Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Thursday to you!  I expected to wake up to rain today, but I am thankful it is sunny and clear.  We have entered into our spring rainy season, with thunder and showers in the afternoons; it helps our yard stay nice and green and as long as we have the majority of day without the rain, I'm fine.  I don't know about you, but I always feel much better when I can be outside in the sunshine enjoying life. 
I am one who could not live in the desert though; it does have it's own beauty, but I am not attracted to it at all. 
Yesterday was a wonderful day, for the most part!  I had lunch with a newer friend and it was such a nice time; we ate at Panera's and I had a great Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. I think we could have spent the afternoon there getting to know each other, but I had sewing with two grands, so had to cut our time shorter than I would have liked.  So onto the surprise I got~several weeks ago I took four granddaughters to Joann's for fabric.  We are making pillow cases.  Each girl bought 6 fat quarters and fabric for the back of the pillowcase.  Now, I'm here to tell you that the fabric cost more than I anticipated, the fat quarters were the price of ones in a quilt store.  What ever happened to Joann's being reasonably priced?  Imagine my surprise yesterday when we went to cut the fat quarters, but they weren't really fat quarters.  For all you quilters reading this, can you tell me what dimensions you consider a fat quarter.  Thanks.  So I began measuring with the two granddaughters and sure enough the fabric wasn't the right size.  Hummmmm.  Well, we decided that we would just add a strip of fabric onto the end of the strip; it might not look like we wanted it too, but it would work.  I'm thankful my grands are 10-7 yrs of age and not too picky.  If we had saved the wrapping of the fat quarters, I might have taken them back.  As I said, the fabric for these pillow cases was very pricey; next time I'll go to Walmart.  So one girl began sewing her strips together and as we lined them up on my design wall we were pleased.  Onto the next grand; two of her squares were about 2-3" shorter than the rest of her fat quarters.  I will have to do some tweeking today to get all the strips the same length.  What I did decide though was to go back to Joanne's and complain to the manager.  Lest you think I'm being picky about the fabric, the cost ran about $70. for all the material and it wasn't even a lot of fabric.  If the fat quarters were correct in their measurements, it would be fine however it will be obvious that there is a seam where there shouldn't be.  The girls are just fine with it thankfully and I know this will be the first of several pillowcases they make.  So if any of you out there shop at Joann's for material, make sure you know that the pieces are the right size.  If I had been the one to wash and iron the fabric, I would have headed back there immediately.  Lesson learned.
Today I'm walking and then will have sewing with my other two grands.  So very thankful that we can all learn together. 
I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Fabric is not cheap! On mom's last project she bought the REALLY REALLY nice fabric at a store she could never afford but it was a special project. She sure was mad when she messed it up!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. What a shame about the fabric - sounds like some poor quality control at JoAnn's.

    We are waiting on t-storms tomorrow and hoping they won't be severe. Mom likes to be outside a lot too, especially in the Spring when everything is just so pretty.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Hi Noreen! I"m so sorry you ended up having trouble with your fat squares. I'm glad you knew it was that, and no fault of your own, or the grands.
    What a beautiful gift you have, and how fun to pass it along to your family. They will have little tokens of love and loving times with you. Such joy they'll have remembering the experiences!
    I love Panera. I like the Greek Salad, and of course, the Cinnamon Crunch bagels. Mmmm!
    Here's to new friends :)

  4. Everything you do inspires us! We are so happy when you find fabric that you like and can have,,,,
    And were very happy that you feel like walking and being outside!

  5. I love Joann's, but I have also begun to find it too expensive. I've started buying my fabric at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

  6. I am sorry about the fabric! Trust me I know how pricey it can get. I have never bought fat quarters at Joannes so I don't have any experience with that one way or another. When I made my pillow cases for the grands at
    Christmas time I bought 28 inches of the main fabric (so I could safely cut it 27 inches) and 10 inches for the top of the pillow case, and a mere 2 inches for the contrast band between the two. I only buy fabric that is on sale there, or I use a coupon. It does add up quickly. I try to buy in advance when something is on a good sale (flannel especially, but also some novelty prints. Doesn't always work out though I know. I love that you are sewing with the girls. Hope we get to see the pillowcases

  7. That is so disappointing when the measurements are off. Especially when the grandskids are involved.
    Fabric is expensive-even when it is on sale..and I always wait for those patterns to go on sale for $1.00 or $1.99. You know they are making money on them even at that price or they wouldn't be selling them. I hate it when I see a pattern I like and it is $15.99. Just crazy!

    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  8. I don't shop much at Joann's (never enough workers at the cutting table so it takes FOREVER to buy fabric) and now, based on your experience (between the high cost and short changed FQ), I think I will shop there even less. 😞 Let us know what comes of your visit to the store manager. And a FQ should be 18x22 or so (versus the typical quarter yard 9x45).


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