Saturday, March 31, 2018

Aloha my friends!  We arrived in paradise Thursday evening, after a very long travel time.  We arrived, settled in and went to one of our favorite grills.  My body doesn't adjust to flying too well and my ankles were quite swollen, despite walking the isles on the plane.  I had hoped that with all the exercise I've been doing that it might not occur, but no such luck.  Yesterday was  a good day~we met the one couple who are staying two doors down for a good breakfast, then hubby and Glenn went and played golf, while Peggy  and I walked along the beach.  The weather was so nice and when the guys got back we headed to the same grill and had dinner, then went to a local shopping center to listen to music.  We so enjoy their company and it always seems to be easy to pick up where we left off. When we lived in Ca. hubby worked and played golf with Glenn, but we didn't get together socially until we started coming here every two years.  Today it is pouring rain and keeping the guys home; tonight we will meet the other couple, Bob and Judy, for dinner at Duke's.  Peggy and I love this restaurant because they have an incredible roasted beet salad. The only thing I dislike about the islands is that mosquitos and no-seems have a feast when I'm here. I'm already covered in bites and went and got some cutter wipes to try to persuade them to leave me alone; I'm also taking antihistimine to help with the itching. The forecast is for rain the next week, so not sure what we will end up doing-mainly because it isn't just a light mist, but a true downpour.
Yesterday this beautiful fellow was on the lawn outside our patio, but I couldn't get my phone in time to catch him up close.
 This pic is for Val~I was surprised that the volunteer had left to go to another site down the beach-but one gal I talked to is going to join the group and was watching over her.

 This is what our view is today.  Right now it isn't bad, but earlier it was really coming down.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Happy Easter to you and yours.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Happy Wednesday to you all.  Today will be a very hectic day, but filled with great things.  Hubby and I will hit the gym first thing this morning, then run some errands before coming home getting ready for vacation.  We will be in the Islands for two weeks; something we do every two years.
This afternoon I'm taking our oldest granddaughter for a pedicure-for her 13th birthday.  After that we will head out to a very special dinner and take Carrie's oldest girl along-best friends and cousins, can't get better than that.  Hunter goes to Carrie's tonight and then we will try to get to bed early-we have to leave here by 4:30 a.m.  Ugh.   I'm going to do my best to hook up with Val while we are on her island; maybe have lunch or go hiking.  I'll take lots of photos and probably post them here, on FB or Instagram.  I hope you have a fantastic day today!
Blessings and joy,

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I Can Only Imagine

Happy Tuesday friends!  I'm off to hang out with some grands, while mama is at jury duty.  Before I leave though, I have to tell you about the movie my friend Kam took me to yesterday for my birthday.  
" I CAN ONLY IMAGINE will encourage people in a whole new way. The inspiring , incredible, and unknown true story behind MercyMe's beloved song is the basis for this brand-new movie."
I have loved this song since it was first released and so excited when it came out as a movie.  I don't want to spoil it, but I truly believe it is a must see!  Check your theaters now and go see it.  I will be buying this movie when it comes out.
Hope you all have a great day!  I'm sure to with grands around me and seeing Copper-she's only got about two more weeks before she whelps her puppies.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Good Morning to you! I hope you had a great weekend; our was full, but wonderful. Saturday we all gathered for one granddaughter's 8th birthday. Here are a few shots.  Son-in-law Eric with Little Man next to him and our oldest grandson, now 17 on the right.
People will often ask if our grands get birthday parties and the answer is a resounding yes; with 17 of us, there is lots of love and laughter when we are together.  Since the grands piers are their cousins it works out perfectly.
Carrie and her youngest Miss E.
Here is the birthday girls with her cousin, both are called Miss A.

Our birthday girls is so very sweet and has such a wonderful loving temperament.
Carrie's hubby Brent with our oldest grandson; we are so very proud of the man he is becoming.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Oh Spring, How I Love Thee

Happy Friday to you! Springtime always evokes such excitement for me, here because hopefully it signals that snow will be less and less. Growing up in California, I loved the Cherry Blossoms, Daffodils, Tulips and all the flowering trees. In Carlsbad, Ca. there is a huge Tulip Garden that delights people from all over. Here in Colorado, we are still having brown grass, with snow in the mountains~but the birds are back and chirping, the sky is blue, plus days can be warm. I'm focusing on the beauty of the season; yesterday a spring in our garage door broke, so we've got someone coming to fix it this morning. It had to happen right before our vacation, but better than we are here to deal with it and not away. It was pretty comical though to see hubby and I getting my vehicle(a Highlander) out of the garage through the third bay. So I am blessed and thankful for the goodness around us.

I hope you all have a fantastic day and weekend! I know many are struggling with nor-easters on the East Coast~please be safe!
Joy to you!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson review

As a Bethany House blog reviewer, it is my privilege to receive a book once a month from Bethany House.  I have always loved Tracie Peterson's writing and find her characters and story lines rich and inviting.  All of her books are intriguing and draw the reader in and this book did that as well.  Set in San Francisco, with one of the main characters being Irish was a sure win for me~since my all of my grandparents settled in San Francisco in the early 1900's  after leaving Ireland.
Here is a synopsis of the story:
"On her way to San Francisco to find her brother, Caleb, who went missing three months ago, Camriann Coulter meets Judith and Kenzie, who both have their own mysteries to solve in the booming West Coast city. The women decide to help each other, including rooming together and working at Kenzie's cousin's chocolate factory.

Camri's search for her brother, an attorney, leads her deep into the political corruption of the city--and into the acquaintance of Patrick Murdock, a handsome Irishman who was saved from a false murder charge by Caleb. Patrick challenges all of Camri's privileged beliefs, but he knows more about what happened to her brother than anyone else. Together, they move closer to the truth behind Caleb's disappearance. But as the stakes rise and threats loom, will Patrick be able to protect Camri from the dangers he knows lie in the hidden places of the city?"

I especially liked that the story was set in the early 1900's and I easily related to Patrick Murdock.  I found it could be a current day story with the emphasis on Womens rights and sex slavery.  I will  definitely plan on following the series and would rate the book a 10 out of 10.  If you love historical fiction, you will love this book.  Great job done by Tracie.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of the book from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing. 
No review, positive or otherwise was required; all opinions are my own.  


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Good Morning friends! Happy First Day of Spring. Today, as a #ChewyInfluencer, I want to share a wonderful toy for dogs of all sizes. Kong's have been around for decades and all of our dogs have had one or more of them. This week we received three Kongs in the small/petite size. This size is perfect for Hunter and we utilize them on a regular basis.
I usually fill it with peanut butter and possibly some other snacks, such as carrots, tiny treats etc.  Kong also makes snacks to go in them and I've known friends who've put Cheese Wiz in theirs.
This is such a great way to keep him entertained and if he's begging a lot for treats, this satisfies him.
Here is the description of Kongs:
The KONG Classic is the gold standard of dog toys and has become the staple for dogs around the world for over forty years. Offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs' instinctual needs, the KONG Classic's unique all-natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog's need to play. Want to extend play time? Be sure to stuff with tempting bits of kibble and entice with a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by adding KONG Snacks and topping with KONG Easy Treat.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for stuffing with KONG treats or KONG pastes for even longer-lasting play.
  • The gold standard of dog toys, provides play, helps reduce boredom and relieves separation anxiety.
  • Unpredictable bounce for virtually unlimited games of fetch, even while you’re away.
  • Recommended by veterinarians, trainers, and dog enthusiasts; used worldwide for over forty years.
  • Made in the USA from KONG Classic ultra-durable, all-natural red rubber formula.
One thing I love about Kongs are that they can go in the dishwasher. I didn't know this until a few years ago, but it keeps all the particles from clinging to the inside.  I also plan to put some goodies in one and freeze it, for a hot sunny day.  Having so many family dogs that often stay with us, we will now have enough Kongs for each dog.
A big thank you to Miss Natalie and the entire staff at Chewy for sharing with us.  We agree with the statement that the Kong is the gold standard for dog toys.  I would also add that is the gold standard in supplying all your pet's needs and well as incredible customer service.
If this is something your dog will like, you can find them here:

Disclaimer:  We received these three Kongs from; no review positive or otherwise was required.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Good Morning to you!  It's going to be a busy Thursday for me, so I just wanted to take a minute or too to say hello.  I hope you've had a great week that's been filled with thankfulness.
Today two neighbors and I are heading down to a Memorial Service of our fourth neighbor's(walking pal)father.  It's been a very long journey for our dear friend, filled with constant up and downs with her dads precarious health and the intense drama of one of her sisters.  The three of us volunteered to make some food for the reception afterward and delivered that to our neighbor yesterday.  We will be at both the service and the reception as her support.  I imagine I won't get home until later this afternoon.
After that, I plan to head to the gym and get on the bike or treadmill to catch up on yesterday's routine.
We were supposed to get warm springlike weather yesterday and today, but the clouds rolled in and there is a possibility of rain.  Unusual for this time of year.
Have a fantastic day!  I'm thankful for life today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kilkenny Castle revisited

Dia duit. This means Hello in Gaelic. Here are sights  we saw when we toured Kilkenny Castle. Oh, what a wonderful place to see. The city now owns it and has been restoring it for many years. There are original oil paintings throughout, some from the Masters. WE couldn't take any photos inside, but I did buy a book on the castle.

The River Nore, which the Castle overlooks.

We had such a fun time and now understand where our love for antiques and period pieces come from; we have never been in a castle in Ireland before, but we do love the decor.
After we finished, we got the car and headed down to Waterford.  When we were married, hubby's grandmother gave us a Waterford Decanter which was destroyed in the Loma Prieta earthquake in '89.  I planned on seeing just how much a decanter would go for-lol-not in our budget.  We went on a wonderful tour; we once went on a tour of another glass blowing factory in West Virginia and it couldn't hold a candle to Waterford. It was so interesting; we even bought a Christmas ornament.
We returned  to Kilkenny and went walking and finally out to a Pub, for some Pub Grub as they say here.  All in all, I think we walked about 5-6 mls today.
Tomorrow we head to Cork where we will stay for three days.  I've decided that we need to scale back on the number of places to see each day; we want to really enjoy ourselves and not burn out".
It still amazes us that there are so many castles in Ireland and also in other countries in Europe.  I will say that by the end of the trip, we didn't need to see any others.  Hope you've enjoyed seeing Kilkenny with us.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Instinct Rawboost Mixers review

As a chewy #Influencer, it is once again my privilege to review a product that Hunter has tried. I was excited to try Instinct Rawboost Mixers on him because I had started adding in freeze dried raw kibble to his regular kibble. You all know how picky this boy can be and I'm thrilled to say he loves this product.
These pieces are perfect for him!
You can see he is ready and wanting a piece-so happy!

The things I like about these mixers are:

"Created with the belief that what pets eat enables them to thrive, this topper makes the perfect complement to your dog’s meal—adding the taste and variety that he craves, with the pure, real nutrition of raw. The whole-food ingredients are gently freeze dried to remove the moisture, which seals in all that flavor and health-boosting nutrients. And it all works to support proper digestion, a healthy coat and skin, and energy and vitality with the finest ingredients from around the world.

Key Benefits

  • All-natural, minimally-processed, real raw nutrition makes an excellent topper to kibble. 
  • Made with protein-packed, cage-free chicken and chicken liver plus non-GMO fruits and vegetables. 
  • Raw, whole-food ingredients are freeze dried to gently remove the moisture and lock in nutrients and flavor. 
  • Supports proper digestion, a healthy coat and skin, and energy and vitality with the finest ingredients from around the world. 
  • Made in the USA with no grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal or artificial colors or preservatives."
One of the things I like the most, beside the mixer being made in the U.S. is that there are no fillers and especially no potato-which is known to cause allergies.  I love it that Hunter loves it!
You can find this product here:
Your dog will love you for it.  Any product that Hunter likes and is healthy for him makes me happy. Thank you Miss Natalie and the entire staff for being such a wonderful company dedicated to customer service.

Disclaimer:  Being a #Influencer, Chewy provided me with this product free of charge.  No review, positive or otherwise was required; all opinions are my own.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Love Of Ireland

I am sharing something very special today~you know I've been revisiting the sights we saw in Ireland three years ago; however something came in the mail for me this weekend and I had to share. My dear friend, traveling pal and quilting buddy/mentor/encourager made this table runner for my birthday. She enclosed a note to open it early and I did. I love it!!!!
I've put my Belleek pieces on it just to show them a little bit.

I love all the fabrics Barbara choose for me and the love that went into making it.  She is also Irish and we both share the same style in quilting-so this is a treasure that I'll love forever.
Tomorrow I have a dog treat review to do and on Wednesday I'll get back to Ireland.
Hugs to you this day!

Friday, March 9, 2018

My Ancestry in Thomastown, Ireland

Happy Friday to you.  I am revisiting the land of my grandparents, from a trip we took three years ago. While I didn't plan to blog everyday, it gave me a chance to journal all of our activities. "Yesterday was an extremely busy day for us and today this gal feels like my tank is on empty. I've already told hubby we will be taking it slower and easier today, with not too many places to see~one is a castle here in Kilkenny and the other is Rock of Cashel. More about these places tomorrow. Yesterday morning we left Dublin and couldn't be happier to head to the open roads. Dublin is a wonderful city, so beautiful and charming, but the traffic is hard to deal with if you haven't been there before. We headed toward Wicklow to visit a quilt store, after all we had gone to Jameson for hubby on Wednesday. The roads were very nice along the way, mostly highways. When we got to the town, we discovered that the store wasn't there but back about 1/2 hr. Hubby was more than willing to go back, but due to the fact that I have about 6 more stores to check out and we still had quite a way to go,  but we passed. From Wicklow to Thomastown was quite an adventure! Our Garmen took us on back roads and gravel roads, again they were very skinny and in some places quite scary. WE went to Thomastown specifically to see cemeteries and find, if possible, graves of my ancestors. We hiked through the ruins of old cemeteries, which to me is such fun. We walked up and down streets and had to find a caretaker of the key to one cemetery; the old church is owned by a lady now who lives there, so we couldn't disturb her. So without further delay, here is a sample of our photos.

Entering the small gate to a cemetery owned by a lady; we were told not to bother anything on her home.

We were successful in finding four headstones-what a thrill. When we were finished, we headed to Kilkenny.  This city is incredible and we loved it!  We walked up and down streets, had dinner at a pub with live traditional music and two young teens clog dancing.  Such fun!!!! Everyone is so nice and friendly.  Hubby and I are falling asleep before 10:00 p.m. and today we slept in, quite late for our standards. After having a continental breakfast downstairs, we are now ready to get a move on(albeit a bit slower) and start exploring here.  I just hope the Iron in my vitamin kicks in.  So there you have our time here so far".  To be honest with you, hubby and I had a trip so filled to the brim and I actually felt like we've seen it all(silly me) and that we wouldn't ever need to return, too many other places we want to see.  After looking at these photos again, I would consider going back, but like I said earlier, our trip would be totally different.
May your day be bright and your life be full of joy.
Hugs for now~

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dublin Revisited

I am reposting my photos from our trip to Ireland three years ago.  I loved it and my heart is alway drawn to all things Irish.  When you grow up in a Irish home you grow up with pride in being Irish.  This time of year was always celebrated, from my dad sending my mom a bouquet of green Carnations, to wearing of the green and my mom even had a plastic green bowler hat that she always wore, beside the shamrock earnings.  I hope you enjoy journeying back to the Emerald Isle.

Our first view of Ireland was from our plane as we descended.  Being a quilter , I was immediately struck by the patchwork patterns of green.  We landed and got our rental car, oh dear Lord help us navigate the narrow streets.  Having never been to Europe before, we had no idea the streets were built more for one car than for two cars. No wonder they all drive tiny cars.  We managed to drive around in circles looking for our hotel and were thankful we got the Garmin.  WE loved seeing the row houses; we've seen many in the states, but none as charming as here.  We finally found our hotel and dropped our bags off before heading out for a walk.  It was only 9:30 a.m. but felt like late afternoon; the weather was wonderful and although cool for Colorado, we found that the 60 degree day was quite warm.  Our first stop was the National Museum of Ireland; it had so many wonderful exhibits and we enjoyed the clothing exhibit dating from the 1700's-current day.  No cameras were allowed inside.   We loved the architecture.  We also saw a furniture exhibit that was interesting.

 After this, we headed to Jameson Irish Whisky distillery.  It was quite interesting and I loved our tour gal.  Another wonderful thing we've noticed is how many people speak Gaelic.  I did find out that certain words that I have always pronounced a certain way from childhood is because of my heritage.  One example is saying Fer instead of saying For, another is saying Ya, instead of Yes.
 We loved seeing the butcher shops along the streets.

 Colorful doors line the rows of homes.  We returned to the hotel and had a salad for lunch and then took a rest.  About two hours later, we went out for another walk.

I remember hearing so many speak Gaelic, something that we learned was required in the school down south.  It was such a trip of a lifetime and I loved every minute; we would do things differently if we went back again~probably stay in one area and just explore the immediate villages and move to one other area.  We loved the south, due to the ancestry but my heart was north due to my faith.
I will be posting more photos in the coming week, just to share a touch of the green with you.
If you want to see more photos of Ireland, my friend Pam from Every Day Living has also reposted her trip from several years ago.  We cover totally different parts of Dublin and would give you a good overview of the city.
Blessings on your day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's Wednesday and I hope your week is going well!  I keep thinking we are a day ahead, but don't want to do that because this Sunday we move our clocks ahead and I always have a hard time adjusting to the time change.    It's another gorgeous day here and feels so much like spring, except for the cold wind that comes up.  It's been so windy here that two fan blades broke on our outdoor fan and so we returned the whole fan to the big box store where we bought it.  Love that stores will take merchandise back, even after six months.   Hubby and I've already been out~first thing this morning we took some pie and a card over to a neighbor whose father just passed.  After that we headed to the gym; I only worked on 7 weight machines, but did 3.5 miles on the bike.  I'm cleaned our door going outside to the deck and now going to finish floors that I started yesterday.  I'll head downstairs when I'm done.  This afternoon we will probably take Hunter on a walk, as he's back in the routine of going daily.  If its too cold or windy we pass, but he loves it.  I'm hoping to be in better shape for our trip to Kauai at the end of the month.  Gal Pal Val walks and hikes so much on the beach, working for the Monk Seal Rescue, that when we get together I have a hard time keeping up with her.
I hope your day is splendid!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Keturah Book Review

Hello friends.  I want to share a wonderful new book with you and encourage you to find your own copy. I have read several of Lisa T. Bergren's books and always enjoy her writing.
I've got the synopsis/story line below:
"In 1772 England, Lady Keturah Banning Tomlinson and her sisters find themselves the heiresses of their father's estates and know they have one option: Go to the West Indies to save what is left of their heritage.
Although it flies against all the conventions, they're determined to make their own way in the world. But once they arrive in the Caribbean, conventions are the least of their concerns. On the infamous island of Nevis, the sisters discover the legacy of the legendary sugar barons has vastly declined--and that's just the start of what their eyes are opened to in this harsh and unfamiliar world.
Keturah never intends to put herself at the mercy of a man again, but every man on the island seems to be trying to win her hand and, with it, the ownership of her plantation. She could desperately use an ally, but even an unexpected reunion with a childhood friend leaves her questioning his motives.
To keep her family together and save the plantation that is her last chance at providing for them, can Keturah ever surrender her stubbornness and guarded heart to God and find the healing and love awaiting her?".

I always love reading about different times and places and this book gave me so much history.  The characters were rich and developed and the plot kept me wanting to know what happened next.  The plot also describes a time in our history that was appalling, when families had slaves and the treatment of the slaves.  I applaud the author for tackling the issue of woman's rights; the main character struggles to run a plantation alone.  The scenes describe how awful the other plantation owners treated her and the threats made to her well being unless she married and had a man running her family's plantation.
I will definitely look for the next book in the series.  I would rate it Gold, for being everything you want in a book.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing.  No review, positive or otherwise was required; all opinions are my own.  


Monday, March 5, 2018

 Happy Monday to you.  How was your weekend?  Here in northern Colorado, we had a glorious spring like weekend which made me long for spring to stay.  On the west coast though, a whopper of a storm hit, sending rain and snow to much of California.  Thankfully, we think it has moved past us to the East.  Much of the East Coast is getting flooding, so wherever you are be safe.
We had a good weekend~hit the gym Saturday morning, ran errands, saw our kiddos and even took Hunter on a walk.  Yesterday was just a normal Sunday for us.
Today we will hit the gym early and then I will try to finish up the last block of my latest wall hanging, then sew them all together.  I have so enjoyed the machine appliqué that I'm learning; of course having a machine that does blanket stitches helps tremendously.
I had a photo of some soup I made last week that I wanted to share, but for some reason blogger is not uploading it for me.  It was a copy of one a girlfriend makes-Kale(I added baby chard and baby spinach) Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Garlic and Turkey Kielbasa.  I didn't put in the chili peppers and added salt as her instructions said, but with the added salt it was just too salty.  I will try it again another time.  I'm not one for just picking up recipes in magazines and trying them, but this was good.
I hope you have a great Monday and accomplish lots.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Winter's Glory

I love the sunsets at this time of year and am so very thankful for the beauty of our area.
I hope you have a day that celebrates where you live.