Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday to you.  Yesterday was a very full day, overflowing with love and energy. The morning was spent running errands and gathering craft supplies for activities with our granddaughters as well as a new craft group I've joined(using ideas from Pinterest). I am also looking for the perfect Christmas hat for Hunter, no luck so far.  In the afternoon, our oldest called and asked if she could come over with the grands for a few hours.  What a fun time; we visited outside and then went in to play Quirkle and also Uno. I love those moments spent with the kids-they are getting so big, so quickly.  Last night, we had our youngest daughter's four girls over, so they could run errands; we played with Legos and Papa built them a tent too.  Let me tell you that by 9:00 p.m. we were tired. 
Today, Hunter surprised me by eating all his kibble after I put some Coconut Oil on it; just a little, mind you, to see if it would help with his tear stains.  I thought sure he would turn up his picky little nose at it, but he gobbled it down.  Yippee!  I so prefer kibble to canned food but he has been so picky that I will admit I've been giving him the canned food each meal-with some kibble. If Lily is here, he will eat the kibble right up; I've been told he is a social eater.  I know that our pups also need a good fat in their diet and this will just be a good addition.  We've already gone on our walk with our bff's; I will say we still struggle with his focusing  if he sees or know that we will be passing yards that have dogs.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is still just a puppy; in all honesty though this is one area where we really need work and I'm trying hard not to get frustrated.  I am continuing to think about a Halti or Gentle Leader type collar for him or the harness that has the ring on the side so the dog is pulled sideways-don't know what it is called.  Any of you that have small dogs or Bichons, if you have any advice on these collars please let me know. I don't always want to have to go on trails or paths where there are no dogs. I think he is just anxious to see the other dogs but if they are barking up a storm, he also gets fixated on them.
The rest of the day will be pretty normal-laundry, cleaning, study and hopefully even some sewing.  I've got two new books I need to review, so I hope to have some good reading time too.
~Today I am thankful that all the election ads will be off the t.v.,radio,newspapers.
~I am thankful for the love of grandchildren-oh they make life so much richer.
~I am thankful that Hunter is growing and learning and I will figure out(hopefully sooner than later)what the best approach for him is on walks.
~I am thankful for so many great friends in blogland
~I am thankful that the temp is supposed to reach the high 60's today and tomorrow before the snow falls on the weekend.

Praying that the storm headed towards the east coast, specifically where Sandy already hit, doesn't materialize.  Snow would only complicate an already messy situation.
Blessings to you friends.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Me and Stanley think Hunter is doing just fine. It is a very hard thing to learn to walk with a loose leash! The most important thing is to be consistent in working on it. Eventually it will come to us all. Mom calls me "Sled Dog" sometimes. (That is how I know I am pushing my luck.) As for distractions, that too will take some time. We've all only been in this world for less than a year! There is so much to see and learn. I just ask mom to be patient. Mom thought about those no-pull halters but decided she would just keep working on training me not to pull. I think me and Stanley will eventually learn this, just not today. (And tomorrow probably isn't the day either.) But one day, we will surprise our pawrents and walk like gentle Doods and so will Hunter!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We used a Gentle Leader on our Abby (the lab) ... she just never seemed to get the hang of not pulling (likely more our issue than hers??).

    How lucky you are to get some warmer temperatures ... it's cold and cloudy here. It looks like it could snow.

    Got all our errands run this morning (exchanged some winter jammies for T#3 -- we give the Ts pj's for Halloween and the size we bought were the wrong size) and voted. Now we've got the afternoon free, and I'll be using it to quilt, since I haven't had much quilting time in the last several days. ;-)

  3. Did you ever think a pup could capture your heart as Hunter has? We are pet-less now, but I remember so well the days of joy when our dogs & cats were as much a part of a day's doings as anyone else in the family.

    There's sure a lot to be thankful for, too. As glad as I am that his election season is nearly over, I am even more grateful that the Lord has a plan & purpose in & through it all. Amazing days.

  4. Loved all your blessings. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. If Hunter decides he doesn't like the coconut oil, try extra virgin olive oil. Our dogs love it! They like it so much that we give each one a teaspoonful three times a week rather than a tablespoonful once a week. Of course they are goldens and much bigger than Hunter.

  6. Try the gentle leader works really good for lots of different dog types.


  7. You tricked poor Hunter with his Kibbles?;>) lol Love it. I think your Thankful list is wonderful. I am thankful that by tomorrow the election will be over and I won't get any more political calls! xo Diana

  8. My Ducey likes his kibble much better with a bit of chicken broth or beef broth added.
    Lovely day you had!!!
    You have much to be thankful for!!!
    xo Kris

  9. I am praying for my relatives that are in harms way with this storm coming...they still do not have power. I sure am glad that Hunter is enjoying his coconut oil...you also might want to try a little tablespoon of vanilla yogurt...that is a special treat for the girlz!

  10. So much to thank for <3
    Have a great Wednesday

  11. Zim gets a horridly stinky fish oil on his kibble (and Dave used to). When we first started, after the vet recommended it, she asked what they thought. I said it was stinky, fishy, and disgusting -- so OF COURSE they loved it! LOL. it's all in your perspective. :)


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