Monday, March 30, 2020

Birthday Treats

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? I was able to get out and walk and bike ride yesterday and it felt so good. When everything gets back to normal in our world, it will take me forever to get back in shape at the gym-I've missed it all month. Yesterday was my birthday and I had some pleasant surprises. First thing in the morning, my youngest daughter and two of our grands showed up at the front door with a vase of flowers. We didn't get close, but it made my day start off with lots of love.
Then later after lunch, our oldest daughter and her family showed up in their car to sing Happy Birthday to me and to drop off two pieces of gluten free chocolate cake, dairy free Almond Whipping cream-both that Carrie's oldest daughter made garnished with fresh berries.  They know that our favorite restaurant makes this dessert and hubby & I love it.   I had taken a bike ride in the morning with a friend and then hubby and I walked Hunter, so I was feeling the freedom to indulge.  Hubby later called in a take out order at the restaurant that we love and went and picked it up.  Here is our dinner-so yummy.  The portion seemed larger than they usually serve, but maybe with business slacking off due to Covid19, they adjusted the size.  All I can tell you was that it was delicious and so filling.
Here is the dessert our granddaughter made.  It was so good and the Almond Whipped Cream really topped it off.
Today has been as quiet as usual; we did take Hunter out for a walk and I've done some sewing, which I will continue to do shortly.  Hubby does have to work this afternoon; the course he works at is the only course locally that still is putting carts out.  All the others are only allowing golfers that can walk.  In this dire situation, I'm shocked that they would continue to carry on as if nothing has happened.
I hope you are all staying healthy and staying in.  Guess we've got another month of it, but if it keeps the virus from spreading that's o.k. with me.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Hello friends,  Here it is another week has gone by and I haven't been here much.  I'm not sure if it is the  craziness going on here in the U.S., specifically Colorado, or the nice weather that has kept me away from the laptop.  I have been working on a quilted wall hanging to send to a friend in Ca., whose birthday I forgot earlier this month and that has been taking up more time.  Until today, I've walked Hunter every day and yesterday even did some gardening.  Today the weather is dreary, but better than the snow we expected.  I haven't had a hard time being inside, but I miss my grands terribly. Thankfully with our phones we are able to Face Time with them and that helps. I'm also trying to connect via email/text with friends.  So I just had my lunch and am now heading back downstairs to sew.  Hubby is working at the golf course-imagine that!  This weekend will be quiet except for my bestie here, who I'm meeting for a short bike ride to celebrate my birthday on Sunday.
Please stay in and stay healthy; let's do our best to flatten the curve!

Monday, March 23, 2020


This morning I took Hunter on a walk as it is beautiful out today!  With everything going on in the world, we all need to get some fresh air and enjoy being outside when we can.  Hunter is loving it, now that spring in in the air.  Of course, we are due to get snow later this week.
While walking I passed a house that obviously has children home on spring break and I saw this chalk drawing.  I just have to say it lightened my spirit and hope it does yours as well. These are turbulent times we are going through and I pray that it passes sooner than later.
Hugs to you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

For All of Us

Good morning friends, I pray this finds you healthy and secure in your own home, only venturing out when absolutely necessary. I read several articles yesterday that stated this week is crucial if we want to get a handle on the virus and stop the spread. I did go to the grocery store briefly yesterday, but cancelled an outing with a granddaughter for shopping for her birthday present. Our health is more important and the present will wait. My oldest daughter sent me this yesterday and I feel it's a good reminder.
May your day and week be filled with peace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top of the Morning to you! I've pulled out some photos from our trip to the Emerald Isle; I hope you enjoy.

This photo of the coast is in northern Ireland, on the way to the Giants Causeway.
This is the botanical garden in Belfast.

Looking back I realize what an incredible trip it was.  After we got home, I didn't think I'd need to go back, because we saw so much~however, five years later I think it would be nice to do again.  With saying that though, things are so unsettled around the world with the virus and staying home suits me just fine.  We are considering traveling more here in the U.S. to see some areas that we haven't been to before, but time will tell.
Health, joy and peace to you today.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top of the morning to you! Today is a special day in my family~you see I celebrate all things Irish, not just today but every day.  As many know, five years ago  hubby and I had the privilege to travel to Ireland to see where my grandparents were raised.  These are some of the photos we took.

  My mother's father  was born in County Kerry and her mother was born in County Longford.
From what we know they immigrated to the United States while in their 20's, their families probably looking for a rich new land after having gone through the results of the potato famine. The details are sketchy and much is unknown, including how they came to know one another. I will say though that most immigrants were a tight knit group of people and being that they settled in San Francisco, I can only assume this is where they met. My mother had a brother and a sister and lived in San Francisco, until heading to Palo Alto with my father and our family. I never met my grandparents and from my recollections my grandfather died when she was in her teens and her mother was an invalid. Mom took care of my grandmother, who died a year after her father and also cared for her brother and sister. Mom often said her mother had an unusual sense of humor which I believe she passed on to my Mom, as well as to my brother.
 My fondest memories of my Mom were of her trying to teach me how to do a "jig". Often Mom would slip into a brogue and when I was in college while visiting Canada, many thought I was from Boston, due to my pronunciation of certain words...which I felt came from Mom and was verified when we were in Ireland.
Many of the stories I grew up hearing and believing revolved around Leprechauns and Banshees as well as "plates dancing on the walls, due to the little people". My brother and I often laugh about this now wondering if it was the Irish Whiskey that influenced what my grandparents saw. Every year on St.Patty's Day Mom would put on green clothing, green plastic shamrock earrings and wear a Kelly green plastic hat. My dad always sent her green carnations, for this was how they celebrated the day, as well as Corned Beef and Cabbage. Even now I still look for green carnations at the market and decorate with special pieces; this years I always put out my pieces of Belleek pottery.
My brother has so many of my parents traits, a wonderful sense of humor, an incredible work ethic and deep loyalty to family and friends. I like to think I carry some of their traits as well~a bit of moxie, a tad bit of stubbornness(!!!)and of course deep loyalty to my Lord, family and friends. I never knew mom as an adult, but I know her "Irish eyes are smiling" down at me.
Our daughters grew up celebrating St.Patrick's Day; I would often sprinkle gold glitter on their bedroom dressers and play other small pranks, telling them that the Leprechauns had visited our home.  All of our grands have been raised knowing this side of their heritage and the importance of wearing green to celebrate St Patrick's Day.
When you visit the land of our grandparents, it is amazing how traditions and habits are explained.  I am so proud of my heritage and the history our family shares.  While I will be fixing Corned Beef and Cabbage for our dinner,  I will say it's more  American- Irish because they really didn't have Corned Beef back in Ireland~more likely it was lamb or just potatoes. We will be toasting the Emerald Isle and my family.
We might even be watching a few Irish movies tonight like Leap Year.
Please stay inside if you can and stay healthy; this virus too will pass.
Irish Blessings to you today!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Happy Spring

Happy Saturday to you all. I hope the crazy panic that is here in Colorado, hasn't impacted your area yet.  I've never seen anything like it~our two big grocery stores are almost empty.  I've heard that it isn't quite as bad in Ca., which is surprising to me.  It was very scary seeing it so bad.  Even Costco's shelves are empty.  All the Rec Centers, school, colleges and many churches are all closed for the next two weeks.  So what's a quilter to do, but work on projects.  This is my latest monthly project that I was supposed to work on today; however, I have so enjoyed this club that I skipped ahead.  I'm not crazy about the April project so will probably design my own or find something else that works for Easter.
Stay healthy and safe please.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Emerald Isle

Happy Tuesday to you. I hope your day has been good and that you are all staying healthy. Today I decided to share some photos of Ireland with you; these aren't mine, I will be sharing mine between tomorrow  and St. Patrick's Day.

I've taken two walks today, one was with hubby and Hunter and then I joined two neighbors for our 3 mile walk.  I'm trying to stay out of the gym or any other large crowds while the Covid19 seems to be spreading more.  We are doing our best not to react to the fear that the media is spreading, but are being cautious just the same.
Have a peaceful afternoon.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Wearing of the Green

Hello to you this beautiful Sunday; it's definitely feeling like spring and we are expecting thunder storms and rain later-which is definitely a sign of spring or summer.  Several years ago my best friend sent me this hand made runner; she knows that I'm all things Irish and especially in March.   I love this and it is so special because because she made it for me.  She is also Irish and made a matching one.  I bring out my few pieces of Belleek Pottery that we brought back from the factory in Ireland and always post photos from our trip to years ago; I usually share stories from my parents as be prepared to see green here.
I loved Ireland and especially seeing where my grandparents were born and lived.  I think the older I get the more I appreciate my heritage.  There are people that know me and when introducing me often will say "and she's Irish", which always strikes me as funny.  I do have a Gaelic way of pronouncing several words that came from my mother's brogue and hubby often makes fun of me when it slips out.  When I was 19 and visited Vancouver  B.C.  people kept asking where in Massachusetts I was from, when I told them I was born and raised in California(had my birth certificate to prove it)they wouldn't believe me because so many of the Irish immigrants settled originally in Ma. and still have a bit of the brogue.
I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the coming of spring!  I simply can't wait-it's been a long, cold winter here.  I do have lots of  gardening to do as well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Spring Tease

Happy Tuesday to you all.  For those who live in snow country, I'm sure you might be as anxious for spring as we are here in Colorado.  It's been a very cold winter with lots of snow and sunny days just don't stay that long. However, yesterday and today has been so nice. I walked earlier with my girlfriend and her dog and am getting ready to go on a power walk with my neighbor.  All I can say is that the idea of waiting two more months for daily sunshine seems impossible.
May your day and week be filled with all that makes  your heart sing!