Friday, August 31, 2012

Friendship Bouquet

Happy Friday Friends~This is the beautiful painting my friends gave me as a thank you for helping them pack their home.  I love it and whenever I look at it, I think of them.  So to all of you today, I am sending you this virtual friendship bouquet; I want to bring a bit of beauty, hope and love to your world.  Many of you are struggling with health issues-either yourself or someone you love.  Know that there are friends out here sending up prayers for you.  If you blessed and not in need today, maybe you know someone else who could use a smile, don't hesitate to share one. 
Sending love and friendship your way!
Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Southern Colorado

I promised you I'd post more photos of Mesa Verde and then the days just flew by, as always, and I'm just now sharing.

This reminded me so much of the Grand Canyon.

I believe this was a Kiva; somehow a week ago seems like a long time ago and remembering the details isn't there-I gave the Park newsletter to my daughter for planning a trip and homeschooling.

I have always been drawn to First Peoples/Native American culture and this was no exception. I will say visiting in the middle of a hot spell did not make for my wanting to get out and hike too much.  I appreciate the tours and if they weren't so expensive, we would have gone on some.  If you ever get a chance to visit this wonderland, by all means do.
It's Thankful Thursday and I'm just thankful to have such a rich and incredible life.  There are so many others who aren't enjoying health or contentment, it makes me grateful for every day.
Blessings, Noreen

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boulder Hopping

Our oldest granddaughter, Miss S, age seven has been taking rock climbing lessons this summer. They are held at our recreation center on an indoor climbing wall. Last night was the last lesson and they began with what is known as Boulder Hopping. Miss S does like to get somewhat high on the wall; she has mastered this skill.

This is a free hang-I can't remember what the technical term is but you get the idea.  The teachers time the kids to see how long they can hang-usually it is between a minute and two minutes.  I think know the boys have an added advantage in this skill.
It is so fun to see our grands rock climbing because when I was in college, I loved it.   I was so skinny and small, I could just fly up the rocks; of course at that point there wasn't any such thing as a climbing wall.  Heights have never been an issue for me, except two years ago when we were painting the outside of our house and I got vertigo-you couldn't get me up a ladder.
I hope you have a wonderful day today and try something you haven't done before-maybe a latte or mocha or sushi.  Just kidding.
Sending laughter your way!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Trouble

Good Morning~I hope you had a good day yesterday; it is always much better to start the week on a good note rather than a bad day. Well, I got my pesto sauce made, took two containers to my girl, one container and Starbucks to a friend so we could visit and spent the evening quilting. I love it when you bless others and are blessed in return! I went over to my friends home, she and her hubby both have serious health issues and when they recently moved, I was able to help pack them up. We aren't talking a huge amount of work but I did spend a good amount of time with them. Isn't that what friends do! Yesterday, they presented me with an original oil painting by a Ca. painter(deceased)named Marty Bell; the painting is titled Friendship Bouquet. Such a wonderful blessing and I will post a photo of it later. Meanwhile, back at home our little guy was really good until later, when he started getting into mischief. Can you tell?

This morning he is really full of it; you know, when they start getting into everything first thing in the morning. He's already been told to "leave it" several times; I'm just glad I'm taking him to the park to walk this morning.  I guess I really should get dressed.  I will post more photos of Mesa Verde tomorrow.
Until then my friends, get outside and enjoy the day, unless you live in the Gulf Coast-then be careful and know many are praying for you!
Noreen and one little mischievous Hunter 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pesto Sauce

Warning: Sharing this recipe was a last minute thought, so things aren't staged like you'd see on a food blog. Many years ago some close friends shared this simple recipe with me; I knew it was good before I even tasted it because their family had an authentic Italian restaurant and this was a top seller. I'm sure there are many good Pesto Sauce recipes out there but I love this one.
Our youngest girl has a garden that is going gang-busters and this is half of the basil we picked yesterday.  Sitting overnight caused it to wilt a bit but hubby and I have already taste tested the first batch and it was good.  There is a mixture of Sweet Basil and Pesto Perpetuo Basil; the second variety is supposed to be the best for Pesto Sauce.
Simple ingredients-Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic, Salt and Pepper and of course Basil.  I always add Pine Nuts on mine when I serve it.
These two containers each have two cups of sauce in them and they are headed to our daughter's this afternoon.  She is now showing signs of being 35 weeks pregnant, by her lack of energy(but truthfully both our girls put me to shame in how much they accomplish every day) and she just doesn't have the desire to make Pesto right now. 
I always make a double batch so this is how I will share it with you, however I think half would make a perfect amount for a dinner.

Pesto Sauce                Yields: 4 Cups Sauce

4 cups fresh basil leaves, tightly pressed into measuring cup
2 cups Olive Oil
8 cloves of garlic
1 1/3 cup Parmesan or Romano Cheese
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
Optional topping:  Pine Nuts

1)  In a blender or food processor with a steel blade, combine basil, garlic, salt, pepper and oil
2)  Process until finely minced-mine is more pureed.
3)  Add cheese and process to mix
4)  Freeze in an ice cube tray or in small freezer containers.  From the freezer, let thaw to room temp.  Do
     not cook or heat.  Mix with hot pasta and serve. 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watchful Eyes

I do believe that Lily picked this spot out, to watch out over the yard before we ever got Hunter. There must be some innate ability for dogs to figure out the best place to watch over their turf.  Hunter had never seen Lily sitting on this chair before, looking out front, when he first tried it.  He doesn't do it often, usually when hubby is expected home or if their are neighbors out in front.

I think Hunter has had such a fun time but Lily shows that she is the boss of him.  Of course, it may be due to the fact that he is always biting her tail, her legs, her ears and anything else he can grab. I've never seen a dog as mouthy as he is, despite the chew toys I provide.  I'm hoping it is because he is still somewhat of a puppy at almost 9 mos old.  They are well suited to each other and Lily is very tolerant but every now and again she gives him a scolding.  I love that we can trade dog sitting; it is so much better than kenneling them and Lily never liked to be kenneled, so I think she is much happier here.
I had planned to quilt all afternoon but after running to our youngest girl's home, my plans have changed. Her garden is overflowing and she is just too tired, at 35 weeks pregnant with four young children, to do more canning so we came home with two large bags of basil; after Lily goes home, I'll be off to the market for fresh garlic, Parmesan Cheese, olive oil and begin making many batches of pesto to freeze.  It is so easy but is time consuming.  I love basil and hers has done so well this summer; we also came home with more tomatoes and cucumbers. 
I hope you have a wonderful afternoon.
Blessings, Noreen

Friday, August 24, 2012

Southern Colorado

Happy Friday Friends, It is so good to be home! I love going on adventures but truly there is no place like home. We found this old cabin on the side of the road and couldn't resist getting a photo.

This is Chimney Rock and from a distance the base looks like a pyramid, although none of our photos show the other side that is really clear.  Ancient Puebloan people lived there about 1,000 yrs ago, according to archaeologists.
So impressive, rising out of the ground; makes you wonder who designed this and the significance of it. There is speculation that it was built to coincide with astronomical observances.
Mesa Verde's, the nations largest preserve which includes 600 cliff dwellings.  The weather was cloudy when we were there so the colors are as vibrant as you might see online; let me tell you it was spectacular.
This is the Cliff Palace that has 200 rooms.  Tourists are able to access some areas but not all-thankfully.
I will say that it was warm on Tuesday and although we live at almost 5,000 feet, I was very winded just walking here.  I will say that we had already walked about 20 blocks in Durango and that might have tired me out before we even got here.  The Park has done a wonderful job with maintaining this area and keeping the crowds under control and traffic flowing.

We do have more photos and I will post them but just wanted to share this with you-doesn't it look like a wonderful way to start the day. I have never gone up in a balloon, other than one that was tethered to the ground at a festival, but it does look fun.  May you soar with eagles today.
Joy to you!  Noreen

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

How can it possibly be Thursday already?  The week has flown by and yes, I know I say that a lot but because we were away and couldn't get wifi, I wasn't able to be here at all.  I am so very thankful to be back home again, in our nest with our sweet little Hunter.  WE had a wonderful time down in the south-west corner of our state and I will be posting photos tomorrow; although I must tell you that while we took a fair amount of Mesa Verde, we didn't take much of the countryside.  It took us about 6.5 hours to get there and the route we took was breath-taking!  What I've discovered, since our last get away, is that I love the conifer and tree lined mountains more than I love the open valleys.  We were so tired on Monday afternoon that we just unpacked, got a bite to eat at a restaurant overlooking the river in Pagossa Springs and watched t.v.  Tuesday we drove into Durango, wishing that my blogging buddy Linny still lived there; we searched the town for antique stores, quilt stores, pet stores(you can see my sweet man was in tow).  We headed down to Mesa Verde, which is quite the drive, and did a self-tour spending about 4 hours there. It was everything I thought it would be, but it sure took a long time to get into the park because of road paving.  We got back into Durango late afternoon and again walked our little tails off, finally choosing a restaurant that was recommended by Linny.  By the time we hit the condo, we were bushed! 
Yesterday was a more relaxed day~we searched out more quilt stores and pet stores and walked the main drag before lunch.  After eating lunch, it was clouding up with light rain, so we went into town and went to the mineral baths.  I have never done this before and it was so relaxing and enjoyable; there were 18 baths all ranging in temp from 98 degrees to 112(I think there may have been one higher).  The minerals are supposed to be really good for our bodies and I think my skin felt softer.  Today we got up early and hit the road, taking a different route.  Hubby and I both agreed we loved the first route better, due to the beauty.  My sweet man didn't get to play any golf, our time was so short and we didn't get to explore too much, but hopefully in the future we will get to spend more time there.  Hunter did so well at our daughter's and got used to the kiddos, of course I'm sure being with Lilly helped. 
I hope you've all been well while I've been gone-I sure have missed you and plan to get caught up tomorrow.
Have a great evening friends.
Hugs, Noreen

Monday, August 20, 2012

Is It Fall Already?

Good morning to you; I hope you don't hit me because of my title!  We have been seeing some small signs of the season changing-you know a tinge of color, an awareness of the approaching cooler days. I love fall but I generally love all the seasons; however this weekend hubby and I were out walking Hunter and I turned to him and asked "do you smell that?", to which he promptly told me to hush.  I could smell something that reminded me of the fall.  Because we both love the summer and the warm weather, he is not at all anxious for it to be over, especially because the Almanac is saying we are going to have a wet winter.  Hubby is bothered by arthritis and the cold really bothers him.  This morning it was darn cool outside when I left for church.  I wonder how much longer I'll be living in shorts or capris? I am not quite ready to post photos of the change in color; I think I'll enjoy each and every minute of summer that is left.
I'm wondering, as bloggers, if you get to spend time on the computer-do you find new blogs that you follow. I found a couple of new ones this weekend and am excited to see what decorating ideas I come away with.  I follow a variety of blogs; decorating-which encompasses everything from prim to country to french country, christian, dog, quilting, gluten free and some misc. ones.  I can't say my blog is about any one thing other than embracing every moment of life and having a grateful heart.  So what about you,do you follow one specific genre or just follow those who spark your interest?  I have found though, over the years, if I follow one for several years and leave people comments and they never respond(after years) then I am likely to weed them out when I need to trim back my reader list. I totally understand when you have so many readers that it is difficult to stay on top of responding to folks, but really after years of following and leaving comments, you can't just leave a quick hi and thank you. I have always appreciated Ann of Holy Experience because she has a very sweet automated response saying how much she appreciates your time in leaving her a comment.  It is very touching.
Well my peeps, I hope you have a day filled with song and gladness.
Blessings, Noreen  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where Is It?

Hi Friends~Today's question is where were these photos taken? You will probably recognize the last one, because it is a national park/treasure. Ever since hubby and I moved here, I have been wanting to tour this area but just never got there. The year we went to New Mexico for a week, we planned to drive through this area but due to predictions of snow and not having our all-wheel vehicle, we bypassed it. The first two photos are of Durango, Co. Doesn't it look so beautiful? I can't wait to spend a day there. I

The next two are of Pagossa Springs, which is where we will be staying. Another incredibly beautiful spot and one that I think we will go back to on a regular basis. This trip will be short, just scouting out the area and getting a feel for this part of our state. I am looking forward to trying out their hot springs; I think it will help hubby's neck.  We've got a list of places to go and restaurants to dine at plus a few quilt stores thrown in.  That is always a must as well as golf courses.  Hubby may play golf one morning but he thinks we will be too busy. 

You probably all recognized Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings; this is an park I've wanted to visit since I was in college. Took me long enough didn't it.
I will be in touch here this week, prior to our departure.  We will take our camera and laptop too, so I'll be checking in when we go.  It will be interesting to see what Hunter's reaction will be as we get ready to pack, later in the week, will he know something is up or not?  Hunter will be at his cousins house, Lilly's, having lots of fun and not missing us at all-at least I hope he doesn't miss us, o.k. maybe just a little.  It is such a blessing to know he'll be with family and not at the kennel, even though they've always loved our dogs.  Now I've got to come up with something to write about tomorrow while my mind is on our getaway.  I hope you have a delightful day today.
Hugs, Noreen

Friday, August 17, 2012


Hunter here today folks~I want to tell you what mom, dad and I did last night.  They have these really good friends, Dick & Rita, who often invite usme over and tell me to bring my peeps along.  They are really neat humans and I enjoy them.  The best thing is their furbaby, Hobbs(above), who is always welcoming.  Hobbs is now 15 yrs old, whatever that means and is pretty slow and tired most of the time.  Often when we go over for dinner, they have other friends there too who bring their puppers along and last night was one such night.  Allie is a beautiful miniature Schnauzer, a really lady who I met for the first time.  She lives in Florida and is eight years old; we got to be good friends quickly and played the entire evening while our peeps talked and ate.  I love it when there are other pups to play with, especially cute ones like Allie.  Dick & Rita are such great friends that whenever they invite me to dinner they tell me to bring mom & dad along-isn't that just too funny!  I guess when their friends come over they always bring their dogs along and I think that is pretty special; of course it helps that the other dogs are all about my size.  One neighbor dog is called a "golden doodle" and all I can say is that he is huge; he sort of scares me when he barks and looks like he is coming over the fence to join us.  Dick & Rita have this big bus, my folks call it a coach and they go away for months at a time; dad calls them snow birds.  All I know if that we will all miss them while they are gone; mom has said Hobbs is getting pretty old and we aren't sure when we'll see him again.  He just barks at me when he wants to play and I will miss him while he is on his trip.  I'm sure glad we have friends that invite me over too; mom says they've never had friends that had dogs over with their peeps.  WE all think they are very, very special.

May your weekend be filled with joy and laughter and the love of good friends.
Hunter & Noreen

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday to you. This morning definitely feels like fall and I'm good with that-in fact, I'm hoping to weed the garden today so cooler temps sound perfect. First thing though is a haircut, I figure if Hunter is going to look so handsome I should try to look well groomed too.
Last night our daughter had us over for homemade ice cream and a very special treat-gluten free sugar cones.  When you aren't able to enjoy some of the simpler things in life and find ones that you can enjoy, they become a treat; for instance-ice cream cones, which we hardly ever have but are so good when you can actually eat them and enjoy them.
Thank you my girl for finding these and sharing with me.
This morning I woke up with one of my favorite songs in my head; you might know it and if so feel free to sing it with me.
Give Me Jesus
In the morning, when I rise
In the morning, when I rise
In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus
Give me Jesus,
Give me Jesus,
You can have all this world,
But give me Jesus
When I am alone
When I am alone
When I am alone, give me Jesus
Give me Jesus,
Give me Jesus,
You can have all this world,
But give me Jesus
When I come to die
When I come to die
When I come to die, give me Jesus
Give me Jesus,
Give me Jesus,
You can have all this world,
You can have all this world,
You can have all this world,
But give me Jesus

Have a beautiful day friends!
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Miscellany Wednesday

Good Afternoon friends~Well, you are not going to believe what this dingy blond gal did yesterday.  Our granddaughter had climbing lessons last evening and we went, took the camera and I shot lots of photos for today's post.  We got home and the sun was so pretty I decided to play with the camera and different settings to see what different effects I could get.  While fiddling with the settings, I somehow deleted all the photos that were on it.  Call me dumb!!  I did get the sun in the haze but somehow it doesn't look as fiery as it did last night. 
Hunter got his haircut yesterday and always looks so much more like his breed when he is trimmed. I did learn, that it is better to get him in at 6 weeks verses 7; however not that the groomer has given me some tips for getting mats out, she scheduled him for 7 weeks-we'll see.
This morning I ran over to a friends for coffee and a catch-up on our summers.  Oh I forgot to tell you that I got the coolest App for my IPhone last night-it is a UPC Scanner for bar codes; you can input what food allergies/sensitivities you have and the app tell whether it is safe for you or not.  For those of us who can't have gluten, this is so much easier than having to read labels. 
I hope you are having a good day; remember any day we are breathing is a good day!
Hugs, Noreen

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Our two grandsons have grown up going to the golf course with their dad and their Papa; it was no surprise that sil called my hubby last week about playing golf on the weekend. Since hubby works at the local club, he took everyone out on Sat. They all had so much fun.
The oldest setting up; hubby told me he had some long drives-way to go J.

Mr. B, now 9, has really good form as well.

The three sum. The boys loved driving the golf carts and are already asking when they can go out again. It is fun to see all four guys enjoy a sport together.
Hope you have an awesome Tuesday; I'm taking Hunter walking and then he will go to the groomers. Now I know why we don't schedule his cuts every 7 weeks, he has many mats and I don't think the groomer is going to be pleased with him/me.  From now on it will be six weeks; I have found that he doesn't enjoy brushing as much as when we first got him, probably because I am actively trying to detangle his hair-I just hope he doesn't give the groomer the problems he gives me.
Until tomorrow~Noreen & Hunter

Monday, August 13, 2012

Good morning to you!  I hope you had a great weekend and got to relax a bit.  Saturday found me running errands to Target and Petsmart; Target yielded three baby boy outfits for our grandson due in Sept. and of course besides dog food, I also got some detangler for Hunter. Our four grands came over for dinner and a sleepover but only three stayed the night, one wasn't feeling well and we decided it was best for her to head home-just in case.  We did take the three out for frozen yogurt and then spent the evening watching the Olympics. I love seeing the kids so excited about the different events.  Sunday morning found one granddaughter making breakfast with her Papa, while I cut melon and set the table.  We had a great breakfast and then took Hunter on his morning walk; afterwards we took the three home.
Today, I will be walking Hunter before heading to my last ladies group and afterwards we are going out to lunch.  Each week, I think things are pretty relaxed and not scheduled but then things creep in.  I am working on the baby quilt each day and it is coming along nicely, but not enough to show you yet.  This week there are some cooler days in the forecast, so I am also hoping to get out and do some weeding.
I hope you have a productive day but find some time to grab some sunshine and smile.
Blessings, Noreen

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday to you!  It is already warming up here in Colorado; I've already hit the local garage sales and also hubby and I took Hunter out for his morning walk.  What amazes me is that if I have him with his friends, his energy lasts much longer but if it is just hubby and I then he is ready to quit much sooner.  I guess that is peer pressure.  The weekend looks pretty relaxed although we do have four of the grands coming tomorrow night for a sleepover; it should be fun because we've got the Olympics recorded and they are so enjoying watching the games, that I know tomorrow night will find us doing just that.  Every summer I hope to have the grands over at least four times each but so far it has only been two times; I often feel like I neglect this aspect.  With school starting for one family and the other having already started, I'm just not sure when the next sleepover will be.  I've started hand quilting the baby quilt and keep adding more to it but I think it will go quickly, if I can ever get Hunter to stop trying to get the batting; he does make it difficult to sew-he is always after something in my container with my thread etc.
I hope you have a delightful weekend filled with all that makes you smile.
Hugs, Noreen

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hunter and Winnie

Yesterday I had my girlfriend over and she brought her pup, Winnie. Winnie and Hunter have gone on walks together and played a little bit, but haven't had as much freedom as they'd both like. Winnie is smaller than Hunter but has a shy personality and they have a ball together.
They are very fast and well matched with each other.  Hunter has another friend named Teddy who is also the same mix as Winnie but a bit bigger and Hunter enjoys walks with him & Lexie.
They pups had fun running around in circles in our yard as well as inside.  It was so fun to watch! Hunter does get a little mouthy when playing with his friends and unlike his other buddies, Winnie didn't reprimand him for it-which he surely needed.  I love how they are both airborn in the next photo.

After about an hour and a half of playtime, they were so pooped that they sat on the couch with me; aren't they just so cute! 
Today Hunter is having a play day at our daughter's house, with Lily, for about 4 hours.  We are trying to get him used to being there without me so that when we go away in a couple of weeks, he will be relaxed and used to hanging out there.  While he is there, hubby and I are going on a long bike ride-the first of this summer, probably almost 20 miles round trip.  Hopefully, we can get it done before it gets too hot; usually the temps hit the high 90's by the late afternoon.  I'll let you know how far we get tomorrow.
Have a blessed day dear ones.
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seize the day

Happy Wednesday friends~  It is outdoor Wednesday and after I walk Hunter, we are having a girlfriend over who is bringing her sweet little "teddy-bear" bichon mix named Winnie to play. Hunter and Winnie are fast friends and Winnie is even more submissive and shy than Hunter, but I know they'll have a wonderful time running in the yard-hopefully pics to follow.
Last night hubby & I were talking with some friends about the new cars that are coming out etc. and I found myself saying things like "when our ship comes in" regards to purchases down the road.  We all have these conversations about what we will do when-you fill in the blank..."the economy improves, the real estate market goes back up etc etc.".  Later on, while trying to drift off to sleep I realized that my motto over the last five years has been to adopt an attitude of gratitude and to find contentment daily; however when I thought about my comments, it didn't sound like that to me.  I also remembered again, that when we focus to much into the future-when things are easier, better, we have more ________, I am missing so many blessings that are right in front of me today.  I don't know what my time frame on this earth will be and I don't want to miss any joy because I'm waiting and hoping that next year, something will be different.  I just heard about a dear blogging friend who passed away last week from cancer and I can tell you that yesterday my heart was breaking for the family of this friend and for those of us in cyberspace who had grown to love Kary.  I know that her husband would give everything he has to bring her back and so many understand this because they have walked through this journey.  I don't want regrets that I should have told someone that I loved them, I should have spent more time with them, I should have slowed down enough to let them know how much they mean to me.  I guess you might say I am again looking at how perishable we all are and realizing that each hour is a gift; we need to use it wisely. 
In case I haven't told you I love you and value your being in my life, consider yourself told!
Hugs, Noreen

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sounds and Sights of the Seasons

Yesterday when I was out in the yard, I happened upon this fellow.  Unfortunately, he was dead but still intact and I wondered about him.  Was it the heat?  We are still having days in the high 90's but there is a change in the air; the evenings and mornings are cooler and some of the Locust trees in our development have turned  a brilliant yellow.  This year has been different all over the country; we haven't had the number of grasshoppers we normally get, mosquitoes have been less as well(thankfully since I get horrific allergic reactions to bites), but one thing we are already hearing is the cicadas.  I had never heard of these before we moved here but old wives tales state that when you hear them, you've got six weeks til the first frost.  Oh my, we've been hearing them for several weeks now.  I can't say that I am wanting to stall summer; although I love it, I also love autumn.  Autumn is a time for candles, sweatshirts, quilts and sewing more quilts, reading and not getting up so very early to beat the heat.  We have many family birthdays in the fall and our new little grandson will be born mid-Sept., so there are lots of parties.  This year my brother and sister of my heart will be out for the big Stanford-Boulder game, which we will be attending with them. I always love it when they are here for a visit!  I am wondering if other areas of the country are seeing signs of fall already? 
Have a beautiful day!  Noreen

Monday, August 6, 2012

From My Library

              Nancy Mehl is a new author to me and I found Inescapable a good book.  It is an easy read and one you can pick up and get through within a day.  Set in a Mennonite community, a young woman finds herself leaving all that she has ever known.  Lizzie makes a life for herself and her daughter in a big city but finds her security there taken away by a stalker.  Returning home seems like her only choice and what she finds surprises her.  What once was a repressive and unfriendly environment now is a safe haven.  The residents welcome her and she feels more and more like this could be the answer to the peace she has been searching for.  Nancy weaves mystery gently into her story and a background into the Mennonite beliefs.  I would encourage you to get this book.  I look forward to reading more of Nancy’s books.   I did not receive any payment for this review. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hunter, where are you?  What did you get into to?
Mom, I don't know what you are talking about.  Even though I love to shred Kleenex, I couldn't have done this; I know how you tell me to leave it whenever I go near a box.  Seriously, you can't possibly think I did this mom; really would I do something like this?
It had to have been done by someone else; hum, you say there is no one else home but you and me.  Humm.

Saturday giggles to you friends.
Noreen & the mischief maker

Friday, August 3, 2012

A New Gold Medal

Yesterday Hunter received a Gold Medal in Sticks, or carrying sticks and today I am pleased to announce he received another Gold Medal in Marathon Chewing.  You can stop by and see the other contestants at our friends, Murphy and Stanley's place
Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Noreen and Hunter