Friday, December 18, 2015

The Beauty of Birds

Happy Friday to you! Well, you've all heard me whining about the cold temps, ice and snow-though it is beautiful! I love going for a drive with hubby, when the weather permits, when we see the fresh pristine snow with horses running or cattle looking for food. Such beauty, especially when you can stay inside. Yesterday morning I saw this flock of doves(actually it was about half the flock) sunning themselves on our pergola. I thought about a conversation we had with our friends at the ugly sweater party last weekend-the topic was movies and everyone remembered Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds. At the time that movie was released it was so scary and a classic thriller. When we moved to northern California, we explored the town that it was filmed in and I can still see the movie in my minds eye. Thankfully, doves don't pose a threat and I love watching them.
Later on, I was opening our drapes in our bedroom and saw lots of doves in our neighbors yard; it appeared they were eating, but I know they neighbors didn't feed them so maybe there were bugs to be had.

I can't believe that in one week we will be celebrating Christmas.  So much work that goes into the day and it will be a fun one.  We actually open presents together, as a family on Christmas Eve morning; we have a brunch and then enjoy seeing the kiddos play.  On Christmas we will have a dinner at our oldest daughters home with everyone, including her mil who is flying in from Ca.
This weekend we will have a visit with some old neighbors and go to a Christmas show that all our grands will be in at their church.  Life can't get much sweeter than this!
How about you-are you all ready for Christmas?  Will you be at home or away?
May you day be filled with joy!


  1. Sounds like you will have a wonderful Christmas . Lovely photos . I am the same way about the snow and cold but on days like in your photos with snow and cold and all the winter wonderland with the sun shining and beauty I really dont mind it at all ! No snow yet for us well none that is sticking any ways lol looks to be a green mild Christmas and a quiet one for us this year ! Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  2. I remember that movie so well, so scary! Yes I wouldn't mind seeing some doves. So many blessing to look forward to....enjoy each moment. Merry Christmas.

  3. The birds have been very active lately!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. What a treat to see all those doves sitting pretty in the snow.....It's warm here in NC so I don't think we will be seeing any snow during Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you are blessed beyond measure.....


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