Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Morning Friends~Here in Colorado we are having high winds; it started last night and actually blew some slats out of our fence. I kept waiting for rain and hail-then I would have been really worried; I'm thankful that it has just been windy. On Saturday night my family gathered to celebrate my birthday; what fun! The entire day was so nice; it started out with hubby and I going out to breakfast and ended with family. I am blessed beyond measure!
Peanut sitting with me; love our grands.

We are missing four, but you can see what a big group we are.
One of my presents was for our new house-new pretty jars for the pantry and also baskets. I am not as organized as my girls and these will definitely help me, besides looking so nice.

Our youngest granddaughter-she is the spitting image of her mama.

When we were up in Estes last month, hubby and I went into the Glass Blowing shop. I loved the pieces for sale, but the price made me leave them there. Kim and her family got me a candy dish; isn't it beautiful. Purple is one of my favorite colors.
This beautiful sewing basket arrived on Friday; it is from Barb-my BFF in Ca.  She is one talented lady; made this herself(I think she should sell them), picked out the colors for me.  This will be center stage in my sewing room.
The three baskets and one jar for the new house. Now  if my girls can help me make my new pantry pretty and organized, I'll be so happy.  Thank you Carrie and family!

Hubby gave me two tickets to the Beach Boys concert here in June.  I had told him I wanted to go but then figured they were too costly.  Only two of the original group are still alive, but just going and hearing the music will be such fun.
I'm off right now to run errands-we found a great deal on mulch so have to go check it out.
Hope you have a great day and don't experience the wind like we are.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday

Good Morning Friends~I hope your week has been filled with joy amidst the daily grind.  Yesterday was another productive day; my coffee time with friends was great!  Actually, tomorrow is my birthday, so it was a bit of a celebration for me.  Then in the afternoon, hubby and I helped our daughter move more boxes to their new home.  I had forgotten that unpacking is more work than packing, in my opinion.  Last night we had four granddaughters over and watched Frozen; it was a cute movie!  However two of the girls are coming back over this evening and wanted to watch it again-we decided we must watch another movie.
Today, Kam and I are headed to a garage sale-first thing.  While I have said previously that I will be very careful buying anything this year, this sale is special because it is at my new house.  The owners are downsizing and selling most of their decor, except for what we bought with the house.  There are a couple other things I am interested in; at the time we bought their other pieces of furniture, we had spent a lot and I decided I didn't need or want anything else.  Imagine what time does-now I remember a cute little accent table I loved-hum, wonder if she'll have it there. 
I hope you have a fantastic Friday!!! 
Hopefully, I'll have some photos to show you for my next post.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It is a new day, filled with all sorts of possibilities.  Yesterday was another busy day-walk, bike ride, moving, dessert with a granddaughter who just turned four.  Her birthday party is next week with her two sisters who also have birthdays coming up.  I loved being able to ride yesterday afternoon;  I always feel better when I am getting out on my bike.  We took several loads of boxes to our girls house-this move is slower than previous moves and so maybe a little more relaxed. Watching her unpack boxes, figuring out where everything should go, made me realize that unpacking is more work than packing.  It also made me realize what we are in for....ugh!!!! I'm anxious to move into our new home but also thankful we will be able to take our time.  We are debating where to sell our current home or not; regardless there is tons of yard work to do(once the weather stays nice) to get it ready for spring and also some touch up painting.  Lots of work  before it is all over.
Today, I'm off to walk Hunter and then meet some friends for coffee; this afternoon will help  move more boxes and tonight we have four grands coming over while their parents go to a clothing sale for them.
I hope you are able to stop today and enjoy life-be it outside or just looking at things from a different perspective.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Wednesday

Hi there, This morning I went on a walk around our town lake with Kam, Lexie, another friend, her dog Teddy and of course Hunter. It was still a bit cool, but we had a great visit and walk. The dogs are all great buddies and had fun too. 
I thought it was a longer walk but think it is close to 3 miles; I'm feeling like I want to get out and ride my bike though.  It is supposed to get up to 70 degrees before the temp drops again tomorrow.  All I know is that I am looking forward to the sunshine in the islands.
I am pleased to say that my hand is fine today!  I just don't have time to get sick or have any issues-too much moving to do.  Tomorrow I'm meeting friends for coffee and then will help my girl with more moving.
With all that is happening here, please know that I will still be checking in on you all but may not leave comments.  I have found that when I'm not active with my blogging, it feels like I'm missing my friends and family.
Have a wonderful day today.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday to you! This post will be short because I strained a muscle in my left hand and I can feel it when as I type. We had a great day yesterday and went over to our daughter's new home last evening. What fun they will have in this home-it will fit their family for years to come. We were sitting watching TV on Sunday evening and Hunter was laying between us, fast asleep. In fact, at one point when we were watching The Good Wife, we became quite animated-and he didn't budge. He is such a silly dog-when he's with dogs, he acts like a dog but when he is with us, he acts like a spoiled kid. I know that he is happier with Lily and Petrol; we are thankful for these family dogs, otherwise we'd have another dog just for him.

I'll be helping at the house today, so got to get a move on here.
Have a great day!
Noreen & Hunter

Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a fantastic weekend that will carry you through today. This weekend,  ran all over Northern Colorado, looking for night stands. Saturday was a cold and snowy day; even though we drove from one end of our area to the other, almost down to Costco, we couldn't find any that matched. Yesterday, I dragged hubby out to a furniture store we visited about five years ago and we found them.

The wood color/stain is almost identical; we weren't sure about the size so came home first to check. Yippee, they are the same size(albeit narrower) as the oak nightstand we have now. When I took this photo, hubby was watching golf-which is why I am not showing the antique chest next to the nightstands. You can also see the unique lamps we found for the room. We had just decided to make due with what we had for the room, until we found these. We got them for 50% off each one-yes!!! I don't quite have a vision for the room yet; I'm sure once we move, it will come together. This morning I'm headed to our daughter's house so they can go sign their papers on the new house. This week will be a full week with moving them. I hope you have a wonderful day today!

Friday, March 21, 2014


 Happy Friday Friends.    Yesterday was the first day of spring; such a glorious day it was!  As I mentioned, my day was full with activities that made me smile-a walk with a good friend, a lunch out with ladies from church and of course  babysitting grands. Don't these Tulips just scream spring!  Love them and would love to see them in my yard; even though we are seeing plants at the nurseries, it would be a waste of money to plant them already-we've got lots more snow in the next month or so.