Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friends, Favorites and Fun

Glenn and Peggy; Glenn is known for the saying "It's all good".  We so enjoy spending time with them, they are both so easy going and fun!
Hubby and I; best man in the world.
Judy and Bob; Bob is quite the Comedian. He keeps telling folks,at golf courses,that hubby is a pro from Colorado.
Love the yellow Hibiscus.
For those folks who are mature, you may remember seeing these falls on Fantasy Island.
Egret's are everywhere; at first I thought they were cranes but Judy told me they are white egrets.
O.k. so even though I'm not a golfer, I would love to just drive around "The Prince" course and take photos. Apparently, the course is set on 450 acres and no two holes are near each other. 
See the waterfall in the background-beautiful.
Today is the second to the last day here; we are going to Waimea Canyon and might go on a hike-I keep saying that but we haven't done it yet.  I think it partially depends on the weather. On the way in Hanapepe, there is a little shack, a hole in the wall, called JOJO's,where you get the worlds best Shave Ice.  When we first came here I thought there was a D missing from Shave, but there isn't one.  Anyway, this little shack looks like it was left over from my hippee days but let me tell you that if you've never had Shave Ice or if you have and didn't understand what the big deal is, you'd change your mind here.  I was never super crazy, as an adult, about snow cones but girls JoJo's Shave Ice is beyond good.  Our friend Judy has never like Snow Cones but we are makingconvincing her to try one today.  I'll let you know what she decides. I'm glad we only get these every couple of years because I know they can't be that healthy, but hey you've got to walk on the wild side every now and again-ours is every two years.
Whatever you are doing today, take time to stop and smell the roses.  May your day be filled with lots of smiles and giggles.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. By the way, how do you like the new layout of blogger? I'm thinking it looks like a jigsaw puzzle--lol!

  2. Another blog full of wonderful pictures. Thank you. Joan

  3. Hi Noreen, It looks like you are having a great time! It's wonderful you can share it with friends. I've enjoyed looking at all your photos! William and I visited Kauai a few years ago, but my camera broke, so we didn't get any good photos! Thank you for sharing your trip! :)

  4. Beautiful scenery, sounds like it has been a wonderful trip

  5. WOW...the waterfall picture is gorgeous! You and hubby look great. So glad everything went so well Noreen and you had such a good time. Enjoy these last couple of days! HUGS

  6. Hi Noreen- I suppose you are enjoying your last few hours there with your SHAVE ICE and friends. That golf course is beautiful..I sometimes ride along with hubby as his driver when the course is especially beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your time there with us! xo Diana

  7. Oh how I love water falls.
    Gooses MOM

  8. What fabulous photos again! Enjoy your last couple of days!!!!
    : ) Kris

  9. What gorgeous pictures! And thanks for taking us along with you. ;-)

    Enjoy your last day ... hope you get in your hike.

  10. HI Noreen, Haven't heard from my friend about the seals :( sorry! I did see on her FB page where she was just getting back on island. Also saw where there was another monk seal killing on Kauai and they just might be keeping the birth site a secret. So sorry it didn't pan out...
    Enjoy your last day in paradise!!

  11. What beautiful pictures! I wish I could visit!


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