Friday, November 16, 2012

Post Script

Good afternoon friends,  I just wanted to give you a bit more background from my teenage experience of a man trying to break into the home where I was babysitting. Around the same time as this happened to me, another serious incident happened in Palo Alto, where I lived.  A young teen was babysitting and got several phone calls from a man and she ended up calling the police.  The children were upstairs and murdered by this killer.  It was a horrid incident and I had friends who went to school with the girl. 
Fast forward to the the late 70's, I am a mom and see a movie on t.v. and decide to watch it; hubby had gone to bed so I sat alone watching this movie, "When A Stranger Calls".  I can tell you it was the true story of what happened in my town almost twenty years earlier.  I can't tell you how scared I was watching it, especially since it was true.  Today as I was googling the name of the movie, there was a sentence that said it was an "urban legend" but I am here to tell you that it wasn't. It may have been a copycat crime, I don't know, but I do know it was real.  I can also say that there was a follow up on it because the man got out of prison and went back to finish the job on the girl,  now a mom, who sent him to prison.  Thankfully he didn't succeed.  So when I told you that the attempted break-in where I was terrified me, this is why.  I wasn't the girl who this story was about, but it could have easily been the same man.  I can also say that I have never been as scared by a movie as I was this one, because I knew it to be true.  I am thankful that even then, the Lord had His angels surrounding and protecting me.  I am also thankful that when I called home that night, my big brother came running down the street, to protect his little sister.  I am thankful that He still sends His angels to protect us; and as one of my comments said-no cute little cherubs, but big mighty warriors.  Can I get an Amen to that!  While I was raising my girls, I was protective and many thought over bearing; I realize that it was in part do to this, but there were other issues from my childhood that made me very, very cautious.  I am thankful that both my daughters are wonderful woman and incredible moms.  Today, I am thankful for blue skies and mild temps, with promises of a great weekend.  There is so much to be thankful for in this life-so speak it out ladies, let your gratitude grow.
Blessings, Noreen


  1. I so remember that movie and how scary it was to watch that. I am glad that you were okay but so sad for that girl and her family and the kids she babysat for.

    I suppose hubby is home by now and you are enjoying your time together- xo Diana

  2. Oh my Noreen ... having been that close to the situation has to certainly have an effect on you to this day. Praise God for His mighty angels who keep us safe.

  3. You get a HUGE AMEN from me on that one!
    I remember that story and the movie. So very frightening!!!

  4. Hi Noreen, thanks to the MIghty Warriors that watch over and protect us all.

  5. Your story brought back so memories of my babysitting days, and I had a prowler to deal with one night, as well. The neighbor had called the house and said they had called the police after seeing someone moving around in the backyard. I shut off all the lights (so the prowler couldn't see us inside) and sent the girls upstairs and locked them in the bathroom. I never saw the prowler, but was very glad when the police came. I think back on it now, and that was pretty freaky! I'm not sure I'd be handling it as well today as when I was 14!

    And no.....I've never seen that movie; scary movies totally freak me out. They still give me nightmares, and I can't shake the images out of my head. That's why I tend to watch a lot of Jane Austen movies! They're just lovely women trying to find husbands! Totally safe! lol

  6. That movie was very scary! I remember that one!! And yes, you get an AMEN from me! Hugs to you and Hunter!
    Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  7. I say "AMEN" to all that you have said, I too was accused of being to overly protective, which was a badge I proudly wore, and still do with grandchildren.
    Thank you for sharing this story,
    Enjoy your weekend. Hugs,

  8. That would not be scary, it would be terrifying! And to be so young!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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