Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Happy Friday dear ones.  I hope you week has been good and that your heart has been filled with thanksgiving.  Yesterday was a good day and I actually got some sewing done; although it took me quite awhile to figure out and correct one of my mistakes.  Today I am heading down to see one of my close friends, who I met through blogging; we will be going to a Christmas Homes Tour and then going out to lunch. I will probably stop at a local store and pick up some special goat milk soap for a special Christmas present; some of our family have sensitive skin and goat milk soap works incredibly well for us.
The next couple of weeks are jam packed but that is alright, I just have to focus on the tasks at hand and remember the real reason for the season.
I hope you've enjoyed November and giving thanks; I have.
I am thankful for this season of life and each new day.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Good morning! Your day sounds just perfect. How I wished we lived close enough that I could join you on such a day...Enjoy it, and your week-end! HUGS

  2. Soap from goat milk? Interesting. You are such a creative person! ;-) Have a good time today with your friend!

  3. Goats milk soap? Hummm sounds tasty to me.

  4. A fellow blogger friend added a neat way to extend the giving thanks into the season of giving.
    I really like them. After reading One Thousand Gifts I have focused on noticing people and things in my little world...all that He has gifted me with. Giving thanks to Him is a beautiful form of worship that helps set our minds with the right perspective. Giving thanks for what He is going to do, believing He prepares the way, the soil to be fertile, hearts to receive Truth. Thankful for your sweet spirit!

    Make a list of the people you are buying gifts for this Christmas season in your Grace Challenge Notebook.
    Pray for them daily; Give thanks for them daily.
    With your gift, write a note that expresses the content of your prayer and thanks for the person you have been gracious towards. Use Ephesians 1 and Colossians 1 as examples for your writing and prayer.
    Believe that your prayer and thanksgiving is worth more than the monetary value of the gift given. “

  5. Noreen,
    What fun to get together with a friend to see all the homes decorated in their Christmas frock. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    I love seeing your beautiful quilts. I never was that good at sewing, but I do admire others who are so gifted.

    Love & hugs!

  6. Have fun on the home tour! I am CRAZY busy with this boutique, but wanted to pop in and say hello!
    xo Kris

  7. Sounds like a lovely day! Enjoy it to the fullest!

  8. Woof! Woof! Happy Friday! We LOVE Goat's Milk soap too. Have FUN n Enjoy! Woof to Hunter. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Hi Nor,
    So sorry for flying under the radar! Lots has been happening including some not so wonderful changes at hubby's job. I am focusing on the shop and family, and have had little time for much else.

    Hope to have a little breather next week! Will give you a call!

    Sounds like you will have a great time doing some fun stuff! The whole family goes to the tree farm in the morning! Can't wait! It will be in the low 50's...perfect Florida weather for the farm!

    Hugs and love to you!

  10. I hope you are having a wonderful sounds like a wonderful one to me- Have fun with your friend-xo Diana

  11. Glad you and Hunter are cruising along! Have a great Friday!

    Your Doodle Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Hope you have a great December <3

  13. I too am so thankful! Hope you day was blessed and your weekend overflowing with Him!


  14. Ahhhh, the simple joys of Christmas doings. Sounds like you've built in much memory-making.


  15. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Sorry I have been so busy with school I haven't been online very much. I don't know about the stains on Hunter's coat, Betty has never had that problem. Maybe try non-colored dog tags? I get mine from petco and haven't had the rubbing off problem.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it looks like your gearing up for Christmas- hope the holidays are good for you!


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