but of character, wit and Irish legacy.

So it is today that we look upon our heritage with fond recollections and partake of the food our parents and their parents did-Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potato's, Carrots. We won't all be gathering together but we'll be together in spirit.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my home to yours.

This is a post from last year; again I wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day.  May you count your blessings this day and find true gold in all that you have been given.

Blessings, Noreen 

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Day at my house

Happy Friday All~I'm off to the gym this morning but I wanted to share a bit of green with you; I don't have much authentic pieces as I'd like but I hope you enjoy!

The vase was a gift from my brother and sister of my heart this last year; straight from the Belleek showroom. 
I love this saying!
My morning table set for hubby and I, complete with coffee mugs from Ireland.
Fifty years ago,my sister made her first trip to our grandparents homeland.  She brought back several things for my mom and dad and these two mugs were among the gifts.  Both were made it Ireland and I love the top one the best.  They were handed down to me and I cherish them.
Tomorrow we will have the traditional "American-Irish" food; I've been told they don't eat Corned Beef too much in Ireland.  Today is crazy busy with the gym, dog appointment, cleaning, babysitting and entertaining-all such wonderful things to do.
Have a wonderful day and remember it's a great day to be alive.
It's All Good, Noreen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Morning Friends,  Today I am thankful that hubby and I found this elevated dog dish for our old  Reggie.  I had noticed that Reggie was having more and more difficulty bending over to get to his food in his old dish.  I had seen some really pretty elevated dishes in California(they were so pricey) but when I check several stores here they had wrought iron bases but were only lifted about an inch or so.  I knew that wouldn't help Reggie too much so we checked our local big-box pet store and found this dish set.  Although it is made of tough plastic, the dishes are stainless and while it isn't much on looks, it is about 6" off the ground.  As you can see, Reggie has a much easier time eating out of it. I'm thankful his legs aren't spread eagle like they were the other day!  It is tough enough getting older, but if I can make it easier on him that is great.
Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and got some OTC Dramamine for my vertigo.  I can tell you that it worked; I didn't have any dizziness last night and feel fine this morning. I had remembered that my doctor in Ca. had suggested trying this; I'm so thankful it was that easy.  For those of you that have this condition crop up, from time to time, give it a try.
Blessings on your day. Noreen and a very content Reggie

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Outdoor Wednesday my friends~  Well yesterday afternoon hubby and I headed to the high places-one of my favorite things to do.  It was beautiful but a tad windy; it is always windy in the Rockies.   Unfortunately for us we didn't see any Bighorn Sheep or Goats but caught a glimpse of two large Elk herds laying in the grass.  We actually went to a new area to check it out for the summer hiking; a trail that leads to two waterfalls.  We should have realized that it would be inaccessible to us, in our jeans(hubby wore shorts)and tennis shoes when we saw a group coming out with cross country skies.  So we turned around for fear of my slipping and continued with our drive. We went to my favorite store, Cottage Bliss, and I finally met Sherri the owner. We had a great chat and hubby bought me several things for my birthday-no material but a cute figurine and a c.d. by one of my favorite Christian singers-Robin Mark.  Oh how I love his music, doesn't hurt that he's in Belfast and many of his worship songs are typical Irish sounding songs.
Last night my vertigo kicked in so I skipped my class today, for fear of falling and having the teacher fuss over me.  I have walked and hope maybe we'll get on the bikes today for a ride.  I am actually going to the supermarket for a few items and possibly I'll get some Bonine, which helps positional vertigo.  I usually get it in the spring and so I don't get overly concerned anymore but last night felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz movie with the bed spinning. 
Our weather today is incredible but rain it supposed to hit next week, which we need but I just so love the warm sunshine. 
Blessings on your day, Noreen

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Great Reads

Good morning friends,  I hope you had a great day yesterday and counted your blessings!  Now that my ladies study is over, I'm back to reading a lot more; I want to share these with you because they were both such good books-especially if you like Amish stories.
Jerry Eicher has become one of my favorite Amish authors.  When I return these books to the library today, I am looking for more of this series.  Check it out.
For those of us who love Amish stories, Beverly Lewis is an old time favorite author.  This book didn't disappoint me either.
I'm getting ready to head out the door to walk and then I think I'll ride my bike to the library to return these books and grab a few more.  The day is supposed to be in the 70's so I'm thinking I might be able to persuade hubby to take a drive to the high country.  I'm am so enjoying our spring like weather!!!
Today I am thankful for being able to get out and walk, ride and exercise.  I'll be honest, I don't get a thrill from exercising the way some folks do, but I'm thankful my body works enough for me to persevere when I'd much rather quit.  Of course, all the encouragement I get from my blogging friends helps too as does the upcoming birthday reminding me that I am about to enter a new decade.  Later on in the week, I'll be sharing some of my St. Patrick's Day decorations; I don't have much but I love what I have.
Joy to you, Noreen

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Birthday Party for JJ

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny; our grands all descended on our home at 7:30.  Our birthday boy had already opened his family presents and immediately choose to play with his new remote control car-eating could wait.
Here is Mr. B on the left, Miss A and birthday boy-JJ.  At dinnertime, we gathered at our oldest daughter's home to celebrate. 
Here is Kim and three of her girls.  I'm not quite sure where our Peanut was but she isn't pictured.
Mamma Carrie with Mr. B and Miss A. 
What to get an 11 yr old-no worries, Lego's are always a hit!

Love this photo of Carrie and Miss A.
Cupcakes-yummy! The years are going much too fast!
We had a wonderful day and hubby and I actually squeezed in time for a 7.+ mile bike ride.  Two in a row, I was so tired yesterday that I choose not to go out to ride.  Today, I've had my class at the gym and walked about 3.5 miles as well.  I just wish that some of the flab hanging onto my legs and stomach would disappear.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are adjusting to the time change, if you have it.  As for me, the alarm goes off too early-especially when it's overcast.
Blessings, Noreen

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday

Good morning friends, Well I've already done my exercise class today and walked between 2-3 miles but let me tell you that getting back into shape is tough work!  I think a 5 lb bag of sugar has planted itself on each thigh; I just can't understand how my thighs could get so bad/fat in six months.  I'll make sure, once I'm in better shape, to stay that way and not quit on the exercise-although it is difficult to ride a bike or walk here during the winter, but that is what the gym is for.  Anyway, all sweets are out of the house and I'm determined to lose the weight I put on in the last few months.  It isn't easy though, that's for sure. 
This weekend will be busy for us as tomorrow morning we have all 9 grands here first thing-7:20 a.m. so that the parents can go to a homeschool book sale.  Then tomorrow evening we celebrate our oldest grandson's birthday, he will be 11.  His momma recently told him that he couldn't get any older, he just needed to stop and stay where he was-I so remember those feelings.
Our weather here is supposed to be in the 60's again so I'm hoping hubby and I get out to ride six miles each day for the coming week.  If any of you are in need of extra fluff, just let me know and I'll gladly give you mine.
Toodles,  Noreen

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do You Want To Play Hookey?

I saw this theme earlier, in the week and thought what a great idea it was.  How many of us ever played hookey in high school?  I didn't exactly but did have what was known as a Senior Pass, which meant senior students with high GPA's could take liberties that others couldn't-such as leaving school, writing your own notes to get back into school etc etc. I don't remember every taking advantage of it, well maybe once to write myself a note back in.  But today, after reading a couple of emails, I thought I'd love to just be able to pop over and see some dear friends.
So here are my dreams of  going around blog land.
1.  I have a very best friend Becky, at Junk to Joy, who I would love to just pop in and help today; she's got not one, but two, weddings coming up in the next couple of months and could use an extra pair of hands.  Becky and I haven't met, but let me tell you we are so very close and we are both thankful to the Lord for bringing us together.
2.  I have another friend, Beth at an Instrument for His Glory, would lives in Louisiana and went on a search for a young man along the Natchez I would have loved to join them, to meet Beth and spend some time with her praying and just hanging out.
3.  On this trip, it wouldn't be complete if I didn't stop in and spend some time with another good friend, Miriam, at treasures from a grateful heart.
4. Of course, I should probably go to the eastern coast area and see Kim at Life at Golden Pines and play with all her pups.
5.  Lisa Shaw is another great lady I would have liked to have met while in Florida.
6.  Although there are so many friends I'd like to visit today, Kris at Simplify would definitely be on my list if I headed to warm southern Ca.  Of course, I'd spend some time with Debbie, The Way We Are,  too as she is a little north of Kris. 
Since I can't  just be where ever I wish, I will head to my ladies brunch today to celebrate the end of James.  I hope you have a wonderful day and daydream about places and people you'd like to see today.
Joy To You~Noreen

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Well, I've been to the gym for my hour class and then walked a mile on the treadmill and my body is telling me it isn't used to this!  I really didn't think I was in that bad of shape but girls you'd get a laugh if you saw me in the class, plus my scale is telling me that our house has had too many sweets lately.  Our sunny weather has left and it is overcast and cold, a great day to stitch and read.  Tomorrow we have our brunch for our ladies study and if the weather is nice, I may try and ride in the afternoon.  How about you?  What does your day hold?
Stay warm and relaxed, even if you are working today.
Hugs, Noreen

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From My Library

When hubby and I were in Carmel with our friends, Aletha and I went shopping-one of our favorite past times.   I spotted this book on Tasha Tudor and knew I had to have it; there was only one book on Tasha or I probably would have bought more.  In case you don't know Tasha or her art, next time you are at the library see if they have any of her books.  I first discovered her when my oldest daughter, C, had purchased a book on Tasha after we moved to Colorado. In all the years I taught I had never heard her name, imagine that.  I previously had ordered a book on her life, I had to know more of this little lady but never received it.  The book I got in Carmel has so many of her drawings and pictures; I started to read it the other night before our guests arrived.  Tasha was quite a character; an artist, illustrator and author who wrote more than 90 books, including The Secret Garden.  Tasha lived for 75 yrs and raised her own food, wove her family's clothes, and lived off the land.   Her paintings are incredible and worthy of being framed and hung in a home or child's room.  This book is one I will treasure and is on my living room table; I just need to find the time to sit and read it.
Today we have another spring like day-yippee.  Yesterday I went to the gym, walked a mile on the treadmill after my class and then in the afternoon hubby and I went on a three mile bike ride.  Today I'll be spending some time outside with the grands while my girl runs an errand and I'm hoping to walk or bike ride later.  Tomorrow I'll be stitching or reading as the snow is coming back.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday to you.  I hope you had a blessed weekend filled with giggles and joy.
Ours was good, I meant to take a photo of the cheesecake and post it but forgot.  We had such a nice visit with our friends, great food and fun playing games.  Yesterday, hubby and I worked on the antique chest of drawers we are refinishing and then took our first bike ride of the season.  Let me tell you that my legs protested the entire time and let me know it's been 6 mos since we've ridden.  We did ride 6 mls. though and may even ride today, that is if I survive the class at the gym this morning. 
I continue to think of those that were in the wrath of the tornadoes this last week; having been through one, I completely understand the loss they are facing. 
Blessings on your day my friends,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday to you!  Well this photo is from the Rockies and was taken a few months ago, but from what I could see this morning I imagine it looks about the same.  The snow began to fall last evening, soft and wet, but never the less we got about an inch.  It was forecast for today as well and some places-like Vail- had the interstate closed.  I was a bit concerned last night because I have a class at the gym at 8:00 a.m. and hubby had an appt. at 9:00.  My car doesn't have all wheel drive but his does-so if the roads were very bad this morning, what was I to do?  Well, no worries-the streets were clear so I made the drive without any issues at all.  When it comes to snow, I am a whimp and like( rather love) having an all wheel drive vehicle.  Let me tell you it's cold outside; when I got home I had to put the garbage cans out and I couldn't wait to get into a nice warm home. I'm supposed to walk in a bit, but I don't think that is going to happen. 
Our weekend is pretty low key, other than having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night. I've got a new potato recipe to bake and a cheesecake to make, plus a run to Whole Foods.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you can get outside, regardless of what your weather is.  Don't forget to pray for those impacted by the tornadoes, another one hit this morning in Alabama.
Hugs, Noreen

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March

Can you believe that March is already upon us?  It simply amazes me how quickly time flies by; not that I have a lot to show for my days but really it is Thursday already.  Yesterday I got to spend time with one set of grands, helping hold little ones while momma read the last of their daily literature.  All of our grands love to read and love to be read to; they would easily give up some of their other work just to read-I love it.  After lunch, I gave their puppy a bath; you see she has been in heat and we wanted to figure out how much longer she had and give her a clean smell.  Unfortunately for my girl, Petro still has another week to go; she will be spayed in the next several months-I'm suggesting that maybe they have it done after the school year is done and time can be devoted to her.
I never made it to the quilt stores yesterday; I am still working on my "autumn blaze" quilt and thought I was almost finished but No, I've got a lot left to quilt. 
Today is the last video at our ladies study and next week we have a brunch. With spring looming out there, I am actually looking forward to more free time before hubby and I go on vacation.  Actually, the bike and treadmill at the gym are calling me.
I hope you have an awesome Thursday, filled with peace and joy and no wind- it's quite windy here but not like in the midwest-those poor folks.