Saturday, May 22, 2021

Spring Is Here

Hello friends,  Just about the time I think I'm back on schedule with blogging, life shows me I'm not. Now that spring is here, camping has begun again.  Two weeks ago we went to our favorite local lake and camped for a night, making sure everything was running well with our trailer.  Then this week we headed up to the Rockies for two nights with our dear friends. This is the view we had, it was so beautiful.  It's been almost 11 years since we camped here. It is dry camping, which is a change for us- but fun all the same.  

It was a bit cold and the ground was wet from heavy rains on Monday, so Hunter wore his jacket the entire time.

Another great view; this area reminded us of the Sierra's.

Of course, Wednesday afternoon a thunder/hail storm rolled through for about 30 minutes. It looked like it had snowed.
Our friends had two dogs with them and Hunter enjoys them both, but loves Milo(on the right).

Our campsite had a spring running through it so we hung out in our friends campsite.  
I can't believe how fast May has flown by; this coming week is crazy for us with lots of commitments.

Take care and enjoy every day.