Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For The Love of Tulips

A neighbors yard.
Our front bed, do you see Hunter watching me? I'm so thankful that the previous owner planted so many Tulips for me to enjoy.
All around our neighborhood, Tulips are springing up.  I love Tulips, in the garden or in a vase.
If we weren't on adobe soil, I would probably have planted more; I asked the previous owner how he managed to plant so many and his reply was that he used a big electric drill to drill the holes.  I never would have thought about that, but I certainly understand it.
I've taken Hunter on a walk already; I'm about ready to head out to see my good California friend, who is dog sitting.  We are having our shower floor tiled and with a stranger here in the house, I don't want to leave Hunter alone-so as soon as hubby gets back from his errand, I'm hitting the road. 
I hope you have a joy filled day!


  1. I love Hunter in the window. The tulips are beautiful. I know they use jackhammers here to plant trees. Hope you have a nice visit with your friend.

  2. Mom has never had much luck with tulips, but we bet she puts the bulbs in upside down - BOL.

    Hunter is hoping he is going to get to go for a walk once you are done admiring the beautiful flowers.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. See I told, spring would come soon, Your flowers are beautiful! Enjoy!
    Blessings, Sue

  4. I love tulips too! When we moved here, we got a big post-hole digging rig and planted a bunch of tulip bulbs. We didn't know that the ground squirrels eat the bulbs before they even bloom once! So, we'll have to enjoy yours!

  5. Beautiful tulips, lovely home! I am not familiar with adobe soil. I'll have to google it. Have a good week, Noreen!

  6. I just love tulips, they are so pretty. When I was five my mother used to have me bring tulips to my teacher :)

  7. Tulips are so very pretty! I'm glad you get to enjoy so many of them. Hope you enjoyed your time with your friend! Have a blessed Thursday! Cinsy

  8. Love your tulips! Every spring I am determined to plant tulip bulbs in the fall, but I never seem to be able to remember to actually do it, come fall. Hopefully I will THIS fall!

  9. What a pretty little area. We really like those tulips too. Hi Hunter
    Lily & Edward

  10. We love tulips also, wow you have to drill your rose

  11. Very pretty tulips! Thanks for sharing~


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