Monday, June 29, 2020

Our Maiden Voyage

Hello friends,  Well I finished my Sweet Summertime wall hanging and my intent all along was that it would hang in the trailer~TaDa.  I should have gotten black command hooks, but this is what I had.
I think it perfectly sums up what we hope our time traveling will be.  We will only be gone for two nights and our Hunter will be with us.  We've been looking forward to this since we got the trailer.
I hope life is good for you!
Joy to you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Hello, Time to catch up!  Last week was so busy getting the trailer cleaned and finding places for things that I never spent much time at the laptop.  Hubby left on his annual golf trip on Friday and my time has been filled.  On Friday my mini group(quilting)got together in a back yard, for the first time since Covid hit. We all were a safe distance from each other; let me tell you it was so good to have 12 of us together.  I've so missed these quilting friends.  After the meeting my close friend, whose in the group and I went out to lunch and then went to Bed,Bath & Beyond and Joann's.  It felt like pre-Covid days.  Saturday was spent running errands and getting more kitchen supplies for the trailer.  Sunday I was able to join my daughters at their church for an outside service overlooking a lake and with a view of the Rockies.  It was  a perfect morning.
In the afternoon I decided to support our local economy with some retail therapy. I told hubby later than I have a very nice round of golf at the local shopping center-he knew exactly what that meant.
I was able to find some great deals at Christopher Banks; lots of buy one, get one free.  I usually spend a lot of $$ on plants and garden things when he's gone on this trip, but this year we've already finished the yard so decided some summer clothes would be fun.  Yesterday I met a friend I haven't seen since March for coffee at my favorite Coffee House. They just reopened and it was wonderful to sit and visit.  In the afternoon I pampered myself one last time and got a pedicure.  Hunter and I have enjoyed the peace and quiet; haven't watched the news much at all, but I've watched movies every night.
Hubby and I celebrate our 42 anniversary tomorrow and he'll get home tomorrow evening late.  We decided to go out to dinner on Thursday.
There are still several things we need to get for the trailer, so I imagine we will focus on that once he settles back in.
Joy to you today!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Home Away From Home

Hello friends, Well after months of researching and looking for either a Class C RV or a trailer, we finally made our decision and brought this home yesterday. It has been about 12 years that we've been wanting to get something, it just took longer than we thought. I posted these on FB yesterday and someone commented  that I needed to close the doors...what you can't see is that we have 9 grands inside exploring. One nice thing about this trailer is that both families will be able to use it for camping and they both have vehicles that they can tow it with.  The couple that owned this previously  didn't use it more than 3 times in two years; it is in great shape.  It will take me a bit of getting used to it having it behind us and I've already told hubby I won't even think of driving it this summer.
The slide isn't all the way out, but it gives more room and is a nice feature. The table can be moved and at least two-three children can sleep on it when the cushions are down.
This loveseat folds down into a bed as well.
The stove, oven and microwave had not been used so look like brand new.
If there is one thing we will replace, it is probably the mattress-it isn't very comfy at all and since we both have back issues, I doubt it will last through the summer.
I've been cleaning, wiping shelves down and figuring out where we will store things.  Now that we have it, it has more storage than I thought after we purchased it.
We won't head out until the end of the month and will just take short two day trips, so Hunter can get used to it and we can learn all about it.
This purchase will bring so much joy to us and our family.  So very thankful for it.
Have a great day!

Saturday, June 6, 2020


Hello! As we've redone our back yard over the years, one of the few original plants we've kept was the Peonies. They are gorgeous and we both love them.

As you know, we redid one entire bed this spring and love the way it turned out.  It really looks like our style of garden and reminds us of Ca., although we didn't have peonies there just lots of maples.
It feels good to have it done, although it seems that I always need to pull weeds or hose down where the birds have left their calling cards.
I hope you are enjoying being outside this summer.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Happy Birthday Miss E

Today is a special day for our family~our youngest grandchild, Miss E, turns 7 today.  Here she is with Little Man; they are two peas in a pod and seem to always be together. I'm sure as they get older that may change, but it is so very precious.  I think Little Man will always be watching out for his cousin.  Miss E is a bundle of energy and always has a smile on her face.  She adores dogs, which thrills me to pieces. Tonight we are having a family party for her and she let me know yesterday, when they were over, that she really wants Hunter to come tonight too.  He needs to go-as on Sunday when we were together, I could tell he hadn't been over for months and he was acting a big uncertain.
We will have a wonderful time celebrating this very special little girl.
Miss E, if you read this I pray the Lord will richly bless you today and in the coming years.  May you follow Him all the days of your life.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Noreen, aka Nana

Hello June

Greetings everyone!  It is hard to believe June arrived, along with wonderfully warm weather and summer fun.
I have still continued to make my monthly Patchability Wallhanging and this month was so fun. This monthly projects are so quick and easy; although to be honest, I still battle with the binding corners. Hoping to correct that this summer. I've been busy the last two weeks looking at camping spots and making reservations for the summer. So far, we've got four trips planned-three of which are local, just to get the hang of our new trailer. I've also been gathering supplies for the trailer; some close friends gave me there lists for their trailer or RV.  Next week is the week we pick up the trailer from the dealership and I'm looking forward to it.
I hope your June has started off well!
Joy to you.