Friday, June 29, 2012

The Waldo fire isn't new news to most of us and yet looking at this photo of homes going up in flames is a reality check.  I can't even imagine how devastating this is to the folks that live in this community but I well remember the threat of wildfires when we lived in California.  This blaze has had more fatalities than the High Park fire, probably because the area is more densely populated.  I love Colorado Springs and this scene is so sad.  I was reminded yesterday that often we humans love to build homes where we shouldn't-be it in northern California on the Russian River, that floods every year and was intended to only have summertime residents, or in the heavily forested mountains.  Regardless of where, the loss of one's home is overwhelming.  My heart aches for all those impacted by the fires here in Colorado. These devastating losses makes me thankful for all that I am blessed with. I am thankful that I am not watching a fire destroy everything we have. I am thankful for life and liberty here in this great country; for the men and women who fight tirelessly to protect what we have-be it in the armed services or firefighters/police.  I am thankful for the hope of a new day.  I am thankful for cooler temps and light rains that have helped.  I am thankful for eternal HOPE because like the photo above, one day all our things will be as ash. 
Will you join me in prayer for all those impacted across our country by the wildfires? 
Be Safe!  Noreen

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Thursday to you!  It's been a busy day for me already- I've been walking, to a garage sale, run errands and watched the last half of our grands swim lessons.  Next I'm off to get my hair cut; I had planned on color as well, but my family says it looks perfect the way it is, so I think I'll wait another cut or two.  Last time I had it colored, I had my gal use organic/natural color that is supposed to be better for your hair. It is a bit more costly, but it's been five months and it still looks good. 
I hit the library yesterday for a couple of new books but of course they didn't have them yet, but I did come home with two.  I also checked into reviewing books for Bethany House but I don't meet the requirements.  Bummer. 
Today I'm thankful for cooler temps; the High Park fire is almost contained and hopefully some of the firefighters from there can go to the Waldo fire.  My prayers are going up for those who have lost their homes and belongings in these fires.
Blessings,  Noreen

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How has your week been so far?  How is your weather? I'm amazed that in parts of the east, there are heavy downfalls and flooding going on, while here in Colorado we've had five days of over 100 degree weather and new wildfires blazing around the state.  I've already been out walking; back to our 1.5-2 mile walks with Kam and Lexie, which tire pour Hunter out.  Next we go to swim lessons and then right before lunch we go to watch the grands, who will be exhausted by then, take their riding lessons.  The rest of the day is really open and it is supposed to only be in the low 90's today. 
I hope your weather is affecting your health; there are many folks here who are having asthma from all the smoke in the air. 
I'm thankful that we don't live in the beautiful foothills though, because we might be without a home. 
I'm headed over to KB's blog, Romping & Rolling in the Rockies, to check on her.
Have a peaceful day.
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hunter's Summer Do

Hunter here, just stopping by to see what happened to me today.  Mom is always sharing about everyone else, but she wanted to show you my summer cut.  I will tell you that it does feel better but I'm not sure whether I like the place or not.  When we got there this morning I was excited until I got to the door and then I remembered the place.  They get me all wet and put some girly purple shampoo on me and if that isn't bad enough, after I got my hair cut I have to have this loud dryer thing blowing on me.  The lady told mom I really don't like the hair dryer; but I don't like the air conditioning, in the car, blowing on me either.  Mom says I look different but she loves seeing my eyes.  She works really hard at keeping me brushed, every day, and making sure I don't have mats.  She loves me so much, even  especially when I smell all girly.  As long as I don't have to go back too soon, I'll be o.k.
How do you stay cool in the summer?  I don't like water so that is out and I guess this will have to do.
Tail Wags,  Hunter
p.s. she did buy me a new soft, squeeker toy that is a badger and a new soft towel for my den, so I guess I'll forgive having to get this cut.

Tuesday Tidbits

Today is going to be one of those errand days I think.  Now that my girlfriend Kam is back,she and I will be walking Lexie and Hunter first thing this morning, before it is too hot.  Immediately afterward, I'm taking Hunter to the groomers; I know getting trimmed will make him feel so much better, just hoping he does well there.  Right down the street from the groomers is the town pool,, where our grands are taking lessons, so I will swing by there to watch them. They are doing so well and have improved so much over the last month.
I also need to get a nice  bath towel for Hunter's crate; I had a throw blanket in there but he has decided he loves to chews on the strings on the edge. I do worry about his choking and thought a nice soft bath towel would work better.  By the time I get back to pick him up, it will be in the 100's for sure, not sure what I'll do to stay cool.
I forgot to mention I've officially been bitten by the Pinterest bug. I put off looking at this online board site for so long but finally did, after my daughter's told me they were on it.  I like being able to see photos of decorating, food, entertaining and then to save them for the future.  I guess it would be like a folder but it is organized easier.  Have you checked this site out yet?  
Have a bright and beautiful day!
Noreen & Hunter

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday dear friends. I hope you had a fun packed weekend! We had high temps here and many fires throughout our state. The temps reached the 100's so on Saturday so hubby and I joined our oldest daughter's family at our local public pool for swimming. I can tell you it was such fun and a relief with the heat. In fact, yesterday afternoon hubby and I went on our own because it was so hot. Although the pool was crowded, it wasn't crazy and just felt good to hit the water.
Our yard is filled with baby birds and here is one I just happened to see. 
Our sunset Saturday evening, through the smoke. 
Smoke always makes the prettiest of sunsets but unfortunately many are without homes.  We did get rain last night and I'm hoping that it helped the fighters get a better handle on the fire.
Today, we've already been to watch grands at their swim lessons and visited a friend in her new home. I'm off now to babysit one group of grands; hubby and I are actually discussing going to a movie this afternoon, so we can stay out of the heat.
Have a great day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Gathering of Loved Ones

We were blindfolded and told that the grands wanted to show us their surprise, the one they had been working on. What could it be? We wondered if it were a woodworking project, maybe some chairs for outside, but truly had no idea.
I was in total shock, it took a few minutes to register that all of our dearest friends were honoring us;  many had flown out and we were totally & completely surprised.
The family gathered around us and showed us the invitation that went out.  They left nothing out of their plans.
Our beloved girls, Kim & wee one in the green top and Carrie in the white.
Sister of my heart Sue and best friend from California, Barb.
Papa telling Miss S that she did a great job keeping the secret.
Another dear, dear friend from way back when our girls were toddlers; unfortunately Shelley had her back to the camera.
Our oldest grandson, proud as punch to be a part of this.
Grands coloring; our girls thought of everything.
The two oldest granddaughters-best friends and cousins.
Isn't she just a doll! This is Shelley & Steve's first grandchild; you can tell she is loved on a lot.
My Peanut-how she makes my heart sing; but then all the grands do!!!!
The kids even had music on their IPod that was from our wedding and our favorite songs that we listened to, way back when.
My brother and sister of my heart, made up a poster with lots of different candies and sayings.  It was so creative and funny.
Steve and his precious little granddaughter Tori.
We didn't get a picture with all that we wanted, so I threw this is just because; Barb and I the next day. We had such a blast together, I miss her like crazy(especially when I'm designing a quilt ) and am so thankful that they came out to share our day.

The girls, hubby and I; what an incredible blessing the entire weekend was. 
May your weekend be filled with joy as well my friends.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Food

Happy Thursday to you. On Thursdays, I always try to share something I'm thankful for; today it is pretty easy to see-I am so thankful for our two daughters and their dear hubby's. I am also thankful for all of our grands who worked hard to make this surprise so wonderful. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the wonderful man I married; I think our daughters creativity came from him. I am so thankful for his love and commitment to our family. To our girls, words can never adequately express our profound love and appreciation for all you do each and every day; and to our sil's, you make our daughters lives so much richer just by being the incredible hubby's you are.  Thank you! You also bless our socks off.

Notice the cutting board above-hubby made this about three years ago. 

I am still so in awe of all the work that went into planning this party, transforming the shop into a hall, and cooking all this wonderful food.

I've shown you many of the cakes that our sil has made for his daughters and this one was also just as incredible; reminded me of a wedding cake.  I've said again and again, that this was like being at a wedding for your children, but getting to enjoy it totally without the business of all the various jobs you need to do.
Tomorrow I will share photos of the loved ones who honored us by sharing our celebration.
I hope you all have a splendid day and can find lots in your life to be thankful for. 
Blessings, Noreen

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Party Setting

Good Morning Friends, Hubby and I have been waiting to get the photos from our surprise birthday party and they finally arrived. So without further adieu, here is the first group; the party setting. What is normally a huge shop, able to hold a bus, was transformed into the perfect party setting with twinkling lights, candles, tables, pictures from our lives,gourmet food and most importantly friends. The next few days will show more but here is a taste of the best party ever.

Our little Miss F greeting guests.

Photos from our lives hung around the room-the one in the hat was taken at Disneyland when I was 19(my hair was down to my hips at that point, so often I wore it in braids).  The middle picture was of hubby and I in Hawaii in 1975.
Our loved ones, from California to Colorado.
The ceilings in the shop are approximately 20', maybe a bit higher, but still a lot of work to get the lights up there. Friends kept asking if they would rent it out and cater wedding receptions; a possibility in the future?
One sil made these very cool chalk boards and they were also around the room.  This was truly a highlight of our lives and one that was so incredibly fun.

Several friends asked whether Hunter got into more trouble yesterday and he was pretty good; he did get a morning walk and also a car ride.  He does so well when we are gone-of course that is due to the crate. I also had a great time with my blogging buddies but decided not to take any pics this visit.  
Have a joy filled day!
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To Be A Child

Do you remember what it was like to be a child and participate in sports or play in hundred degree weather and not be bothered? Yesterday we had such a day and the grands also had their riding lessons. I won't say they weren't hot but they were able to really enjoy themselves; I think about riding in this weather and say no thank you. I think the horses were probably saying no thanks as well.  The horse our girl was on actually was ridden twice, first by Miss F and then by Mr. B.

 Look at that smile!  Can you see how happy she is?

Mr. B, future rancher, focusing on his instructions.

Our big guy, JJ, got a new horse who was several years younger and had a lot of energy; in fact JJ almost got into a canter when trotting.

This morning our sweet little guy, Hunter, is getting into mischief. He has been pulling on my tank top all morning and then he ran over to our living room, jumped up on the couch(without being invited)and if you see the napkins-well he was pulling one over to chew on it.  I need to get him out for a walk before it gets too hot, but the kiddos above  have swimming lessons that I will go watch; I guess the walk will have to wait until this evening, maybe just a quick one this morning.  I am going down the road to have lunch with two blogging buddies, we are going to a new place called Basil Flats and I will try to get some pics. We always have a great time visiting and catching up.
Joy to you today~Noreen & Hunter.