Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our first sunrise in Kauai 2012

Good morning friends~ How I wish I could have brought you all with me; hopefully you can pretend while you look at our photos.  I now remember the good and bad things about traveling here-the bad is that the flight is so long-eight hours in all and my feet swell.  This started about eight years ago and I know that I need to get up and move about more than I do, but I sure hate how my feet and ankles look when it happens. If any of you experience this and have tips for me, please share them.
 The good news is that by this morning they were back to normal and being here is All Good.  I did forget that with so many wild chickens about, there are bound to be roosters and they crowed all night long-so it does take us a day to get our bodies adjusted.  However, this is what we woke up to this morning.  We look right out of the beach and it's beautiful. I can just hear my girls saying "Ahh" and the grands wanting to come over.

We are still on Colorado time and although this was taken about 5:30 here, it was 9:30 at home.  I'm sure we will crash early tonight.  But for now, we are up and moving, swaying to the Hawaiin music on the radio; it is truly paradise.

I'm so in awe of our Creator who gives us so much beauty.  May your spirit soar today with His; may you find beauty all around you.


  1. Beautiful photos!!!! ENJOY Every minute!!!!!

  2. That sunrise is absolutely, positively breathtaking! I've said it before and I'll say it again ... some of God's most beautiful handiwork is a sunrise or sunset on the ocean.

    I can't wait to see what else you're going to be sharing with us!

  3. Your pictures are really beautiful!
    Postcard perfect.

    Soak in the sunshine for me. It's raining in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Oh Noreen,
    How wonderful! We went to Kauai years ago about 22 yrs. to be exact.
    Hubby went there for work, but we got to stay the whole week, and they only worked a few times at night. So it was wonderful, like a 2nd honeymoon for us, as our first one wasn't all that grand. The hotel we stayed in we have heard was demolished in a hurricane some year back. Sad!
    I don't have to hope I know yall are gonna have the best time, cause it is so wonderful there. Hubby and I said, let's just send for the kids and not go home!! lol

    Wishing you the blessing of many wonderful sunrises, sunsets and the chance to drink in as much of God's beauty as possible.

    Love and Blessings hon,Nellie

  5. OH...
    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!
    My oldest daughter(30) and her kiddos are @ my house for a visit...
    its been busy.

  6. OH it is so pretty. Have a lovely time.

  7. Oh thank you for sharing. I've never been there, really never wanted to go until recently. Now I have a bit of a longing. I'll enjoy whatever you share.

  8. like that always makes me feel closer to God somehow. Have fun! xo Diana

  9. How gorgeous it looks!! I know you will enjoy every minute. I am pretending I am there too, ; )

  10. You KNOW that I love your beautiful pictures. I remember well when you visited the last time and these pics are exactly what I needed today. I'm trying to breathe in such beautiful scenes into my soul right now.

    Our little guy is sleeping on our couch right now (10:30 A.M.) our time. He is so very sore today. Thank you so much for your beautiful heart, friendship and prayers.

    Have a wonderful time away.

    Love you,

  11. Aloha Noreen!!
    Thank you so much for 'taking us along' with you on your trip. I've never experienced Hawaii before and it's such a blessing to view it through your eyes.
    May the Lord grant you a time of great joy as you continue to find Him everywhere you turn.
    Looking forward to more photos!

  12. Noreen I thank God everyday for all the beauty around us all!!!
    That is a beautiful place you are at!!!!! But I think my place is just a beautiful too with all the lovely plants I have!!
    So happy that you and your Hubby could make this lovely trip!!
    xx, Fern

  13. God is such a masterful artist. Enjoy your trip.

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack
    and Samantha - the mom person


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