Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Winter Wonderland

Happy Tuesday to you! Last night we started getting weather alerts about the storm moving in and this is what we woke up to today. It is between 8" and maybe 10" in places, maybe more.  Darling Hubby went out first thing to shovel the stairs and clear a patch of grass(haha)for Hunter. I haven't seen snow on the side of the house or windows before; it is still coming down and supposed to continue until this afternoon. I doubt we'll be going anywhere soon, maybe a movie this afternoon if the roads are better.

Hubby is out front shoveling the driveway and sidewalk; he specifically has told me after my falling on ice that he doesn't want me helping.  I'll get some salt to sprinkle on the stairs to the front door-we are expecting delivery men and don't want them falling.  Looks like it will be a good day to stay in and entertain ourselves with cards, games or maybe a Hallmark movie. Since Thanksgiving, we've been watching lots of Christmas movies and enjoy it in the evening.
Hope you have a great day!


  1. How beautiful. Love that snow
    Lily & Edward

  2. It's beautiful! How different our lives would be if we dealt with snow...I honestly can't imagine. Our high this morning was thirty nine and for So. Calif that's pretty cold, lol. I broke down and turned on the heat for the first time this year. It was too cold in here even for me. Love those hallmark movies too. We watch some Christmas or another every night! Keep warm and enjoy this season!

  3. Such a delightful amount of snow! I wish we could get some like that here! Alas, we are having a quiet December for snow! Your pictures of the snow are lovely, and I hope you enjoy the quiet afternoon watching the snow fall, my kind of day! :)

  4. Is it too late to ask you to keep it on your side of the state line? ;) Just hit 59 here. It's supposed to stay well west of us. I hope it does -- the girls might not agree!
    Stay safe!

  5. It looks pretty ! But not for your hubs having to shovel lol ! We are having mild damp rainy weather here temps have been 50F which is odd for us here in Ontario Canada this time of year ! We use pet safe salt here as regular salt burns Miggs paws , Thanks for sharing , be safe and cozy and have a good day !

  6. Oops, looks like we sent you our snow!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. We would love for some of that snow to fall here, but Mom says no thank you - she doesn't want to fall either. Hope you found ways to stay cozy and warm inside.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Those photos bring back very chilly memories. Although it is quit beautiful, I think I'll take my 120 degree summers and forego the foot of snow! Stay warm my friend, Cindy xo

  9. I read an article yesterday on the snow that Colorado received. OMG! I've been watching all the Hallmark movies. They are so good. Now I need to watch some of my DVD collection of Christmas movies. Stay safe and warm.


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