Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Family Christmas Celebration

Good Morning to you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing weekend. We had such a fun family celebration on Christmas Eve morning, but I want to explain that as a very large group our kids found it easier to gather together on Christmas Eve and then have their individual family time on Christmas morning. We gathered, ate a wonderful brunch and then began to open presents. Here all the girls cousins are sitting together~a good thing because Nana and Papa gave them all duplicate gifts.
Little Man waiting paitently.
We also give fill each stocking with some sort of goodie-little man and his mama got a container of Agave Bears, because he can't have sugar.
Papa and the older boys made him a bow, just like theirs.
Love Miss A's smile!

Little Miss E didn't get the two gift cards as the older girls(due to age) but got a cute stuffed dog with a necklace that said Love and on the back had her initial.  Miss E is crazy in love with dogs and she loved this.

We game the boys a drone for their present.

Hubby made me a bread board and also a cheese board that is also inlaid; I love the purple heart wood  that he used.
Papa got a new tool for his tool chest.
We also gave the girls a set of four cups that we got from Beleek Pottery in Ireland.

One of the creative projects I worked on for the girls was making greeting cards with the photos of Ireland that we took~I will post another day; I also made cards of Kauai that we took several years ago.
We gave the sil's Spotting Scopes for their hunting/target shooting as well as spotting wild life in their back yards.

Hubby and I were also spoiled so much; we are so blessed by our family! Love each one to the moon and back!
On Christmas night we had dinner at Carrie's~oh was it good!  We enjoyed just visiting and watching the kiddos play.   We knew it was snowing, just didn't know that it was blizzard like outside.
WE got ready to leave and let's just say we were both very happy to be within a ten minute drive.
The weekend was pretty relaxed, I did go to Macy's and got a new pair of snow boots for every day use.  My daily winter shoes(Merrills)were given to me 5 yrs ago, after my dear friend passed away. They fit me like a glove, but were already several years old, so it was time to upgrade.  I got a great deal and I know they'll last me many years.
I'm looking at my week and it is pretty relaxed, except for one dental appointment on Wednesday.  I think I'll take down all my decorations on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.  Since our early years, we found that having everything put away by New Years lets us enter the New Year organized.
I hope you had a day filled with Joy and Love.


  1. Oh boy! What a wonderful day
    Lily & Edward

  2. So glad you had a good celebration and time with family. Yours sounds very similar to ours. We give gift cards to the older grands too as they really enjoy that soo much and is much easier for us. And your week coming up sounds very similar to mine minus the dental appointment, lol. I want to get all of our Christmas stored away before New Years Day though we might have to finish up some on that day too. Hope you have a wonderful week Noreen!

  3. I do enjoy hearing about your lovely grandchildren. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas and hope you and the family have a great New Year.

  4. Noreen, I am loving seeing all your grands opening gifts. They are at the sweet ages. So happy your day was special. New boots..that's good. I sure need to be looking for some. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. What joy to see the happiness on each of the sweet faces of your grandkids and children! Having two special Christmas mornings is pretty awesome for these kids! I'm glad you didn't have to drive far in the blizzard conditions too! Hope you do have a relaxed and wonderful week, those are always quite welcome after the busy-ness of the holidays! :)

  6. Your Christmas celebrations looks perfect,Noreen, I smiled all the way through! I enjoy seeing Christmas through the eyes of children! Making photos out of your vacations and giving as gifts is a great idea!
    I agree, we try and have all decorations packed away by Jan. 1st, I also tae the week after Christmas to reflect and plan for the New Year!

    Wishing you and your family a most blessed and Happy new Year!
    Hugs from me to you,

  7. Love the photos and it looks like Christmas Eve morning was a perfect celebration with your family.


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