Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday to you!  Here at Nananors, I am doing a happy dance because my man gets home today. 
I've got a full morning: walk, then our antique store in town is having their Christmas Open House so Kam and I will be checking out their sale items, looking for bargains. After that, I will be giving the house a once over; I may even try to cut down some bushes in the back yard that Hunter loves to walk under, but that leave him covered with dried, dead blossoms-you would not believe what he looks like when he's been out playing.  I head down to the airport mid-afternoon and just can't wait.  I am so thankful that hubby went out to help his brother, but I tell you that I don't like it when he is gone.  A day or so doesn't bother me but much longer and I just miss him like crazy.  Last night there was a kid, probably, in the yard kitty-corner and he whistled when I was outside telling Hunter to go potty.  No, I've never been frightened in this home before, but for some reason last night I was; it sounded like the person was in our yard.  I hurried inside, locked all the doors and closed all the drapes.  I checked after that and no one was there.  I just realized that this is possibly due to the fact that when I was a young teen, babysitting, someone tried to break in the house I was at.  Thankfully the guy didn't get in, but he was able to see me through the window and talked and actually tried to cut the window.  It was freaky I tell you.  I can walk through those memories today as if it was yesterday.  So I guess I get a bit anxious when I hear a guy in the yard-or think he is in my yard. In truth, he could have been on the street behind out homes. 
So today, I am thankful that my fear was unfounded.  I am thankful that hubby did what he went to do in Ca.  I am thankful for angels all around us, especially when we don't know that harm is out there.
I am thankful for sunshine.
Have a thankful day, my friends.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Goodness, gracious, Noreen, so understandable of you being frightened! That was a terrible experience you had to go through, I am so glad you were spared. God is always so faithful! Just as he calms the angry seas, he calms our hearts,and sets our minds at ease.
    Hope you enjoy your day looking at all those antiques, it has been ages since I went antiquing, and so miss those excursions.

  2. You were under protection dear friend, and how happy you will be when hubby returns home.

  3. I walk the dog at night and even though I feel like we live in a very safe neighborhood there are times when I see or hear something that freaks me out a little. I hope you will feel safer tonight when you are no longer home alone.

  4. Good morning! Wow Noreen, thank God you were OK. I consider you to be quite brave as I REALLY hate being by myself at night. My hubby, years and years ago had a job that he had to travel frequently with and so I'd be home alone with the kids. I just HATED it...lonely without him and scared out of my wits. Mine probably comes from knowing my grandmother was attacked by a man who broke into her home once...freaked me out! Soo glad your hubby is home today. YAY!! Enjoy your week-end! HUGS

  5. Oh glory girl. I can understand how creepy things can be when we are home alone. I am SO THANKFUL God gave us a ferocious sounding dog....helps keep people on guard if they come close to our property. Praying God sets you free of that fear and while you may still recall the event may you have no fear rising up. I always pray for mighty angels to guard the four corners of our home. And none of these cute cherub angels....I'm talking HUGE muscle bound, sword held high in defend mode angels! (c:

  6. Glad your guy is coming home. I hope you cuddled up with Hunter after the scar. I'm sure he made you feel better. My MOM doesn't even lock the back door, well if she is gone for more than one day she does, but other than that nope. Did I mention part of my job is guard dog. Have a beautiful weekend.

  7. YEA! Glad your hubby is home!
    What a frightening thing to happen to you as a teenager! It's healthy to use that experience now as a reminder to secure your house - always.
    Happy reunion! :)

  8. Yes, a day or two is respite. More than that is torture. Have a great weekend.

  9. I don't blame you for being apprehensive when home along ... especially under circumstances like last night.

    I am ok by myself during the day and even during the early evening ... but I just can't sleep well without DH here. Glad you will have your hubby back home with you.


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