Monday, April 20, 2015

On Comfort and Age

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, accomplishing all that you desired. I was reminded recently that I've been whining too much about the weather this last week, instead of having a grateful heart. So here goes: I am so very thankful that we are not in a drought situation like California is. I am thankful that the rain and snow will just green up our lawns and also ease the Red Flag warnings in the mountains, especially near my blogging friend KB. On cold days, I am thankful that we can go to the movies or I can sit and quilt all day long. O.k. on to my weekend~you all know I've been looking for a pair of Naot shoes for our Ireland trip. Hubby and I went to two stores on Saturday that carry them and I still wasn't finding the exact pair I wanted; at $179. per pair, I wasn't going to just settle. So at the first store I found some pairs of BORN, another wonderfully comfortable shoes and tried them on. I really liked the feel, but wanted to go to the sister store to see if they had any different Naot's. Long story shorter, I tried on the Born again and decided that if I put a heal liner in the shoes, they would work for me. I loved the fact that they were on sale, for $100.00 less than the Naot's. Many of you may be saying you've never bought a pair of shoes that expensive before, or you wouldn't. Let me explain I haven't either, but have had issues with my feet since I was very little. I have narrow feet and as a child had to wear corrective shoes because I would pronate-walk in on my heals. I hate spending big money on shoes, but also know if it is better for my feet, it is worth it. Both my brother and sister had serious foot problems and my brother still does. In the past, the most expensive shoe I ever bought was Birkenstock's. Even when I worked full time, I never paid that much for shoes; you can imagine that being on a fixed income makes it more difficult to do.  So here is the pair of shoes I found, I'm not sure how they'll look with Capris but they are comfortable. The strap is a bit loose and I may take a heal liner and line the underside of the strap to make it a bit tighter. They look really cute with jeans, which I live in.
Hubby really liked them too-another plus.  I've owned a pair of Born sandals years ago that lasted about 15 yrs., the quality was so good and they were worth what I paid for them.  These will be good during the spring, summer and fall.  I remember growing up and all my friends could go to discount stores and get cute shoes for really cheap; I never had that option, I am thankful I haven't had the issues my sister and brother had with bunions.  I also need a new pair of tennis shoes for the trip and the summer, I'm glad I have enough money left over to get a nice pair of Oasics gels. 
I've walked, started laundry and going to head to the grocery store to stock up.  Our house is like Mother Hubbards Cupboard, we are so low on the staples.
I hope you have a great day!  Count your blessings.


  1. Good morning! Glad you found a pair of shoes that will work for you when in Ireland. No good being uncomfortable on vacation. As for spending money on thoughts are feet aren't growing, so if I need a good pair of shoes, I will pay the money to get them. Quality shoes make for comfortable feet. Have a great rest of the day!

  2. Noreen, I like you new shoes. I hope they make your feet feel great when you are wearing them. I have arthritis in my ankles , so I can not just wear all the shoes I love...It's flats and tennis shoes. I paid a high dollar for some flats for my grandson's wedding and I wish I had that money back..they are not as nice to stand or walk in I may give them to my granddaughter. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I am a cow girl boot person in the spring and fall I have a few pairs but come the summers all sandals and crocks with the acception of a good pair of walking shoes and hikers for the warmer weather so Miggs and I can go for good long walks and hikes in the woods lol ! I count my blessings every day for my wonderful Husband AKA Papa , my family , my Miggs and the beauty of nature we get to see hear and experience every day in our back yard and valley ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Glad you found a good pair of shoes, they are really cute and will look great with your Capri's. If my feet are comfy, I'm a happy camper! I love Born shoes, very comfortable walking shoes! Merrills and Born are great, walked miles in Italy and France!

  5. The shoes are cute. I have an ankle that gives me issues from a fall years ago. I can only wear narrow Birkenstock sandals or my ankle hurts. Born shoes are great but no longer work with my ankle for some reason. I haven't tried the Naot's, hope they work great for your trip.

  6. The shoes are really cute. Mom would love to try any of the shoes you mentioned but she has a very LONG and super narrow foot. Almost impossible to find comfy shoes that really fit properly. HOpe yours work out well for your trip.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. I LOVE those shoes, Noreen. They are really cute- you can wear them with jeans or capris or even a casual skirt. You will never regret the purchase if you can wear them.
    My Dad fell off a roof when he was a young man-they were working on a slate roof barn. He landed flat on his feet and broke all the bones in them. I guess he was int he hospital for several weeks back then (1920s). He always wore firemans' shoes and they were just under $100 back in the 50s but they wore for years. My job was to wash his feet every night after he soaked them in really hot water. I never realized until I was grown how much pain that must have caused him.

    Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  8. I usually buy Clarks or BearTraps, they are so comfy but a bit pricey, not as much as Naot's. But I also wear through my shoes so quickly, ugh! Anyway, I hope these will be super comfy for long walking days! Sending many blessings your way! Cindy xoxo


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