Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Sunday to you~I am so glad that we are having a lazy day here today.  I am thankful for days that this, when you can just stay in bed and have a slow relaxed morning.  Friday I spent the entire day decorating the house and let me tell you I was one tired pup when I was done. My sweetie did help out a lot but it still felt never-ending.  I do love it when the house is done but what a lot of work. Now I understand how some gals, who have really big homes, hire professional Christmas decorators to come tackle the job for them.  Yesterday, we ran errands and then in the afternoon I just didn't have a lot of energy so ended up at our daughter's house holding the baby so she could decorate; such a sacrifice-ha!
Today, we will be watching the Broncos play Kansas and I do have some craft things to get together for this week. 
I am so thankful for the slower days of winter, although we were supposed to get snow, we didn't.
I am thankful that it has been a bit drier this November than previous years and that pleases hubby.
I am thankful for Christmas carols playing in the background.
I am thankful for the little fur ball curled up at my feet.  Hunter loves to snuggle and I am thankful for that.  Our last dog Reggie was not an affectionate dog, probably a puppy mill dog, and never gave kisses; I do love Hunter's greeting us in the morning.
I am thankful for the wonderful ideas I find, in blogland and Pinterest, for decorating.
I am thankful for the wonderful get togethers over the holidays.
Joy to you~Noreen & Hunter


  1. Your morning sounds perfect. A lot like ours. We are here at the cabin, just Geeps and I. He is reading, and I am doing, well, this.....
    I dread going home to put away the Autumn and take out the Christmas decor!!!

  2. We'll be watching the Broncos beat the Chiefs here, too. Err... I mean PLAY the Chiefs. Well... you know. Not the best year for them.
    Have a wonderful day! What does Hunter think of all the Christmas decor?
    Play bows,

  3. PS: This is the recipe my mom uses for the pie:
    She said it's like the best parts of pumpkin and pecan pies, rolled into one. I'm not allowed to have any, or I'd weigh in on that. :)

  4. Sweet post! And do you have any pics of your decorations? We'd love to see them!

  5. Sounds like a great morning. I don't know if I ever told you this but you know what my MOM does for decorating at Christmas? NOTHING. Yep that's right, nothing. No tree or lights, or mistletoe. She does decorate me a little for photos but that is it. Enjoy the game, one of MOM's kids is at the stadium watching it in person. He is a KC fan.

  6. Yes, I like to be cuddly to my mom too. Tell Hunter to keep an eye out for Santa Paws!

    Your Santa Paws Searching Doodle Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Busy day here for the Momster, so much to do, so little time. And about that football game, our Chiefs are an embarrassment:(

    Have a great week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Noreen, once again you've written a post that has reminded me of the things that I should be grateful for in my own life. I'm glad your weekend is ending on a good note!! Enjoy your evening!!

  9. Wonderful post, dear Noreen! I too, am thankful for many of the same things today...and for a new week and new opportunities, as my Daddy used to say!

  10. Good for you - a lazy day. You deserve it after working so hard the last couple of days. ;-) I can't wait for a lazy day ... I'm hoping for one on Wednesday.

    It's such a job to get up all the Christmas decorations ... but so worth it when the job is over.

  11. Oh- I hear you! I worked on decorating all day and still have another day ahead of me to get it finished. I am beat tonight- xo Diana

  12. Woof! Woof! It's good to have a lazy Sunday. Mom loves Pinterest ... just need more time. Believe it or not our temp here is around 40's. We had to get a small heater. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Would love some deco pics! Sounds amazing

  14. I am thankful for you Noreen! So glad that we have "met". In answer to your question about the tags on Hunter's groomer told me years ago to not have the girlz wear their collars as it just causes mats around their necks. Both of them are chipped...and we really don't go anywhere where they are not glued to my feet...When they do wear their collars or harnesses, we have never had a problem with the tags discoloring the fur. We are pretty tired from decorating this weekend too. But it really does look nice when it is all done! xoxo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  15. We will begin our decorating today! Being gone over T-Day we came home and had to take all the Fall decor down. That was a big job on it's own!

    Today the fun begins.

    Now girly...I got my book yesterday and I'm so excited to dive in and read it. I have to have hand surgery just after Christmas (the 28th) on both hands and I won't be able to do anything save turn the pages of a book. :)

    Thank you so much for your gracious spirit AND for pulling my name out of the hat. :) I nevahhh win stuff.

    Thank you again.

    Love, R PS: I'm going to share about the book/win this week!


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