Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss F

Today is another granddaughter's birthday, Miss F, turns 7. Since both these girls birthdays are just 2 days apart, their mamas try to do a joint birthday party for them. Yesterday morning we all gathered at our youngest daughter's(yes the one who just had the baby) home to celebrate.  What a fun time!  Above you can see Miss F sharing the day with her cousin, Miss D.
There are two girls missing here but what a blessing to have all the girls so close and cherishing cousins.
Miss S would tell you that apart from her sisters, Miss F is her best friend.
Now, you knew I'd have to share our little bundle with you; here is Papa holding him.
Isn't he just too precious!
Mr. B, big brother to Miss F, checking out the candles-just to make sure they stayed lit. Hubby and I had to head out right away for obedience classes for Hunter; I was so happy because the trainer said he had so improved in one week and that was without much practice.  This week, I'm planning on working on all our commands more and I'm hoping that I get them down.
Hubby and I did take a trip up to the high places on Friday to see the colors and the elk; I'll be sharing those pics tomorrow.
Have a great evening my friends.  Noreen

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss D

Today our granddaughter, Miss D, turns four; amidst all the excitement of her baby brother arriving, we couldn't let this day go by without telling her how much she means to us.  She is a bundle of energy and lots of smiles.  Active as the day is long, she has been into the doctor more than once, for injuries sustained while being somewhat of a wild child.  While I was caring for her and her three sisters this week, I noticed she has become much more sensitive; I will say that her mama told me she is very sensitive, I just hadn't seen it as much as I did this week.  To watch her and her younger sister, Miss A, whisper and giggle to each other is so precious.  She is a big helper and also a mama's girl. 
Miss D, Happy Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you are part of our family and I look forward to watching you grow and mature.  May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.
WE LOVE YOU!  Nana & Papa

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This Nana's heart is rejoicing and so very thankful today for our little bundle, Logan.  Here he is laying on his quilt that was made with love & prayers.  My joy is full!  We haven't yet seen him with his eyes open but are told they are blue; with one sister that has blue eyes, I think she'd be so happy if his eyes didn't change.  Today after bible study, I'm stopping by my girls home to drop off a little something I had picked up for her; o.k. I'm really stopping by to see this little one.
Thursday blessings to you~Noreen

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greetings friends, It is good to be home and I'd love to say that I am no longer tired, even though I slept in but the truth of the matter is I still feel a bit exhausted.  Now mind you, it is a good exhausted.  Mama, Daddy and baby Logan got home late yesterday afternoon to four screaming and excited sisters.  Hubby and I had dinner with them and then got to hold the baby before leaving them to settle in.  I can tell you that he is one little guy but oh so adorable.  I didn't have my camera but will take more photos when I see them.  After all, I did want to give them a chance to relax and get life back to normal-or a new normal.  The girls so missed their mom and dad so much; I know that a good nights sleep will help everyone.  I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit much but I'm sure you understand.
Here in northern Colorado, it rained again all night long and their is snow in the high country. I was hoping hubby and I could get up there tomorrow to look at the colors but I'm not sure about it. 
I hope you have a splendid day!
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Puppy Left Alone is a Naughty Puppy

Happy Tuesday all~Well I can say that Hunter showed some of his puppyness these last few days, when I was staying with our four granddaughters while mama, daddy and baby were in the hospital.
Sunday night, hubby almost brought him over to spend the night because he was crying & whining non-stop.  He ended up in his crate downstairs-so thankful he loves it.  Then yesterday, when we all came over after breakfast, on the way to the hospital, he had gotten into some fall decorations and chewed them all up-not a lot mind you, but enough.  We were there for a bit and I thought I put everything up out of his range....hahahaha.  We came back with lunch and discovered he had chewed up some paper and also found one of my old flip-flops from Kauai, in the laundry room, and chewed that up.  So then, he went with me  and the girls to  our daughter's house; he had some playtime with their puppy and I was hoping he'd just relax when I put their pup outside.  After naps were over, we went to our oldest daughter's house for playtime-both for the girls & their cousins but also for Hunter and Lily.  Last night we spent the night at our home, all the girls and yes their puppy & her crate; I don't think hubby wanted another night of whining.  Baby Logan comes home mid day today( we hope, his billiruben numbers are high) and I think it will be great for everyone to settle into a new normal.  S-i-l  is taking two weeks off work, if necessary, to help get everyone settled in.  After that, I'm sure I will be helping out alot too-can't waste two good hands and arms to hold a baby.   Have a fabulous day my friends,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Please Meet Our Newest Prince

Happy Monday to you. After a very long day yesterday, our daughter Kim gave birth to a healthy and beautiful little boy, Logan. Although we knew his gender for quite awhile, we had no idea what they would name him; our daughter and sil have always chosen Irish names to honor my ancestry and family.
He is so very precious and we are so thankful for the Lord's protection over both mama and son.
Four big sisters, oh my.  We are thankful that there are five males that will make sure he has plenty of guy time.
Pure Love.
One proud Papa.
I think the excitement for him has just begun.

The youngest was a bit unsure of the crying but the girls are so smitten.  We thought they might come home late tomorrow but just found out that it will be Tuesday before they are released.  More fun times for Nana and her girls; wish I was holding that baby boy though.
Wanting to share my joy with you today~Noreen

Saturday, September 22, 2012

School Days

Happy Saturday friends, I am anticipating having lots of baby photos next week so thought I'd post some pics of Hunter's first day at obedience class.
Waiting to see if we are going on a walk or a drive.
Meeting our instructor; I was very impressed with her and her style of training; I will say that age has made my responses with training quite a bit slower than they used to be and I think she'll have more work with me than with Hunter.  It is a very small class; today was just Hunter and I and her daughter who is training to assist her, with a friends dog, that needed training.
I feel like I've already learned so much; it is so different than when I last trained a dog-which is probably about 28 yrs ago.  One of her strategies for Hunter is to have other people to work with him, to help teach him not to be so shy. 
The trainer's daughter getting him comfortable with her.

I will have to curtail his walking with his friends for now because of the distraction and wanting him to focus solely on me.  If I can get the timing down to reward him immediately when he obeys-that is my challenge this week.  We are also working on making sure he does not think he is alpha, which also entails no free feeding-I don't think he knows what he is in for.  He did really well and actually played, at the end, with the big yellow lab for about 20 min.  The lab was perfect for him, as she stayed laying down and wasn't too overly rambunctious with him.  The other dog that will be in the class is a German Shepherd so Hunter will learn to relax with big dogs.
Have a great weekend!
Noreen & Hunter

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Happy Friday from me to you!  Well, I've been on our morning walk but had to cut it short because my walking buddy's hubby got a flat tire on his bike and she had to go rescue him.  Hubby and I also went over to our youngest's house to watch her four while she went to her weekly appt.  I did hear two new phrases that I just loved-so now our girl calls her littles-4 Peeps and a Pop(boy).  It is just so cute.  She used to call them her chickadees but can't anymore so this is their new title.  Also, our oldest granddaughter Miss S, heard the expression from Jonathon Park(an audio story teller) "CRT" which means Creation Response Team but she has changed their family title to CRT but it means "crazy response team" which is a really good title for them.  So back to my girls appt; she is dilated to four and the gal she saw said this baby will be here before Tuesday.  Our girl was given a list of things to encourage labor(many of us are wondering Why?)but due to the fact that her third daughter has a birthday next Friday, they want to be home from the hospital by the time the birthday happens.  I'm anticipating this weekend, but we'll see.  Tomorrow morning Hunter has his first obedience class(I know I've mentioned this before), the good news is that there are only three other dogs in the class and the trainer is working with an assistant so it is almost like private lessons.  I happen to know she charges $65.per hour for individual classes, so I am very excited we will have a small group.  Hubby is all set to watch the four grands while I take Hunter to class, in case our girl is in the hospital.  I think it will be a great weekend. I will post photos of the wee lad when we meet him.
Joy to you.
Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Thursday to you~By now, many of you are on your way home from work or thinking about dinner.  Today just got away from me; Thursday's are always busy-not only a walk first thing but then bible study until almost noon.  This afternoon we ran out to our oldest girl's and picked up two grandsons, so that hubby could take them over to the golf course and utilize the driving range.  It is never too early to teach a sport, especially since my hubby has free golf privileges which makes it nice for the grands.  Afterwards, we went back over so Hunter could spend some time with Lily; they have such fun together.  I've visited a couple of blogs today-it is another sad day, one friend(Fern)lost her precious dog Zoie and is devastated  by this traumatic loss.  My heart is so heavy for her tonight.
On a happier note-new shows are on t.v. now.  We watched Survivor last night and as always got caught up in it.  For those who watch it, I have to say I was a bit disappointed that Lisa did not bond more with her tribe; Lisa used to play Blair on Growing Pains.  It will be interesting to see how long she lasts. 
I hope you have a relaxed evening; I better because Friday mornings are always busy-I watch my youngest girl's four while she gets her weekly check up. I'm thinking this will be the last time she goes in for this appointment. 
Until tomorrow~
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

                                                                  Kauai, April 2012
Blessings on your day!
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Tuesday to you!  I wanted to share the first, of twelve blocks, I made yesterday  for my new quilt. I love how scrappy this will look; the colors look more soft here but they are actually warm autumn colors.  I am going to work on more squares today; we have the perfect weather for it.
When I got ready to walk this morning, I checked our temperature gauge and it read 49 degrees; fall is definitely here. Each night on the news they show photos of the high country and how the colors are changing; oh my it is beautiful!  I heard that there are heavy rains on the east coast, hopefully it will help the parched land. Just as the land needs the rain, so we need love too to grow and thrive.  May you be blessed with love today.
Hugs, Noreen

Monday, September 17, 2012

Touches of Fall

Happy Monday to you.  I was awakened to rain this morning, it was coming down pretty hard; we sure need it.  We got this Mum two years ago for about $5.00; look at how she has grown. I just love it and got another small one for the porch that isn't doing well, so it will probably go in the ground this afternoon.
 We are still on baby watch and I've stopped calling my girl and asking how she is feeling. This little guy will come when it's time; our girl does have her weekly check up on Friday but her dr. thought the baby might be here before that.  My weekend was really relaxed and I didn't get to the quilt; actually I'm just finishing reading The Pioneer Woman's  'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels'.  What a great book this has been; I've followed Ree Drummond on and off now for years and I've watched her shows too.  My girl got it at the library and read it in a day, so I took it thinking when I was at her house and she was in the hospital, I would have something to read.  Oh well.  Ree is definitely a gifted writer and this book is an easy read.
Today, I am hoping to work on the quilt fabric; it is all cut but I have to organize it better before I start working on coordinating fabrics for squares.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are starting out this new week energized.
Joy to you today!  Noreen & Hunter

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday

Good morning friends~It is such a beautiful morning here in Colorado; it is cool and sunny.  Hunter and I have already gone on our walk and I'm getting ready to head over to my girls, to watch her four, while she has her weekly dr appt.  I can't wait to hear how she is progressing; I think this boy will arrive shortly.
I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Thursday to you~Just think the weekend is almost here.  Yesterday unfolded differently than I expected, but that's alright.  I spent five minutes in front of cut fabric, thinking I should have organized it better.Maybe this afternoon I will work on that.  We ran errands and spent time with those close to my heart.  Last night we went over to my youngest daughter's home to help replace a leaky pipe.  Her cough is getting a bit better and she is able to sleep now; I just want her strength completely returned before she goes into labor.
Today I am thankful for the words of wisdom so many of you shared about Hunter's picky eating habits.  I was concerned that using moist food with his dry wouldn't be good for him, but you all reassured me that you use either a small amount of canned or something else with your pups kibble.  Hubby also did another weight check on him and he is up to 12 lbs now, right where he should be.  Thank you friends for your encouragement!
I am thankful that the ladies Bible Study starts today; we are doing a Beth Moore study of John, The Beloved.  I waffled back and forth whether to attend this fall but in the end decided it was a good discipline for me and holds me accountable.  I am also looking forward to seeing some close girlfriends on a weekly basis.
I am thankful my hubby is away on golf today.  He should have a great time and its not raining.
I am thankful for the little guy at my feet and the hope of his getting past his puppiness, that I do love, but want some of the mischief to stop-like climbing on end tables to get miniature pumpkins my grands gave me.
I am thankful for prayer; so many needs came before me this week and it is a privilege to lift others up.
Have a blessed day!  Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Wednesday to you!  Here in Colorado, it is pouring and cool, which reminds me of northern California winters.  I think it is going to be a fine day to stay inside and sew; Hunter seems to think it is a fine morning to get into mischief. Last week, I needed to get him another bag of dry food and so I went up to the adult version.  Our daughter's dog Lilly eats it and when they are together, Hunter always eats her food.  You may remember how picky he was when we first got him with his food-I tried so many brands before settling on Royal Canine.  It's been good until this week; he has decided that he really doesn't like the dry food all that much and prefers the FreshPet Select loaf I give him at night.  If I had gotten the new bag of food from our local Pet*mart, I would simply take it back but I went to a new store and don't know there exchange policy.  I've never had a dog as picky as he is; I'm wondering if it is his breed?  I've tried Blue Buffalo and some other high quality dry foods that are natural but haven't found one he likes.  Any suggestions, my friends?  I know the old adage-if he gets hungry enough, he'll eat it.  I know he is already spoiled(can't believe this happened either) but we do worry about him since he is so small-10 lbs.  For those with picky small dogs, if you've had a similar situation and have advice, I'd appreciate it.  I actually put a small amount of diluted chicken broth on his food this morning-it is still in the bowl, although I think he drank some of the liquid. 
Hope you have a wonderful day; enjoy your weather. 
 Noreen, a frustrated mama & a very spoiled Hunter

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Will Never Forget

I can vividly remember right where I was when these attacks occurred.  I think we all can.  I'm here to say I will never stop being grateful for those who fought to save lives and I won't forget those who lost their lives or the lives of loved ones. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Quilts

Good Morning Friends~I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had a good one and I am so glad to have these two quilts completed. Yesterday, I took the baby quilt over to our girl's house so she could have it for the hospital. She is due any day but I'm hoping she can wait until she is over her bronchitis; she ended up in the ER on Friday evening because of she has having a hard time breathing and didn't want to take any chances. Thankfully, she was sent home with antibiotics. She was without a voice all weekend but today feels more like herself;I will say she is very anxious to have her little guy but I keep saying that she needs to get her strength back before she goes into labor.
She was thrilled with the quilt-which always makes this mama happy.
Hard to tell but I outlined all the figures in the center squares.    In fact, the quilting on the borders is a bit difficult to see as well.  Any of you quilters out there who also happen to be good photographers, please share some tips with me.  I had my Nikon on the setting for close ups but still had a hard time getting the quilting.  I'm such a novice when it comes to photography, as you all know, I can use all the tips and help I can get.
This is a wall hanging I started when we moved here; I put it away when we moved into our current home and just recently pulled it out.  All I had to do was put the binding on so I did that yesterday.  I have two other purple wall hangings that go with this; this reminds me of California Wine Country.

Again, the quilting is hard to see but I have this in all the white squares.  I did use a template on these circles and disappearing ink.  I am very happy with the way this turned out; now that it is done I can get out my next project and begin working on that.  I will say it was such fun last night to sit and watch our Broncos play a good football game while hand stitching.
May your day be filled with beauty and creativity in all areas of your life.
Hugs, Noreen 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Finished Project

When I first began to  want to learn the art of quilting, I made a wall hanging for our home. After that, all the quilts that I made in California were for other people~my sister undergoing chemo and then then the five baby quilts for our grands. About 14 yrs ago I also started going to Mystery Quilt Weekends and had a couple of wall hangings for that. When we moved to Colorado and retired, I began making quilts for hubby and I. I gave him a flannel quilt on Christmas one year, that he uses every winter and about two years ago, I made a fall quilt for myself. Last year when we were up in Washington, I got this fabric and pattern and spent last winter working on this. Last night I finished the binding and washed it this morning. Without further adieu here it is.

I can honestly say that this is my favorite quilt thus far; I added more quilting than I have in the past, in a feather pattern that hopefully you can see in the bottom two photos.  I love the colors and prints and it screams Autumn to me.
I also want to say that although I did finish the baby quilt, I can't post photos until my girl gets it-probably this weekend. 
Now I have one other wall hanging to put binding on and then I can begin my newest quilt project.  I'm looking forward to football season because this is when I get so much quilting done.
Have a joyous weekend. 
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday and let me tell you I have so many things to be thankful for; I'm not sure I can get them all listed, due to space, but here are a few.
~I am thankful that each day I wake up alive.
~I am thankful for my eyesight; I didn't share but when we were away I had an issue with my left eye. I thought it was dust or something that would pass but it didn't, so last Friday I went into the eye doctor who was concerned I had torn my retina.  Thankfully, although I had the same symptoms, mine was just a sign of aging.  Oh the joy of it.  All I could think of is that I didn't want surgery and if I was to lose my vision my life would surely change-no more quilting for one.  So aging isn't fun but it always beats the alternative.
~I am thankful that I finished the baby quilt this week for our new grandson, soon to be born. I can't post photos of it until I give it to my girl.
~I am thankful, beyond words, at how well our daughter's pregnancy has progressed.  Our daughter has always had complications, been high risk and on bed rest for a good amount of time.  This pregnancy though, has found her free of those issues that caused preterm labor; now if she can have a easy labor & delivery we will be so thrilled.
~I am thankful that after four girls, they are getting their boy. What fun this will be for everyone, but I think especially for our sil.
~I am thankful I got the binding on another unfinished quilt and am 1/4 way through tacking it down.  Once it is done, I will post a photo.
~I am thankful that I was able to get out and walk in the cool morning air with our Hunter.  I am hoping our winter will be mild again so it doesn't stop us from walking each day.  I know I can get Hunter booties for the snow, but would so prefer not to.
~I am thankful that he is such a clown and that some of his antics may stop when he is an adult.
~I am thankful I got some ground cover pulled out that was around a tree in the front yard.  The tree has done poorly the last year or so and I began to wonder if the ground cover was hindering water and nutrients from getting to the roots of the tree.  I seem to remember that you shouldn't have heavy plantings at the base of trees for that reason.  It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference.
~I am thankful that I am having lunch with a dear friend  today and that we will be able to catch up on life.

May you find a thousand things to be thankful for today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From My Library

As you know, I have begun previewing books for Bethany House Publishers; generally I choose Christian Fiction but last month I was given several titles on Spiritual Growth and I choose this one. I will say I was influenced reading that the Forward was written by a pastor I am familiar with, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding Ca. My review is below and I did not receive any payment for previewing this book.                          

                         An Invitation to the Supernatural Life  by Michele Perry

I found the title "An Invitation to the Supernatural Life" intriguing and I feel this book truly  is an invitation. If you are hungering and thirsting after a deeper walk with Christ and longing to have answers to questions such as "Why do physical miracles still happen in other parts of the country but not in the US?" answered, I would encourage you to find this book and read it.  I checked the scripture verses quoted, for accuracy, and found them so.

Michele Perry is a missionary in So. Sudan and shares her life story with us; beginning at a very early age, she began to have encounters with the Lord. Michele chronicles her journey of walking with Christ in the Spirit and her growth and understanding of the powerful work He still does today in the lives of believers.  Will the Holy Spirit force Himself on us? No, for He is gentle; this book continually stressed the importance of focusing on the Giver and not the gifts.   Each chapter has questions at the end and a very touching prayer for the reader; but I must say this book was hard to put down. I found myself wanting more and more of Michele's story.  Her chapters weave her time between her life in the U.S. and her life in So.Sudan with hundreds of children who call her mama.
After reading the first couple of chapters, I began leaving the questions blank until my next reading-which will begin this next week.  I want to really read it slowly and glean the truth that the Lord has for me in it.
I would challenge even the most conservative Christians to read this book with an open mind and see what the Lord might have for you.
This is a book that I will keep; it is on the same level as some of the greats I have read. I would encourage you to get this book and read Michele's story for yourself.
I need to tell  you that I have not received any payment or compensation for previewing this book.

Enjoy your day.  Noreen

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Blessing

Happy Tuesday Friends! I just love it when you, unexpectedly, get a card in the mail that blesses you. I had friends, years ago, that called these Smile Cards because they'd bring a smile to your face. I'm not talking about a specific card for a specific reason, but one that is just because someone cares and is often unsigned. I received this card on Friday; no return address and it was unsigned but just said that I was in their thoughts and that she hoped I had a blessed day. It was handmade and that made it even more special.  Love it, I tell if you sent it, consider yourself hugged.
I love being able to bless others in secret; it might be a card, a small gift, a luncheon or something I know will touch the receiver.  How about you?  Do you enjoy giving to others, without them knowing who the giver was?  I'd love to hear the types of gifts you have given, how you give in secret and ways you've been blessed by others.
Enjoy your day.  Noreen

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Every Labor Day our town has weekend festivities; including a Hot Air Balloon dawn patrol, a car show, arts and craft show and also a good size parade.
One of the things that the balloonists do is to drop down and touch the water; from our house it looks like the balloon is actually landing on the beach.  Hubby took these shots when he was at the golf course, so this is not our view.

There were so many equestrian groups and some beautiful horses.  You can imagine how excited our grands were to see them.
I thought this was such a beautiful bloom on our daughter's artichoke plant.  I love the color and the only thing that could have made it better is if they had actually harvested some of the chokes.
I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day, filled with family activities and rest.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh No!

Eight to ten years ago I purchased this thimble at our annual quilt show; it was not only lovely and hand crafted but it fit perfectly.  I can tell you that it was made by Thimbles by TJ..  It was very expensive but I was working and had long nails, so I felt it was worth the investment.  I has been a wonderful tool for quilting!  This last week though, I got a hole in the base and my needle gets stuck.  Oh bother!  Thankfully, my bff had kept all of her receipts-she purchased one at the same time and she was able to give me the website info.  I know they can repair it and hopefully will be able to get the hole sealed. However, this is the only thimble I use and can't imagine being without it;  thankfully I am done with the baby quilt and won't need to hand quilt anything for a bit. There is a big quilt show in a few weeks, south of here, and they may be selling them there but the current cost  is $100.  Yes mam, you read that right.  There may be a metal glue that would work as well; I have figured out, though, that when you average the years I've had the thimble and the quilts I've made, it has probably have paid for itself several times over.  
I wonder, for you my quilting friends, if you hand stitch-do you use a thimble.  I so love the look of this one, I really hope I am able to get it fixed.
Have a great weekend.  
Blessings,  Noreen
PO Box 2140
Fairfield, IA 52556