Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hunter and Lily are two peas in a pod, as close as litter mates while Copper and Hunter are just playmates. Often Lily and Hunter gang up on Copper biting her and such. I caught this shot the other day while they were wrestling in my sewing room. Copper is so good with the smaller dogs-she will play bow so she is on their level. I have seen her romp on Lily while they are playing, but since they are together all the time and Lily is clearly Alpha, I don't worry about it. Copper is a very submissive dog and has a temperament just like Hunter's.
After play time is over, Copper crashes.  She is such a sweet dog, but a big dog.
My girlfriend Cyndi who is out from Ca. dog sitting for her brother watches between 12-16 dogs.
They have outside kennels where they stay for the most part, but there is always a handful of dogs allowed inside; although they are smaller than Copper(they are English Springer Spaniels), they can really get going racing and playing.  I guess it's my age showing, but having 6+ dogs inside playing all the time would drive me nuts.  I always thought I'd like another big dog, but I think if we ever got another one it would be a medium size one. Hunter would love a companion, but I've got our grand-pups that he can play with whenever he wants to.
Hope you have a great Wednesday.  Today I'll be biking with Kam and then walking Copper later.
Noreen and the pack

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Happy Tuesday to you! As you know our daughter & her family are away on vacation; we not only are watching their two dogs-Lily and Copper, but also watering their garden. Their second daughter plants a flower garden each year and this is the second year she's planted Zinnias. I love them! This is one of the shots when the first flowers started growing.

Last night we had friends over for dinner and I needed some fresh chives for baked potatoes and also wanted some fresh flowers. Since they are away, I cut some for a nice bouquet.
I'm not sure why I've never planted them before; I may have to plant some next year.  They make such a pretty arrangement.  The bed they are in is filled and she probably won't know I picked any until I tell her thanks, one of the benefits of taking care of their garden.  Thankfully, Carrie brought over lots of fresh zucchini and squash before they left. My other granddaughter who is helping with Copper each day put this arrangement together for me.
I hope you have a great day.  I've already walked 3 miles and when hubby gets home we will walk another 1.5-2 miles with all three dogs.
Until tomorrow~

Monday, August 29, 2016

When The Fur Flies

Happy Monday to you; do you realize that it is the last Monday in August~oh my! As I mentioned we have two houseguests this week and what fun they are, especially according to Hunter. The play tag and chase each other and Hunter and Lily gang up on Copper. She has done pretty well considering her peeps are gone; of course her daily walks aren't hurting her either. Kim's oldest is coming over to walk her daily and that helps me. Yesterday hubby and I took all three dogs for a walk-he had Copper, because of her size and strength and I had Lily and Hunter. Here they are in the afternoon-Hunter's just enjoying the warm sunshine.
I kept trying to get a pic of Copper standing up-she has gotten so tall.  The breeder said her parents and generations back were smaller, but she seems big to me.

Here is Lily, wondering why I'm taking photos.  There is no way I can get pics when they are running in circles.
We had our neighbors over on Saturday evening and they brought their Bichon, Odie, to play.  It was funny seeing the three white fluffs surrounding Copper.  She is so good natured that he plays gently; I have noticed that she is still timid around strangers-like our next door neighbors. She'll hear them and then go outside and bark at them; when I corrected Copper I've been told that she is fine and not to be bothered.
The only thing I've noticed is that I need to feed Hunter separately-otherwise Copper wolfs down his food and Lily's-but Lily is quick to go to Copper's food and eat it.
I hope you have a great day!
Noreen, Hunter, Lily and Copper.

Friday, August 26, 2016

National Dog Day

This morning as I was reading the blogs I followed, Mary at Home Is Where The Boat Is, posted that today is National Dog Day.  I remember celebrating this in years past, but today is special because Lily and Copper are coming over to stay with us for the next week.  I celebrate Hunter each and every day and love all of our family dogs, as well as countless others.  To Me, Home is not a home without a dog.  I've told you all that I have a wooden sign that says: Life without dogs, I don't think so!
As I was reading Mary's post this morning, I saw that she posted a youtube video on is very touching, so be prepared.  Here is what I anticipated tonight with Lily and Hunter snuggled up together.
 I'm excited about having Copper here-love this girl!  Just hope she's o.k. with her pack being gone. 

I tried to get the youtube video to load, but it won't-so go to Mary's, say hello and watch it.  So touching.

May your weekend be blessed!
Noreen, Hunter, Lily and Copper

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Once again it's Thankful Thursday and I am blessed beyond measure, so much to be thankful for.  Yesterday we had a great lunch and visit with our Ca. friends. We went to a brewery and I had a great salad, hubby had fish & chips.  On Tuesday o had stopped at a store after the shoe store and picked up a gel pad for the ball of my foot. Yesterday I put it in my shoe and my foot didn't hurt-although we didn't walk much.  This morning I walked 3 miles with my neighbor and I had no issue. I know I still need to see a podiatrist, but for now I'm one happy girl! I will be walking Copper twice daily for the next week, so it will be much easier. Our weather has definitely turned cooler, with some rain as well do I put away our beach towels. Our pool closes next weekend and it's doubtful whether we'll get back.-due to cool temps.
That's about all that I have going on here. I hope you have a splendid day and count your blessings-life is short and every day is a gift!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you!  I can't believe I didn't get a post up yesterday, but some days are just like that.  I have found that if I walk in my sandals my foot does better~so yesterday I took Hunter on a short walk and was fine.  Later on, I went to visit a friend; she's had lots of major foot issues over the years and told me about a great online store called Foot Smart.  She suggested a deep heel cup so that it took pressure of my toes.  When I got home I did indeed check the site out and from what I can determine(not being a doctor or foot specialist), it sounds like Morton's Neuroma.  The symptoms are mostly pain in my toes-especially the pads of my toes and numbness.  So I decided not to check out Good Feet, because they only deal in expensive  orthotics.  I did go to a high end shoe store though, where I know they are very knowledgeable about foot issues.  I've got to say I was so surprised and pleased that the owner asked if I had seen a podiatrist; when I said no, he told me that "sure he could sell me a pair of new walking shoes, but if I didn't know what my foot issue was, it would be a waste of money".  I can't remember ever having a salesman tell me that.  I tried on a couple of different brands-Vionix, which I didn't like at all and has a negative heel and the pair I liked were New Balance.  However, again the man stressed that if I don't know what is causing the pain, getting a new pair of shoes won't necessarily fix it.  I ended up walking out and telling him I'd be back. So, I'm now thinking of seeing a specialist to determine just what the issue is.  In the mean time, I guess I'll be wearing sandals or biking.
Today hubby and I are heading down to Longmont to see our friends who are here dog sitting and maybe take them up to RMNP.  The weather is iffy and I'm not sure whether that will happen or if we'll just go out to lunch together.  You may remember that she comes out at least once every year to take care of her brother's dogs-usually 10-16 Springer Spaniels. Here she is with her little pup.
 Here was one that was such a love.  I'm not sure how many dogs she and her hubby will be sitting for, but it is lots of work.  I did hear that there is one puppy in the bunch; unfortunately I can't stay inside the house due to my allergies.
Her hubby will be here for another week and then head back to northern Ca.; at that point I'll be down another time and take her out to lunch.
I hope you have a great day!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Monday to you!  I hope your weekend gave to lots to smile about.  We had a great one and yesterday hubby was off for the entire day-yeah!  So what to do, but drive up to Estes Park.  I've been having an issue with my left foot-nothing much, just some pain in my toes which developed when I bought the wrong pair of tennis shoes.  After I returned them and tried another pair, I quickly returned those as well.  I have loved my brand and got another pair the same brand.  I haven't worn them outside until Friday and  you guessed it my toes were still bothered.  Not as much as with my the other brands I tried, but enough that I didn't want to walk 3 miles.  So my wise daughter suggested just wearing my Sketcher sandals until my feet were better.  Good idea.  Yesterday, we walked Hunter down to the end of the street before jumping in the car to head to the mountains.  I wasn't planning on hiking at all, but that is what we did.  We had a wonderful day up there, the sun was out and it was just perfect.  There were times when I could tell my toes were annoyed, but in all it wasn't a bad hike.  So including walking Hunter, we calculated that we walked over 6 miles. After we were done, we went to lunch at our favorite place up there-The Egg and I.  Instead of just having a quick salad for lunch, I had the special omelette-it was so good and left me comfortable, but I decided not to eat dinner.
Other than that, not much was accomplished over the weekend.  This week will be pretty open-today I may go bike riding with Kam; figured it's better for my feet than walking.  I am also going to the Good Feet store and see if they have any recommendations for me.  Hubby has a pair of Reebok tennis shoes that have a deep gel cushion and I may end up with a pair of those.  Having bought one new pair of Oasic shoes, I don't really want to buy another new pair but a girl has to walk.  I can tell the problem starts in the ball of my foot and affects my toes, especially the tips of my toes.
I also have a friend(and her hubby)that are dog sitting down in Longmont, so I think we'll take lunches up to the park on Wednesday so they can see the beauty we enjoy.
I hope you found some time to get outdoors over the weekend and that your week starts out well.
Joy to you!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Friday to you!  I finally put all my Patriotic decorations away, but I'm not quite ready to get all my fall ones out yet.  I've mentioned that once a month I attend a quilting club held at a store; I just joined in February and so glad I did.  We come away with a pattern for a block each month and a separate special project-maybe a table runner, apron etc etc.  By the December meeting our quilt top will be together-yeah!  These are 7 out of 8 blocks that will be the center with sashing, another pinwheel border and a wider border.  What I love about this club is that the teacher/owner of the store shows us the block, gives special hints and has very detailed instructions-which I really appreciate.  I will say I've redone a couple of blocks because I didn't like the color combo.  I'm not into really scrappy quilts and love the civil war colors on this.  It's been fun to see the blocks all the other ladies have made-some are floral, some oriental, some scrappy and lots of color variations.  By the time December rolls around, I will have finished my red & white wall hanging from Sisters, have a good portion of my "Sea" quilt done if not finished and be ready to quilt this.  I have several Christmas projects I'll be working on as well.  It sounds early to think about it, but trust me when I say it will be here before you know it.
I hope you have a great day and weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Post Script on DentaStix

This morning, bright and early, Fed Ex delivered a box for Hunter; it was from Ms. Sydney with his new DentaStix in it.  He knew it was from Chewy and chewed up that dentastix so quickly that I didn't get a picture.  They are truly the perfect size for him, as  you can see.

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dog Treats are chewy textured treats that are designed to promote oral health & breath-freshening in adult dogs. They are brown X-shaped, stick-like snacks which deliver daily oral care efficacy in tasty convenient treats. The unique texture is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Look for the patented X-shaped treat.
Key Benefits
  • Unique shape & texture
  • Reduces plaque & tartar builup
  • Freshens breath

As a #Chewy Influencer, I can't say enough about this company~their customer service is the best out there.  We love their blogger program that allows us to select treats for our beloved pets and blog about them.  We have received this product in exchange for our honest opinion and review; we receive no monetary compensation.
Make sure you go visit Chewy for all your pet's needs.  Thank you Ms. Sydney for your prompt attention.  You can find Chewy here:

Noreen and Hunter

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's Outdoor Wednesday and I'm going to walk shortly with my neighbor, the gal who is 70 and walks a minimum of 3 miles every day.  She really puts me to shame; however when it works out I always try to walk with her and another neighbor.  Yesterday I had my quilt club meeting and won a bottle of
I have never used this product before, but have started using starch on some of my smaller quilt pieces. I'm excited to try this, because I heard ladies raving about it at the store.  I will let  you know my opinion once I use it.  The club I belong to has one block per month which is definitely doable.
I just got back from walking and am so hot!  
I hope your week has been easy and you've had some time to enjoy the weather, unless you live in Ca. where there are more wildfires or in Louisiana where there are so many areas flooding-then I pray for your safety.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pedigree DentaStix Review

As a  #Chewy Influencer, we are able to sample treats, food-both dry and kibble, toys and items needed by a dog owner.  This month we choose DentaStix by Pedigree for Hunter; we've been told he has tarter on his teeth and needs to have them cleaned.  I've been working hard at brushing them and providing lots of chewy things-such a knuckle bones as well as other items known to help.  When I saw this product on our list, I didn't see that it was only for big dogs and not for dogs under 30 pounds.  In fact, I didn't see that until I looked on Mr. Chewy website.  It was my fault that I didn't check out the back of the package before we picked this.  I should have asked Miss Sydney if it was o.k. for small dogs. Such a disappointment-especially since Hunter had 1/2 of one and loved it.

Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Dog Treats are chewy textured treats that are designed to promote oral health & breath-freshening in adult dogs. They are green X-shaped, stick-like snacks which deliver daily oral care efficacy in tasty convenient treats. The unique texture is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Look for the patented X-shaped treat.
Key Benefits
  • Unique shape & texture
  • Reduces plaque & tartar builup
  • Freshens breath
After contacting Ms. Sydney and explaining the situation, she is sending us some small dog DentaStix out.  I can't say enough about Ms. Sydney and the customer service you receive from Chewy.  I will be passing the large ones on to Copper and in the future will be reading the front and back of the packages before submitting our choice.
We were provided this product, free of charge, by Chewy for our honest opinion and review.  Please go visit Chewy here:

Noreen and Hunter

Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Monday to you! The weather has been so nice for the last week. Yesterday morning, bright and early, hubby heard a hot air balloon. He said it sound like it was right over the house and it almost was-two door down. I grabbed the camera and he took these shots. We were afraid it was going to land on the golf course, but it kept going. Just about the time we thought it would land, it took off again.
I have always loved seeing these balloons so  near to us; I've been in one tethered before, but haven't gone up in one.
I'm off walking this morning with Kam and then will have some more sewing time.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend and have a productive day!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Tea Time

Hello friends, This week has been jam packed with lots of fun! As you know our daughters have tea parties for their daughters every month or so. Wednesday was the end of summer party and it was such a fun afternoon. Carrie had decided to have flowers and vases for the girls to make arrangements with. It was so fun to see 8 girls make totally different arrangements; showed their individual personalities. Some of them even went out to the flower bed in the back yard to pick more flowers.

We also had wonderful treats-iced tea or water, strawberries-chocolate covered and plain, grapes, cantaloupe as well as lemon-almond squares.  When they were all done with the flowers, the girls quickly ran off to play.  Seven of them were all coming to our house for their last summer sleepover, so I'm sure they were talking about what we'd be doing.  We always let them choose what's for dinner and so we had hot dogs on buns, fruit salad and Izzy drinks.  For dessert we bbq'd marshmallows and had S'mores.  After we came back inside we all sat and watched the Olympics.
Yesterday  we had a big breakfast-again their choice-pancakes, bacon and orange juice.
Around 10:30 we met the mom's and other kiddos at the pool; water play and then lunch.
In the afternoon a neighbor and fellow quilter came to see the projects I made in Sister's and share what she's been up to.
Today I have my neighborhood quilt group here and then not sure what I'll be doing after that.
I hope you've had a great week and have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One Big Old Boy

Good Morning Friends! Today's post is a tribute to our daughter and her family's first dog Sampson. Kim and her hubby got Sampson when they were a young married couple expecting their first daughter. Kim and hubby had been looking for a Great Dane when they came upon this fellow-a big adult Newfoundland mix. I met them at the Humane Society to check this dog out and couldn't believe how big he was, how much fur he had and how high he could bounce. I didn't say jump, because he'd get all four feet off the ground. Sampson was approximately 2 years old and not quite fully grown-he was thin as most strays are. I remember he got a deep gash on his leg shortly after they got him and when sil took him to the vet for stitches he was told that Sampson had a high pain tolerance. For some reason this fact stuck in my head. He loved being outside and preferred it over being in the house. He also loved to run and when he had the chance would go out on a long run, with sil chasing him. Hubby and I often got called into the chase as well. Kim's family grew and before you knew it we were all moving to Colorado, in the winter. Sampson showed that he loved the snow and so he had a dog house in the garage and a doggy door leading to the yard, plus lots of blankets for his bed. The cold never stopped him. This first photo was taken probably four years ago at their old house. Sampson has always been a wonderful watch dog, mainly because of his size, weighing in at approximately 120 lbs.  At their old house one day, years ago, he was outside with Kim's oldest and her youngest at the time, when he started barking and wouldn't stop. Sil opened the door and told him to be quiet and again he wouldn't stop. Sil went out and Sampson was standing between the two girls and a large snake. At first sil thought it was a rattler and Sampson would not let it anywhere near the girls. It ended up being a bull snake, which a policeman told us all after it was killed. This is the yard where he protected the children.  On another note, when the family moved to their current home two years ago and backed up to Open Space, there was no way of knowing just how many bull snakes would venture into their yard.  As always, Sampson would alert the family and stand between any of them and the snake. In recent months however, as soon as Kim or her man would be there he would go into the garage and nap-as if to say "I've done my job".
These next two photos were taken this week.  The years have passed and age has taken its toll on this incredible dog.  Kim's hubby had a job where he had to travel internationally on a regular basis and having Sampson at their home always made everyone, including this mom, feel more secure.  Nobody would have been allowed in their yard or home.  Sampson is now about 14 years old; it is becoming obvious that he is suffering from weak hind legs-probably hip dysplasia.  He has truly been the best dog ever and it is with a heavy heart that Kim and her hubby have made the decision to do the second kindest thing possible for him-to set him free.  The first kindest thing was to adopt him and give him the best home possible.

As I type this, it grieves my heart, not for what will happen this week but for what a fantastic, loyal, loving dog he's been and how much I will miss him, let alone the family.  As I've watched him the last couple of weeks, it is absolutely apparent that it is time.  I was going to post this after the fact, but know I won't be able to.  I am so thankful he was the first dog Kim and her hubby had-it is amazing that he has lived to such a ripe old age, given his breed and size.  Well done Sampson. Thank you for being there and watching over all of us, especially my grands.  WE will always cherish the dog you have been.
When the time comes, Old Boy run free.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Monday from my home to yours! I hope you had a relaxing weekend and found some time to do something you love. Saturday a friend and I went to a quilt store near Estes Park; they were having a great Batik sale and I was hoping to get some fabric for the back of my latest quilt. Mission accomplished, plus I found some stencils for hand quilting as well as variegated thread that will go perfectly with the colors on my quilt. Before I left, Carrie dropped off Lily and Copper for the morning and afternoon. The family was headed to the Museum of Science in Denver for an exhibit on Robotics. Copper fits in well here, as you can see when she was sitting near me.
I've said it before, but she has such a sweet temperament.  She's got plenty of puppy in her yet, is coming along with her obedience classes.  Both dogs are such good company for Hunter!  We met both families at Red Rob*n for dinner to celebrate the end of summer-not that we want the weather to change though.  Our oldest grandson had coordinated this activity several months ago, because the new Bourne movie was out and he wanted all the guys(except little man)to go see it together.  I think it was a right of passage-you know  a guy movie with the mature guys in the family going.  The girls piled into vehicles and we headed to Carrie's.  The older girls have been reading a few of the Nancy Drew mysteries and so Carrie had borrowed one of the movies from the library.  It was a hoot to see a black and white movie filmed in 1956.  After we watched it, we had dessert and then the girls played outside.  So much fun.  This is their last week of vacation and we are going to make the most of it~a Tea Party, swimming and lunch at the pool, a trip to the used bookstore where I have a very large credit and am sharing it with my granddaughters and daughters.  I am also walking with friends in the morning as well as hosting my quilt group at our house.  Another neighbor and I have talked of getting together all summer, so she'll be coming to tea on Thursday afternoon, plus another neighbor wants me to go to Christopher & Ban*s for a sale.  I'm already tired.
What do you have planned for the week?

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Girls

There is no greater joy than having  daughters you are close to!  Blessings flow when  your two daughters are so very close, not only because they are sisters but because they are also friends.
Last night my girls, Kim on the left and Carrie on the right went to hear one of their favorite authors speak.  Sally Clarkson was in Fort Collins and the girls planned to attend; hubby and I had a standing Thursday night activity with neighbors, so I wasn't able to go.  My girls have regular school activities together for their kiddos, but this was centered on making you home a haven-at least that is what I think the topic was.  Both daughters have such a wonderful way of decorating and creating a welcoming home that I'm not sure what they would need advice for; however I do know that they want their house to be a haven for their hubby's and children.  I haven't heard a recap of last night yet, but I'm sure I will.  I am so proud of the Christian women, wives, moms, sisters, nieces, friends and examples my daughters are.  My cup runneth over!
Joy to you!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happy Thursday to you! Yesterday morning I was standing at our kitchen table and looked outside to see this~

Hope you have a great day! Soar like a hot air balloon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Peach Blueberry Crisp

Happy Wednesday to you!  It's the middle of the week and the countdown is on for those working.
I mentioned that I was making a Peach Blueberry Crisp for our girls Tea Party today, here it is.  Unfortunately little Man has a fever so we are postponing it; no worries though, because I'll cut this up and deliver it to both families.
For those interested here is the recipe:

Peach Blueberry Crisp
4 cups of diced peaches
2 cups of blueberries-I used mostly fresh but didn't have quite enough so added in some frozen
2 Tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup Light Agave nectar(I used dark)
3/4 Teaspoons of ground Cinnamon
2 1/2 Tablespoons of Cornstarch
1 1/4 Cups of Gluten Free Flour
1/4 Teaspoon Xanthin gum-optional
1/8 Teaspoon salt
3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup vegetable shortening(I use butter)

~Preheat oven to 375
~Grease 8 x 8" baking dish
~Combine peaches and blueberries with lemon juice and agave nectar.  Toss gently then sprinkle with cinnamon and cornstarch, stirring gently to combine.
~Transfer into baking dish
~Combine the flour, anthem gum, salt and brown sugar. Whisk together, then add in 1/4 teaspoon and oats and toss well
~Melt shortening or butter (30-60 seconds) in microwave and add to dry ingredients, a little at a time; tossing between each addition.  Mix until you have large crumbs, spread on top evenly.
~Bake in center of oven for about 40 minutes, until the fruit is bubbling up around the sides.  Let cool to room temperature before serving.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Better Late Than Never

This post was supposed to be earlier today, but I got caught up and didn't get it done. So first thing this morning hubby snapped this sunrise photo at the golf course~isn't it pretty!
Well, I am pleased to share that my second Sister's quilt top is finished(needs to be ironed though).  I am happy with the end result, prior to quilting it.  The fabric line was Sea and Sky and that is what this quilt says to me. It reminds me of the Islands, hubby's favorite vacation spot and this is why I choose these colors.  On Saturday, I'm taking a friend down to a quilt store on the way to Estes and going to shop their Batik sale-yeah, a big 25% off for the back.  I'm thinking I might end up with the light blue-green, but I won't know until I'm there.  As for quilting, it will be simple-probably following the design lines.  It will make a nice lap quilt for the cooler weather.  This is what happens when you don't get any instructions from the teacher-you space out and forget that you haven't put the borders on yet.  Glad I didn't post it on FB on the teacher's page...silly me.  So guess I'd better get back to work.
I walked 3.4 miles today and also spent an hour or so at the pool with our youngest and her five.  Such fun!
Tomorrow I will walk with a girlfriend and then in the afternoon we girls will have a tea-party at Carrie's.  I am making a blueberry-peach crisp to take; I promise to get some before photos and will share that with the recipe.  Hope you've had a great day and will have a fantastic Wednesday.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Fun At The Lake

Happy Monday to you and Happy August. This weekend our family, minus hubby and I, went camping at a nearby lake. We've been there a few times before, but never with a boat. Carrie's family owns a nice ski boat and although they weren't sure about taking it, they did and what fun everyone had on Saturday. Hubby and I got there by 8:30 and by 9:30 we were on the lake.
The two oldest grandsons went out tubing, as did the two oldest granddaughters.  However, the most fun was seeing Carrie and Kim going tubing.  Although I was on the shore with the kiddos, we could hear them screaming as they bounced over the wake.  It brought back so many memories of their teens, when we owned a Wave Runner and would go out almost every weekend.

Kim and Mr. L.
Usually, when Carrie's family go boating her hubby doesn't get to tube-he's always driving.  Hubby was there so both sil's went together. That was a hoot!

Eric, on the left in the bridge orange t-shirt is such a card.  He keeps us laughing.
Hubby doing what he loves best-driving a boat.  Maybe he loves it second best, golf would come first.
Hubby and Mr. B decided to take a turn.

You wonder why in the world I'm not tubing, well I had a very good reason-again I was on the shore with all the kiddos.  We had lunch at the beach and then hubby had to head into work, so we headed home.  It was such fun that we picked up hot dogs and headed back to the campsite for dinner.  We've shared so many memories and years camping together, we missed it-but not enough for me to sleep on the ground.  Give me an RV and then we'll talk.
Yesterday afternoon it poured and I lamented to my girls that is didn't feel like summer.  Carrie texted back: "Summer is still here and we must enjoy her until the very last minute.  And, then once she leaves, we can let fall come quietly to visit with candles and soft warm days.  But, today is still time to enjoy summer, especially when she drenches us with an afternoon rain shower." Copywrite July 31, 2016

Yes, we will embrace each day we have left; the Cicadas are already chirping and letting us know of the coming season.  For me, I plan on spending some time at the pool today.  Yesterday, I got 26 ears of corn and cut it up for the freezer, packed 3 pounds of green beans in freezer bags and started working on 20 pounds of Palisades Peaches(the best peaches I've ever tasted).
I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer and that you will embrace August.
Joy to you!