Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy Tuesday to you.  Today is going to be a wonderful spring day; I will get Hunter out on a long walk and also get on my bike.  I'm ready for our spring rains to just let loose at night, so our days are warm.  Yesterday I headed up to REI to get some packets of electrolyte powder for my bff, who is driving to Virginia on Friday.  She needs to replenish her nutrients throughout the day, I just don't want her getting weak while driving.  So after I picked up the packets, I happened to see this product and it drew me in.  You see, ever since we've lived in Colorado we've eaten Bison; we usually buy it for spaghetti, hamburgers, hotdogs if we can find them and any other product we happen across.  Bison is much leaner than beef and we love the taste; I was thrilled when I saw Buffalo jerky bites.  I looked at the different packages, one was spicy hot-nope not for me, and I settled on this because it also had cranberries in it.  I was so curious, I opened the package in the car. 
Let me tell you these bites are incredibly flavorful!!!  I had a few more when I got home, they are small pieces and aren't dry like traditional jerky is.  Hubby liked them and I have to say I had initially thought if we didn't like them, Hunter would.  He did get a piece too and loved it, but the rest are for us.  At $7.00 a package at REI they are not going to break my grocery budget, Amazon sells them by box and that is a bit pricey.  I can see that this will be a product we take on our "roadies" aka road trips. 
If you've never eaten Bison, you really should try it.  I also use it in Chili; it works wonderfully.  I liked this product because it is gluten, soy, hormone and antibiotic free and from what I can gather, is a Native American product.  Let me tell you I'll drive to Fort Collins any day to get this. This opinion is my own; I just love to share new products/foods if I think they are excellent.  This product is.
Hope you have a great day!


  1. Oh all of us would like those too!!!
    stella rose

  2. Very interesting! My hubby and the girls would love them!

  3. Hannes want me to go sopping for Buffalo Bites... he thinks that you and Hunter have excellent taste! ;)

  4. Hope you had a good day so far with Hunter and got your walk and ride in. We have bison here, too, and I have tried it several times and just can't seem to "like it". lol Hubby loves it but I don't know what it is--maybe the texture is a bit different. xo Diana

  5. We have never had bison, but we do love jerky. You were so kind to buy those packets for your friend, so thoughtful.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. Well you have certainly got me interested. I will have to look for these. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. That is good information but our trouble is that mom doesn't eat meat! So maybe we will try and get dad to read about this!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. You are a very kind friend, so nice of you to take care of your traveling friend! When we lived in WY for 7 months, we were staying in a home that was walking distance from a buffalo ranch. They sold jerky and I'm telling you, there was nothing better. I've never again found anything like it! I might have to try and find an REI nearby or online and order some, it's so very good! Have a super rest of your week! Enjoy your new spring weather! Blessings, Cindy

  9. That jerky sounds wonderful. I don't know that there's an REI near here, so I may have to find some online for our upcoming "roadie". ;-)


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