Thursday, May 31, 2012

It can't be Thursday already; this week has really flown by.  I guess when you have wonderful, unexpected guests that visit and I wouldn't change the last week for anything.  Life is getting back to our normal routine; walks with Kam and Lexie, laundry, chores and realizing that I need to focus on teaching Hunter some basic commands so I can progress to obedience training.  I did find yesterday that if I "shs"d him when he barks in the house, he is pretty responsive.  It will be interesting to see if that works on our walks.  Hubby and sil got Missy the cow taken up to the place-sorry I just don't want to say it.  The good thing is that she will be put down quickly and pretty painlessly; the three older grands were there and are all very matter-of-fact.  Carrie and I were a bit sad but this is life. This is why I never could have been a cattle rancher.
Carrie's kids got home and went to horseback riding lessons, their first time; I'm waiting another week or two to go watch-so they are really comfortable. It brings back memories of when my girls were young.
This morning we will go on a walk and then I am going to a friends house, who just moved, to help her unpack. 
I hope your day is fruitful and overflowing with joy.
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friends that are family

There are friends that are as close as family, they are our chosen family. Our next door neighbors from California still remain our best friends and traveling companions. It was such an incredible surprise to have them here for the entire weekend! We are already planning our next vacation, next year; initially we had thought about Charlotte, N.C. but changed our mind to an Alaskan Cruise and I'm already researching the various land/sea packages. Jim and Barb went on a cruise and land trip about 10 or 11 yrs ago and loved it. Hubby and I have always wanted to see Alaska and this would be such fun.

WE were so incredibly honored to have our friends and family fly out to Colorado for our party.  Barb always gets me in the mood for quilting, for this is what we did so much of when we lived next door to each other.  We are still so in awe of what our daughters and sil's and grands were able to orchestrate and pull together. 
Now that life is back to normal, I've got fabric to wash and a quilt to design.  Hunter is settling back into a quiet house. Our cow takes its farewell journey today; my daughter is feeling a bit sad, as am I.  How can you bond with an animal that you were never affectionate with?  The kids seem fine with knowing Missy is going to the slaughterhouse, but time will tell if they miss her presence in the pasture.  Daughter Carrie says she needs some chickens now. 
Have a great Wednesday!
Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Unforgettable Weekend

Happy Tuesday dear friends, Boy do I have a story to tell but right now without any photos. As I shared on Thursday, my hubby was coming home from a golf trip and bringing his brother with him. Little did we know we were in for quite a surprise. Friday was just a regular day; Kam and I went to the garage sales and had a fun time with her mom. I didn't buy too much and the day passed quickly and easily. Our plan was that on Saturday evening we were going to our oldest daughter's home for a bbq and celebration of bil's birthday. In the afternoon, our oldest called and said there was a change of plans and we were going out to a restaurant; we were told to dress nicely. When we got there, Carrie told us that the grands wanted us to see how hubby's Father's Day/Birthday present was coming along; it had been top secret for a month at least, and was hidden in the shop. We were blindfolded and led to the shop; I was expecting some wood working project and we really didn't have any idea what it was. We were led into the shop and told to take the blindfold off; can you guess what we saw? Twenty five of our closest friends and family had gathered to celebrate both our birthdays; seven had flown in from California. We were speechless and fighting tears. This birthday was the big 60 for both of us; mine is in March and hubby's in July. We had told the kids and each other we didn't want a big party; I don't like being the center of attention. This party was done to the nine's; the shop was decorated to the hilt-with white lights, candles, music, posters from our lives, tables and of course food. When we saw everyone, initially I thought it was just for hubby until I saw all the photos. Our girls were so scared I would be on Pinterest and see the board they had done. I can't tell you how much fun we had! The appetizers, food and cakes were just like a wedding reception; in fact it felt like that, but we were able to really enjoy ourselves and not worry about all the duties of the hosts. This truly was a highlight of my life and I know hubby's as well. In fact, mid way through hubby got a phone call from his youngest sister and she put his mom on the phone to talk. My mil is in a care facility with Alzheimer's and often doesn't talk or remember who you are. It was so incredible; our girls even had a dear friend of ours and theirs, who is a photographer, come and take photos. The next morning, the girls & their hubbies had rented a limo and had hubby and I plus all the California family driven up to Estes Park and the Rockies for lunch. Such a great brunch plus spending time with loved ones-I just can't tell you how blessed we were and how incredibly touched to have our dear ones fly in from out of state. My brother and sil left shortly after we got back and one other couple had to leave shortly. Our traveling friends and next door neighbors in Ca. had arranged to stay until this afternoon. We have played cards and just had a wonderful time together; it is sad that they have to go home today. Last night, we had fish tacos for dinner and hubby bbq'd the Tilapia; after dinner we noticed our dear little Hunter under the bbq. His little face was covered with the drippings from the bbq and it necessitated a quick bath; I'm so thankful that he is so little, I just plop him in the sink and wash him.
He looks so thin and small here.  He didn't like it too much but when it was over he looked so much better.

He still isn't sure about the hair dryer; he better get used to it since he'll be at the groomers on a regular basis. 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend; I can't wait to get photos to post.
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter

Monday, May 28, 2012

We Salute You

My friend Nana Diana shared this video on her blog today and I just have to share it with you. My heart goes out to those families who have lost loved ones that were serving our country.
Just this morning we had the Airforce do a annual "fly over" in F-18 Hornets and although we always know they will be going over our area, it is so thrilling to watch them. Hunter showed me he is very noise sensitive though.  I hope you have an incredible day!
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

From our home to yours, wishes for a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

I had hoped to have new pics of Hunter playing with his fur-cousin Lily but that will have to wait until Monday.  We will be going out for a family dinner at a local restaurant, which means Hunter will stay home tonight.
To all those, past and present who have served our country and her people, I salute you and say thank you for your sacrifice.  It is because of you all that we enjoy the freedoms we have.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Friday Friends~I'm so happy to have my man home again; I mean guys need their "guy time" as much as we need our "girl time" but seriously, I always love it when he's back home. Both daughters families came over last night and the grands were just as excited to see him as I was, of course so were the girls and sils.
I know I wasn't planning on taking any more pics of the birds, but I just couldn't resist seeing how big they are.  They appear to be ready to fly, their wings look ready.  Oh the mess they've made of my pretty welcome basket; thankfully it is made of metal and a little water and cleanser will clean it off. 
I'm off this morning to go to garage sales while hubby and his brother change the brakes on his car. 
Hunter was so glad to see hubby and was fine with hubby's brother; although the grands were a bit overwhelming for him, so I put him in his crate for a little bit. I hope you have a wonderful day and if you have to work, the time flies by.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good morning friends~I hope you're week has been easy and that you have a wonderful weekend planned.  Today, I am thankful that our rain stopped; even though we need it, I so prefer the sunshine.  Last night must have been the first time Hunter experienced rain because he was just so silly; he would go outside and roll around on the grass-at first, when he kept rubbing his ears and head I wondered if he had ants on his face again.  No, apparently he just like the rain.  He would lay down on the grass until he was soaking wet and I'd call him in.  The good news is that he looks nice and clean today.  His behavior was different than I've seen before and I'm hoping it was just the weather.  He just couldn't get settled and I also think he may have had to do his thing outside and was backed up.  I have to admit though I began to get worried about him.  He slept fine all night long, in fact he sleeps til 7:00 a.m. now-yippee.
There are so many things that occur with a puppy almost 6 mos old-it could also be teething. 
Today he is back to his normal self and I'm so thankful for that.
I am thankful that hubby is coming home today and bringing his brother for a visit.  His poor brother has only been here once and that was four years ago when we had our tornado.  It will be good for him to have a positive trip here and see our sights. 
I didn't get to the gym except once while hubby was gone, but tried to eat light.  One night our youngest, Kim, had me over for dinner(yummy enchiladas)but other than that, I've eaten salads for dinner and done more juicing.  Got to get back into that daily.  We are hoping to get hubby's brother excited about it-he needs to have a healthier diet and lifestyle.
This morning we'll be walking, then I've get a haircut and run an errand before going to the airport.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Wednesday to you.   How has your week been?  Mine is going fast and there is a scurry of activity here . Yesterday was a great day but I wore our little pup out; we had a wonderful walk in the morning and I can say that Lexie is a great teacher.  She never gets fearful or too excited and keeps walking when my Hunter would rather just put the brakes on; this in turn keeps him walking on as I say.
After we got home, I went grocery shopping and stopped at a little pet store; what a find!  The owner had the best deals on chews and toys as well as carrying a variety of good foods;so much cheaper than Pets*art.  She is a rancher and has owned Aussie's and Border Collies for many, many years. You've probably been around this type of personality-she talked my ear off.  I finally purchased the Lamb's ear(actually I think it is just skin) and a chewy stick all for $2.00; I was afraid one frozen food item in my trunk was going to melt.  After lunch, my oldest & her gang came over with Lily to have some play time.  The dogs ran around the yard and then we decided to go to the lake about 4 blocks away; it turned out the wind was picking up and we didn't want sand in our eyes so went on another walk. It was a leisurely walk but at one point I put Hunter in the stroller with Miss A because he was getting tired.  He looked so cute riding with her!  She is used to this because Lily sometimes will ride in the stroller with her.  After jumping off, he made it home but not without a few times of laying down in the shade.  He sure crashed all night though-yes, he slept until 7:00 a.m. this morning.  I, on the other hand, did not get to sleep until after 12:30; I did not want to get up this morning.  Today is another full day-a walk first thing and then Kam and I are going by an estate sale that was held last weekend but they still have things available, at a hugely reduced price.  When I get home I've got to do some housecleaning and may go out to our oldest daughter's home so the pups can play.  As you see, Hunter is doing well socially with dogs; he is still a bit uncertain about the grands but hopefully that will continue to get better as well.   I'm so happy because we didn't have any ant issues this morning...yeah!
So what'd you A.I. fans think about last night?  For the first time, I voted online.  I loved Jessica's rendition of Whitney's song but I didn't care for the song she picked to record.  On the other hand, I loved Philip's last song-the one he choose if he wins.  It fit his voice perfectly and I would probably download it.
It's cooler here today so I think I'll be wearing jeans for my walk. 
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Masquerade Party

Each year the church our family goes to has a masquerade party in May. The families in the church don't dress up for Halloween, so this is a nice alternative at a totally different time of year. The kids just love it and the all the families in the fellowship really get into it. Our girls and their families dress up from things they find at a thrift store or make-it can get expensive if you are buying costumes from a costume store.
Our oldest Carrie and her hubby are dressed in business attire and little Miss A is a monkey, any ideas of what they are?  How about Monkey Business; Miss A even carried a bunch of bananas.  Miss O is a flower girl, Miss F is a cowgirl and the boys are storm troopers.  Seeing the looks of delights on the kids faces bring me a smile-I never cared for dressing up as an adult, maybe because at many of the banks we worked at it was required for Halloween.
Kim and her family thought about being Indiana Jones but decided to be Tomb Raiders/archeologists. They all did such a wonderful job on creating costumes that didn't cost a lot.

On a side note, I can tell the warm weather is here because when I took Hunter out this morning for his morning potty, he came running back with ants on his face-lots; at first I thought they were just pieces of pollen or stickers.  Ugh!!!  This girl will take snakes over ants any day.  I grabbed his grooming brush and ran outside and began brushing them off.  Next I checked his paws and sure enough there were plenty.  I long ago decided that when I get to glory I want to ask the Lord about His little insects-and why they have to invade our homes and yards so much-let them live out in the fields.  I guess they are a bit like the other creatures bothering our area currently-bears coming down into suburbs looking for food and snakes searching out food because of the drought.  We aren't bothered by either of these but seriously friends, I have no tolerance for ants.  I'm the one who used to spray for them and now I'm concerned about our little guy-don't want any toxins on our lawn that could harm him.  Things always happen when my hubby is away; this isn't too bad, just don't know what I'll do today about the problem.  Maybe by later they will have gone underground; hey a girl can wish can't she?!
I hope you are enjoying the weather in your area; today we should hit the low 90's and Carrie and her kiddos plus Lily are coming over, so maybe there will be some water play.  Hope you have a wonderful day, free of any pests.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter

Monday, May 21, 2012


Happy Monday to you~
Every year when my sweetie leaves on his golf trip, I go crazy in our yard and spend oodles on plants. This year I decided to scale back alot and told him I'd only be getting some six packs as well as a birdbath; in all honesty I did really scale back(I only got a 1/3 of what I normally do)but it was more than I planned. I've got some pots filled with petunias, johnny-jumpups and one very nice pot. However, now that I've started the planting, I'm feeling the need to get more six packs for the beds.
This bed contains wild roses that pop up everywhere and my daylillies continue to spread.  If you click on the pic, you can see the cute birdbath that I got-it's a fairy one and even though it's smaller, it was very heavy for me to lift out of my trunk and carry to the backyard.
This is the bed on the other side of the yard; last year I had vege's in here but with our bunny I don't think I'll be planting any.  My mint, from last year, also went nuts so I took it all out so it didn't impact my Lilac bush.  This is where I need more fillers and shredded bark to cover the dirt; I think I'll hit Home Depot this week for the fillers, my girl just told me that they have them at the store for .69 cents a six pack.  Now that's a good deal. 
I still have to hit the quilt store for baby fabric this week and begin to design the quilt and start on it; it is going to be a warm few days so I know I'll be outside in the yard a lot.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a day filled with contentment!
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birds of a Feather

Yesterday we took a peak at the nest on our front porch; we had discovered that at least one egg was bad, we took that out but one other is under the babies so we left it. They are getting bigger each day and often poke their heads out of the container.

At Carrie's house, they've had a Killdeer nesting; this bird nests in the rocks. As I approached her, she immediately went after me.  If a group approaches, the mom will limp off away from the nest pretending she is injured. 

You can see the gray speckled eggs; once they hatch she moves them pretty quickly.  Carrie found two other Killdeer nesting in adjoining pastures.
She spreads out her tail and makes a very interesting sound; I imagine this is her defense technique. 
I so enjoy seeing the baby birds but once they're gone I won't worry about people coming to the front door. 
It is rainy and cold here today; a help for the firefighters working on the fire north of here, but for those of us who'd rather be outside gardening, it is a bummer. The forecast for the next week though is nice warm weather; for now gardening can wait and books are waiting to be read.
Happy Saturday~Noreen & Hunter

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fun with the Grands

Today hubby and I went out to our girls home so that hubby could continue to work on the kids fort and Hunter could have more play time with Lily.
What started out as a small clubhouse or cabin looking structure, quickly evolved into a fort.  Our son-in-law enlisted hubby's help and this structure will last for many, many years. 
The kids climbing structure; you can't see it but to the left they even have a zipline. 
If the sky wasn't so hazy due to the fire up north, you could see the Rockies.
Boys will be boys.
Momma Carrie with her youngest, Miss A.  She is such a love!
Oldest son, age 11, doing what boys do best.
If you click on this photo, you can see Miss A airborn.  Such a wonderful environment for kids.
Hunter and Lily playing tag.  Each day Hunter gets more playful.  It is so good because we want to be able to exchange pet sitting when one family needs to leave.
The whole gang plus Papa enjoying the view from up top.  Today my man built the supports for the roof and the trap door going up.  The kids are already envisioning spending summer nights sleeping up there. 
So, this is just a little of the blessings from my day today.  I did get new photos of our baby hatchlings and also of a Killdeer with four eggs.  I'll share them next week.  Enjoy your weekend!
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter
Happy Friday to you.  I so remember how much I loved Fridays, as a child and even into my working years.  I couldn't wait to have a relaxed weekend, especially when the weather was warm. Now that we are retired, every day is like a weekend; although there are weeks when we are busier than when we worked-it's just spread out more.
Yesterday afternoon, hubby and Hunter and I went out to our oldest daughter's  home so hubby could frame out a door in the grandkids fort-let me tell you it is a pretty nice fort.  Today we are going back out and I'll take the camera so I can get some pics of it.  Hunter played with Lilly, their Bichonpo, as well; they had a great game of tag and it was wonderful to see Hunter actually playing with her.  You may recall that we want the dogs to get along so we can all trade dogsitting.  We are going back over around lunch today and hopefully it will be another great playtime.  We do need to start letting Kim's dog, Petrol, meeting Hunter.  They met briefly but didn't really get play time.  I'm hoping to go on a walk with the entire group today and that might break the ice between the dogs.  The thing is that both Lily and Petrol know me as their "nana" and expect to always be with me when I'm around and now they have to get used to another pup having my lap.  Just like kids I tell you.
Tomorrow hubby leaves for his annual golf trip; he'll be gone for six days and return home with his brother.  This is the week that I usually go nuts with plants and yard decorations but I'm not thinking I'll go nuts this year, after all I've spent a good amount of toys for Hunter.  We also got a date to have him neutered in a couple of weeks-so that cost is in the back of my mind.  Of course, if I happen to find a birdbath(at a reasonable price-like a garage sale)then I will probably pick it up.  I may also get a couple of six-packs of plants for containers; I just don't feel like going crazy this year.  I got three new books at the library yesterday so know I'll stay busy reading and playing with Hunter, as well as visiting you all.
I hope you had a weekend filled with smiles and giggles. 
Noreen & Hunter

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hunter's New Do

We've all heard the saying that a good haircut can make you feel like a million bucks. Well, in this case, I think Hunter must feel pretty good. He did pretty well for his first trip to the groomers and we both really like the lady and her hubby; they have a grooming salon set up in their garage. Wish it meant it was cheaper; thankfully it is within five minute of our home. There was only one other pup when I dropped him off, complete with a magazine of the cut I wanted, and when I picked him up there were seven other dogs. All were quiet and seemed content in their kennels.
We just love the Teddy Bear trim he got.

Of course he did crash right away, so maybe it was a bit stressful for him.  I have scheduled another appointment but honestly hope that I can learn to trim him myself and avoid taking him in as much; we'll see. 
On another note~hubby and I have always been avid viewers of American I*ol and are really hoping that Joshua wins this year.  Of course, Jessica is a dynamite singer too so if she wins we'd be o.k. with it. 
The grands and I had a great time at the park yesterday; it was warm and fun to be outside with them.  I miss those relaxed summer days with them; but school ends next week so I know we'll have lots of park days.
Have a great Thursday dear friends.
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outdoor Wednesday

As you know, we've had a nest on our front porch wall next to the door.  We try to avoid using the door as much as possible and are being very careful not to disturb mom and hatchlings.  There is still one more egg to hatch; I imagine it will hatch tomorrow. They are not too pretty right now but by next week will look more like a wren.  I know that the parents will be back next spring but I wish they'd find a place other than near the door.  I guess they look for a safe haven and we seem to provide it for them.
Yesterday, I spent the morning watching three of four granddaughters for our girl, Kim.  Kim is giving her oldest, Miss S-age 7, standardized tests for the homeschool group they are in.
We went to the park, walked down a road looking for baby goslings and had a great morning.  Today is Miss S's last day of testing so I imagine we will be at the park again. Our little Hunter goes in for grooming today as well; he won't be getting a traditional Bichon cut but more of the puppy/teddy bear look.  We don't mind him scruffy as long as he doesn't get mats.  He has had a few and I brush him every night but find they are really hard to get out.   Our Hunter still seems to enjoy the evenings and goes wild; I wish you could see him.  He'll do circles around the yard again and again, yet going on a walk seems to tire him out.  Of course, going for a walk is really more learning how to behave out in public; so many new sights and sounds.  My girlfriend, Kam and her Lexie, didn't join us today and it was such a surprise to me that Hunter was much more timid without her.  I know each day will get easier for him; he is such a love!
I hope you are able to get out and enjoy your day, even if it is just for a few minutes.
Joy to you, Noreen & Hunter

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday

Hunter here saying hi to all of you. Mom has been following me around this morning with this black box trying to get pics of me and I don't like it! She even tried bribing me with a treat, which is why this pic looks so funny-I was staring at the goodie. She says I need to get used to having my picture taken, whatever that means.
Mom and Dad got me this cool name tag yesterday-isn't it just the best.  Both my tags so hang pretty low but they say as I grow it will be better. 
We had a fun weekend, I loved going to our friends house for dinner.  They have an old guy, mom says he is a Cairn, and he doesn't play much but I like him.  The bestest thing was that his mom brought out all his old toys that he doesn't play with anymore and I got to play with them all.  There yard is pretty neat too-it has low fences that I can look through.  I was inside and some big kid came onto their deck and I started barking at him; that surprised everyone but he isn't in their pack and I was just defending their turf.  I went on a nice walk yesterday with Mom and Dad and Dad was so impressed at how well I'm doing.  But, you're not going to believe this, a big brown poodle came running out of a garage and nipped me twice on the nose.  Mom was trying to block him and dad was pushing him away; we did not think that was nice at all.  I didn't have any marks but mom was not to happy with the dogs owner.  Mom says not to let it worry me about future walks. 
Well, the other thing is I'm having horrible itching; mom says it's some sort of allergy, so she is going to get some other kibble today for me.  I'm scratching a lot and they think I must feel bad too.  I just hope it isn't to grass, wouldn't that be horrible.  Have fun romping and playing today.
Paws and enjoy the day.  Hunter and Noreen

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pink or Blue

For several months now, we've been keeping a secret~our youngest daughter & hubby are expecting another baby. We are so totally thrilled for them and for us; all of us have been guessing the sex of this new one and yesterday they had the ultrasound to reveal the sex. Guess what?
Of course, the girls were wishing for another little girl and everyone is still kind of in shock, especially Kim.  Kim's hubby, Eric, knew from the beginning that they were having a boy and we were hoping but our main desire is for a healthy baby.  The fabric I got in Kauai will go up on my design wall today and I'll be search through my stash for more blue & brown prints.  Thankfully, I made a blue and brown quilt last year for a dear friends grandson.  Today hubby and I are going to garage sales in hopes of picking up baby boy clothes.  All the guys in the family are so incredibly pumped at this news; it is just so fun!
Hunter will be going with us this morning because yesterday when I left him with hubby, he whined most of the time-even though hubby held him and played with him. Tonight, Hunter was invited to some friends house for dinner and told he could bring us along. 
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.
Noreen & Hunter

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday to you~as I wrote that a song drifted into my mind from my childhood, maybe you might remember it too.  "Happy Trails to you, until we meet again", I want to say it was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans?  Not sure where this memory came from, but I sure loved that show; again if I'm not mistaken it was on Saturday mornings.  Of course those were the days of black and white t.v.~ 
Annie Oakley, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train were among my favorites.
I hope you have an awesome day and great Mother's Day weekend.
Blessings,  Noreen with Hunter at her feet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday to you. It is supposed to be in the high 70's or low 80's here today and after our walk, I plan on spending a good part of the day in the garden. How about you? When it's sunny and nice, are you drawn to the yard?

Many of you may remember that last spring we had a wreath on the wall next to our front door and house sparrows made a nest in it, hatched four fledglings; it was so fun to watch but let me tell you it was also quite a mess.  In fact, some of the paint came off as we scrubbed the area, after the birds had flown the nest.  This year I put up another decoration, with silk cherry blossoms; when we returned from our vacation I saw bird activity and told hubby we needed to take it down before they laid eggs.  Too late; so we have been watching the parents come and go all week.  Yesterday I had hubby look and sure enough we had one baby bird; it is hard to see and at this stage they are pretty ugly.  This morning I told hubby we are putting a flat wall plaque up next year; I always worry when people come to the front door and the parents take flight.  Since this is the second year for nesting, I imagine they'll be somewhere on the porch next spring.
Hopefully we will continue to get photos as the days pass.  I so love nature-birds, bunnies, Monk seals, puppies-they all make my heart sing.
Hunter continues to grow more confident each day; he enjoys his walks but hasn't yet gotten comfortable enough to play with the other dogs.  He saw Lily yesterday and was definitely interested, Lexie as well.  He is doing well on a leash and harness.  It would seem his big burst of energy is in the evening-he ran wild last night, doing circles around our family room.  All we could do was laugh. 
Have a wonderful day , don't forget to count your blessings.
Noreen & Hunter

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Puppy Emerges

Yesterday was a splendid day; my bff Kam brought her Aussie down to take a walk with Hunter and I. Hunter had not yet met Lexie or taken a walk so I wasn't sure what to expect. The first greeting was timid on Hunter's part, so I thought I'll just carry him awhile. He had been showing signs of leash pulling/fighting and I didn't want to start off with a negative experience.  However, that quickly changed when we happened to see a neighbor, whom we just met last week, that has a five mos. old Rat Terrier named Jazzie.  While we visited at her fence, the dogs all visited through the wire mesh.  After that, as if Hunter finally figured out he was a dog, he ran after Lexie.  We had a most enjoyable walk, he amazed me and as long as Lexie was in front of him, he was good.  I kept waiting to see if he was getting tired or not and he completed the entire walk.  I did notice though that he was pulling at times and then coughing from his collar, so yesterday at Petsma*t, I got him a shiny blue harness. I've been told, again and again, those are great for walks where you aren't training to heel, and especially good for small dogs. On our way home from the toy store, I stopped at our younger daugther's house so Hunter could see the grands again, get used to them and also to meet Petrol.  Petrol is a Miniature Schnauzer and 8 or 9 mos old; she is very submissive with the other family dog-Samson, probably due to his size(120 lbs).  Samson is the mellowest dog and just a big teddy bear, part Newfie and Lab with some other things thrown in.  Needless to say, Hunter did not meet him yesterday.  It was interesting to watch the interaction between Hunter and Petrol, because Petrol( being the older and wiser of the two pups) immediately became Alpha.  Both grandpups are so used to being in my lap that they want to occupy it when we are together but now that is where Hunter is.  I think it will take a bit longer for these two to become buddies. Petrol is definitely taller than Hunter and lean, Hunter is longer and shorter. 

New toys, oh boy!  This is the second time I've spent a fair amount getting things for the puppy.  He isn't sure what to do with tennis balls, but love his stuffed squeezer toys. I'll try the harness on today's walk.  I also got a Kong so that when we have to crate him, he can have a safe treat.
After a time at home, with him playing and resting, we headed over to Lily's house and pack.  Hunter is definitely warming up to her and was very calm and relaxed with the grands.  I know as the week progresses and we have the dogs together again, they'll be playing in no time.
Last evening though, I wondered if hubby and I had been conned the last few days; we definitely saw his personality emerging.  First, one time outside when he went potty, he lifted his leg; that tells me we should have him neutered sooner than later.  After dinner, hubby had to go to the golf course and Hunter always recognizes the garage door opening and the car.  Well when it did, Hunter started to bark; we haven't heard him bark before so it was a total surprise.  Later on he got really feisty.  It is cute to watch him begin to feel secure and at home but made me realize that I need to walk him daily, if we aren't have play sessions with friends.  A happy dog is an exercised one, is my motto.  The coming days should be a hoot as his personality continues to emerge. 
Have a sun filled day!  Noreen and Hunter

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hunter's First Week

Good Morning, Hunter here. Mom surprised me this morning by taking my picture, even though I won't get a haircut for another week.  She said somethin about a lady being too busy this week. 
My mom and dad are the nicest pawrents a pup could ever have.  They let me sleep on the bed with them.  Last night I quietly crawled  up on them, while they were sleeping and just curled up on the pillow beside them.  Yep, I'm settling in quiet well and the training of my humans is going well.
Mom has fallen totally head over heals for me; even the vet staff fell in love with me too.  They told mom that I should weight between 10-12 pounds when I'm full grown.  Mom says she wishes I would be a tad bigger, cause she wanted a bigger dog, but after all she is short(or as she says, petite).  I am meeting friends and family and doing pretty well; sometimes I'm just not sure of other dogs but I met a really old Cairn yesterday and wagged my tail at him.  Mom and Dad want me socialized with all sorts of dogs, big and small but they have to remember that the only family I knew were my size and looked just like me-cause it was my mom and dad and brothers. 
Mom says today we are going to Petsma*t to get some new toys and maybe a book-I think that might be something to chew on.  Then we are going to one daughters house to meet their mini-Schnauzer, a little girl. Wonder if I'll like her and play?  This afternoon we are going to the other house that has Lily the dog that looks kinda like me.  Mom really wants me to play her with her.  We'll see.
Happy Paws and Tail Wags to you.
Hunter and Noreen

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday friends,  I hope you had a delightful weekend, ours certainly was.  We did have lots of giggles and doggy kisses that made it such fun.  On Saturday morning we went over to our oldest daughter's house, to see a fort they are building for the kiddos.  I also wanted Hunter to see Lily again and the kiddos.  What I thought would be a short visit ended up being quite lengthy but it worked out perfectly.  All the kiddos wanted to hold Hunter and he got used to them right away; they were all so calm and good with him.  He smelled Lily a bit but didn't get into playing yet-I'm hoping this week.  Saturday evening our kids took us out to dinner, for my birthday back in March and so we set up a wire enclosure in our kitchen with Hunter's bed, food, toys.  Our youngest daughter did this with her mini-schnauzer and it always worked wonderfully.  We got home in under two hours, after a wonderful dinner, but Hunter was not in the enclosure but upstairs in our room.  Humm, I thought, and then I found his special treat on our bed.  AT this point I didn't even think he could get up on the bed.  Thankfully there were no surprise packages for us but it showed me he is much smarter than I thought.  I also realized that when I looked at his birth date, he is five mos. old not just four.  Yesterday afternoon we also had a commitment and so we got our big crate out and hubby made a divider to make it smaller.  I am pleased to say that when we left he wasn't whining and when we got home he wasn't whining either.  We will leave it open and give him special treats for it so that he will get used to it.  I will also confess to you that after some talking between hubby and I, Hunter now sleeps at the end of our bed.  All of our dogs, except one that was not meant for our family, have slept on our bed so why I did I expect anything else.  I will say that he only needs to go out once a night and I can live with that.  I do love being awakened by puppy kisses and nuzzles.
He gets to meet our vet today and I will set up a grooming appt. for later this week.  I can tell you that he is a love and we are so thankful for him; I do see some puppy mischief coming out though and am quickly letting him know, in a very gentle way, what is allowed and what is not.
I hope you have a wonderful day and that the sun is out in your area.  It has been raining since last night, Hunter doesn't like it too much, and is cold and dreary-almost like a California winters day.
Blessings, Noreen

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hunter settling in

Good morning to you; I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  Unfortunately I didn't get any photos last night with Lily and the grands-Hunter is still pretty unsure of his new home and family and being a bit timid  I decided not to press our luck. He didn't even play with Lily like we thought he would.  So far, he is easy and I'm hoping that in the coming days he'll relax and feel totally comfortable with us.  Bedtime was one source of uncertainty; he knew to lie down on his bed but it was a hot night and I could tell he wasn't used to the heat or being without his old pack. He would come and sit up next to the bed(he probably already has me figured out, being a softie).  So after he kept roaming(I was afraid he might have an accident), I held him for awhile but he kept panting a lot, so I took him downstairs for some water.  At that point, it was so much cooler downstairs that I decided to just sleep on the couch-after all he had been really comfortable on it earlier in the evening.  He did really well throughout the night and let me know at 3:15 a.m. that he needed out-he went out and then headed back in.  He fell back to sleep, and woke up ready to play around 5:30a.m.
He's eaten his breakfast, gone outside and taken care of business and stays pretty close to me when inside.  Although our kiddos came over last night,  I'm hoping that we can just let him settle in today and the tomorrow; on Monday he goes to the vet for a check up.  I think I'll give him about a week or so before we have him groomed, don't want to overload his senses.
Have a great day my friends.
Noreen, with a sleeping Hunter at my feet.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Please meet Hunter

I am proud to introduce you all to our new furbaby, Hunter. Our pickup went so well; after we bid the breeder goodbye and thank you we headed to a nearby park.  We were hoping to get him to drink some water and go potty before we hit the road but he wasn't ready.  Of course, we've had him home now for two hours and he still hasn't gone.  I may have to get a hold of the breeder to find out what the magic word is.  His hair is longer than I thought it would be, so he looks a bit scruffy but oh his face it adorable.  At four mos. he weighs almost 8 lbs; the breeder thinks he won't get much bigger because all her males are small but I would like to see a bit more height on him.  We even stopped at Petsma*t to get his puppy food that he is used to so I can slowly transition him to the good stuff.  Hubby said he was much bigger than he thought he would be, but hopefully that will make the transition easier.

Oh such joy!  We are going to let him settle in before we start crate training; his breeder did not use crates except in the car.
Tonight our daughter and her gang will be over with Lily and I know we'll take photos then-so more to come.
Joy to you!

Happy Happy Day

Good Morning To You~Oh what a beautiful day it is!  I am beyond excited, I am over the moon excited!  Today is the day, hubby and I go on an adventure-driving to an area we haven't been to before to meet our, hopefully, new little furbaby.  I will say that the adoption is just about done, except for the meeting him and bringing him home.  There is always the possibility that something could change when we get there but what can I say, he already has our hearts.  When I began emailing the breeder, I had never bought a puppy this way and was really unsure.  Just this week, I've talked to at least three people, two of whom are very close friends, who did the exact same thing-with no negative issues involved.  Ever since our sweet Reggie started having seizures last July, I began to pray for our new puppy.  I , obsessive personality that I can have, began searching the Internet for the perfect breed for us.  It has been at least 25 yrs since we had a puppy, the last one was an Akita mix who was a very smart dog but needed to be on a working ranch.  We had him for 9 mos until the situation clearly showed that we were not his forever home.  When we adopt dogs, we adopt them for life but the one above was not meant for our family.  From that time on, we rescued adult dogs, all females except Reggie.  Loved each and every one of them-most were shepherd mixes, one border collie, medium size and they all lived into their teen years.  Sadie was our smallest amongst our rescues-she looked like a lab-corgi mix but had shepherd in her as well as basset or beagle, she would talk to us.  She was my heart dog and it was so hard when she got sick.  Today we begin a new story, with a new little guy.  We have some names floating around in our heads but won't choose one until we see him.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for this new journey.  I'm praying he is perfectly healthy and settles in  nicely.  He couldn't have a better home!  I've already read several "how to" books on puppies and bought a Bichon magazine the other day.  Next I'll buy a book on the breed because from what I've been told, there are specific ways to handle them as far as training.
I will be posting pics this hang onto your hat! Here we go.
Hugs, Noreen

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Puppy Love

It's Thankful Thursday and today I want to share what has made me so filled with gratitude today.  The other day, I asked you  all to guess what type of puppy we were getting-here is the answer.  The little male on the left side, with his paw up, is hopefully coming home with us tomorrow.  He is a Bichon; I know, I had been seriously looking at Poodles and Cavachon's but I connected with a breeder and this seemed like a good fit.  Our daughter has a Bichon-poo and so I am pretty familiar with the breed.  The temperament for these fluff balls is sweet and very social; they get along with other dogs and children. Having nine grandchildren, of various ages, around on a regular basis means we need a dog that loves children and won't knock them over.  In the past, many of our dogs were not socialized properly and either had dog issues or kid issues, so I'm hoping this little guy will make life easier in this area.  He is four months old, that is his father next to him.  While I have already adopted him, in my heart, until he is in the car with us and on the way home, I realize we could walk away if something seems wrong.  I also know our daughter's dog Lily will probably be over alot more because Bichon's love company.
My hubby is so happy to be getting a dog that doesn't shed and is so happy.
Go enjoy your day today; remember life is good.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miscellaneous Wednesday

Can it be Wednesday already? I can honestly say that we've settled back into our time difference and our grandpup Lily has begun to settle in with us, even though her pack gets home today.  I've learned alot about her breed and know our new puppy will have a fun time with her.
Each day we've taken Lily walking and she loves it; she loves playing with my BFF's dog Lexie and also enjoyed the dog park.  She is such a social dog; she hates being left behind.
Yesterday when hubby, Lily and I went out to our daughter's house to feed the cow grain and water some new trees, I saw these beautiful Iris's.  My dad used to plant them along our driveway at my childhood home and my mom always loved them.  I've always enjoyed them as well and the color combo is striking.  They are just starting to bloom and my girl has a huge area of them, so I grabbed four stocks.  You can't see it, but the vase they were in was my mom's; it is cut crystal and I love it as well.
When we were on Kauai, I began looking for special pup items and saw this-thought it was so cute and had to buy it.  I know it will be really big on our new little guy but eventually it will fit.
Yesterday, I went out and got new dog food-Blue puppy food; it is a natural dog food without corn or wheat and is supposed to be really good for them.  I got some toys and a magazine of the breed but wasn't willing to pay $18. on a small collar.  I have to go to Walma*t tomorrow and will look there.  One of my girlfriends here is loaning me her soft dog crate that her sweet dog doesn't fit into any longer.  Once we determine if it the same size we need, we will probably get our own but for now, we will have a crate to bring him home in-who am I kidding, I bet the minute he starts crying, I'll be holding him. I've been in constant email contact with the breeder, 15 emails so far and each day I think of more questions.  She has been so helpful and I just pray that she is as reputable as she appears.  Several of you know what breed we are getting; I will say that our first two choices were miniature poodle and Cavachon.  I love both of those breeds but this pup is the one that I believe is for us; I well remember puppyhood so right now I'm realizing that I'm living in a dream world if I think it will be easy.  Wouldn't have it any other way though, because the hard work will pay off in the long run.
Have a wonderful day.  Noreen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope you are feeling great today and ready to embrace life.
Things are settling in quite nicely here; we are dog sitting our grandpup while our daughter's family are visiting Mt. Rushmore, thus I am getting out and walking again.  This morning I'll be heading to the dog park with Lily and also get out with her for a walk. Lily is a Bichonpoo and loves to play with other dogs; she is so social.  Being here without her 5 human kids is probably somewhat boring but they will be home tomorrow. I also hope to get to the gym, got to firm up my legs and maybe take off a couple of pounds. Well, we are scheduled to meet a puppy this Friday and I'm so excited-but at the same time trying to be somewhat cautious in case it doesn't pan out.  I will tell you that this breed wasn't my first or second choice but it is a breed I know well  and that meets all our criteria.  Any guesses?  He is a 4 mos old male and actually in a neighboring state.  I will begin shopping for him today; we are also looking at names but won't pick one until have him.  I think I'll keep you guessing a couple of more days.  There are a couple of friends in blogland who know the breed but it will be interesting to see if you all can guess. I will say he is small but not a toy dog-AKC listed as companion dog.
Also, another exciting tidbit is that I am drawing close to my 1,000 post so I am thinking it is time for another give away; stay tuned for details in the next week or so.
Have a joy filled day!