Monday, November 26, 2012

A Few Of My Christmas Favorites

Greetings Friends, For those who have been dealing with blogger issues, I'm in the same boat and it is driving me crazy. I'm not willing to pay for extra storage for photos, so have taken to using picaso for my pics; however that means I actually have to figure out,by myself, how to get photos from there to here. I'm getting it-I think, but sure there is an easier way. Why does blogger have to change things up, just when we are getting the hang of it. No grumbling-o.k. maybe just a little. I will say though, since it is still November and I want a thankful heart, I am thankful that we have a computer and a camera that takes nice pictures. I am thankful that I have two eyes that see well and a mind that works most of the time, if I could just remember where I left it...haha. Some of my dear sweet friends have asked me to post my collections, so here are a few pics for you.
My antique treadle machine with one of my collections; the sewing machine was my mom's and the Santa and toys-approximately 20+ yrs old.

This is above our kitchen cabinets; we have more decorations that I will try to get posted tomorrow.
This is a village that started about 23 yrs ago-mostly from my mil but one special shop was from our bff's-Barb and Jim, in Ca.  I love this village and love the fact that my dear hubby tackles this every year for me-he does an incredible job.

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The rest of my day will be quiet-except that I need to do a very special birthday greeting to our granddaughter, Miss A-the youngest child of daughter Carrie. Miss A turns 3 today; it is hard to believe. She is always so happy and giggly; so much fun to be with and if I wasn't having such a hard time with pictures, her's would be front and center-I'll try for tomorrow. Grrrr. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and that you aren't experiencing the same issues with blogger as I am.
Warm winter hugs to you today.
Noreen and Hunter


  1. Hello! No, no blogger issues yet, but they are probably coming, haha, or does that sound too pessimistic? Love your decs! Hope the rest of your day is good! HUGS

  2. I just LOVE seeing everyone's Christmas decorations and hearing the stories behind them - or some link to our histories! Just beautiful! I need to do my big post=Thanksgiving house cleaning and get decking the halls! :)
    Hope your Monday is going well - and congrats to the Broncos! :)

  3. Those are some might nice decorations. I know I told you MOM does not decorate, not even a tree. BUT... Today she had to venture down the Christmas isle because I (not her) I have received so many Christmas cards she need to gt something to hang them all up on. She could not find what she was looking for so, are you ready for this?) She had to buy some Christmas like stuff and make her own Christmas card hanging thingy. Hahhahhahha. I just sat back and giggled at her. But hey now there is a little Christmas decoration on the living room wall with all the cards I have gotten so far.

  4. I love your little bear collection on the sewing machine. Sweet!

  5. What lovely collections!! I haven't had blogger photo problems. sounds like it isn't fun. Hope the rest of your day was marvelous!


  6. I don't have issues with Blogger, but I almost have blog OCD-every time I have more than 100 posts I delete them LOL. So the stuff doesn't pile up. It's not really a good system though.

  7. Such pretty Christmas decorations. I haven't even given and thought to getting my decorations out yet. I was too busy with the calendar contest last week and this week I am playing catch up.
    As for the photo thing...a fellow blogger told me about Photo Visualizer. It's a free program that helps you to resize your photos and even watermark them. I think the problem many are having with blogger is that you are running out of space. When you down size the photos they are smaller and download to blogger much quicker. Do a google search and you will find the free download. (Google Photo Visualizer) It took me a little bit to learn the new program but now I love it. I just downsize the entire file and pick out the ones I want to use for my blog. It does leave your photos in the original mega Pixel context so you have the originals and a resized file in your photo folder. I hope this makes sense!! If not, send me a email and we'll chat via phone when convenient for both.

  8. I think I may have mentioned that I got the 'reminder' about my renewal for space--But I've not come close to using what I have, making me wish I could share with you!

    Your decorations are really lovely, Noreen!! Isn't it nice to have them out a little 'early' to enjoy the entire holiday season?

  9. You have some very lovely decorations! On the photo issue, I have a million of them and haven't had an issue yet. Can you just delete old ones off the blog?

    Your Santa Paws Searching pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Mom sent you a message requesting your address cuz we FINALLY ordered our cards and they should be here Wednesday.

  10. Hi its me Tweedles!
    I have not been ANYWHERE for a long time, but here I am now.
    I love your decorations!
    And as far as blogger???
    oh no!!!!! We will never figure this out.. We just do not understand stuff like this,,, so I think we will stick our head in the sand, and hope we do not get an email noification.

  11. Those Christmas decorations are beautiful!! Those Santa toys are still in considerably good condition too

  12. Awww...Happy Birthday Miss A!!!
    xo Kris

  13. Beautiful decorations.

    Hope you can avoid the monthly fee. I'm not there yet ... but I'm having to really be extra cautious about posting pictures. I'd really like to share more, but then I remind myself that most of what I'd share would be pictures of my Ts, and out of respect for the privacy of DD's family, I choose not to.

    Happy belated birthday to Miss A! T#4 turned 3 in October, and I just love this age!!


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