Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

The house is all back to normal, cleaned and dusted, ready to start the New Year. From my heart and home to you all, may your New Year be filled with rich blessings from above and joy to carry you through long winter days. See you in 2013!
With love,
Noreen & Hunter

Friday, December 28, 2012

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Happy Friday Friends!  It is hard to believe that our year is really winding down; however winter has definitely hit us, here in northern Colorado.  It snowed most of yesterday and although light, we still have lots of snow on the ground.  We woke up to frost laden trees today and a temperature of about 5 degrees-can you say Burr!  Meanwhile, yesterday our new IPad Mini arrived and we are having fun trying to get the hang of it.  It is much like our IPhones and that makes it a bit similar but still we are on a learning curve. I went to sync our ITunes to it today but of course they've upgraded the ITunes store so now I have to view a tutorial and learn my way around the new site.  Oh getting old is challenging at times.
I hope you all have a warm day and have a wonderful weekend; I still haven't gotten to any organizing I want to do, but maybe this weekend.  Hubby and I watched an interesting documentary last night, that we got at Red Box, called Wild Horses, Wild Ride; if you are a horse lover or have young people in your family this is a good flick.  It is all about training wild mustangs and an event that happens yearly in El Paso, Texas.
Until later, warm winter hugs to you!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

From My Library

This is one of the most suspenseful, romance thrillers I've read in a long time; a book that was hard to put down but also kept rolling through my thoughts at bedtime. I had read one of Kristen Heitzmann's book quite awhile ago, but it wasn't as suspenseful as this.
From the back cover of the book: "Corporate turnaround specialist Morgan Spencer, dubbed the "success guru," has a Midas touch in business.  But losing his wife sent him to the brink, and his two-year-old daughter, Livie, is all he's living for-until they encounter a woman whose trouble just might draw him out of his own.  Four years ago Quinn Reilly did the right thing.  Now the man her testimony put in jail is getting out.  Though she has put up barriers to protect herself and those around her, she has come to care for the Spencer family, especially the winsome Livie and her mercurial father.  Unwilling to put them as risk when the threats begin, she requests something she hope the super-successful Morgan might be able to deliver. 
Fixing problems is what Morgan does best, but his counterproposal takes them in a direction neither is equipped to handle.  Determined to confront the past, will they survive to build a future?"

This book has so many twists and turns, you are never quite sure what will happen next.  A good plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  The characters are well developed and you can imagine that you know them.  I will say this isn't for the faint of heart; but if you like mysteries, you'll like this. Check your library to see if they have it on their shelves, you won't be disappointed.
I received this book free from Bethany House for my honest review and did not get any compensation.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good afternoon friends~I wonder if you are still scurrying around, returning gifts or hitting the sales?  Hubby and I had a lovely Christmas, with our girls and their families.  It is hard to believe we've gotten so used to 16 of us, it doesn't faze me a bit.  Of course, having said that it would seem that the last two big holiday dinners we've had, I forgot something.  I'm not sure what has happened but now will print out the email and put it on the refrigerator so I can check everything off.  Both times, it was food that I couldn't eat-maybe it just didn't stick in my memory.  Our family spoiled us as always-they always overdue but we certainly appreciate each and every gift.
As many of you know, hubby and I were looking at Nook's and Kindle Fire's to purchase after the holidays.
Well, after price comparison and really mulling the decision over, we ended up getting a IPad Mini. What we liked about this is that now we are familiar with our IPhones and the technology won't be too different, plus I can get apps for both Nook & Kindle.  We are looking forward to taking it on trips verses one of the laptops, it should be much lighter and easier to carry.  It should be arriving on Saturday or maybe Monday-we just can't wait to play with it.
It is sunny out today but so very cold.  We took one short drive but I'm in the house for the afternoon, ready to sit in the sun and read.  I hope your afternoon is peaceful and filled with contentment.
Hugs, Noreen

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A White Christmas

My dad always sang White Christmas during the holidays. The snow starting falling last night and this is what we woke up to today; somehow Christmas is a little more magical when snow is covering everything.
Christmas Blessings you to friends.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

From My Home To Yours, Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Tea Party

Hello Friends~I'm wondering how many folks are visiting blog friends or if the majority of you are out preparing for Christmas? I did some last minute shopping this morning and got the gifts wrapped and under the tree for someone special. It feels good to have at least a few presents taken care of; the rest are needing to be wrapped and sitting in their stockings so hubby and I can make sure that no one is forgotten. We had our Girlie Tea Party yesterday and it was such fun. Daughter Kim did a wonderful job hosting it; the table looked so beautiful and the scones, muffins and cake were yummy. The little girls were dressed up, looking very festive. I prepared the crafts and think that it went well; each girl took home two new ornaments.
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Kim set the table with linens, china and candles-so elegant and training the girls early.
The family room decorated perfectly.
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The girls with their snowflake ornaments.  So precious.Posted by Picasa

Their second ornament; a bit more challenging but a memory to be sure!
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Carrie is on the left and Kim on the right; such incredible blessings-my two girls!
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Carrie and her girls; the boys were with Papa.
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Kim and her girls.
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The girls and I; nothing richer in life than to be so close to your daughters.
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Our newest grand, Little Man as he is affectionately called. He slept through almost the entire party. Love this little guy! Next year, he'll probably be hanging with Papa and the boys. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.
Joy,  Noreen

Friday, December 21, 2012

Modern Day Miracles

Recently I received this book, free of charge, from Bethany House Publishers for my honest review.  I was not compensated in any way for this.
In each of our lives, at some point or another we will all face situations beyond our control; it could be an illness, a loved one who is fighting for their life or a tragedy.  Many today believe that miracles only occurred in biblical times or in third world countries.  What we need to remember is that God is still on the Throne and often works in ways that are different from what we'd like.  This book chronicles, in 30 chapters, the lives of regular people who have experienced supernatural miracles in their lives.  It is not a formula but rather faith building testimonies of those who have seen the Lord restore health and life.  About half way through the book, I was reading a chapter and a name I was familiar with(from our old city in Ca)was in the story.  Seeing this man's name and knowing his character further testified to the validity of these stories.  If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift or a book that would encourage someone walking through trials, I would highly recommend this book.  I plan on getting another copy to give to a friend and will share my copy with others.
I hope you have a wonderful evening and are able to just enjoy the last few days before Christmas.
Blessings to each of you.  Noreen

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doll Clothes

Well my friends, the simple idea of making some doll clothes for our granddaughters sounded easy enough, but girls let me tell you that I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. I love to quilt but seriously remembered why I don't sew clothing-it is just too involved for me. If I had someone beside me who sews clothing or doll clothing, it probably would have been easier; but I am thankful the last snap has been sewn on and I just need to press them and clip any stray threads. I'm thankful that the oldest granddaughters are just seven and won't be looking too closely. It was fun and I think if I had more time I could get into it. Give me a quilt any day.
Simple nighties for three of the girls; the other two granddaughters each get one that I bought at a craft fair.Posted by Picasa
A little embellishment covers a multitude of design flaws. Posted by Picasa
These two dresses are my favorites!  I love the peasant look of these dresses.  I have so much fabric I can see trying more, when I'm not in a time crunch.  I also got to try some stitches on my machine for the hemline that I haven't tried before; a border of flowers and hearts will bring joy to any little girl.  
Now I've got to lay out all the stockings and start wrapping presents for each grand and then comes cleaning our guest room-which should have a sign outside that says Disaster Area. You really don't want to see my sewing room, it has fabric everywhere.  Oh well, I am just glad to be finished.
Posted by PicasaTonight we are going out with friends for a lite dinner of appetizers at a seafood restaurant-yumm.  Tomorrow we have our girlie tea party with the seven granddaughters and our two girls; I've got to make a pound cake now. I have two craft projects to make with the girls, which should be fun. I hope I can get some photos.  I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and evening.
Joy to you! Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday friends~Last night the weatherman told us to expect huge amounts of snow by this morning and a possible blizzard by this afternoon; wow we thought, since we have only had one snowfall this season.  We woke up this morning with a light dusting and the white fluff is still falling lightly, but hardly the huge amounts that were predicted. Not saying the high country isn't getting slammed though.  It is a welcome sight to most of us; a day to stay inside and accomplish projects.  I have one doll nightie to finish and then I will be done; I promise to take a photo of all the clothes I've made for the granddaughters.  Meanwhile our two bedrooms upstairs, one is a guest room and the other my sewing room, are total disasters; you know when things are all over with no organization at all, anyway they are calling my name to come straighten and organize.  We do have one more stocking stuffer to buy for a grand-so this is so cute, we are getting her a My Little Pony.  My girls played with those when they were little and here they are back in the stores again.
I also need to get my hubby a couple of stocking stuffers as well.  This afternoon we are going to a party with the folks that my hubby plays Badminton with; I'm taking fudge to share.  I've got to figure out some dishes for our dinner on Christmas at our daughter's house but other than that, I plan on staying inside.  Oh I almost forgot, Hunter really needs a bath; his groomer is booked til the end of January and he is looking a bit scruffy.
How about you?  Are you running around in circles or are you done with the preparations for Christmas?
I hope you have a day filled with contentment.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Monday, December 17, 2012

More Thoughts On Sandy Hook

Just now I read a comment my dear friend, Pam, wrote on this mornings post; she eloquently shared what I haven't found words for yet.  Another blogger who many of you may know, Ann of Holy Experience, had a post today entitled The Truth About Sandy Hook, where is God when bad things happen; you can find it here Ann shared some profound thoughts on life in our world.  If you have a few minutes, there might be truth for you to glean; she did share one of Corrie Ten Boom's sayings that I am holding onto for these families "There is no pit so deep, that God's love is not deeper still".   Today, we can choose bitterness and grief or we can choose to focus on Him.  Today, I am joining you at the foot of the Throne, upholding so many who've lost so much; praying for grace and comfort in these days. I am also holding onto my grands a little tighter and praising God for the gifts He has blessed me with.
Please know that I seriously considered not sharing these photos today; somehow it seemed callous. Our annual Christmas program took on a new heaviness last evening; not for the children but for the adults. I was nearly in tears as I watched our grands perform their songs and skit; my heart breaks for those in CT. How many will not have their little ones there this year; their lives will never again be the same. All over the country, the world, many are praying continually for those in Newtown. I am as well.

Our four granddaughters, front and center getting ready to  sing Happy Birthday Jesus.Posted by Picasa

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A skitPosted by Picasa

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Tomorrow many bloggers are having a day of silence to focus in on prayer for those at Newtown and Sandy Hook, so I will be join in. I will see you on Wednesday.
With love and prayers, Noreen

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our hearts and prayers go to those who have suffered such a terrible loss yesterday. May His Grace and Comfort surround all.

Friday, December 14, 2012

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Today’s {This Moment) See Beautiful Blog Hop is very special and I am  supporting this cause, St Annes’s Center The Lantern House: Pet Area( See Beautiful’s non-profit of the month). The Lantern House: Pet Area is very dear to Goose and his mom’s heart. Our friend, Sugar and his Mom, will donate $1 (max $100) to everyone joining our hop today. I want to encourage you to see beautiful!! Take a picture and send it to Lydia over at SEE BEAUTIFUL. Lydia's address is: For every photo that is sent to Lydia until the end of December, they will donate $2 per photo up to $1000 dollars that will then be donated to Saint Anne's Center/Lantern House. Goose and his MOM, Michelle, are very involved with Saint Anne's and this particular project will greatly help out the homeless!!
I couldn't decide which photo captured See Beautiful so I'm sharing two.  The top photo was taken on Kauai last March and of course you all recognize the bottom photo-my little guy.  Won't you consider joining in this worthy cause?
Have a great weekend.
Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can you believe it is Thursday already? Today I am so thankful for a relaxed and hopefully productive day at home; at least for the most part. I have to run an errand this morning but then plan on working on projects all day. Hubby took these photos last week and I love the sky with its glorious colors.
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Yesterday's craft group fizzled out but the hostess and I were able to work on our projects. On my way home, I stopped and saw one set of grands and it was so nice just to see them. I hadn't been over in about a week, due to Miss D having the flu; she is over it but still a bit weak and has a light appetite. On my list today, I've got a doll outfit to make, snaps to sew on doll dresses, doll nighties to make, another quilted ball ornament to complete and a couple of errands. I also have a book to finish and review to post; do you think I'll get it all done? Well, if I don't get a move on, probably not. I'm trying to get around to visit with you all but some days it just doesn't happen. Enjoy the day and the season!
 Hugs, Noreen & Hunter