Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November Friends~It is certainly hard to believe that it is already here, where in the world did October go? I was pondering what to post this morning and realized  that last year I put a challenge out there to you and me, to find at least one specific think to give Thanks for each day of the month.  For many, choosing gratitude has become a way of life but sometimes it is easy to forget.  So, I am setting about to deliberately find things each day to give thanks for.  How about you?  Will you join me?
~Today I am thankful for the beautiful sunrise and promise of nice weather.
~I am thankful that hubby and I did a thorough, deep cleaning yesterday and that even though it wore us out, we were able to do it.
~I am thankful that the weather this week has been nice and hubby is golfing today.
~I am thankful for the two white fluffballs at my feet and that we are going for a walk shortly.
~I am thankful for my ladies study each week.
~I am thankful for health, family and friends and that my brother and sil arrive today.
~I am  thankful for my dear hubby, although listed here he really is at the top of my list.
~I am thankful for the Love of God, that I am redeemed and He calls me by name.
Won't you take this challenge with me?
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. We are thankful to have wonderful Blogville friends like you.

  2. Noreen, We are blessed each day.I try to count my blessings all the time...even when I am in pain, I feel lucky to be able to walk...because I see people with canes, walkers, and w.chairs. So what is arthritis in my ankles..right. smiles to you, Susie

  3. Love this idea and I am going to incorporate it into my posts. thanks for the reminder...we often forget how BLESSED we are. Happy Thursday!

  4. I'm going to join you, Noreen. Thanks for the invitation ... I love taking the time to be intentionally thankful.

  5. Great idea. We would all feel better if we count our blessings and be thankful rather than complain about our ills.

  6. I'm up for this challenge. Each morning MOM and i sit and do our devotion on the patio and after we read that and read a bit from the Bible and then sit in the silence and listen. Then we list or say out loud what we are thankful for. Today, as everyday, I am thankful for my MOM. And I am thankful for how I have been so richly blessed with beautiful friends like you and Hunter.

  7. I like the idea, it's so easy to complain when in fact we have so much to be thankful for

  8. Oh I love your list Noreen. I too am going to get my list going. But probably tomorrow after mom leaves. Hope you enjoyed your day!

  9. Me and Stanley are thankful for coming to live in our forever home and mom and dad are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY thankful they have us! Mom said she is also thankful for friends she met in Blogville and Dad said he was thankful for a new roof on our house. We are all thankful for our church too, and all the people who go there with us.

    And guess what . . . . we are thankful for you and Hunter too!

    Your Thankful Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. An attitude of gratitude will carry us a long way in our Christian walk!
    Thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; I followed you home -smile-.

  11. Yes, so much to be thankful for, indeed!!!!
    : ) xo Kris

  12. We love "Blessing" posts because they help us remember every day that we are truly Blessed.
    Thank YOu
    and Sophi is a Golden Doodle. Yes it is true she is a golden doodle. They are referred to as Parti. The reason you don't see them much is because they were considered bad genes when they showed up in a litter and were often killed. Thankfully the world has finely learned that different is not bad, different is different.


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