Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Botanical Garden

Happy Saturday to you~We had so many photos from the gardens that I decided to divide it up but some left here wanting more yesterday, so I've posted more than I normally would.  Enjoy.  Remember "it's all good" when it comes to life.

Love these huge fans; I could imagine people of old using these for their roof.

We love Banyan trees; I was surprised to learn that they are in the Ficus family.  The root structures are huge.
My man and me.
From left to right: Judy, my hubby, me, Bob, Peggy and Glenn; these folks are so fun to be with-these days carry hubby through our winters in Colorado. 
I think we are either going hiking today or maybe renting bikes and riding the coast line(not that far).  It is supposed to storm today so I'll check the weather channel first.
Aloha, Noreen


  1. Once again beautiful. I think MOM could use one of those fan leaves right about now.

  2. Love the flowers. I remember seeing a huge banyan tree when I was working in India and wishing that I had my camera for it was difficult to share how big it really was!1 Enjoy your lovely holiday! Joan

  3. I love Banyan trees. They don't grow here in NC, but are prevalent in coastal Georgia. Hope the weather holds out for your bike ride.

  4. What beautiful pictures. I think Banyan trees were always my favorite tree when I lived in FL. They are just amazing, aren't they? xo Diana

  5. Hi there! Just stopping by to say hello and to wish you well on your beautiful Hawaii adventure!! I hope to one day see is so very far away from NY though. The flowers are just amazing. Looks like everyone is having fun!

  6. Noreen, can I just say how beautiful your pictures are and how much I've enjoyed reading about your trip? On a cold, rainy day here in Virginia, I feel the warmth of Hawaii, and your friendship too!! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  7. Beautiful pictures!! By the way...the little puppy aka my sister is a Cairn Toto...only not the same color. THanks for visiting!!!

  8. Beautiful and stunning!! I love the pictures. The Banyan tree roots are huge. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Beautiful pictures! I just love Banyan trees, too. The first one I ever saw was a couple of years ago when we were in southern Florida.

    Hope you were able to get in the hike or bike ride. ;-)

  10. Wow. I've never seen a Banyon tree before. Those roots are fabulous!

    This is the perfect time of year to take a break from Colorado. It's usually the blizzard and mud season (as you know) - but for some bizarre reason, it seems like summer right now.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous trip!


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