Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Music and Snow

Happy Saturday Friends~Yesterday  I remembered that one radio station starts playing Christmas songs on Nov. 1st, so I did what any gal would do and turned our stereo to that station.  Had a busy and tiring day yesterday but was refreshed when our friends came for dinner.  They are home for the holidays and then will head to the desert after New Year's.  We always have such fun times together and I love it when they are back here!  This morning it is cold and snow is coming; I still marvel at the fact that I can smell it in the air.  I've got the stereo going and would be content to stay inside all day.  We do have some friends coming for dinner, a simple dinner of Enchiladas and Beans.  I also have to run to the dollar store to get some things for our "Operation Christmas Child" box before we turn it in next week. 
Tomorrow we are going to a Bronco's party-taking our favorite soup; actually it will be our second favorite because Chicken Noodle is always number one in our home, but I decided to take Taco Soup.  It should be a fun gathering; don't know if we will be able to stay the entire time because Hunter will be home alone, crated since the sliding door won't be open due to the snow.  He is really good if the door is open to the outside and there aren't tempting things within his vision. 
Today I am thankful for relaxed days ahead where I can just stay inside and sew or blog.  I am thankful that we have super Tuesday Senior Days at the movies; during snowy days, hubby and I try to go out for a movie each week-it helps him not get stir crazy.  I am thankful that Monday's weather forecast is clear since I'll be taking him to the airport.  I do not like traveling during bad storms. 
I am thankful that we have computers that can link us to each other, if not face to face.  I am thankful for the little fluff ball snuggled up on my feet. 
I am thankful for Christmas music-the joy it brings.
Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


  1. We are going to hit the 80s today, then a cold front is moving in. Being the weather geek that I am, I know the chance of severe storms is mighty high - God will bring what He will, I'm just hoping some rain is part of the Plan.
    I love Christmas music - need to upload my list to the iPhone, so I can start listening on the go!

  2. This may surprise you but the Christmas music thing... well lets just say MOM is not a fan. Well not so much that (cuz she does have her favorites) but it is just way to soon for her. And you are right about the snow it is headed your way. Ours is to stop sometime on Sunday. To bad Hunter can't go with you, I am sure he is a big time Bronco fan. I enjoy reading your thankful list. So... what time is dinner? I love me some enchiladas.

  3. We're thinking that Hunter could easily fit inside a bag and you can take him to the Broncos game. Maybe paint a big "B" on his belly lest anyone doubt he is a fan! Sounds like fun is on the agenda so enjoy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Mom has lots of chewies for us all over the house too. But that just didn't stop me. Something evil just swept over me and made me do it. Luckily we have forgiving pawrents!

  4. Hello Noreen! I can smell snow in the air too--It's no doubt from my time in Alaska that taught me that! But your day sounds like a real delightful one, and I hope that the rest of your weekend is just as enjoyable!

  5. I love Christmas music too, but it doesn't seem right to play them before we get snow. Having lived in Wisconsin most of my life Christmas and snow go hand in hand. Just wish the snow would leave when Christmas does.

    I so enjoyed your post today!

  6. Sure wish that I could smell snow in the air. It's in the mid 70's here ... with windows and doors open. But rain will be bringing back in cold weather. There was a little talk about snow on Monday, but that's been removed from the forecast. :-(

    I'm hoping for a few days next week that I can spend inside and sew ... as much fun as it is to get out and about, I do like to snuggle up inside my nest.

  7. What a wonderful, thankful weekend you are having. I hope you enjoy your soup and your quick meal tonight. Both sound like fun.

    I suppose we will have snow long before I am ready for it (which is never). God bless and have a great night- xo Diana

  8. Hi Noreen... sounds like you are having a nice weekend... and thank you so much for braving the snow and visiting me in our winter wonderland... it is STILL coming down here!... your taco soup sounds delish right now!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Christmas music is great, it makes me so excited for my first christmas with my family

  10. Hi Noreen! I love Christmas music too...our radio station starts on Thanksgiving and plays right on through Christmas so we have a little bit of time yet. I bet you could sneak Hunter in to the game!! Bet he would love that!! Hope he is doing better. I'm still having quite a time with Chloe. Today she not only got her anti-inflammatory, but also Children's Benadryl. We are hoping that will calm her a bit more...she does not like not being able to run and play with her sister!! Enjoy your Sunday!! I don't like to drive in the snow either! xo Jeanne


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