Sunday, November 18, 2012

Greetings friends~Yesterday was a great day; Hunter & I both enjoyed being back in obedience class.  Since starting the classes, Hunter has become much more friendly with the trainer and her daughter which is a wonderful thing to see. In general, he has become friendlier; he takes a minute or two to warm up to people he hasn't seen in awhile, but then he is next to them.  Instead of our hour lesson, we generally get an hour and a half-such a bargain.  There are still only two other dogs with us and although they are bigger, it is a nice group and Hunter seems to be getting over his fear of big dogs.  These two changes really show our boy is maturing.  The trainer and I worked on the car issue-specifically of getting into the car and after she watched me try to coax him in using various means, she deducted that it isn't that he is fearful of getting in the car, but he is concerned that he won't be with me.  So after many tries, when I was in the drivers seat and called him to get it, he jumped right in my lap.  The solution to his being anxious when we went to the airport is to take him on longer rides and reward him with treats while in the car. 
Today, I am thankful for our trainer!  We have a three week break but have lots of work to do between now and the next class.
I am also thankful that some of our dear friends from Ca., who are out visiting their daughter's family for Thanksgiving, came up for a visit yesterday afternoon.  They are both having some health issues and it was so unexpected to see them.  WE love them dearly and are planning to go out for lunch or dinner this coming week with them. 
Last night hubby and I watched Hunger Games; I think it was an interesting movie.  Don't know that I need to watch another, but was glad I saw what all the hype is about.  Today, hubby and I will head to the craft fair that I was planning on attending yesterday, to look for Christmas-stocking stuffers.
I hope you have a joyous day and don't forget to give thanks today.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Sounds like Hunter is doing GREAT! Myself, I love being in the car. I even jump in it (through an open window) even if we are not going anywhere. MOM will just be working in the yard and I just leap in. But I think I will be asking for treats now when I get in. Have a beautiful day.

  2. never read or saw the movie. i guess i should now that it's on video to see what all the hype was/is about. have a great thanksgiving!

  3. Good morning Noreen. I am glad Hunter is responding so well to his obedience classes.
    I never read the Hunger Games or saw the movie. The story line did not do a thing for me! But I know that many people loved them!!
    Have a great day and enjoy the boutique!
    xo Kris

  4. That's something we have never done with our dogs. We have the three Schnauzers. A little training would be beneficial.I'm glad to hear hunter is hanging in there. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family. yes, I battled ovarian cancer for a year. I was very lucky, because I found mine early. I always say, pay attention to your body....It is a deadly disease and most women don't survive ovarian cancer.

  5. I am glad the class was a good one with Hunter. What fun to see old friends unexpectedly. I hope you can get together for a meal while they are there visiting. Have fun at the craft fair! xo Diana

  6. Great that you got to the bottom of Hunter's car issues! We don't like being away from our pawrents but luckily other than an hour here and there it doesn't happen. Isn't it nice to see the growth pups make?

    Mom is teaching us to catch a ball in the air today. It's lots of fun!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. So glad that you and your trainer figured out Hunter's "issues" with the car and now know how to deal with them. Glad he's getting over his fear of bigger dogs, too.

    How wonderful that you had a nice visit with old friends ... what a blessing that was, I'm sure.

  8. So glad you have a trainer you love. We do too and because of that, we go back every year for refresher classes, just because she is such a fun trainer too.
    Hope you had a good time at the fair.
    Bert and My Vickei

  9. Good to hear Hunter is doing good! A friendly dog is well.... a happy dog, I guess ;)

  10. A good trainer makes all the difference!

    I read "Hunger Games" and enjoyed it. But I have no desire to read the other two in the trilogy. I watched the movie mainly because so much of the action was shot near our home.


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